GH Update Tuesday 10/4/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/4/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital conference room, Matt excitedly told Elizabeth that the research he was working on was going to be published. He told her there was a patient at GH that he thought could benefit from the experimental procedure, giving Matt a chance to see his research in action. Matt was crestfallen when he learned that Patrick had already taken the case. Liz thought Patrick would be willing to let Matt have the patient, since this treatment could save his life, but Matt was annoyed. The next patient was supposed to be his, but Patrick had somehow skipped ahead in the rotation. Matt felt put out and believed Robin was bending the rules to placate Patrick's need to take on the toughest cases. He felt like he was doomed to stay in Patrick's shadow. Liz pointed out that Matt had just made a big accomplishment, but Matt grumbled that it would never be good enough for Patrick, his father, or the patients.

Robin and Patrick reminisced about the night of romance they'd had the day before while they rode in the hospital elevator. Robin mentioned that her birthday was coming up soon, which would be a perfect time for her to collect on the bet Patrick lost. When the elevator doors opened, they were met by Maxie, who gushed that she was going to throw Robin a birthday party. She'd chosen a color palette and a venue already. Maxie was undeterred when Robin said she didn't want a party. Maxie felt compelled to do this, to restore her tarnished reputation after Jason and Sam's wedding disaster.

Sonny was in his office with Max. he was incensed because Spinelli hadn't gotten the surveillance footage from the coffee warehouse yet. Sonny ordered Max to bring Spinelli to him and vowed to “break [Spinelli's] face if he didn't come through. As Max left, Michael walked in. He told Sonny he'd just gone to see Dante at the hospital, who was sleeping. Sonny was glad to hear that he was getting his rest. Michael had come up with some ideas to deal with the Johnny situation. Sonny snapped that he didn't want Michael getting involved in this. Michael asked if Sonny blamed him for Dante getting shot in the warehouse. Sonny didn't hold him responsible, but still didn't want Michael getting into the dangerous side of the business. Michael maintained that he could handle himself and Sonny countered that Dante would have said the same thing. Michael wanted revenge. He proposed that they pretend to keep the truce with Johnny until they could take him down. Sonny explained that he hadn't been thinking clearly the day before and he regretted confiding in Michael about his belief that Johnny was involved. Sonny told Michael he was going to send him on a business trip to Argentina (and said he could take Abby) but Michael refused to go. Sonny told Michael that he worked for him and he didn't have a choice. Max dragged Spinelli in, by the arm, and Sonny ordered him to sit down and get him the footage. Spinelli tried to tell Sonny he was having trouble, but Sonny wasn't interested in his excuses and forced him to sit down at the computer. Sonny told Michael he'd call him later, but Michael put up a fuss and Sonny allowed him to stay. Sonny turned his attention to Spinelli, who wasn't having any luck focusing.

Dante woke up smiling. He smelled Lulu's perfume and thought she was there. He was taken aback to see that it was the officer working his case, and not Lulu. She questioned Dante about the shooting. Dante's breathing was labored as he told the officer that they'd probably sent her because she was new and they figured Dante wouldn't be evasive with her. The woman asked why he'd put up walls if he didn't have anything to hide. “I guess that's for you to figure out” Dante said. She asked why Dante was there and said she knew he hadn't been assigned to work there. Dante noted that she did her homework and she said she liked to be prepared and hoped it would gain her some respect. It had been too dark for Dante to see who shot him. He knew his story sounded suspicious and wondered if the officer thought he was covering for his father. The woman said she was only there to listen to the facts, but she had heard that he'd covered for Sonny in the past. Before Dante could discuss it, Steve walked in and told her Dante wasn't up for questioning yet. The officer told Dante she hoped he wouldn't have the “air of a challenge” when she came back to question him. Dante agreed to cooperate if she lost the perfume. The woman left.

At Dante's loft, the depressed Lulu looked at her engagement ring, then closed the box. She'd taken her dress off and draped it over the couch, but hadn't changed into anything else. She sat slumped on the couch in her slip, staring at the blood- stained dress. Olivia knocked, but Lulu made no attempt to get up, or call out to her. Olivia let herself in and apologized because she didn't realize anyone was home. She'd come to get some toiletries for Dante. Lulu, who was in a daze, didn't respond to Olivia's chatter. Olivia told her she'd feel better if she took a shower, and Lulu got up and went into the bathroom. Olivia grabbed the dress and threw it in the hamper, with a shudder.

