GH Update Tuesday 10/18/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/18/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Ethan grabbed a bat for protection, then he looked at the portrait of Laura and chuckled that the bat probably wouldn't do him much good against ghosts. Luke walked in and demanded to know why Ethan had the painting. Ethan told him about the conversation he and Lucky had about addiction and Lulu's similarities to Laura while Lucky laid on the floor staring at two pills. Ethan said the conversation made him realize how little he understood, so he'd gone to Wyndemere seeking answers. Luke walked behind the bar and stood over a bottle of alcohol. He revealed that his father Tim kept a bottle of liquor on the kitchen table during his childhood and drank some with every meal. Luke had been curious about it and had tried it for the first time at the age of nine or ten. The drink made him pass out and when Tim found him on the floor, he laughed, then beat him for wasting the liquor. Ethan assumed Tim hid the bottle afterward, but Luke said he continued to keep it on the table so it would serve as a warning. While the camera focused on the painting, Luke warned Ethan that there were other things in life like that, which would suck you in and drown you. Luke said Laura was like that for him. She intoxicated him and set him on fire.

Maxie was horrified to see a man lying face down on the docks. She promised to get him help, and pulled him upright. She recoiled when she realized it was Anthony. Anthony laughed and asked if she was going to throw him back in the water. Shaken, Maxie said she wouldn't, but he'd better not give her any ideas. Anthony held onto a bloody wound on his abdomen. Maxie was annoyed that she'd run into Anthony and said she had some place to go. She moaned that Spinelli must have gotten the address wrong. Anthony didn't think that was surprising, considering Spinelli's memory issues. Maxie said that was that psycho Lisa's fault and that Spinelli was better now. Maxie asked Anthony why he was there, then she changed her mind, saying she didn't want to know, because it would make her an accomplice to whatever he was doing.

Robin, Patrick, Olivia and Steven boarded the boat and joined Matt and Elizabeth on the deck. Liz noticed Matt staring off into the distance and told him she knew he was hoping Maxie would come. Robin and Patrick whispered to each other about a surprise they had for Matt. The captain lead everyone into the cabin of the ship. Matt held back and told Liz he'd been a hypocrite. He said he'd told Maxie off for being self centered and now he'd dragged Liz to the party without considering that things were hectic for her right now, all because he didn't want to be alone while Patrick pretended to be happy for him. Liz assured that she wanted to celebrate his accomplishment with him and that Patrick really was genuinely happy for him. Matt and Liz joined the others. The captain introduced them to the first mate, a woman named Briggs. The ship's staff left, then Patrick toasted to Matt's achievement. Patrick said he didn't know Matt had it in him, which said as much about him as it did Matt's ability to keep a secret. Patrick praised Matt for discovering a way to shrink tumors and succeeding where so many others had failed. Matt chimed in that it took some luck, but Patrick said that all big accomplishments did. Patrick told Matt that because of him, the lives of cancer patients around the world would be forever changed. Robin handed Matt his gift. It was his father's original research into the procedure that Matt developed. Matt was stunned and asked how they got it. Patrick told him there was another surprise that would come in just a few seconds. Just then, Matt's phone rang. It was Matt's father, who told him he was proud of him. Matt was deeply moved. Patrick added that he was proud of him as well.

The shot Lisa gave Johnny slowly began to paralyze him. He couldn't feel his legs and the numbness was spreading. In a daze voice he asked what she'd done to him and she replied that she'd done the same thing she'd done to herself – given him time. Johnny struggled to understand why she'd done this to him and said that he was trying to help her. Lisa began to get dressed as she told Johnny that it was true that you could hear every word people said when you were in a coma. Lisa emotionlessly recounted telling her patients' families to speak to their comatose loved ones and remind them what they had to live for. Lisa wished that someone had been there to talk to her while she was in a coma, but instead there was only emptiness, just like there had been when she was with all the men she'd dated; except for Patrick Johnny begged her for the antidote and said she didn't have to throw her life away, but Lisa said his pretty speech wouldn't change her mind. Lisa said whatever she was living now that she'd been injected with Anthony's drugs, it wasn't life. She told Johnny that she knew he wanted to save her, since he couldn't save his sister, and that the old her would have accepted his help, but that Lisa was gone. Lisa said Anthony had brought her back to create chaos. Johnny told her she couldn't punish Patrick for loving Robin. Lisa stated that in college, Patrick had been devoid of feelings and claimed that Robin changed him. She vowed that Patrick wouldn't forget how he felt about Robin, because he wouldn't live long enough to. Lisa left the apartment, while Johnny weakly begged her not to do this.

