GH Update Wednesday 10/5/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/5/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the spa, Tracy showed Luke how she felt about his arrival by putting hot stones down his shirt. She demanded to know what he was doing there. Luke replied that he was home and that he'd been sober for a month. The disbelieving Tracy frisked him and pulled a flask out of his pocket. Luke swore that he only kept it as a test of his resolve. Luke was put out that he didn't get a warmer welcome and Tracy scornfully told him not to expect her or his children to throw him welcome home parade. She told him he'd hurt Lucky very badly by pushing him away. Luke responded that it he'd made Lucky hate him as much as he hated himself. He believed this had been in Lucky's best interest. Tracy said his change had come too little too late. She brought up Jake again and said he needed to understand that he hit him due to his drinking. Luke thought he might be ready to make a change and he wanted Tracy's wifely support. Tracy shut him down. She had no sympathy or money for him, she said. Luke replied that if he were a different kind of guy, he might think she'd found another man.

Johnny was at home talking to his employee Fisk, on the phone. He told the him not to give up looking for Skye. Anthony announced his presence by banging on the piano keys. He warned Johnny to stop trying to find out what Skye had on him. Johnny asked what Anthony did to her and he replied that Skye was beautiful, like a butterfly, so he'd let her fly away. Anthony brought up Johnny worrying about the situation with Sonny and Johnny yelled that Anthony had shot Sonny's cop son and was leaving him to clean up the mess. Anthony went over to a safe and retrieved a small wooden box. He placed it on a desk and began to look through it. It was filled with keys. Anthony admitted that things could get awkward, but he felt everything would work out because he'd helped Sonny's daughter Kristina when he found her passed out on the docks, so he thought everything evened out. Johnny asked what he was doing and Anthony explained that he had several hotel rooms on reserve for special purposes. He found the key to the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court and declared it perfect. Anthony advised Johnny to follow in his footsteps and find himself a good woman.

At Sonny's office, Michael revealed that he'd seen the partially dressed Carly and Shawn exit the panic room the day before. Michael believed that they’d slept together and told Sonny so. Shawn said he'd explain, but only after Michael left the room. Carly walked in and said she'd be happy to clear things up. Sonny told Shawn and Carly they needed to be more discreet. Carly told Michael to leave, and he did, although he was unhappy about being sent away. Carly firmly told Sonny that it was none of his business who she had sex with.

Lulu knelt by Dante's bedside as he struggled to speak. He said this wasn't the perfect traditional proposal they'd hoped for, but he didn't want to wait. Dante began to ask Lulu to marry him, but before he could finish, he started hyperventilating. Steve and Olivia rushed in. The panicking Lulu clutched the ring box and cried. Steve sent Lulu and Olivia out so he could stabilize Dante. Olivia urged Lulu to think positive. She was certain her son would be fine. Olivia told Lulu that she thought Dante might settle down and stop taking so many risks to prove he was a good cop once he and Lulu were married. Lulu asked Olivia if she ever regretted Dante becoming a police officer.

Ronnie sat down with Abby at Jake's to question her. He sent the other officer to fetch him some coffee, causing the woman to roll her eyes. Abby was reluctant to talk without her lawyer, but Ronnie told her she didn't need a lawyer if she didn't have anything to hide. Ronnie said something wasn't adding up – her ex con boyfriend was managing the coffee warehouse and working with Shawn, who was capable of quickly putting bombs together. Abby asked what he was asking her. Ronnie said Abby might have heard something that would help crack the case. When Abby said she didn't, Ronnie became very condescending. He called her Candy, her stripper name, and told her that her cushy life was about to fall apart and she'd end up back “on the pole.” Abby repeated the story that she and Carly found Dante and Michael went to get help. When Ronnie tried to shake her, Abby replied that she was studying to be a paralegal and that what he was doing was borderline illegal. “Candy the stripping paralegal,” Ronnie scoffed. He told her that Michael didn't have the strong survival instincts that Sonny did and might end up getting shot again. He said if she really cared about Michael, she'd wave her rights and start talking, because they all knew what happened to Sonny's kids when they relied on their father. It was clear that he struck a nerve. The other cop returned with the coffee and Ronnie said it was time to go. He told Abby she was a smart girl and needed to think about what he said.

