GH Update Monday 10/17/11

General Hospital Update Monday 10/17/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam find Carly, Shawn and Josslyn at their doorstep in Hawaii. Sam is visibly irritated by Carly’s presence. Jason asks what happened. Carly blurts out that Franco might be in Hawaii. Shawn gives Jason the card from Franco. Jason and Sam read Franco’s message that was originally addressed to Josslyn. Carly continues to ramble. Sam thinks the whole thing is nuts. Sam can’t understand why Carly and Joss had to come to Hawaii. Sam thinks Carly should have asked Sonny for protection. Jason suggests checking the property grounds. Sam and Carly go inside the bungalow. Carly walks around with Josslyn in her arms. Carly thinks she should sing to her daughter, but Sam hates the idea. Sam jokes that Carly should go back home. Sam is convinced Carly will do anything to sabotage her honeymoon. Carly finds a ball for Josslyn to play with. Carly says she tried calling Jason and Sam but no one picked up. Sam thinks Carly could have found another way to contact them. Carly reminds Sam that the situation with Franco is serious. Carly implies that Sam is acting like a bitch. In turn, Sam makes a comment about Carly liking Shawn. Carly puts Josslyn down for a nap, then continues to argue with Sam. Sam has no sympathy for Carly losing Jax. Sam rambles on about Carly’s inability to cut Sonny and Jason out of her life.

Outside, Shawn apologizes for interrupting Jason’s honeymoon. Franco’s mind games continue to baffle Shawn and Jason. Shawn figures Franco must have some sort of weakness. They talk about the crazy notes Franco keeps leaving behind. Shawn implies that Carly might have forged the note. Shawn goes on about how Carly is possessive of Jason. Jason wonders if something is going on. Shawn says Carly is stubborn and impulsive. Jason wonders if Shawn is referring to Jax.

At the warehouse, Michael is lifting coffee bags when Abby walks in carrying dinner. Michael thanks Abby. Abby wonders if she can stay. Michael and Abby begin to argue about him working for Sonny. Michael refuses to fight about his work status. In fact, Michael hates the idea of lying to Abby. They talk about the drugs being planted in the warehouse and Dante’s shooting. Abby hopes Michael won’t retaliate. Abby admits she has issues with Michael’s work. Michael says he cares about Abby and likes his “legit” job. Abby doesn’t want Michael to make promises he can’t keep. Abby smiles at Michael, then they share a passionate kiss.

Elizabeth goes to Lucky’s apartment and finds Ethan there. Liz has a photo from the pumpkin patch. Ethan announces Lucky has left town. Ethan asks to look at the picture. Ethan believes Elizabeth wants to put Lucky through a guilt trip. Ethan makes it clear Lucky is moving on without Liz. Ethan brings up Siobhan’s letter that sent Lucky to Ireland. Elizabeth is convinced Siobhan wanted Lucky away from her. Elizabeth talks about grieving Jake, then begins to argue with Ethan about Lucky. Liz wishes she and Lucky would be close now that they share a child together. Ethan thinks Lucky needed a break away from Elizabeth. Ethan knows Lucky still loves Elizabeth but their relationship has always been destructive. Elizabeth reminds Ethan that she saved Lucky from drugs. Ethan is critical of Liz’s intentions toward Lucky. Elizabeth gets defensive when Ethan brings up her teenage rape. Ethan urges Elizabeth to move on. Elizabeth notices the picture of Laura. Liz inquires about the painting. Ethan says he brought it there from Wyndemere. Elizabeth says Ethan is being hypocritical since he restored a painting of Laura. Ethan swears he isn’t trying to emulate Luke. Ethan thinks Elizabeth is trying to trap Lucky. Elizabeth listens as Ethan continues to badmouth her. Elizabeth rips off the photo from the pumpkin patch, then hurries out the door.

