GH Update Wednesday 10/12/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/12/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Robin made small talk about their kids' Halloween plans. Epiphany handed Robin a stack of papers to sign, but before Robin could get to work, Patrick walked up and whisked her away to do something for her birthday. They got into a limo and Patrick told her they could go wherever she wanted. Robin reminded him that they only had an hour. Patrick handed Robin several boxes – there were gifts that represented places around the world. A kimono for Tokyo, pastries from France and maracas for Rio. Robin was delighted, but stunned when Patrick told her to choose a place to go. She said they couldn't take a trip right now, but at Patrick's urging, she made a choice. Tokyo. Patrick reached into his coat and surprised her with two first class tickets to the city. Robin asked what he would have done if she'd chosen another city and Patrick revealed that he'd bought tickets to all three places, and they could be used any time.

Robin told Patrick she loved him and that he was the best present she could ever ask for. They shared a long kiss. Patrick gave her a bracelet Emma made. Emma had been planning to give it to Robin herself, but Robin left early. Robin loved it, but she felt bad for not spending a lot of time with Emma and she hoped their daughter knew she loved her. Patrick assured Robin that Emma knew and said they both knew she had an important job and were proud of her. Patrick then gave Robin a necklace and said when he saw it, he pictured her wearing it and nothing else. He said he couldn't wait for that moment. Robin said he didn't have to. She kissed him and began to remove her blouse.

Maxie came into the hospital carrying a cake box. She asked Epiphany where Robin was and she told her that she was spending her break with Patrick. Maxie was peeved because she'd wanted this time with Robin to finish planning the party and she accused Patrick of trying to sabotage the celebration. Epiphany called Maxie self centered. Maxie moaned about the 200 person guest list turning into a guest list of ten. She put her foot in her mouth by telling Epiphany that a ten person party might make sense for her, but Robin was liked by a lot more people than that. When Epiphany snapped at her, Maxie scurried away.

At the Metro Court, Anthony prepared for his romantic evening with Tracy by scattering rose petals on the bed. The room was stocked with gourmet snacks and there was champagne on ice. Tracy arrived and tersely informed Anthony that she wasn't going to sleep with him. Anthony pressured her by telling her he had friends in politics who'd love to know what she'd done. Anthony painted a dark picture of what would happen to her, Edward and ELQ if the truth about her funneling mob money into the family business came out. Tracy admitted he had a point, but said she was married and in love with her husband. Anthony didn't think that was a problem. He said he could play the same sorts of games that she enjoyed playing with Luke. Anthony suggested they start slow, with cuddling or with some of the foods. He began pointing out the things he'd bought, but became enraged when he realized the strawberries were missing.

Tracy attempted to leave while Anthony ranted, but before she could go, there was a knock on the door. Anthony answered it. It was Luke, who announced that he was looking for his wife. Relieved, Tracy smiled and told Luke she was ready to go. Luke said that would be rude, since Anthony had gone through so much trouble. He strolled in and asked Anthony if he could have some of the food. Anthony told him to help himself. Tracy was appalled that Luke believed she and Anthony were dating and tried to convince him otherwise. Luke, who seemed amused and untroubled by the thought of Anthony being with Tracy, shrugged and said everyone had needs. Tracy protested and when Anthony chimed in, she told him to shut up. Luke smiled and told Anthony the hostility meant she liked him. Luke poured champagne for Anthony and Tracy, then said they should toast to Tracy's new “toy.”

Ethan, believing Lucky could use a night out, showed up at his house and tried to convince him to go see a movie. Lucky appreciated the offer, but turned him down. Ethan sensed that something was off with Lucky's demeanor and asked if it was because he'd talked to Luke. Lucky confirmed that he'd dropped by and dropped of an AA packet, of all things. Ethan thought that was a good sign, but Lucky laughed scornfully and said Luke hadn't changed. Lucky figured Luke was only back long enough to scrounge up enough money to fund his travels. Lucky said he'd probably be trying to rope Ethan into a get rich quick scheme soon. Ethan admitted that Luke already had. Ethan did believe that Luke was remorseful about what happened and he thought they should give him a chance to make amends. Lucky on the other hand, thought Luke's regrets would disappear once he was in better shape and he'd run, leaving his family to pick up the pieces again. Lucky said it was time that they learned from the past and stop giving Luke more chances.