In Sonny's restaurant, Michael called Bernie and asked if Jason had made a contingency plan in case Shawn didn't work out.

Sonny, assuming Shawn and Carly had slept together, believed that Carly had done it in the warehouse to make a point to him. Carly called Sonny delusional. Shawn tried to explain that they hadn't slept together and Sonny admonished him for lying after he took advantage of Carly. Carly thought Sonny was being hypocritical, scolding someone for taking advantage of people. Shawn had enough and raised his voice for them to stop. Shawn said he hadn't slept with Carly, but it was best to let the cops and Michael think they had, so they wouldn't find out they'd really been hiding drugs in the air ducts. Shawn explained how they got locked in and it got hot.“Very hot” added Carly in a flirty tone, drawing a glare from Sonny. Sonny was irritated to learn that he his warehouse was full of drugs. Shawn said they just had to move them, but Sonny informed Shawn that he was fired.

Anthony told Johnny he'd saved his life by shooting Dante. Johnny asked if Anthony would have pulled the trigger if he'd known it was Dante. Anthony thought that was a ludicrous question and said of course. “I protect my own,” he said, “just like Sonny does.” He also reminded Johnny that it wasn't his idea to plant the drugs. Johnny countered that the drugs were Anthony's. Anthony said that the drugs were probably in the bottom of the harbor, then he laughed derisively about Sonny being a “clean” mafia boss. He thought Johnny needed to move on with his life and stop worrying. Johnny said Anthony and Sonny agreed and he told his father about Sonny wanting to extend the truce. Anthony took that as further proof that everything was okay. He urged Johnny to just be happy and go play the piano. Anthony then informed Johnny that he'd bought the piano with drug money. He said he had other things to do and cheerfully strolled out of the apartment.

Olivia was proud of Dante's job, but she was afraid he'd be even more driven to take Sonny down once he recovered and end up getting shot again. She talked about Det. Poletti, Dante's mentor growing up. It had been his death, on Sonny's orders, that lead Dante to join the force. Lulu said she knew she couldn't change Dante. Olivia said Lulu would never want to, because if she did, he wouldn't be Dante. Olivia understood that they both wanted him to be himself and to stay safe. Steve came out and said Dante was stable and it appeared that this was a one time setback. He told Lulu Dante wanted to see her.

Dante tried to joke around to make light of the recent health scare, but when Lulu started to cry, he said he was sorry. He admitted that he was scared too, both of this and of her answer to his proposal. Dante said he couldn't promise that nothing bad would ever happen, but he could promise to love her, and he asked her what her answer was. Lulu said yes. They both grinned and she kissed his forehead. Lulu had one condition – no one else could know they were engaged. Lulu's reasoning for keeping it quiet was that she didn't want Dante to be bombarded with well wishing family and friends, while he was recovering. Dante smiled and asked about his mother. Lulu said they could tell her, but they'd have to swear her to secrecy. Dante readily agreed. He asked if she brought the ring. Lulu gave it to him and with some effort, he slipped it onto her finger and told her he loved her and could beat anything now that she'd be forever by his side.

Tracy sarcastically said there was no one as conniving, debauched and self centered to fill the void Luke left. She snarled that he'd chosen to destroy the connection to his family and there was no coming back. She said Ethan was finished defending him and that Lulu had been so desperate for Luke's approval that she'd almost lost the one thing that meant something to her. “Dante?” Luke said, disbelievingly. He asked if Tracy was on his bandwagon now. Tracy told him to leave Lulu alone, and not take this away from her.

Abby left an urgent message for Michael, telling him about Ronnie and asking him to return her call. Johnny walked in and joined her in the booth. Abby tried to make a quick exit, but Johnny could tell she was rattled and asked what was wrong. He took her hand and said her palms always sweated when she was nervous and she wasn't looking him in the eye. He asked if she thought he was involved in Dante's shooting. Abby said she was worried about Michael, then she nervously told Johnny he should be careful. Johnny was shaken realized Sonny might be coming after him and that he might have been lying about wanting a truce. Abby was uncomfortable talking about it, and Johnny told her he wasn't going to make her a part of it. Abby regretted saying anything, but Johnny was grateful for the warning and hoped he could get things under control and also keep Abby and Michael safe. He asked Abby if she believed him when he said that was what he wanted. Abby wanted to.

