GH Update Monday 10/10/11

General Hospital Update Monday 10/10/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In his room at Kelly’s, Shawn is talking on the phone with Max. There is a knock on the door – it is Carly. Carly barges in carrying Josslyn. Shawn asks why Carly is there. Carly makes it clear that she and her daughter are in immediate danger. Carly shows Shawn the box from Franco, then urges him to read the note. Carly says she thought the lei was from Jason. Shawn agrees that a wedding is the perfect excuse for Franco to return to town. Carly wonders if Franco is in Hawaii stalking Jason and Sam. Shawn asks if Carly called Jason. Carly says that neither Jason or Sam are answering their phones. Carly has a bad feeling about Franco. Shawn thinks Carly wants to sabotage the honeymoon. Carly swears Franco is dangerous, then offers to take care of the problem herself. Shawn leaves Jason a message about Franco, then tells Carly they need to wait. Shawn takes a look at the postmark on the package and tells Carly that it was sent from Hawaii.

In their Hawaiian room, Sam enters the living area and finds Jason lying on the couch. Jason is waking up from a catnap. Sam punches Jason on the arm, fearful that he was dead. Sam grabs a bag and shows Jason a group of three Hawaiian shirts. Jason hates all three and asks for option four – none of them. Jason puts on the blue shirt to the delight of Sam. However, Jason refuses to wear it out in public. Sam thinks it is a souvenir of their honeymoon. Sam unbuttons Jason’s shirt, then says she likes option four.

Kate enters Dante’s hospital room and finds both Dante and Sonny asleep. Kate touches Sonny’s arm. Sonny wakes up and aims a gun at Kate. Sonny apologizes for his reaction. Kate is visibly alarmed. Kate asks how Dante is doing. Sonny regrets missing chunks of time with Dante. Sonny says having kids changes everything. Kate suggests getting some coffee. When Kate and Sonny leave, Dante opens his eyes. After getting coffee, Kate and Sonny return to Dante’s room and stand by the door. Kate complains about the coffee. Sonny brings up the time they went to Coney Island so Kate could get a sno-cone. Sonny wonders if he could have made things work with Kate. Kate doesn’t want to dwell on the past and what-ifs. Sonny thanks Kate for talking to Krissy. Sonny calls Kate a “survivor”. Kate makes it clear she and Sonny will not be getting back together. Kate thinks Sonny hates to be alone.

In the hospital lobby, Lulu and Olivia talk about Dante’s recovery. Olivia says Sonny is visiting Dante at the moment. Olivia thinks Lulu is the reason for Dante pulling through. Lulu refuses to take credit. Olivia senses Lulu changed her mind about the engagement. Afterward, Olivia finds Steven on the phone by the nurses’ station. Olivia hopes Steven can leave early for the day. Olivia implies that she has a special night planned for herself and Steven. Olivia hands Steven an invitation from the Metro Court. Steven is confused to find it blank inside. Olivia produces a key card and asks Steven to show up at the designated hotel room.

Lucky opens his front door to find Luke standing there. Lucky says it is typical for Luke to show up now. Luke ignores Lucky’s sarcasm. Luke figures Lucky is mad at him. Lucky says he’s tired and just wants to move on with his life. Lucky asks Luke to leave. Luke doesn’t budge. Luke says that they need to talk. Luke brings up Tim Spencer. Lucky doesn’t want to hear his father’s excuses. Luke admits that he screwed up royally. Luke gives his condolences about Siobhan. Luke says he has been doing some “soul searching”. Lucky doesn’t buy that Luke is a changed man. Lucky asks Luke to “walk away”. Luke is looking for absolution, a clean slate. Luke feels bad for what he said to Lucky before he skipped town. Luke gives Lucky an AA pamphlet. Lucky isn’t convinced Luke has given up drinking. Luke knows Lucky has been going through a rough patch since Jake’s death. Lucky talks about when Jake used to have nightmares about monsters under the bed. Luke says he has seen Tracy and Ethan. Lucky asks Luke to avoid Lulu. Lucky adds that Lulu is a lot like their mother. Lucky urges Luke to leave Lulu alone. Luke admits he failed Laura, that they weren’t meant to be. Luke points out Lucky and Liz’s love as an example. Luke claims that he will always love Laura. Lucky asks Luke to leave his apartment. Lucky is irritated that Luke refuses to go. Luke says he wants to make amends. Lucky says Luke made a comment about being “liberated” by Jake’s death. Luke apologizes for his words. Lucky says he can’t help Luke because he’s dealing with his own demons. Finally, Luke leaves. Lucky slams the door in his face.

Lulu shows up at Dante’s hospital room. Kate asks Lulu if she’s heard from Maxie. Lulu is adamant she doesn’t want a job at Crimson. Sonny pipes in and asks to speak to Lulu. Sonny knows Lulu blames him for putting Dante in harm’s way. Kate jumps in and defends Sonny. Lulu only wants to try and protect Dante. Lulu says Sonny doesn’t deserve Dante’s forgiveness. Sonny asks Lulu if she accepted Dante’s marriage proposal. Lulu refuses to give Sonny an answer and walks into Dante’s room. Dante opens his eyes and asks Lulu if she feels better calling out Sonny. Dante rubs Lulu’s back. Lulu brings up Sonny. Lulu thanks Dante for being supportive of her situation with Luke. Lulu thinks Dante needs to move on. Dante says he can’t let go of Sonny. Both agree that they would like to work on their relationships with Sonny and Luke. Lulu says Dante needs to rest, then kisses him goodnight. Luke is hovering near Dante’s room.

Lucky notices Luke near one of the hospital’s AA meetings. Luke turns and waves, but Lucky hurries past him.

Outside Dante’s room, Sonny tells Kate that maybe Lulu is right, that he doesn’t deserve a relationship with his son. Sonny wants Kate to be completely honest with him. Before Kate can answer, she receives a business call. Kate is mad that the cover shoot location has to be changed. Sonny asks Kate to accompany him to see Michael. Kate is hesitant to answer, but eventually agrees to Sonny’s request.

Steven shows up at the hotel room and finds Olivia dressed in a sexy outfit. Olivia unbuttons Steven’s shirt, then begins kissing him. Steven is amused to find a pole in the middle of his room. Olivia begins swinging around on the pole. Olivia says she is the main course tonight, then falls on her back. Steven gets some ice for Olivia’s back. Olivia feels awful that she ruined the romantic night. Olivia thanks Steven for saving Dante’s life. Steven jokes about Olivia’s routine on the pole. They share a passionate kiss.

Unbeknownst to Jason and Sam, Franco is working on a new painting. Franco glues a hula girl to the canvas.

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