GH Update Monday 10/3/11

General Hospital Update Monday 10/3/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason arrive in Hawaii. Sam comments that she loves this place. Jason picks up Sam and carries her across the threshold. Jason addresses Sam as Mrs. Morgan. Sam lights a candle while Jason brings in their bags. Sam wants Jason to take it easy because he’s still recuperating. Jason says he is fine, that Sam doesn’t need to worry. Sam and Jason reminisce about staying at this place before. Jason reassures Sam that everything is fine, that he didn’t die on the operating table. Nevertheless, Sam has what-ifs running through her mind. Sam thinks Jason wouldn’t pick her if he was a doctor. Jason argues that if Sam had her pick, she wouldn’t want to choose an enforcer. Jason talks about handling a gun for the first time. Sam says Jason is the only one she has ever depended on. Jason feels the same; he has tears in his eyes. Sam asks Jason what he wants out of marriage. Jason jokes that Sam never got a lei at the airport. Sam wants to have meaningful chats with Jason. Sam stands up and promises to be back with a surprise.

Carly and Shawn are annoyed because they are stuck in the warehouse panic room. Carly says they have been in there for three hours. Shawn is so silent that Carly thinks he is having a PTSD moment. Shawn wishes Carly would calm down. Shawn says they’ll probably be stuck in here for a while. Shawn gets an idea to open the vent and hide the seven bags of drugs. Carly hands Shawn the bags while they talk. Shawn thinks Dante came across a drug deal gone bad. Carly thanks Shawn for coming up with the bomb idea because it protected Michael. Carly asks Shawn how he learned to put together bombs. Shawn ignores Carly’s question, then says they need to focus on concealing the evidence. Shawn won’t talk even when Carly continues to ask questions. Carly is more curious as time goes on. Carly goes over a list of things she knows about Shawn. Shawn makes a joke, which irritates Carly. Carly mentions that the room is getting hot (since the vent isn’t working properly). Carly wonders if the cops left. Shawn refuses to take the bags out of the ventilation shaft. The room continues to get hotter and hotter. Shawn and Carly are looking for the button to open the panic room. The air supply is dwindling, so Carly suggests a little game to pass the time. Shawn doesn’t say anything. Carly keeps firing away questions. Finally, Shawn agrees to answer only five. Carly manages to get Shawn to admit he misses someone back home. Carly stands up and places her shoe right over the exit button. Carly and Shawn hurry out of the room.

Sonny is on the hospital roof when Kate shows up with two cups of coffee. Sonny is surprised to see Kate. Kate figures Sonny needs a shoulder to lean on. Sonny says he isn’t close to Dante. Kate agrees to listen to Sonny vent. Kate comments that the weather is warm for October. Sonny brings up his dislike of snow. Kate recalls seeing Sonny selling newspapers as a kid. Sonny jokes that the Falconeri family didn’t care for him. Sonny talks about Deke and how his stepfather abused him more in the winters. Sonny calls Deke a “pig”. Sonny tells Kate that she saved him from killing Deke. Kate laughs when Sonny remembers what Kate thought of the Deke situation - a math problem: as Deke got older and weaker, Sonny would get stronger. Sonny thanks Kate for being a good friend. Kate lets down her hair, then brings up the bell tower at St. Augustine. They talk about childhood memories. Sonny says he loved spending time with Kate. Kate is surprised when Sonny says she made his life meaningful. Kate says that Sonny was power-driven when he was young. Kate adds that both she and Sonny stayed true to themselves. Sonny worries that his kids keep paying the price for his actions. Kate says Dante can make his own choices. With tears in his eyes, Sonny recalls shooting his oldest son. Sonny hates the fact he shot Dante and now fears Dante might die. Kate hugs Sonny.

In the hospital lobby, Steven walks over to Olivia. Steven says he has some bad news. Lulu wakes up, fearing the worst about Dante. Steven says to Olivia and Lulu that Dante suffered major damage but they recovered the bullet. Olivia and Lulu are visibly relieved when Steven announces Dante should make a full recovery. Olivia thanks Steven for saving Dante. Alone, Olivia hugs Lulu. Both are crying happy tears.

Lulu visits a sleeping Dante in his room. Lulu apologizes for her latest behavior, pushing Dante away and not giving him an answer on the engagement. Lulu says she wanted to surprise Dante. Lulu says she loves Dante, then he wakes up. Lulu is so happy. They speak briefly but Dante falls back to sleep. Olivia walks in with Steven following behind. Steven checks Dante’s vitals. Lulu says Dante woke for a moment. Olivia urges Lulu to go home and take a shower. Lulu doesn’t want to leave Dante’s side, but Olivia says she’ll be there for Dante. Olivia talks about Dante’s childhood asthma attacks. Lulu hugs Olivia, then leaves the room.

On the roof, Kate and Sonny continue to talk about Dante. Kate thinks Sonny should stop blaming himself for Dante. Sonny fears Michael will want vengeance for his brother’s shooting. Sonny doesn’t know what to do. Kate says Sonny has two choices – “more chaos or absolution”. Kate says Sonny needs to fix this once and for all. Olivia shows up with the news about Dante. Olivia hugs Kate. Sonny asks if he can see Dante. Olivia says Dante is in ICU. Sonny wants to know if Olivia will permit him to see Dante. Olivia smiles at Sonny and says he can because he’s Dante’s father. Sonny is relieved.

In the hospital conference room, Abby and Michael meet to talk about Dante’s surgery. Abby has brought Michael some coffee. Michael relays Dante made it through the surgery. Michael wonders if Dante will remember the details. Abby brings up Johnny. Michael is furious Abby was eavesdropping on his conversation with Sonny. Abby thinks Michael should get a different job. Michael wishes Abby would be sympathetic to his situation. Michael wants justice for what happened to Dante.

Ronnie confronts Shawn and Carly at the warehouse. Michael overhears Carly imply to Ronnie that she and Shawn were making out. Lulu returns to the loft. Olivia and Sonny visit Dante in his hospital room. Unbeknownst to Sam and Jason, Franco is in Hawaii to spy on them.

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