GH Update Wednesday 10/19/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/19/11

 Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli and Maxie were out on the water in the dinghy. Spinelli was stalling to try and get more alone time with Maxie. Maxie panicked because Lulu hadn't called her back and she needed her to be ready to help with the article Maxie planned to do on herself and Matt. Spinelli attempted to get her to focus on the beauty of the night, but Maxie was preoccupied with getting to Matt's boat. Spinelli came clean and admitted he'd intentionally given her the wrong pier number. Maxie repeated that she had to get to Matt because this was an important night for him and even more important for her career. She was adamant that she had to get on the boat before Elizabeth seduced Matt. Spinelli showed Maxie the picnic basket and told her he wanted them go to Spoon Island and have a date. Maxie told Spinelli that what they had was in the past and she was with Matt now. Spinelli pointed out that Matt left without Maxie and was now spending time with Liz. He let it slip that he'd seen Matt and Liz together and although he told Maxie he was sure it was innocent, Maxie concluded that Liz was throwing herself at Matt to get back at her for sleeping with Lucky. Maxie vowed to get to the boat before Matt ended up “relationship roadkill” like Jason and Nik. Spinelli thought Maxie was being judgmental but Maxie ordered him to get her to the boat, now.

Robin stood on the deck looking out at the stars. She asked the first mate why the boat stopped and the woman explained that they always docked there for an hour before heading back to the harbor. The first mate walked away, leaving Robin by herself. Lisa crept toward Robin, syringe in hand, but hid again when Liz joined Robin on the deck.

Matt was alone in the ship's cabin leafing through his father's journal, when Patrick came in looking for hor dourves. Matt thanked him for the party, but said what meant the most was having his support. Patrick warned Matt that he had a lot to prove now that he'd been published and cautioned him not to let it go to his head. Matt sighed that Patrick couldn't go one night without pointing out that Matt was second best. Matt felt slighted because their father Evan married Patrick's mother and acknowledged Patrick's existence, while Matt resulted from a one night stand. Patrick told Matt his childhood hadn't been all that great; Evan was never there and he caused the family pain when he cheated and conceived Matt. Matt said Patrick couldn't criticize, after he'd slept with Lisa. Patrick said he'd done something worse, because he knew the pain that egotistical behavior like cheating caused and he did it anyway. Matt countered that at least Evan was around long enough for Patrick to hate him, but Patrick said Evan put his career before his family and didn't realize he loved Patrick's mother until he lost her on the operating table. Patrick recounted how Evan turned to alcohol and ruined his career and how difficult it had been for him in medical school, because people assumed he'd turn out like his father. Patrick said he pushed himself so much because he always vowed to prove those people wrong. Patrick told Matt he was a great surgeon, but he was on the path to turning out like Evan if he didn't stop feeling sorry for himself. Matt took a drink, then poured another. He told Patrick to go find Robin and leave him alone to celebrate the way he wanted.

Liz asked where her brother was and Robin said he and Olivia went to the steam room. Liz liked Olivia and said she seemed to be helping Steven get over what happened in Memphis. According to Liz, Steve had proposed to someone there. He seemed different since then and had been throwing himself into his work. Robin said that was easy to do when you were the chief of staff. Liz thought that Steve had been more like himself since he'd stepped down. Robin laughed that she knew the staff wasn't appreciative of some of the changes she'd made, but Liz told he that her policies had been beneficial and not to let anyone tell her otherwise. Robin was grateful for Liz's support. Liz advised Robin not to let the job eclipse her life and her relationship with Patrick. Liz went inside and Patrick joined Robin and kissed her neck, while Lisa watched. Robin told Patrick she couldn't live without him. Patrick asked where that came from and Robin asked if he'd like to be chief of staff.

Jason and Sam were at their bungalow with Shawn, Carly and Josslyn. Josslyn was too wound up to sleep. As there was only one bed, Carly took the couch. Shawn and Jason decided to keep watch, with Shawn taking the first shift. Shawn told Jason and Sam he was sorry, and Sam, while glaring at Carly said they knew it wasn't his fault. Shawn left to do security and Sam told Carly they'd go to their bedroom so she could get Josslyn settled. Carly told Jason and Sam that she wasn't there to try and ruin their marriage or honeymoon. She said she could tell Sam was upset she was there, but she understood, as she'd feel the same way if the tables were turned. Jason reminded them not to fall into Franco's trap by letting him jerk them around. Carly and Sam agreed that they were good. Sam suggested that Josslyn and Carly take the bed instead.

Franco was in a room somewhere playing around with a wind up toy shaped like a baby. He sat it on the table and let it crawl toward a wire robot like the ones he placed in Jason and Sam's bungalow.