Shawn said Sonny couldn't fire him, because Jason hired him. Sonny countered that this was his business and he could do what he wanted. He didn't want Shawn working for him, or anyone associated with him. Carly knew that meant her. She was furious that this was the way Sonny treated Shawn after his quick thinking had saved him and possibly Michael from prison time. Sonny said for all he knew, Shawn had planted the drugs on order of the Zaccharas. He pointed out that Shawn had worked for Theo. Carly replied that Shawn had stepped up when Sonny was on the verge of a breakdown after Brenda left. Sonny implied that Carly was defending Shawn so passionately because he was good in bed. He told Carly that Shawn was working her and she didn't see it because she wasn't thinking straight. Carly told Sonny he was being a jerk and said Jason hand picked Shawn for a reason. Shawn told Carly she didn't have to defend him. He said that if Sonny wanted his help getting rid of the drugs, he should let him know, then he walked out. Carly shook her head at Sonny, then went after Shawn. She told him he didn't have to deny that they slept together so vehemently. Shawn replied that he didn't want to be in the middle of Carly and Sonny's relationship. Carly said he didn't have to act like sleeping with her was so horrible. She came out and asked Shawn if he'd sleep with her. Shawn smiled shyly and walked out. “That's what I thought” Carly said, with a satisfied grin.

Michael returned to Sonny's office and said he was okay with being kept in the dark about what was going on at the warehouse, but he wanted credit for noticing something was off. Sonny told Michael he'd done a good job, and now he needed to step back so Sonny could take care of things. Michael said okay. Then he said he knew how they could figure out who'd been at the warehouse. Michael laid out a case for the Zaccharas being behind it. Sonny said he already knew it was Johnny and said that while Johnny might not have shot Dante, it was his fault it happened. Sonny said he needed Michael to take some time off, because Johnny had to answer for what he'd done.

Lulu called Olivia into the room. Olivia knew what was coming and could barely contain her excitement. As soon as Dante said they had some news, Olivia shrieked with joy and said this was the happiest day of her life, other than the day Dante was born. She was a bit disappointed that she couldn't brighten everyone's day with some good news, but she agreed to keep their secret. Lulu said she was going to go get the insurance information the hospital wanted. She called Dante her fiance and they all smiled, then she left. Dante told Olivia how much he loved Lulu and said that he'd told Lulu that several times, but it felt real now that she'd accepted his proposal.

In the hallway, a worried look passed over Lulu's face.

Tracy said she wasn't going to tell Luke's kids he was back, because he could change his mind and disappear again in an instant. Luke thought she still wanted him and tried to prove it by saying she hadn't divorced him. Tracy said the paperwork didn't matter; their marriage was over. “I still know your sweet spot” Luke said. “No you don't” Tracy said in a hurt tone, while holding onto his flask and with her back turned. Luke left and Tracy pressed her lips against the flask in a kiss, then dropped it. The door opened and someone put his hand on her shoulder. Tracy, thinking it was Luke sadly told him to stop, because it wouldn't help. “You can't blame a guy for trying” Anthony chuckled. Tracy tried to get rid of him, but Anthony persisted and asked her to let him help. Tracy confided in him that Luke was back. She told him that she loved Luke and was going to stand by him, which meant she couldn't go through with their deal to sleep with him. Anthony refused to let her off the hook and showed her the keycard to the honeymoon suite he had for them. Outside the room, Luke was shown listening in, with a smile.

Johnny had Fisk meet him. He told him that Sonny had lied about wanting a truce. Johnny said he would take care of Sonny, but he needed Fisk to make sure Michael stayed out of it.

Lulu went to Dante's and poured herself a glass of champagne, then sighed deeply as she sipped it. She found the dress she'd worn the day before in the hamper and sat down and held it. She thought back to Olivia telling her that Dante would be okay and that they'd have a happy life together. She remembered Dante's first proposal at the Metro Court, then she removed her engagement ring and and she quickly drank the rest of the glass. Lulu found one of Dante's shirts and smelled it, then curled up on the bed clutching it, while she cried.

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