GH Update Friday 10/14/11

General Hospital Update Friday 10/14/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Josslyn are with Shawn, on a plane (which is grounded). They are heading to Hawaii to warn Jason (who's on his honeymoon with new wife Sam) about Franco's message.

In Hawaii, Jason and Sam are checking their phones for messages from their normal lives. Both phones lose battery power and they head off to go surfing.

Franco is working on his painting; tagging it.

At GH nurses station, Robin notices Liz isn't herself and says so. Liz tells her that Lucky is leaving town, leaving her.

Ethan stops by Lucky's place with the painting of Laura (from Windermere); he notices Lucky is heading out with a packed bag. Lucky tells him that he will be away for a while.

At a GH nurses station, Patrick thinks he saw Lisa again. Matt notices the feared look on his brother's face. Patrick tries to convince himself that Lisa is out of the picture. Lisa is lurking and eavesdropping.

Waiting on the plane, Carly tells Shawn that she is scared about Franco. Shawn tells her he wants to sleep, she in turn expresses that he is a bad traveling companion.

Lulu gets off the elevator at Crimson to find Maxie trying to solve a problem. Lulu has not told Maxie that she has accepted Dante's proposal but poses a hypothetical scenario of what if she accepts and then has doubts. Maxie says everyone has doubts and marriage is not for her but for Lulu and Dante she watched them grow together and believes in what they have. Lulu takes a moment to sulk about her parents (Luke and Laura) breaking up. Maxie asks Lulu if she loves Dante, she says she does with all her heart. Maxie asks if she can see herself spending the rest of her life with him, she says she thinks she can. Maxie says they would be engaged right now if he had not been shot. Lulu says that it took him getting shot for her to realize that there may not be a happily ever after.

At GH, Dante is pushing a wheelchair around the nurse's station, his mom (Olivia) spots him and says she was worried when he wasn't in his room. Dante notices she is limping and asks what happened. She blows it off as a room service accident (we know it happened while she was playing with Steve, tee hee hee). He asks if she had a doctor look at it, she says Steve helped her. He notices she blushed at that and asks if she really likes him. She gets a little defensive and he assures her that he likes Steve.

Elsewhere at GH, Steve is on the phone, using a tone I've not heard him use before, telling someone that he doesn't want to be jerked around and needs an answer. He asks the person if they want the job or not, finalizing with "When can I expect you?"

Back to Matt and Patrick, both are looking at patient files. They are discussing the schedule and a party Patrick and Robin are throwing for Matt's published book. Lisa is nearby, listening. Patrick tells Matt the party is on a boat that he rented on pear 37; they leave in an hour. <Queue spooky music>

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie are still discussing Lulu's fears about accepting Dante's proposal. Lulu tells Maxie about the night she was waiting for Dante and then receiving that dreadful call from Olivia about Dante being shot. She expresses her anxiety about Dante being a cop.

At GH, Dante and Olivia are discussing his engagement to Lulu, both are very excited. Steve is walking toward them; he has a very peculiar look on his face. Olivia greets him.

With Lisa lurking, she overhears Patrick and Matt continue their discussion about the party. Matt takes an attitude and starts to walk away, when he realizes that the chartered boat was originally supposed to be for Robin's birthday. Patrick says he's trying to do something nice. Matt lashes back with the facts, that the boat was already paid for and they couldn't use it as originally planned. Patrick expresses that he and Robin are proud of him and to get over himself. Matt apologizes and thanks him and says he will be there.

Elsewhere at GH, Robin and Liz discuss Lucky. Robin reminds Liz that Lucky has been through a lot. Liz complains about Siobhan's ghost and how she will always be between her and Lucky.

Back at Lucky's place, Lucky allows Ethan some time to chat before heading out of town. He closes his door and puts down his suitcase. He admits that he doesn't know what he's doing but knows that he can't stay here. Ethan asks how Liz fits in. Lucky says he doesn't know that a lot of things have been stirred up; finding Aiden is his son through him for a loop. They sit on the sofa. Lucky recalls the drug case and how Liz saved his life and he felt they were heading toward the same bad pattern and that Liz wants more but he told her it can't happen. Lucky tells Ethan he's scared. Ethan asks what his heart tells him. Lucky says their love is still strong.

At Crimson, Lulu is telling Maxie that she feels she would have to cover her daily stress about Dante being a cop and doesn't know if she can do it. Maxie tells her it's better to have loved than lost. Maxie's phone rings, its Matt asking her to join her on his celebration cruise. Maxie says she can't make it because Kate will fire her if she doesn't find someone for the feature shoot. Matt hangs up, clearly disappointed that his girlfriend has declined another date.

Lisa appears from a supply closet; Anthony catches her and tells her he's disappointed in her and that they have to redefine their relationship. She says she's nobody's friend and she's not going back to her hospital room. He assures that nobody will report her recovery and escape. She says she has to go and starts to leave. Anthony grabs her and says they can't work from different sides of the room and she can't let her emotions take over. She says that all she has is a will to strike to survive and she doesn't need anyone to help her. She walks away.