At the hospital, Maxie walks over to Matt and kisses him. Maxie brings up the party to celebrate Matt’s research paper publication. Maxie is bored when Matt begins talking about it. Maxie announces that she’ll be attending the event. Matt looks tense. Maxie speaks of Crimson’s upcoming issue about men. Maxie thinks Matt’s party could be a celebration for both their achievements. Matt doesn’t believe Maxie is supporting him fully. Matt makes it clear that he doesn’t want Maxie at the party. Matt wants all the attention about him and the hospital, not Maxie and Crimson. Maxie swears she isn’t using Matt, but he’s not buying it. Matt says Maxie won’t be attending the celebration. Maxie can’t believe what she’s hearing. Nearby, Olivia finds Spinelli watching Maxie from across the lobby. Spinelli continues to admire Maxie while telling Olivia that his former flame loves Matt. Olivia suggests Spinelli try to win Maxie back. Spinelli has no idea how to do this. Spinelli reveals he has lost his computer skills. Olivia knows Maxie doesn’t care about that. Olivia says Maxie was concerned when Spinelli was the Jackal persona. Spinelli starts twirling a basketball on his finger. Olivia is impressed. Olivia suggests that Spinelli talk to Maxie. Olivia thinks Spinelli should make the first move. Steven walks by and Olivia starts kissing him. Spinelli thanks Olivia for the chat, then starts heading over toward Maxie. Maxie receives a phone call and hurries toward the elevator. Elizabeth has arrived at the hospital. Elizabeth asks Matt if they are still on for tonight.

At the nurses’ station, Epiphany, Robin and Patrick talk about Matt’s achievement. Patrick wants to leave for the party. Robin sees Steven and asks him about the pediatrics position. Steven relays that he already filled the role. Steven says a woman he worked with back in Memphis would be the perfect candidate. Robin feels like Steven is trying to undermine her. Steven reassures Robin that his former colleague will be a great asset to the hospital. Robin promises to keep an open mind about the new hire. Robin and Patrick talk about the celebration. Robin reminds Patrick that the night is about Matt. They flirt with each other on the elevator. Patrick compliments Robin, as does Steven with Olivia.

On the docks, Lisa stands over Anthony, who is bleeding from the chest. Anthony is shocked that Lisa would injure him. Anthony grabs hold of Lisa’s hand but she pushes him in the water. Lisa hurries to Johnny’s apartment. When Johnny returns, Lisa walks down the staircase wearing only a bra and panties. Johnny can’t believe Lisa is alive. Lisa says she is a medical miracle. Johnny realizes Anthony had something to do with Lisa’s transformation. Johnny wonders what his father’s agenda is. Johnny fears Anthony wants Lisa to come between Robin and Patrick. Johnny says Anthony is a monster. Johnny puts a blanket around Lisa. Lisa wonders if Johnny is happy to see her, or if he wants to stop her or save her. Johnny asks that Lisa stay away from Patrick. Johnny picks up the hospital clothes from the floor. Johnny admits he wants to save Lisa. Lisa figures it’s because he can’t save himself. They share a kiss. Johnny suggests getting Lisa to a safe house. Lisa says she doesn’t want to be saved, then stabs Johnny in the neck with a hypodermic needle.

In the hospital lobby, Maxie spies Matt and Elizabeth getting on the elevator together. Maxie is visibly bothered. Maxie hurries over to Epiphany and asks her where the boat party is launching from. Spinelli shows up out of the blue and announces he knows the location. Spinelli says Maxie needs to go to Pier 52. Maxie thanks Spinelli, then rushes out of the hospital. Maxie goes to the pier but there’s no sign of anyone. Maxie screams when a hand (Anthony’s) grabs her leg.

In Hawaii, Shawn and Jason talk about Carly’s odd behavior. Jason thinks coming to Hawaii is a strange way for Carly to grieve Jax. Shawn suggests it might be some sort of diversion. They find no signs of Franco on the property. Inside the bungalow, Carly accuses Sam of leeching onto any man she could – Sonny, Jason, even Ric. Carly tells Sam that Franco’s return is a serious matter. Sam calls Carly “pathetic”. Shawn and Jason walk inside and announce that they can’t find Franco. Sam is relieved Carly and Shawn will be leaving, but Jason says that the three of them are staying. Josslyn starts crying in the adjoining room. Everyone knows it will be a long night.

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