GH Update Thursday 9/29/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/29/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

While on a honeymoon bike ride, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan stop for a surprise that Jason has for Sam.

At Liz's house, Lucky's rocking Aiden, she walks in having overheard him singing a song Laura used to sing to him.

After being hit over the head at Wyndemere, Ethan wakes to a knife held at his neck by Helena Cassadine.

At Sonny's coffee warehouse, now a crime scene, police want to get started with investigating Dante's shooting before their lieutenant arrives. Shawn (there as hired security by Jason to look after his interests) has already covered for Michael and has discovered white powder near where Dante was shot. He has already tasted it and found it to be contraband, he suggests the cops wait (hoping to gain time to remove the stuff).

Sonny and Olivia are at the hospital, in the waiting area, waiting to hear news of Dante's condition. Johnny walks in, having "heard the news." Sonny accuses that he believes Johnny had something to do with it.

In the ER at GH, Dante's been shot by Anthony Zacchara, doctors have allowed only one visitor; Lulu is in there crying to see him in such pain. In spite of the pain he's in, he is still his charming self with compliments and goofy one line pickups for his lady love. He asks her what her answer is; referring to the proposal he has been waiting for an answer to.

Jason and Sam arrive to a romantic little cottage. Jason explains that he built the place specifically for them to spend their wedding night there.

At Wyndemere, Ethan, flirts with Helena and breaks free of the knife she was holding at his throat. She finds him bold like his father but careless. Helena asks why he is there. He says he was curious and wants to check out some things. He refers to a painting of Laura which has been slashed by someone. Helena defends that she didn't do it. She asks what he is looking for, he's not sure but is there after a conversation with Lucky, to find answers from the past, about Laura. He asks Helena to tell him what Laura was like. Helena scoffs she was self destructive (kind of sounds like Lucky). From the way the camera came in on the scene, it appears someone is watching them.

Lucky puts a sleeping Aiden down. He begins telling Liz that he's been thinking about his mother and how he wants her to meet Aiden and the missed opportunity of meeting Siobhan. He doesn't want to mess with Laura's recovery and has not told his mom about her death. Liz asks if he has told his mom about them, Nick and that whole mess. She suggests they go together to introduce Aiden to Laura. Lucky tells Liz that Dante proposed to Lulu. They don't know that Dante has been shot.

In the ER, Dante is pushing for Lulu to answer him and suddenly loses his breath, thankfully, Dr. Steve Hardy was in the room. He guides Lulu to stand back, the nurse comes in and they start to work on Dante.

In the GH waiting area, Sonny and Johnny continue their argument that Sonny believes Johnny was involved in his son, Dante's shooting, in his warehouse.

At Spinelli and Sam's PI office, Maxie has Spinelli sitting on a desk, meditating. Ronnie is demanding for footage of the warehouse at the time Dante was shot. This is the first Maxie and Spinelli have heard the news. Maxie insists that Spinelli can't pull up the footage; Ronnie does not believe her. Spinelli is listening and has a strange look on his face. Spinelli offers his computer to Ronnie, who says he'll gladly take it. Maxie takes the computer back and says to come back when he has a search warrant. Ronnie leaves. Maxie realizes that Spinelli really can't remember how to use his computer because he would never let anyone get near his pc but he was gladly handing it over to a cop.

At the crime scene, Shawn is doing what he can to prevent the police from finding the planted drugs (a present from Johnny) that he found. The lady cop says everything will be done by the book.

Liz is reminiscing with Lucky about Laura. They talk about Dante and Lulu and the drug case they have been working on. Liz tells Lucky she's proud of him, he tells her not to be.

At GH, Steve rolls Dante's gurney past Sonny, Johnny, Olivia and Lulu, for emergency surgery. Sonny threatens Johnny that if he finds out he had anything to do with this, he's toast.

At the cottage, Sam and Jason are enjoying their honeymoon. They talk about their wedding and the reception. Sam says she has everything she's ever wanted from this marriage. Jason says he wanted to bring her here to look at the stars like Danny (Sam's dead brother) did at the spring house he used to sneak in to. Sam was already at the window, looking up at the stars when Jason said that. He walks over to her and says you can always see a lot of stars. He says that place (referring to the spring house) was the first place that ever felt like home.

