GH Update Tuesday 10/11/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/11/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Robin told Patrick that Emma wanted to make her a birthday cake out of macaroni. They chuckled and Robin expressed her relief that their lives were back to normal. Patrick was afraid it was too good to be true, but Robin urged him to think positive. She said that it had taken her a long time to believe that Robin was gone for good, but now she finally had. Patrick promised that he'd make this the best birthday she ever had. Robin said she'd hold him to that. After she walked away, Patrick noticed a blonde doctor from behind and thought it was Lisa. Matt walked up in time to see Patrick roughly grab the woman and spin her around. Patrick calmed down once he'd been mistaken. Matt chided him for being paranoid and said that the chances of Lisa returning to the hospital were slim, so Patrick should stop worrying about it and move on. Patrick shared that Robin had given him the same advice.

Robin returned and jumped to the conclusion that they were planning her party. Patrick and Matt allowed her to keep thinking that. Robin asked Matt to reign in Maxie and keep her from turning her party into a huge event. Matt said Maxie didn't listen to him. Robin hoped that between the two of them, they could keep Maxie from throwing a huge birthday bash. She told Patrick and Matt she'd let them get back to planning and left. Patrick thanked Matt for covering; he didn't want Robin to know how much he'd been thinking about Lisa. Matt replied that was what brothers did. Patrick replied that in that vein, he'd paged Matt to give him the Brockman case he'd wanted. Matt was stunned, but Patrick said he knew Mr. Brockman would be perfect for the research Matt had been working on. Patrick further explained that Brockman probably wouldn't survive, but it would give Matt a chance to test his theory. Matt was irritated and accused Patrick of foisting Mr. Brockman on him so that his death wouldn't count against Patrick's record. Patrick was exasperated that Matt always thought he had an ulterior motive. Robin returned just as things got heated. Patrick and Matt stormed off to different sections of the hospital.

Anthony was at the pier on the phone, speaking to someone who told him that “she” had made a recovery. Anthony was pleased and said he had to see it for himself. Johnny walked up and asked what he was up to now. Anthony calmly replied that he was making plans to see a lady. Still suspicious, Johnny said he had enough to deal with without Anthony adding to it. Anthony responded that Johnny had created his own problems due to poorly planning out his plot to plant drugs in Sonny's warehouse. Johnny blamed Anthony for shooting Dante and Anthony countered that it wouldn't have been necessary if Johnny had put a contingency plan in place to protect himself in case someone caught him planting the drugs. Anthony told Johnny that he should meet the woman he was going to see, because she was definitely Johnny's type. Johnny wasn't interested in knowing anyone who'd spend time with Anthony. Anthony told Johnny he shouldn't be jealous of him having a lady, then he left. Johnny called GH for an update on Dante's condition. Ronnie happened to walk up and overhear him. It was clear that Ronnie thought Johnny might be involved in Dante's shooting. Ronnie told Johnny that it was odd for him to be so concerned about the son of his enemy. Johnny said Dante was also Olivia's son and he cared about her. Ronnie said Dante was expected to fully recover and would surely go after the person who shot him.

Shawn and Carly were at Kelly's. Carly had changed her mind about Shawn going to Hawaii right away to help Jason with Franco. She was worried that Franco was in Port Charles and was trying to lure Shawn out of town in order to leave Josslyn unprotected. Shawn said Carly should go to Sonny for protection while he was gone. Carly flatly refused. Sonny was out of control, she said, and she didn't want him around her or her kids. She didn't think it was safe to be in his orbit. To prove her point, she reminded Shawn that two of Sonny's children had been shot in what was supposed to be his legitimate business. Shawn countered that Dante had been shot because he wandered into a crime in progress, not because he was Sonny's. Carly wasn't so sure. She also brought up Jax's plane crash, Sonny shooting a gun in Robin's house and Kristina getting injured in a car bomb. She said there was always a price to pay for Sonny's help, too. Carly thought Sonny might try and get her to bring Morgan back in exchange for helping her. She refused to go to him and said she would just go to Hawaii with Shawn instead.