As Lulu prepared to leave Crimson, a liquor bottle caught her eye.

Maxie told Anthony she was going to call him some help, since she had to leave. He was nervous about this, until he learned that she was calling Johnny. Johnny was shown dragging himself across the floor with his arms in an attempt to get to the phone. He was unsuccessful. Maxie hung up and told Anthony she'd call him a cab. He asked about her plans and she told him that she had to get to the boat because there was a serial cheater who was eying her boyfriend. “The geek?” Anthony asked. Maxie told him that she and Spinelli weren't in love anymore. Anthony told Maxie not to worry about the cab, and urged her to go to the boat. Maxie was reluctant to leave him like that, but Anthony told her to go stake her claim to her boyfriend. Before Maxie left, Anthony told her that he owed her for rescuing him and that he always returned his favors. Maxie said that was good to know and she rushed off.

At McCall and Jackal, Spinelli packed a picnic for himself and Maxie. He placed pistachios and chocolates into the basket, which he'd chosen for their aphrodisiac-like properties, but he decided not to tell Maxie about that.

Luke said he “tasted” Laura and was hooked and that she found her poison in him. Things were good between them for a long time, but she loved him and that was the mistake, he told Ethan. Luke said the sort of blind love that made you do things you wouldn't normally do was always a mistake. He explained that when faced with a love like that it reflected things onto him that were just an illusion, that had to be shattered. Ethan added that Luke had shattered the illusion by sleeping with his mother. Luke said Ethan and Nikolas were children born of need, not love. Ethan grimaced, but Luke said it was true and that it was better to grow up disillusioned, then find happiness than the other way around. The former happened to Lucky, Luke said, because he grew up thinking Luke and Laura had a perfect relationship, and he strove for a life like that. Luke said it would never happen and Ethan agreed. Luke said he'd talked to Lucky, but Lucky, due to his need to prove something, had twisted Luke's words. Luke wondered if it would be better to disappear again instead of going to see Lulu. Ethan firmly said no and told him that she didn't deserve to lose two brothers and a father. When Ethan saw Luke's confusion, he told him that Lucky was gone.

Luke sighed that he'd probably get blamed for Lucky leaving town, but Ethan said he'd be getting the credit instead. He told Luke that Lucky, seeing what happened to Luke and Laura, made the decision to leave before he and Liz destroyed each other. Luke asked if Lulu knew and Ethan said no. he explained that he only found out by accident when he and Laura went to visit Lucky. Ethan told Luke that Elizabeth didn't take it well. Luke wasn't surprised and said they'd been going back and forth since they were teens. Ethan said Liz made it clear that Lucky wasn't good enough for her. Luke agreed and said if Liz felt otherwise, she wouldn't keep having other men's children, but he pointed out that Lucky kept forgiving her and it took two people to keep the dysfunction going. Ethan was surprised that Liz kept holding on after all they'd been through. Luke shared that Laura had done the same thing and said hope could be brutal. As Luke said that if you hold on to hope too long, it can snap and never be fixed, Lulu was shown, struggling not to take a drink. She quickly grabbed her phone and pulled up a picture of Dante.

Ethan told Luke that Lucky had gone to fill Siobhan's last request and how Liz thought Siobhan was trying to keep her and Lucky apart from beyond the grave. Ethan thought it was nice for Lucky to have something to focus on, rather than run away from. Luke liked Siobhan, because she loved to travel and she didn't tolerate hypocrisy. He said she died to soon, but people like her, who made their mark usually did. In a more forceful tone, Luke walked over to the painting and said things at Wyndemere died, period. He asked Ethan what he was doing with the painting. Ethan, speaking of the painting as if it were a person, said he'd found “her” on the floor, damaged and with a gash over her neck. Ethan had fixed the painting and said he considered taking it back, but thought they should keep “her” close.