Ethan and Helena continue their conversation at Wyndemere. He asks why she says Laura is self destructive. Helena says she chose Luke, he used her as a moral life raft who she didn't mind drowning for and if that's not self destructive... Ethan says they were in love. She say's love is a weakness. He points out she loved her children. She says she loved "a son", Ethan reminds she had two sons. She reminds that now she has none. He says you still have Nikolas, she says he's off on a quest to find himself. Ethan asks why she's here.

Lucky tells Liz that he relapsed and is using drugs again. She though it was with the drugs that she gave to him. He says it was not. She asks if he's using now, he says no. She tells him it's okay that he slipped up, he says it's not and she should not trust him. He says it was foolish for him to take the drug case. He says he made the choice and might be understanding why. Mac knocks on the door to tell Lucky that Dante has been shot.

Sonny asks Lulu if Dante said anything to her while they were alone. Lulu points her finger at Sonny, saying it is his fault that he was shot, because it happened in his warehouse.

At Wyndemere, Ethan has just asked Helena why she's here. She stands up and says she does not have to explain herself to him (Ethan). It appears that someone is still watching and listening to them. Helena says she's glad he's not Laura's son, that she destroyed Stavros and Stefan. He says maybe you want to return the favor. She says the Spencers are imploding fine on their own and that she's misplaced something and is here to search for it. She says there's a lot of family stuff here from Greece but she's finished here. Helena gives Ethan advice that there are many things to fear in this world, that what you can't see, can hurt you (not meaning it as a threat but as a fact). Ethan takes it as a challenge. Helena heads toward an exit saying what she's looking for is not here.

Liz and Lucky listen as Mac explains that Dante (while off duty) was shot in the back at the warehouse and he does not know why Officer Falconeri was even there. Officer Spencer explains, to his boss, that the original plan was to work together that night and it was supposed to be him at the warehouse. Mac asks why he wasn't there, Liz jumps in to say it was a family matter. Lucky says that's not true.

At the GH waiting area, Lulu is angry at Sonny blaming him for Dante's condition, calling him a black hole. Olivia tells her this is not helping. Sonny says he loves his son, Lulu explodes that he loves his son when it's convenient. Olivia tells him to get some air.

At the warehouse crime scene, Shawn tells the lady cop that she made the right call to follow proper police procedure. She steps away to address something outside the building, leaving Shawn alone in the warehouse with opportunity to remove the contraband that he discovered. He grabbed some cleaning solutions from a cart and moved them behind a wall for later use. She comes back in to see Shawn looking around and asks what he's doing. He says just trying to figure things out. She says that's our job. They talk a bit, getting to know each other a little. He excuses himself to go to the restroom. He goes around the wall, grabs a flashlight, takes the cleaners he stashed, dumps them into a water bottle, removes the large battery from the flashlight then puts duct tape around it, all while the lady cop stands at the doorway keeping her eyes peeled (ha, ha).

Lucky admits that he's fallen off the wagon. Mac defends to Lucky that he was shot up. Lucky. Lucky reveals that he had to take a pill for the drug dealer and he's struggling with making a buy. Mac continues to defend Lucky. Lucky says he is done lying and that he can't do it any more, he takes his badge and gun and sets them on the table.

AT the GH waiting area, Lulu and Olivia are talking and wondering how Dante got shot. Lulu told Olivia that, while she was alone with Dante, he asked her what her answer was to his proposal. They hug and cry together.

Still at Wyndemere, Ethan picks up the painting of Laura and stands it up against something. A secret passage way opens up, he looks toward it.

At the crime scene, Shawn walks from behind the wall with a bomb in his hands (that's what he was making). He says to the police that he found it and it's set to blow.

Lucky arrives at GH, he hugs Lulu. She asks who did it, he doesn't know.

Elsewhere in GH, Olivia confronts Johnny if he had anything to do with her son being shot. Sonny is behind a wall, listening.

At Mr. and Mrs. Morgan's honeymoon cottage, Jason and Sam are talking about awesome times, the stars and peace. They kiss and have a tender moment, Sam takes her shirt off, and Jason watches her. She turns around to face him, he takes his shirt off (YAY). They move toward one another, he picks her up. Now on the bed, she takes his pants loose, kissing him on the neck. They fall to the bed together, you know the rest...

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