In Hawaii, Sam showed Jason her bucket of seashells. He didn't get why she liked them, but he was glad that they made her smile. Sam was content and said she'd be happy to stay forever. Jason thought she'd eventually start missing her family. Sam added that Jason would start worrying about Carly, Michael and the business too. That was the furthest thing from Jason's mind right now. They reveled in being alone together and kissed. The camera panned up to show a little metal toy that Franco had placed on a shelf. Sam got out a book and started telling Jason about the symbolism behind the shells she found. She had that symbolized the beginning of eternity, one that meant good luck and one that symbolized fertility. The last one made her look up at Jason with a grin.

Michael went to the warehouse panic room and began to remove the bags of hydrocodone from the vents. Sonny walked in and demanded to know what he was doing, then scolded him for not staying out of it as he'd been told. Michael felt that as the manager of the warehouse, it was his responsibility to get rid of the drugs. He knew the cops were watching the warehouse and planned to take the drugs with him on his normal delivery, then dispose of them once the cops stopped following him. Sonny didn't think Michael knew how to trick the cops and said that the good thing was that he didn't have to, because he was going to be a criminal. Sonny maintained that it was too dangerous for Michael to get involved, and he reminded him that he was supposed to be going to Argentina. Michael was angered that Sonny wanted to send him away. He said he'd taken Sonny's side over Carly and Abby. Sonny appreciated Michael's love as a son, but didn't want him to be his foot soldier. Michael griped that Sonny wasn't returning the trust that Michael was giving him.

Kate walked in and saw the drugs. She was supposed to wait for Sonny outside, but had come looking for him, because it had taken him so long to return. Sonny was alarmed that she was there and told her she had to go, because he didn't want her involved. Kate was willing to pretend that she hadn't seen anything. Maxie called her and Kate said she had to go to work. Sonny didn't want Kate to think the drugs were his. He told her that someone had planted them there to frame him and that was why Dante got shot. Kate believed him. She turned and started out.

Sonny enlisted Michael's help returning the drugs to their hiding place. As they began to put the sacks back in the vent, Kate ran back in and told them the police were there. Sonny said he'd deal with it, until Michael pointed out that Sonny's pants were covered in white powder. Michael said he'd handle the cops. Sonny was displeased, but realized they had no choice. He advised Michael to give yes and no answers to them, then he told Kate to go out the back exit. Sonny sealed himself into the panic room. Kate called someone and told them to do something for her.

Jason wanted to talk about whether they wanted to have a baby, but Sam was reluctant to have that conversation. She reminded him that they'd agreed to wait to talk about it until a later date, but Jason said it was a later date. Sam was concerned that it was too soon after Jake's death for Jason to take this step. She could still see the sadness in his eyes. Jason said it didn't honor Jake to close himself off from Sam and life. Sam admitted that she'd been afraid he'd leave her after Jake died and she'd hoped she'd be strong enough to let him go. Jason replied that he'd never leave her. Sam reminded Jason that just before his surgery, he'd said he wanted to live to have a child with her and she asked if he still felt that way. Jason paused and Sam feared that she'd been pushing him. Jason said having a child, knowing that they could end up being hurt or scared and that it could be your fault was a big step. He thought it was too much to ask that God give him another child. Sam said the thought of having a child with him melted her heart, but she was okay just staying in the moment right now. Jason liked the sound of that. She said in the meantime, they could practice. Sam draped the lei around his neck, then used it to lead him into the bedroom.

Patrick went to see Lisa and was relieved to see that she was still at the facility and seemingly in a coma. Patrick said he probably should feel compassion for her, but he didn't. He told her he was glad she wasn't able to hurt his family anymore. Patrick wondered how she'd changed so much and said he regretted ever meeting her and getting involved with her again. Patrick spat that he'd never look at her face again. Patrick left, assured that Lisa was out of his life for good. Lisa moved her fingers and opened her eyes.

Robin found Matt scouring Mr. Brockman's records. She asked if Patrick gave him the case and Matt said he was trying to decide whether he wanted it, since Patrick thought it was a lost cause. Robin said it only mattered what Matt thought. Robin congratulated Matt on being published. Matt thanked her and Robin said she was really proud of him. Matt vented about this. He said he was the same doctor he was before and it bothered him that nobody who was supposed to be close to him noticed his work until an anonymous editor did. Then he walked away.