Ethan said that while Luke was ruled by his demons at times, everyone else was too and even Lucky made the choice to take pills. Lucky nodded and said Luke had passed those genes on, but unlike Luke, he'd admitted he had a problem and gotten help. Ethan said that what worked for Lucky, like keeping two pills under his end table, might not work for everyone else. Ethan looked at him expectantly and Lucky asked if there was something he wanted to say. Ethan asked if Lucky took the pills. Lucky retrieved the pills and showed them to Ethan. He admitted that he still wanted to take them, though. Lucky asked Ethan to get rid of the pills. Ethan was concerned and reminded Lucky that the last time he'd offered to dispose of the pills, Lucky had refused him, saying if he didn’t have them, he'd go out and buy more. Lucky assured Ethan that he'd made the decision not to do that, so Ethan didn't need to worry. Satisfied, Ethan agreed to take the pills with him. Lucky explained that seeing Luke made him realize he had to make better choices, lest he end up like his father.

Sam woke up early and packed a bag of snacks. Jason entered the room, rubbing his eyes and asking what happened to sleeping in. Sam didn’t want to waste a moment of their time in Hawaii. Jason smiled and said he was sure they could think of something to do. He and Sam kissed, then she raced down to the beach, with him following. Later, Jason carried Sam back to their bungalow and helped her wrap herself in a towel. She'd wiped out while learning to surf. Once they were inside, they snuggled on the couch and Sam shared that just after she swallowed a lot of water, Jason appeared and pulled her out. She said it hadn't been the first time he'd rescued her and he was welcome to do it again any time.

Sam and Jason relaxed on lawn chairs. Sam was embarrassed about falling and Jason told her she shouldn't be. He teasingly reminded her that she laughed when he fell off the surf board. Sam said Jason was so competent at everything that it was nice to see that he wasn't perfect. “That's going to happen, Mrs. Morgan” Jason said, then he paused and asked if she was going to use that name. Sam happily confirmed that she was and loved being Samantha Morgan. He asked what she was going to do professionally at the PI firm. Sam wasn't sure she had a PI firm anymore. She said Spinelli had never been good at field work and she'd ditched all her clients when Jason got sick. Jason asked if she wanted to go home early and the business back on track. Sam wondered if Jason was asking because he wanted to go. Jason sighed and said he did bail on Sonny. Sam reminded him that he'd hired Shawn, but Jason said Sonny didn't like him.

Franco was in a room somewhere. He pasted a clock onto some art he was making, then he furiously slashed green paint onto the canvas.

Elizabeth took her boys home to get ready to go to the annual Pumpkin Patch festival. She was excited because it was Aiden's first one and she told Cam they had to get lots of pictures. Cam was depressed because it wouldn't be the same without Jake. Elizabeth understood and told him while things would never be the same, they had to find ways to have fun because Jake would want his family to be happy – her, Cam, Aiden and “Daddy.”

Despite Tracy's protests, Luke believed that she was interested in Anthony, and he kept encouraging their relationship. Tracy said Luke was basically pimping her out. Luke said he was trying not to stand in her way. He then presented her with divorce papers. Tracy was stunned that he wanted a divorce after all the trouble he'd went through to get her to marry him. Luke said he was trying to do something selfless for her. Tracy accused him of wanting a divorce so he could sue her for some spousal support, but Luke said he didn't want anything from her. Tracy asked Anthony to give her some time alone with Luke. Anthony balked at this, but did leave. Tracy asked Luke what his angle was. Luke said he was being upfront. They'd been married in name only for months, because she shut him out, and now here she was in a hotel suite, contemplating adultery, Luke yelled. Tracy screamed that she wasn't contemplating adultery and even if she were, it wouldn't be with a pig like Anthony. Luke said he didn't need an explanation, because she was free to do as she wished now. Tracy accused Luke of wanting the divorce because he wanted to run away and because he was angry at her and his kids for telling him he needed help. Luke said he'd gotten sober on his own and he thought they should both go on with their separate lives. He said Anthony was infatuated with her. “But I'm married to you,” Tracy said in an earnest tone. Luke replied that that never stopped her before, and he turned to leave. Tracy didn't find Luke's story believable and said he'd never walk away from her money. Luke said Tracy wanted a change and this was her chance. Tracy began to say she needed something from Luke. Luke interrupted, and in a pained tone, he said he didn't believe she needed him, because no one did; she and his kids had made that clear. Luke told her to enjoy her evening and left.

