GH Update Thursday 10/13/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/13/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Robin takes a picture of Patrick holding her messed up birthday cake as he tosses it away. She even takes a picture of it while it's in the trash can.

Anthony visits a comatose Lisa. He talks to her and is stunned when she asks why he couldn't leave her alone.

Liz is home, talking with a visiting Lucky about the nice time they had with the kids. She is concerned about why he doesn't want to spend time as a "family."

Kate is on the phone in her office telling someone she is not going halfway across the country just to see them. She ends the call abruptly, telling the person not to call her, that she will call them!

Maxie is in the other room sorting through a clothing rack. Kate walks out and sees flowers on the desk. Sonny walks in smiling, "Good, you got my flowers."

Back at GH, Anthony tells Lisa that it was tough to keep quiet about getting her out of a coma. He giggles about how much fun they can have together. Lisa is not amused.

At the nurse's station, Patrick and Robin are talking about taking a trip, trying to set up dates to go. Epiphany walks up with a box of cupcakes from the staff, for Robin's birthday.

At Crimson, Sonny tells Kate the flowers were for helping him last night at the warehouse. Maxie is still at the clothing rack but paying attention as Spinelli enters the room. Sonny leans in to him and asks about the surveillance tape. He tells Sonny there are difficulties. Sonny asks Kate for a minute of her time; they go into her office but not before Kate makes a quick threat to Maxie's job. The ever curious Maxie listens at the door, hushing Spinelli so she can hear better, letting him know that he heard Sonny thank Kate for last night. Kate tells Sonny he went overboard with the flowers. Sonny tells her she didn't have to do what she did. She tells him she needed the place for a photo shoot.

Lucky is still at Liz's place, explaining that he was trying to start over with Siobhan and now she's gone... Liz interrupts with all the mistakes she made regarding Siobhan but that she (Siobhan) just didn't understand that their (Liz and Lucky) bond is strong. Lucky points out that their relationship became toxic. She tells him that they can do better, if their love is strong. She asks Lucky if he loves her. He tells her it's a viscous cycle, a train wreck. He speaks of his addiction and compares it to their relationship. He tells her they can't go back.

In Lisa's hospital room, she and Anthony talk about what happened with Patrick and she has a chance to do it right this time.

At Crimson, outside Kate's office, Maxie and Spinelli giggle at the thought of Kate getting back with Sonny. They step away from the door and back to the clothing rack. Spinelli is still having memory issues and does not know how to use a computer but has, via the World Wide Web, found something he believes will help (focusing on some other object to get his memory back).

On the other side of the door, in Kate's office, Sonny asks Kate out for a drink. She says she's busy; he accepts that and starts to walk away. Kate stops him and pulls out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. Sonny pours them each a glass, they toast to old friends.

At the hospital, Lisa reminds Anthony she is in big trouble for what she did, has no career and is up on criminal charges. Anthony says people need to be taught a lesson. She says she feels like a weapon he woke up to use.

At the nurse's station, Epiphany closes up the box of cupcakes. She reminds the Dr's Drake that they need to celebrate Matt's published book before walking away.

In Kate's office, she and Sonny are finishing up their brandy and pour another splash. She thanks him again for the flowers; he finishes his sip and excuses himself so she can get back to work. As he walks to the elevators (which open as soon as he pushes the button, HA), Sonny reminds Spinelli to get to finding the surveillance tapes. Maxie stresses that he needs to work on that instead of the other thing he researched to get his memory back. As Spinelli starts to tell her what he plans to focus on, they are interrupted by Kate walking out of her office. She grabs a red dress of the clothing rack and asks Maxie if this is what she chose for the piece, of course Maxie said yes. Kate was pleased.

At Liz's house, she and Lucky are talking about guilt, grief, self-blame and destruction. Liz points out a picture of them when they were happy; he tells her it is the past, a memory. She starts pulling out pictures of the kids, talking about Cameron and Aiden. She's practically begging when she gets the book with Jake's pictures. She tells Lucky that nobody understands the pain the way they do. Lucky tells her that he will never forget Jake, or what he meant, the same goes for Cameron and Aiden, that he will always be there for them. Liz is breaking down, "Just not for me."

