GH Update Friday 9/30/11

General Hospital Update Friday 9/30/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan discovers a secret passage at Wyndemere and heads in. He finds a glove at the entrance, takes it and places it on a table with the knife he is carrying. He picks up a candle and heads into the passageway.

Shawn is at the warehouse crime scene with police, holding a bomb which he has told police that he found; really he made it.

At GH Lulu tells Lucky that Dante proposed and she is going to say yes. She's worrying herself to death about Dante. Lucky tells Lulu that he is taking a leave from being a cop.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sonny watches Olivia beg Johnny to tell her if he had anything to do with Dante getting shot.

Jason and Sam are enjoying their honeymoon cottage retreat. They talk about life and Jake. Jason opens up about what he did when his son died. He took his bike out for a ride. Jason tells Sam that the one thing he has always wanted and has found with her, is hope.

At GH, Carly walks up to Abby and asks where Michael is; she doesn't know. This worries Carly, and she walks off to go find him.

At the crime scene, Shawn does some quick thinking and talking to delay the police investigation at Sonny's warehouse. He's still holding the bomb telling the police they don't have time to wait for a bomb squad, he can diffuse it. The lady cop tells him he's a civilian, Shawn assures he can defuse it (former Marine, etc.). She agrees. He tells the officers to wait outside; they walk out.

At GH, Sonny is still eavesdropping on Olivia and Johnny. Olivia is understandably upset because Dante has been shot and she is trying to find out if Johnny had something to do with it. She asks Johnny why he's here, he says an associate of his called and told him about Dante and he was there to see if she was okay. She says she's not okay, her son was just shot. Johnny takes the opportunity to say remind her that he was shot once before, by Sonny. This ticks Olivia off and she tells him that Sonny didn't do this. Johnny says he didn't either. She says she saw a look on his face once and knows him and she is suspicious. He agrees that she knows him well but points out that Sonny has a lot of people going after him right now and that he (Johnny) would never shoot her son. Sonny walks away.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lulu and Lucky are continuing their conversation about him quitting the force and his drug addiction. Lulu has a bit of a reaction when she finds that he quit after hearing that Dante was shot.

At Windermere, Ethan is in the annals of the old mansion on Spoon Island, using a candle as his light. He's looking around, walking slowly, the candle blows out. He lights the candle back up, calls out, "hello?"

Back at GH, Lucky and Lulu are still hashing out Lucky's decision to quit the police force. Lucky blames himself, in part, for Dante getting shot.

Elsewhere in GH, Johnny continues to say he would never hurt her kid and that he respects Dante. Olivia is about to lose it, she says she's going to find out Dante's status. Before walking away she tells Johnny that she knows exactly where his gun is.

Abby opens the door to a room where she finds Michael is crying. He is sitting in a chair with Dante's blood on his shirt. He gets it together fast and says he just needs a minute. She tells him it's okay to be upset, better to let it out. He says he doesn't want anyone to see him like this. She says it's okay, Dante is his brother. She comforts him. He says he felt helpless, like when he was in prison.

Carly walks in on Shawn at the warehouse, she's looking for Michael. He tells her he hasn't seen him and she has to get out of there. She sees the bomb. He tells her he made it to buy time to get something out of there. She asks if he knows how to diffuse it.

Jason and Sam cuddle in a chair at their honeymoon hideaway, talking about how quiet and peaceful the place is. Sam proposes that they stay on their honeymoon indefinitely. He reminds they have jobs, she says we don't have to work, he says they can make some changes. He confides that he used to come up here when nothing in life made sense. He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom.

At Wyndermere, Ethan is still wandering around, calling out, "is someone there?"

At the crime scene, Carly asks Shawn again if he can diffuse the bomb he made (as a distraction to get the police out of the building so he could hide the planted contraband that he found). He scoffs and diffuses it with a quick switch because she won't leave. But it's still ticking for appearances if the police come back in. He begins to explain that Michael said something was out of place and he was checking it out and found extra bags and had already found an open bag with hydrocodone. Carly says she's going to help him find the extra 7 bags, he says she can help by leaving, she says, "how long have you known me?"