Maxie's party plans started to fall even further apart. She marched behind the desk and grabbed the hospital phone. Epiphany promptly took it away and hung it up. They got into a brief back and forth with Maxie trying to use the phone and Epiphany taking it, until Epiphany ordered Maxie to get out of her work space. Epiphany said Robin was going to be busy, so Maxie should cancel, but Maxie was determined to salvage the party, even though her catering plans had fallen through. Maxie tried to stay positive and said at least she still had the cake. Just then, an orderly bumped into Maxie, knocking the cake out of her hands and onto the ground. Maxie opened the box to find that the cake was crushed.

Robin got dressed and cuddled with Patrick. They talked about their upcoming trips and Patrick said it was going to force them to take lots of time just for the two of them. Robin asked if he'd ever had sex in a limo before and was surprised when Patrick said no, although he'd wanted to. Robin asked if the reality lived up to his fantasy. Patrick told her it was even better than he imagined. Between kisses, Robin told Patrick that he'd made it impossible for her to focus on work. Patrick said that had been his intention. Robin said she might want to have sex with him again and Patrick said that was what supply closets were for. They kissed again.

Jason always worried about Sonny, but he thought he looked better at the reception. Jason figured Sonny would be fine for right now, so he didn't want to cut his time with Sam short. Sam said if this had been a test, Jason would have passed with flying colors. She asked Jason if he was up for surfing again and they raced down to the beach.

Lucky told Ethan Siobhan wrote him a letter in case of her death. He showed him the rosary, handkerchief and cross she'd given him and told him about her instructions to visit a church in Ireland, dip the rosary in a well and wait for a sign. Lucky looked to Ethan for guidance and said it was crazy, right? Lucky seemed unsure what to think. Just then, Cam called and told Lucky that he didn't want to get a costume, because Jake wouldn't be there. Cam asked Lucky if he'd come over and Lucky said of course.

Elizabeth looked at Cam expectantly and was pleased when he confirmed that Lucky said yes.

When Robin and Patrick entered the hospital, they were met by Maxie, who told them the party was off. Maxie stormed out. It was obvious that Robin and Patrick didn't mind that the party had been canceled. Epiphany put a candle in the now crushed cake and lit it. Robin made a wish and blew it out. Epiphany wished her a happy birthday, then shared that she'd also made a wish. She wanted Robin to keep her crazy cousin out of her work space. Everyone laughed, then Epiphany walked away. Patrick wondered what Robin wished. She told him she wished for many more birthdays just like this one. Patrick scooped up some cake with his finger and fed it to Robin, then they kissed.

Cam, Elizabeth, Lucky and Aiden returned to Elizabeth's home after the festival. Elizabeth sent Cam upstairs to do his homework. Cam wanted to carve his pumpkin first, but Lucky told him he could do it tomorrow and reminded him to listen to his mother. Cam said he loved Elizabeth, then ran upstairs. Lucky put Aiden in his playpen. Elizabeth thanked him for coming and said having him there made the house seem less empty. Lucky understood the feeling, then he said he had to go, and said to tell Cam he'd pick him up after school. Elizabeth was disappointed and said she'd hoped he'd stay for dinner. Lucky quietly said he couldn't do this anymore. Elizabeth was confused and Lucky clarified that he couldn't “play house” anymore.

After surfing, Jason and Sam went back to the beach house. Jason was on edge and looked around to make sure the place was secure. Sam asked what was wrong and Jason explained it was hard for him to relax. Sam suggested Jason join her in the shower. Jason agreed and Sam went to turn the water on. Jason still appeared to sense something was off, but he closed the door and dashed off to join her.

Franco applied red paint to the canvas, then gave a satisfied nod.

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