Tracy went to a Spa for a relaxation massage. She was in a foul mood and her anger out on the receptionist. Tracy was annoyed to learn that her usual masseuse wasn't available, but the woman assured her the person filling in was very good. Tracy laid face down on the massage table and began to bark orders at the masseuse when she came in. when the woman spoke, Tracy was appalled to realize it was Alice, the Quartermaine maid. Alice had taken on a second job for extra money. She promised that she was good at this, but Tracy loudly refused to let Alice touch her and ordered her to leave. Alice threatened to put her in a sleeper hold if she didn't follow the rule to use quiet voices on the premises, but she agreed to let someone else work on Tracy.

Maxie begged her “favorite cousin” to let her do this for her and for her own career, because it was all she had. Robin, glanced up from her work long enough to say she still had Matt. Maxie wasn't so sure and told Robin how he'd slipped out of the reception without saying goodbye. She thought he felt embarrassed to be seen with her after the the wedding had gone so badly. Robin didn't think Jason and Sam felt that way and said she didn't need a fancy event to be happy either. “What about what I need?!” Maxie moaned. She felt like her life was falling apart and vented about Matt, Spinelli still not being normal and her the hit her reputation took. Robin took pity on her and agreed to let her throw a small party. Maxie was disappointed when Robin insisted that there be no more than ten invitees, but she agreed.

While Maxie and Robin were talking, Patrick went in search of Matt. He found him and asked if he'd help him throw a birthday party for Robin. Patrick wanted to rent a party boat and wanted Matt to be his copilot. He was taken aback by Matt's hostile refusal to help and said never mind. Matt's temper flared and he railed at Patrick for taking the patient that was supposed to be his. Robin rushed over to settle things down and Matt went off on her for playing favorites. Robin told Matt he'd get the next patient, but Matt said he didn't want Patrick's sloppy seconds. He began to a snide comment about Robin taking Lisa's cast offs, but Patrick grabbed him before he could finish. Robin put a stop to the fight and admonished them both. Patrick said he wouldn't let Matt disrespect her that way. Matt apologized for his comment, but said he was tired of being treated like a second rate doctor. Robin and Patrick wondered why Mr. Brockman's case was such a big deal and Matt pulled out the article and showed it to Patrick. Matt felt that it was finally going to validate his career and allow him to step out of Patrick's shadow.

Lulu showered and got dressed, which put her in a better mood. Olivia had cleaned up the apartment to keep herself busy. She told Lulu that seeing her would make Dante feel better. Olivia said Dante loved Lulu so much and had never even considered proposing to anyone else Lulu still couldn't believe she'd come so close to losing Dante. Olivia urged her to focus on the fact that he was going to make a full recovery. She credited Lulu with giving Dante the strength to survive the gunshot. Olivia exclaimed that she was so glad Lulu would be her daughter in law and she hugged her.

Steve checked Dante's wound. It was healing nicely. Dante asked how long he'd have to stay and Steve reminded Dante that he'd still just had major surgery and that it was important that he gave himself time to recover. Dante responded that he knew what was important and didn't need the bullet to remind him.

Sonny continued to try and browbeat Spinelli into pulling up the footage. Michael didn't understand why. He said they already knew Johnny shot Dante. Sonny explained that Johnny might have had a partner or could have even kidnapped Dante and brought him to the warehouse. Spinelli seemed unfazed by Sonny. He calmly said he wanted to help, but he couldn't, so he was leaving. Spinelli started out. Michael stopped him and handed him the laptop he'd left behind. Spinelli took it and left. Sonny ordered Max to bring him back. After Max left, Michael said he'd been at the warehouse and knew who'd been there. Sonny pointed out that they didn't know what happened between the time Michael left for the wedding and returned to the warehouse. Shawn walked in and said he'd pieced things together, thanks to Michael.