Matt poured another glass of champagne. Liz walked in and asked how it was going. Matt felt like she was the only person who cared, but Liz told him everyone on the boat was proud of him, especially Patrick. Matt believed that Patrick felt superior to him. Liz told him she knew what it was like to continually compare yourself to a perfect sibling. She shared that her sister Sarah was a pediatric cardiologist. Liz was close to her sister now, because she realized she was missing out on a relationship with her by resenting her. Matt thought Patrick wanted them to be equals, but he believed otherwise after Patrick said Matt had a lot to prove. Matt thought that Patrick was right and he did have a lot to prove. “Not to me” Liz said. She and Matt smiled at each other. Matt told Liz about the procedure he developed. She said it sounded easy and wondered why Evan didn't figure it out. Matt said it was easy, and he'd only been able to do it because of today's technology. Liz didn't think Matt gave himself enough credit.

Matt found Liz easy to talk to and said he wished he could discuss his work with Maxie this easily. Matt said not to get him wrong, Maxie was great. Liz knew it bothered him that Maxie wasn't there. Matt said she'd changed her mind and agreed to come, but he'd turned her down. Matt said Maxie didn't want to make their relationship or any other relationship a priority in her life. He thought she kept people at a distance to protect herself from loss. She'd been left behind many times, by her parents, Georgie, and the only reason she was alive was that her cousin died. Liz thought that Matt saw this much more profoundly than Maxie did. Matt said Maxie focused on the magazine because it was frivolous. Liz pointed out that Maxie invested in Spinelli. She thought Maxie did this because Spinelli was safe and Maxie could take from him without giving anything back. Matt didn't understand their relationship, but he said Maxie was there for Spinelli when he had his break down. Liz thought Maxie benefited from this, because Spinelli became even more devoted to her as a result and she didn't have to commit. Liz wondered why commitment had become a bad word and mumbled that you couldn't just say the words, then take them back when there were other people and children involved. Liz confided that Lucky left and said he had to get away from her before he relapsed into their “mutual addiction of a relationship.” Matt thought those were harsh words. She said it was difficult because she'd loved him since she was fifteen and now he was afraid that she was going to ruin him.

Patrick asked why Robin suddenly wanted him to be chief of staff. Robin had been thinking about what Patrick said about enjoying their lives. She felt like the job was taking over her life and it was tough for her because she had to balance what was best for the patients with what was cost effective and because the staff didn't like her ideas. Patrick was supportive and told her he knew it was a tough job, but she was wonderful at it. Robin said she became a doctor to help people like Stone and like herself. She felt that as an administrator, she was too far removed from the potentially life saving research on AIDS and HIV she'd dreamed of doing. She didn't want Emma to ever lose someone to a disease like she did and she wanted to do what she could to help prevent that. Patrick understood that and she was still doing something positive now. He also suggested that Robin sleep on her decision, since she'd been drinking a bit. Robin laughed and asked if he'd be willing to take the job if she still felt the same way in the morning. Patrick told her to forget about it; he'd support her, but he didn't want the job. Robin asked if he was finally admitting to something he couldn't do. Patrick said just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. He liked being a surgeon and said he'd grow resentful if he wasn't in the OR regularly. Robin said this would be his chance to prove he could make policies better than hers. Patrick said he got into surgery because it was his passion and because it impressed women. Robin laughed and they kissed. She said they almost lost each other before and she'd never let that happen again, because of the job or anything else. Patrick told her he bought her the plane tickets as a constant reminder that they had years together. Lisa continued to spy on Patrick and Robin.

Robin wondered if they should do fun things now instead of putting them off. She talked about the time her mother had been the police commissioner. While she was a great mom, she'd been stretched too thin and Robin didn't want to do that to Emma, but she also didn't want Emma to think she was a quitter. Patrick assured her that wouldn't happen. Robin asked what he thought she should do about the COS job and Patrick said it was her choice. He wouldn't be taking the job though, because he was content. He was very happy to be married to Robin. “Even though we only see each other on breaks” Robin asked. Patrick said they had to make the most of the time they did have. They kissed. At some point during this conversation, Lisa left her hiding place and went somewhere that wasn't shown.

Spinelli unsuccessfully tried to get the motor started and said he'd row instead. Maxie recounted the affair she had with Lucky and how she'd enabled him with drugs. She said that Liz and Lucky's relationship was already on the rocks before she got involved. Spinelli noted that it happened years ago, but Maxie complained that Liz was getting revenge by stealing her boyfriend. Annoyed, Maxie said Liz hurt Jason and Lucky by lying about who got her pregnant, and yet everyone considered her the victim. Maxie ranted that Lucky forgave Liz, then she slept with his brother. Spinelli tried to change the subject and asked if she wanted wine, but Maxie continued to vent. She wished Lucky would take Liz back to keep her away from Matt, but said he'd finally wised up. Maxie turned to Spinelli and asked why they weren't moving. Spinelli told her he'd accidentally stranded them on a sandbar near Spoon Island. Maxie grabbed the oar and tried in vain to get the boat moving again.

