GH Update Thursday 10/20/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/20/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is rolling around GH in his wheelchair, telling Lulu how bored he is and asks her to stop in. Since they are keeping their engagement a secret, he calls her his significant other instead of fiancé.

Once the call ends, Sonny enters Kate's office, where Lulu is, he's looking for Kate. Lulu says she doesn't know where she is and even if she did, she might not say so. Luke asks why she's so mad at him.

Kate stops in at Jake's Bar for a drink. Coleman is doubtful.

On the boat, Matt and Liz share a kiss. Liz says she can't do this. In another cabin, Robin is preparing a romantic setting for her and Patrick.

Elsewhere on the boat, Anthony finds Lisa with an unconscious boat worker; she's taking the woman's clothes off of her. Anthony plays with her a bit and says he needs a doctor to look at his wound (the one she caused) and then, with a smile, says, "Oh wait, you're a doctor." They hear a noise, Anthony covers Lisa's mouth and they hide. It's Patrick walking by with glasses and champagne for his romantic date with Robin. He picks up a lucky penny from the ground and continues on to meet his wife. Anthony tells Lisa he will have a boat waiting for her when she's done doing whatever she's planning.

Elsewhere on the boat, Olivia and Steve are entering a cabin, kissing. She feels lightheaded; Steve gives her a glass of water. Olivia tells him a story of one time on Coney Island and a dunk tank.

At Jake's, Coleman complains to Kate about how she's playing games and he's confused about their relationship and that he thought they had something real. She responds with an insult, "With someone like you?" His comeback, "you almost married a mobster, why the hell not."

In Kate's office, Lulu and Sonny are at odds. Sonny says he knows Lulu blames him for Dante getting shot. Lulu tells Sonny that Dante has been shot twice, once by him (Sonny) and once because of him. Sonny defends that Dante is in the line of fire no matter what; he says he's sure that if she were to ask Mac to give Dante a desk job, he would. Lulu says that's not why he became a cop and she's sure he would turn in his badge for her anyway. Sonny asks what she's waiting for.

On the party boat, Olivia and Steve are walking around, outside, in towels. Steve challenges her to jump in the pool naked. She cannonballs in, he follows.

Liz, trying to discourage Matt from continuing on in any romantic way, points out that he has a girlfriend and he's drunk. He counters with laughter about her self-respect saying that it's really Lucky causing her to put on the breaks.

Patrick and Robin are beginning their romantic setting in a cabin on the rented party boat. Robin seems distracted; Patrick asks her what's wrong. She reveals that she didn't become a doctor to look at flowcharts and she wants to be in the lab. She says she's enjoying their alone time. They kiss and move onto the bed.

Lisa is getting into the clothes of the unconscious boat worker. Anthony says he's her ticket out of there; she needs an escape route if she's going to leave a bunch of dead bodies lying around. Before she walks away, she assures him the woman is not dead and that she has enough of the stuff to use on everyone.

Kate says she could tell that Coleman had deeper feelings than she did and that she can't afford to have those feelings. He asks if there's someone else, she takes a sip of her drink instead of answering. He answers for her, that there is someone else but the bottom line is that she came to see him.

Sonny tries to convince Lulu that he doesn't want Dante in his crossfire and getting Dante to quit (the police force) would be best. She asks why he (Sonny) doesn't quit for Dante. Sonny says it wouldn't be easy because it's a path (being a mob boss) he can't turn back on. Sonny says that she should do what's best for Dante and not marry him in the first place.

At GH, Officer Padilla sees recovering, bored Dante doing circles in his wheelchair. Dante assumes she was sent there because they haven't found who shot him. She's immediately defensive about being a female on the force. She eludes her suspicion that Mac goes easy on Lucky, Dante says Mac doesn't go easy on anyone and that Lucky is a good man and a good cop. She asks if Detective Falconeri considers his father a good man.

In a cabin on the boat, Robin and Patrick cuddle in bed. Robin says she's thinking about all the places they have made love in lately. They talk about their new home and how they want things to be. Lisa is lurking outside the cabin door.

Before leaving Jake's Bar, Kate pays for her drink. Coleman inquires about her "new guy". He asks if something was stirred at Jason's wedding.

Sonny tells Lulu that if she can't accept Dante's risks that she should let him go and she has to be truthful before getting married, to which she responds that it's easy for him (Sonny) to say. She says she doesn't want to hurt Dante. Sonny tells Lulu that the worst thing she can do is tell Dante that she can live in his world if it's not true. Lulu observes and says she feels like they are not talking about Dante any more.

Officer Padilla asks Dante where he draws the line between personal and professional. Dante answers by asking her the same question. She says whoever shot him should be off the streets. Dante asks why she's questioning him after hours and that her judgment is impaired. She a little gets fired up at his assumption that she's a rookie and straightens that out insisting that someone on the force needs to make his shooting a top priority and that he would be happy she is doing that. He defends that he is; she says he's not and asks why, asking if he hopes the case does not get solved.