Maxie ran down to the dock just in time to see the boat sailing away. She had a short tantrum and castigated herself for helping Anthony instead of going to the ship. Maxie kicked the wall, then wailed in pain. Spinelli arrived and asked if she was okay Maxie pulled herself together and said not really. Spinelli offered to help.

Johnny struggled to use a fireplace poker to knock his phone off the mantle. Eventually he lost control of his arms and collapsed on the floor.

Lisa laid in a hidden section of the boat and remembered times Elizabeth, Robin, Patrick, Olivia and Steven called her out on her schemes. She sat up when she heard the boat leaving the harbor and heard the chatter of the party-goers.

Olivia and Steven shared a kiss, eliciting mock groans and teasing from the others.

After the others went inside, Robin and Steve sipped champagne and talked, while Lisa spied on them. He knew she was still upset that he'd hired a doctor. Robin just wished he'd talked to her first. Steve was confident that the doctor, Maggie Wurth, would win Robin over. Robin asked Steve if he was sure he was unbiased about her, since they'd worked together in Memphis. Steve assured her that he was completely objective about Maggie. Patrick interrupted and playfully chided them for talking about work. He reminded them that this night was only about Matt. Everyone else joined the group and Olivia told Steve she had something to keep his mind off work. The first mate walked up and handed Steve his guitar, which Olivia had smuggled on board. Everyone laughed and talked and Liz teased Steve by sharing a childhood story about him singing a Dolly Parton song in front of the congregation of their church. Steve tried to back out of giving a performance, but Olivia told him she was sure he'd sang for his coworkers in Memphis, and continued to playfully urge him until he agreed to do it. Steve sang an original song about loving a woman. While everyone listened, Lisa pulled one of several syringes out of her pocket.

Maxie and Spinelli climbed into a dinghy. She was skeptical about Spinelli's plan to get them to the boat and asked if he was sure he'd done this before. “Of course” Spinelli said, in a less than convincing tone. He carefully hid the picnic basket under a blanket. Maxie let him know that he'd given her the wrong pier number. Spinelli pointed out that the pier might have been changed and launched into an explanation about the factors that could cause that to happen. Maxie told him to focus on getting her to the boat before the champagne started flowing and “things” started happening. She told him that she also had to get there, because everything she needed to write the article was on the boat. Spinelli promised to make her wish come true. Maxie told him it was sweet of him to do this. Spinelli pulled the cord to start the motor.

As Steve sang about the woman who was perfect to him, he and Olivia looked at each other. Matt and Liz shared a glance and Robin and Patrick smiled at each other. After the song, Briggs returned and told them the hors d'oeuvres were ready. Everyone except Steve and Olivia went into the cabin. They held back and shared a deep kiss. Olivia went inside for more champagne. Steve got a text from Margaret Wurth. He put his phone away without reading it. Olivia returned and they resumed their flirting. Lisa watched them, while holding her syringe.

Luke told Ethan that painting had been painted when Laura was a prisoner in some tower. He ordered him to take it back where it belonged and lock it up with all the other ghosts. Luke said Wyndemere was a monument to pain and suffering; there was something there that would seep through the walls and follow you home and suck the life out of you. While Luke talked about the castle, Lulu was shown on screen at Crimson. It was clear that she was drawn to the alcohol, but she left the building without drinking any.

Spinelli looked confused. Maxie realized they were going the wrong way and asked him if they were supposed to be going in this direction.

Johnny laid, unblinking, on the floor of his apartment.

Anthony got up, with a struggle. He picked up the board with the nail in it, that Lisa hit him with. “That bitch hasn't seen the last of me” he growled.

Olivia grabbed her wrap and purse, then went inside to be with Steve. Robin and Patrick went back to the deck. Lisa saw them share a tender moment; feeding each other food and admiring the view. Patrick told Robin that they should do things like this more often and take the time to relax and have fun with each other and Emma. Patrick kissed her on the head. Patrick decided to get some more food and told Robin he'd be back. Robin stood outside alone, unaware that Lisa was watching her.

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