On the airplane, Carly is holding Josslyn in her lap; Shawn is talking about how things will go when they get to Hawaii that she will wait at the hotel while he goes to warn Jason. He begs her to play by the rules, she says she will try, he says that's not enough. She stresses that she hears him. He goes to see what the hold up is with the plane's delay. Carly's phone suddenly gets service and she makes a quick call to Jason, begging him to call with happy news about his honeymoon.

Jason and Sam arrive back to their honeymoon suite. Sam compliments his surfing ability, he jokes that it was probably the brain surgery. She is not amused. He assures her that nothing will take him away from her. They kiss. Sam goes to take a shower. Jason walks over to the book shelves and notices the little robot camera that Franco placed there. He picks it up. Franco is working on his painting. Sam comes out from the shower; Jason shows her what he found. She tells him there's one in the bedroom too (OMG). He looks alarmed and questions how they got there. Sam says the robot is creepy and wants him to come to the shower with him. Before heading to the shower, Jason takes a last look back at the creepy robot.

Back at Crimson, Maxie and Lulu are still talking about Lulu's apprehension about marrying a cop. Lulu asks about Maxie and Matt. As Maxie talks about him, she realizes that Matt could be her model. She asks Lulu to keep tabs on the editorials while she rushes off to go see Matt.

At the nurses station, Steve cautions Dante to rest and not overdue things. He agrees. Steve addresses Olivia that he needs to go see one more patient.

Elsewhere, at another GH nurses station, Robin asks Liz if she thinks her anger is misguided, Siobhan is gone. Liz says Siobhan took advantage of Lucky's pain and anger with her. Robin asks Liz if she hopes Lucky will come back to her. She walks away saying she might not be there when he comes back. Liz bumps right into Matt who catches her and then asks her to go to the boat party with him.

Lucky and tells Ethan that he's leaving town to escape his "toxic" relationship with Liz. Ethan says that explains what he's running from but wants to know what he's running to. Lucky says it's the letter from Siobhan. Ethan asks how long he will be gone; Lucky responds that he will go for as long as it takes. Lucky takes notice that the portrait of Laura has been repaired and asks what Ethan wants to do with it. He says he'll probably take it to Windermere. He expresses he loves that place because it's haunted. Lucky says that people say people don't haunt the place but people are hunted there and he tells Ethan that his brother Nik was sucked in and his life fell apart. He reminds Ethan that he is Luke Spencer's son and Helena will not let that go. Ethan heads off to Windermere.

At GH, Liz and Matt are talking about going to the party together, she accepts.

Elsewhere at GH, Patrick tells Robin the party is all set. Robin says she's confused as to why he fought with Matt about the party. Patrick explains that Matt was upset that it was a "recycled" rented boat. Patrick declares he's proud of his brother's accomplishment of getting published and that he deserves the recognition and that everyone will be there.

Lisa is on the docks, looking at the boats in the marina. Anthony approaches. She asks him to leave her alone. He asks her what her plan is. She says it doesn't concern him. They have a morbid discussion.

Jason is still concerned about the robots he's finding in the suite. While he looks at one more closely, he slowly looks up; into the mirror (the camera zooms in on his eye and zooms out). Sam walks in and asks if he's okay. He says he's fine. She wants to do something decadent, take a nap. They cuddle up on the couch. There is a shadow at the window.

At the GH nurses area, Dante is still out of his room, in a wheelchair. He calls Lulu (simultaneously, at Crimson, alone in Kate's office), Lulu let's the call ring through to voice mail. Dante leaves her a nice message that he would like to see her today. Lulu puts her phone down, sits in Kate's chair and picks up the bottle of brandy sitting on the desk. She pours herself a sip.

Lucky tells Ethan that he has to get going and wishes his brother Luck as he heads to Windermere. Ethan wishes Lucky a safe flight. Lucky heads off.

Liz and Matt are making their plan to meet up for the cruise. They both walk off. Patrick overhears and asks wife Robin what's going on there. She says he asked Liz to the party. Patrick says he has arranged a surprise on the boat.

Lisa and Anthony are still on the docks. As she's talks to him about his assumptions about her, she's picking a 2x4 away from the dock. She assures him that she has no use for him. While he banters that she does, she takes the board (which has a long nail sticking out of it) and hits him in the stomach with it. He is goes to the ground, shocked by this surprise attack.

Outside Sam and Jason's suite, Shawn is surprised and a bit ticked to find that Carly (Josslyn in tow) has followed him.

An old alarm clock, glued to Franco's painting, is going off. As he walks over to shut if off he says, "Just in time."

Shawn and Carly argue that she should have stayed at the hotel. Jason and Sam open the door and are surprised to see the duo.

Franco, looking at his painting, sighs. "Let the games begin." (Yikes!)

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