Patrick returned to the hospital and asked Matt if he had time to talk about Robin's birthday. Smiling, Matt said no. he noted that Patrick was in a better mood and Patrick told him about his visit with Lisa. Patrick wanted to talk about Brockman, but Matt said he needed to think about it. He walked away. Robin told Patrick she felt bad that they'd been ignoring Matt. Patrick asked if they owed him an apology and Robin said yes. She also wanted to take him to dinner and invite Maxie. Patrick had an idea for what to do for Matt, but he said first he wanted to focus on his wife's birthday. They kissed.

Shawn accused Carly of wanting to go to Hawaii to interfere with Sam and Jason's honeymoon. Carly took offense and told him that she and Jason had a very strong bond. She pointed out that Jason hired Shawn to protect her, instead of Jax or Sonny, who she had kids with, doing it. Carly also said Franco went after her, the last time, not Sam or the Quartermaines or Elizabeth. She talked about Jason being the one who taught her how to love of Michael when he was a baby and tearing up, she said she and Jason were more than friends. Carly said that while Shawn might not understand what she and Jason had, he should respect it. Shawn agreed that she had a point. Carly asked Shawn what he would do if someone that he'd die for was being threatened by a psycho. She said Jason was necessary to her life.

Carly refused to stand by and let Franco get to Jason or to someone Jason loved. She said if Jason lost someone, he'd have even less of a will to live and he already cared too little as it was so she couldn't let that happen. Shawn understood and asked Carly to look at it from his perspective – he wanted to go to Hawaii and do reconnaissance without ever alerting Jason and Sam if he didn't have to. That would be impossible with Carly and a toddler in tow. Carly yelled that if Shawn could go near Jason without him realizing he was there, Franco could do the same. Shawn said while Carly was used to getting what she wanted, there was no way she was accompanying him to Hawaii. He said that as Jason's friend, she should stay behind, in order to respect his honeymoon with Sam. Shawn said he'd seen Carly claim ownership of men. Carly started to get angry, then she realized Shawn was only trying to distract her and she said it wasn't going to work. Shawn dropped the diversionary tactic and told Carly that she was not going to Hawaii. He said he'd call security and have them surround her house. Carly said okay and she and Josslyn left.

Michael refused to let Ronnie search the warehouse without a warrant. Ronnie wouldn't give up. He told Michael they found traces of hydrocodone outside. Kate backed Michael up. Ronnie and Kate needled each other, with her calling him officer, while knowing he was a detective and him referring to her as Connie. Ronnie asked if Sonny was there. Kate informed Ronnie that she'd rented the warehouse for a photo shoot. Ronnie didn't believe her. On cue, models and photographers entered the warehouse and Kate told Ronnie to leave, which he did.

Soon after Patrick left Lisa's room, Anthony arrived and whispered “wake up sleepyhead.” He was pleased when she opened her eyes. Bewildered, Lisa asked if he'd done this to her. Anthony confirmed that he had. Lisa asked if she was supposed to thank him. Anthony said she'd just need some time to get used to her new reality. He told her they'd chat later, but she needed to make a quick adjustment because they had some people to put in their place. Anthony left. Lisa reached down, grabbed the blanket covering her and literally ripped it in half.

In the panic room, Sonny was shaken when he had a flashback to being abused by his stepfather. Kate returned to the room and sat next to him. Sonny leaned against her. After Sonny had pulled himself together, Kate lead him out of the room and into the middle of the photo shoot. Sonny was confused and Kate explained that she'd had to improvise. She quickly went to work, interacting with the models while Michael and Sonny looked on. Michael told Sonny he owed Kate big. Sonny agreed.

Jason and Sam returned to the living room. She reminded him that he'd said he liked being married. Jason confirmed that he did. Smiling, Sam said things were the same; they already lived together. Jason said it had somehow. Sam wanted to enjoy ever second of their honeymoon until reality came knocking at their door. “Nobody says we have to answer” Jason said.

Shawn went to the airport and got a ticket. “Heads up!” Carly said as she tossed him a beach ball and showed him tickets for her and Josslyn. Shawn groaned upon seeing Carly and the toddler. Carly told him she and Josslyn had dibs on the window seat.

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