Shawn told Sonny how Michael noticed something was off at the warehouse, then he told the two of them about finding the hydrocodone mixed with the shipment of coffee. Sonny immediately blamed the Zaccharas for the frame up. Shawn figured Dante probably walked in on whoever planted the drugs. Sonny asked where the drugs were now. Shawn thought they should discuss it in private. Sonny asked what kept the cops from finding it and Shawn told him about creating a diversion by assembling a bomb. Sonny praised Shawn's resourcefulness. Michael was upset that he was being kept out of the loop, when it had been his quick decision to call Max that had kept Sonny out of jail. Sonny said that was part of the problem – he'd put his brother at risk in order to protect him (Sonny). Michael countered that Dante was fine, and Sonny pointed out that it could have gone the other way.

Patrick read the article and told Matt it was great and asked why Matt didn't tell him earlier. Matt said Patrick would have known if he'd shown an interest in his life. Matt explained that he didn't say anything before, because Patrick would have tried to upstage him. Patrick sarcastically asked if he'd like a cookie, or a party for his accomplishment. At that moment, Maxie swept in and told Patrick and Matt that she was throwing Robin's party. Patrick looked disappointed. Maxie chattered about the party saving her job and her reputation and said it was a great reason to celebrate. “I kind of thought this was, but what do I know?” Matt pouted as he handed her the article, then walked away.

Tracy was annoyed when Anthony ambled into the room, wearing a bathrobe. She demanded to know why he was there and he explained that he was there for a massage and had heard her yelling. He taunted her about Gino Soleito and blocked her path when she tried to leave. Anthony informed her hat their relationship had gone past the honeymoon stage and into the “give and take mode” and Tracy was about to receive. As he talked, he grabbed the belt on his robe and tightened it in a menacing manner. Anthony knew Tracy wouldn't want Edward to find out she'd used stolen mob money to fund ELQ; he told her he wanted a night of passion with her in exchange for her silence. Tracy looked at him with shock and disgust as Anthony said he was a cuddler and would be calling soon. He left the room.

Olivia was sure Dante would want to marry Lulu as soon as he recovered. She her they had to hurry if they wanted to be there when he woke up. Lulu thought Dante would be too drugged to know she was there, but Olivia was certain Dante would sense her presence because they had a connection that was rare, but strong. Olivia grabbed the ring for Lulu to take.

Maxie went after Matt and found him in the conference room. She apologized for neglecting their relationship, but Matt said her independence gave him the time he needed to work on his research. Maxie said she was sorry she hadn't asked him about what he was doing and said she was really proud of him, if it still mattered. Matt was glad to hear her say that and he leaned in to kiss her, but before he could, Maxie's phone rang. She started to stress out over work. She tried to turn her attention back to Matt, only to find that he'd walked out.

Olivia and Lulu went to Dante's room and found Dante sleeping and Steve checking his chart. Olivia and Steve stepped out to give Lulu and Dante some time alone.

Olivia told Steve she was heartbroken when Dante decided to become a cop. Steve said it was better than following in Sonny's footsteps, but Olivia said he really wasn't any safer. While Lulu looked down on Dante through tears, Olivia's words were played in a voice over. She said it was a hard life to sign onto – not knowing whether the man or woman you loved would get shot or stabbed at work.

Matt and Liz talked. He told her about the fight and said he'd acted like a brat and rubbed the article in Patrick's face. Matt was ashamed he'd acted that way. He also said Patrick was shocked that anyone would publish anything he'd written. Liz said Matt had to stop letting his self esteem depend on Patrick. She said he'd done something remarkable that was going to save lives and urged him to be proud of himself. Matt said he'd work on it. Liz said in the meantime, she was proud enough for both of them. She gave Matt a friendly hug. Maxie witnessed, it from a distance and looked crushed. Matt and Liz went their separate ways.

Tracy got back on the table. Luke walked in and began to give her a great massage. Tracy registered her enjoyment, when Luke leaned down and whispered that he knew her sweet spots. Tracy sat up and looked at him in shock.

Sonny lectured Michael about thinking before he acted and about staying out of the business. Michael felt betrayed and said Sonny was casting him aside because he had Shawn now. Michael said Shawn hadn't earned their trust. He then turned to Shawn and told him to tell Sonny what he was doing with his mom in the warehouse panic room. Sonny spun around and glared at Shawn.

Dante woke up and was thrilled to see that Lulu was there. He smiled and asked her if she was going to give him the answer he'd been waiting for.

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