Hurt, Spinelli asked if it was so terrible to be there with him. Maxie said he was her jackal and she loved him and fought hard to bring him back to her. Spinelli said he was there now, but Maxie said it wasn't the way she planned. Spinelli said he realized now that love didn't follow a logical course and couldn't be planned. Maxie said she had to get to the boat and write that article or she'd be fired. Spinelli asked if it was in the spirit of work that she wanted to be on the boat, and Maxie said no, then changed her mind and said yes. Spinelli said he'd try his best, but he wasn't sure the party was in the stars for her. Exasperated, Maxie told him enough with the stars, because she knew he did this on purpose. Maxie suddenly assumed that Liz had put him up to this to keep her and Matt apart. Spinelli took full responsibility, but Maxie was convinced that this was Liz's plot to seduce Matt. She told Spinelli that Liz was a slut who had three kids by three men. Maxie was certain that Liz was going to say nasty comments about her, then ply Matt with alcohol and trick him into sleeping with her. Maxie told Spinelli that it would be his fault if Matt and Liz slept together.

Liz wondered why some people found it so easy to trample over other people to take what they wanted and why people admired them for it and called them strong. She wondered if it was strength or just selfishness. Matt said it could be the same thing. While she talked, she doodled on a napkin. Liz covered her drawing when Matt tried to take a peek. Matt didn't know she drew. Liz told him she'd applied to art school and dreamed of living in Manhattan and selling her art, but life happened and she had kids to take care of and bills to pay, so she didn't have time for art anymore. Matt urged her to make time for her passion. Liz smiled and said she just gave the same advice to Robin and was better at giving advice than taking it. Matt grinned and said he was having trouble finding balance in his life too. He shared that he was feeling under pressure because of his research. Liz gave him a pep talk and said it was great that the FDA wanted to move forward with the trial. Matt was scared, both of failing and of the procedure being a success. He was afraid that even a successful trial wouldn't erase the emptiness he felt. Matt poured another glass of champagne. Liz knew what it was like to feel empty and said that even if you found someone to take it away, they'd soon be gone. Matt told her he was sorry. Liz smoothed Matt's coat and told him he was so much better than he realized and he deserved to be with someone who respected him and fulfilled him. As Liz spoke, Matt gently touched her face. They moved closer together, in a near kiss.

Jason and Sam talked in private. Jason felt that she should have realized this situation with Franco would happen. He told Sam he was glad they eloped, because it wasn't something Franco could anticipate. Jason said the wedding was perfect, but now Franco had found his chance to target them again Sam suggested that Carly might be exaggerating, but Jason said Franco couldn't be exaggerated; he'd done horrible things by terrorizing Sam, Lulu, and having Michael raped. Sam said everyone knew they were in Hawaii. She was sure Franco knew too and he wouldn't put himself in a position to be caught. She said was just playing mind games. Jason felt that something about this didn't add up and said this was way too easy. “There's something I'm not seeing,” Jason said. The camera focused on the robot Franco left.

Jason said Franco always sent him a message to tell him when he was ready to play his game again. Sam said Franco had contacted them before, just to check in, like the time he contacted Carly after Jake died. She thought he just wanted to ruin their honeymoon and didn't actually plan on engaging with Jason. Jason called Bernie and asked him to try and find out where Franco was and to send pictures of Franco's art to Hawaii. Jason thought Franco might have left a message for him in his artwork. Shawn noticed some footprints outside and came and got Jason so they could check it out. Jason made sure Sam would be okay, then he left with Shawn. Carly walked out of the bedroom, carrying Josslyn. She told Sam she'd dropped Joss's blanket outside and she couldn't sleep without it. Carly asked Sam to watch the toddler while she went to get it. Sam took Josslyn and Carly left. Sam told Josslyn no one was going to let anything happen to her. The camera panned in on Franco's robot again.

Maxie had given up. She was sure Matt was cheating on her by now and that she'd never work in the fashion industry again. Spinelli offered her some food from the basket. At first Maxie was too upset to eat, but she began to warm up to the idea. Spinelli noticed a light in the house on the island and said there was someone or something out there.

Robin and Patrick kissed, then decided to get one of the private rooms on the ship. Robin went looking for the first mate to find out how to go about doing it. Patrick went to get some champagne for their private celebration.

Elsewhere on the ship, the first mate was passed out on the ground. Lisa was undressing her. Anthony suddenly walked up, startling Lisa. He asked if this meant he could have his clothes back.

Jason and Carly met each other when they were on their way back to the bungalow. Jason was irritated that Carly had gone out alone. Carly said Josslyn had been driving everyone crazy with her crying and she was just trying to stop her. Jason pointed out that things were silent. Carly panicked and they rushed into the cabin and found Josslyn and Sam snuggled together on the couch asleep.

Franco placed the doll in a pink box and tied it with a ribbon, then he took a small candy out of a dish.

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