Sonny finds Johnny on the GH roof and backs him into a corner.

At GH, waiting for Dante to come out of surgery, Lulu asks Lucky why he would blame himself for Dante getting shot. He tells her that it was an unofficial investigation, the plan was for both of them to check various places that night but that he cancelled because he was packing up Siobhan's things and there was a lot going on and that Dante told him to stay home. Lulu slaps her brother because he "let" Dante go alone. She begins to ream him a new one, Lucky says he is sorry. Lulu says it should have been him.

On the roof, Sonny tells Johnny that he believes he didn't shoot Dante. Sonny offers to keep the truce and offers his hand. Johnny shakes Sonny's extended hand.

Carly and Shawn are at Sonny's warehouse looking for the drugs planted by Johnny's men (they don't know who planted the drugs but I do). She says she can help get the bags past the police.

Sam and Jason are getting dressed, talking about how things change in life. They talk about the accident he was recently in, he looks in the mirror and suddenly has a blank stare on his face.

Ethan is still wandering around the secret passage way under Windermere, he is suddenly at an exit, right back into the room where he started from. He closes the secret door and sits on the couch and glances at the painting of Laura, which has a slice through the neck. The glove is missing from the table, where he set it earlier, but the knife is still there. He goes over to the painting and touches it, it's fresh paint.

Jason tells Sam that he's okay. She asks if he's sure because he tensed up. He says he has her, they're going to Hawaii and he won't disappoint her. She says he could never disappoint her.

Carly tells Shawn there's a panic room behind the wall in the room they're in but doesn't know where the button to the room is. He thanks her and say's he'll find it and wants her to leave. While he has some random thoughts out loud, Carly opens a drawer and finds the button. The secret door opens.

Lucky excuses Lulu for the slap and sharp words (what a loving brother). She tells him to leave because he wasn't there when Dante needed him the most and there's no reason for him to be there. Olivia walks up and tells her to get some air, she does but not without telling her brother not to be there when she gets back. Olivia asks Lucky what happened. He says he's going to leave and to please text him when there's news. He leaves and Johnny walks up to Olivia, he tells her Sonny believes that he didn't have anything to do with Dante being shot and wants her to believe it too. She says it's too late and walks away.

Abby is comforting Michael in a room at GH. She assures him that Dante's shooting wasn't his fault. Sonny walks in and tells Michael it wasn't his fault and asks Abby for some private time with Michael. She obliges. Sonny tells Michael he thinks Johnny has something to do with it.

Jason and Sam are walking to the motorcycle. Sam asks if he's sure he put the fire out, he says he did. She asks if he still wants to go to Hawaii, he says he does. They get on the bike, WITH NO HELMETS AGAIN (grrrrr), start it up and ride away.

Franco's studio is set up with a dead guy posed next to a teddy bear and a hammer. Franco takes a suitcase full of his little robot cams and leaves.

Shawn and Carly are hiding the bags of drugs that they are finding, in the secret panic room at Sonny's warehouse (the crime scene where Dante was shot). The panic room door shuts; possibly on a timer to shut.

Sonny is talking to Michael about his thoughts about Dante's shooting. He says he may not have pulled the trigger, but he knows something. Abby is listening outside the room. Sonny says he's going to do what he has to do, he will take care of Johnny when he feels secure. Michael says he wants to help, whatever his father needs him to do.

Lulu is on the GH roof top, crying her little heart out, fearing Dante will die from the bullet wound.

Lucky arrives home, deep in thought. He goes back to the floor where two pills are under a table. He notices something across the room and gets up. It's an envelope addressed to him.

Ethan checks the painting of Laura again and finally notices the glove is no longer on the table.

Luke is looking at some big diamonds, which he puts in a pouch, puts his gun down and makes a cell phone call to "Blaze", Skye, to let her know he's back in Port Charles. He tells her that she was right, he needs to be there.

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