Anthony is sitting by Lisa's bed telling her that he knows her options are limited but he will take care of her. She is curious and asks how he will do that. He says he will set her up somewhere, with a new start. She is curt when she says that he woke her up to live a nightmare. As he exits, he tells her he will cut her some slack and leave her be for a bit, exclaiming that he woke her up and can put her back to sleep again.

At the nurses station, Patrick tells Robin he's been looking at properties and has a CD he wants her to see. They walk off together.

At the 10th floor elevators, Sonny runs into Alexis and Kristina, Kate, walking nearby, stops to eavesdrop on their banter. Sonny turns serious and lets Kristina know he's glad she's well.

Back at Crimson, Maxie expresses (to Spinelli) how elated she is that Kate paid her a compliment and dreams of one day running her own magazine. Maxie is searching through a box for props for the red suit picked for the shoot. She asks Spinelli what the other thing he's going to focus on (going back to his research on how to get his memory back). He tells her he's going to focus on her (as if we didn't know).

Lucky, still at Liz's house, tells her he's not trying to hurt her and that they have to let go. She begs him to stop pushing her away. She reminds him that they share a connection, that's why he went to "their" church when he was hallucinating. Lucky cries and tells her he's leaving. She asks where and when he'll be back. He says he doesn't know but is sure he must go now. She says they can continue their talk when he gets back. He tells her it won't matter, he won't be with her, and that he doesn't want to continue to do the same thing over and over. He tells her she has his heart that they were teenagers and it's over. He says he will keep in touch. She cries asking if he's leaving her. Lucky moves closer to her, he says he's sorry and it's not her fault. He lightly touches her face (a touching moment, both have tears in their eyes) and walks out.

At Crimson, Maxie and Spinelli discuss the fact that he wants to focus on her to get his memory back. She thinks it's sweet and has an idea about a woman helping a man climb a ladder; she abruptly leaves the room to go to find something from the storage room.

Kate is still eavesdropping on Sonny talking to Kristina and Alexis. Alexis steps away to answer her phone. Sonny tells Kristina it's tough to be a parent. She admits she knows that he loves her. He tells her he's proud that she's his daughter.

Patrick and Robin are looking at properties on a computer at one of the nurses stations.

Lisa is out of her bed, as the door opens, she quickly jumps back in to the bed and back to her pretend catatonic state. A nurse props a food tray in front of her and asks if she wants anything else (seriously?). As the nurse turns to leave she states that Lisa should eat something so she can get her strength back. Lisa picks up the food tray and clobbers the nurse over the head, knocking her out. She closes the door. It happened so fast, I didn't even see where the food went.

Kate is in her office, at Crimson. She appears upset about something. She takes out her phone and dials to speak with the person she was talking with before. She tells them that she was hoping not to ever see them again but will do whatever they want her to do.

Still at the 10th floor elevator, Sonny tells Kristina that he's glad she isn't mad at him any more. Kristina asks him to help her convince her mom that working for Kate would be a good thing. She then tells him she's going to have her mom work on him regarding letting her spend time with Ethan. Alexis walks up with news that the Admissions Office from Yale called and Kristina has been accepted.

Robin and Patrick are still looking at photos of prospective properties.

Lisa is now wearing the uniform of the nurse that she knocked out and is looking at her bed, where she put the nurse, in her place. She steps outside of her room, closes the hospital door, looks around and walks off.

Lucky, again, reads the letter from Siobhan (his diseased wife). The letter says she's offering a gift to hear from a loved one, one last time. From the envelope, takes out items she left him, he's to dip the rosary in St. Margaret's Well to receive a message. He stuffs all the items back into the envelope and puts them in his packed suitcase.

Liz is looking at a picture of her with Lucky, from their wedding. She says he has her heart and is in love with him. She looks at the girl in the picture (herself) and tells her she's a stupid girl. She grows angry and she says she is done with him. She damns him to hell and throws the picture against the wall.

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