On the party boat, Liz and Matt are still debating why Liz put on the breaks when they were kissing. Matt admits he had too much champagne and he was out of line with what he said about Lucky. Liz asks if he would have stopped if she hadn't. He says that with the amount of champagne he had he felt lucky that things went as far as they did, that it was just a moment (the kiss). Liz smiles; Matt laughs and was happy that the tense moments were over. She reminds that this night is his celebration for getting published. He regresses to being in his brother, Patrick's shadow. Liz lashes out that Patrick isn't even here but still gets to him.

Lisa, about to open Patrick and Robin's door is interrupted by someone mistaking her for "Briggs" the person whose uniform she stole. She turns around and plunges a syringe into his neck (the same paralyzing stuff that put her in a comatose state for the months that she's been gone).

In Patrick and Robin's room, they're in bed cuddling, talking about their prospective new home. He's fantasizing about his man cave and she, about her spa. They settle on the bottom line, all they need is each other and their daughter, Emma. Robin says they should frame the lucky penny that he found, for luck in their new house, to remind them of this night and how lucky they are.

Outside Patrick and Robin's room, Lisa has her head against the door, the man she injected on the floor behind her.

Mat and Liz are talking about cheating partners. Matt admits to Liz that Patrick isn't the first man to cheat and refers to his and Patrick's father, Dr. Noah Drake, and how he (Noah) cheated with Matt's mother and that's how they (Matt and Patrick) are brothers. He also admits that is the reason he comes down so hard on Patrick for cheating on Robin with psycho Lisa. Matt says men are the weaker sex, Liz asks if that's what happened between them a while ago with the kiss, him just being weak. He pours another glass of champagne and, with a smirk and sarcastic playful tone says, it was just a kiss, nothing more, not like he put a ring on her finger or was taking her to the prom. She says she is a mother, he says mothers have sex. He continues that she's a woman and should go after what she wants but it's never going to happen if she keeps holding on to Lucky and turning to men every time she needs to be saved. With that statement, the mood changes and Liz tells Matt that he just crossed the line. She walks away angry, leaving Matt alone at his own party.

Steve and Olivia are in their cabin kissing. She goes over to his guitar and brings it to him, asking for a serenade. He sings silly, "She'll be comin round the mountain when she comes..." Laughing Olivia stops him and asks for one from the heart. He sings her a more appropriate song but his mind wandered off. Olivia noticed and she inquired as to where he went...

Dante asks Officer Padilla why she thinks he wouldn't want to know who shot him. She says because he was shot in his father's warehouse and that his father (Sonny, a known crime figure) shot him at point blank some months back and maybe his father, or someone who works for his father, shot him this time. Dante states that that is a massive assumption. Irritated by her tone, Dante asks her how her husband likes her tone when he comes home at all. She counters by asking, how his "fiancé" feels about him not coming home at night. Dante is surprised by her knowledge of his engagement to Lulu and asks how she knew. Officer Padilla said she saw the engagement ring when she was at his apartment questioning Lulu; pointing out that Lucky will soon be his brother-in-law and implies that Dante is covering for him. An offended Dante recaps that Officer Padilla thinks he is selective about who should obey the law and who shouldn't. She says she sees a pattern. Dante, fishing for a better tone from Officer Padilla, asks her if her husband is a good guy. She asks what that has to do with anything. He asks if that would come into account if he got in trouble with the law. Officer Padilla responds defensively that she never said she was married and doesn't discuss personal things at work. Dante says her perfume says a lot about her and he assumes there's a guy who appreciates her. She deflects back to the subject at hand, Dante's shooting. He says that he has told her everything he knows and might have to solve this when he gets out of the hospital unless she (Officer Padilla) takes it as a personal challenge. Before walking away, her reply to him is that he might not like what she finds.

Back in Kate's office, Sonny and Lulu are discussing Lulu's doubts about marrying Dante and that it reminds him of what he went through with Brenda and that he doesn't want Dante to be hurt. Lulu becoming offended at Sonny's lecture stands up and says she's done listening to him. Sonny asks if she's made a decision about marrying Dante, she says it's between them. Sonny asks if Lulu knows where Kate is. She says she's out of town and that's all she knows. Before leaving, Sonny tells her to do the right thing for Dante's sake. As Sonny leaves, Lulu's phone rings, it's Dante asking her for a visit. She tells him that she is busy and ends the call. She sits back down and swallows what's left of her glass of brandy.

At the bar, Coleman is trying to find out about what is going on with Kate. She tells him that it's none of his business. She pulls him into a kiss. Sonny walks in to see this.

Anthony has new clothing on and is walking around the rented party boat damning Lisa for putting a nail in his stomach. He looks down and sees a box of tools (a big wrench, hmmm).

In Robin and Patrick's cabin, she is dressed and ready to go find them some food. Patrick, still in bed asks for a kiss; they kiss.

Elsewhere on the boat, feeling bad about stepping out of line with Liz, a drunken Matt makes a toast to himself for his accomplishments. At the same time, Liz is out on deck upset at Matt's last comments. She turns to see Lisa coming toward her.

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