GH Update Wednesday 9/28/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/28/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam went stargazing near a pond. Sam pointed out the Dragon constellation; the sign Jason stood under at the wedding. Jason asked where the Phoenix constellation was and Sam said you had to be closer to the equator to see it; she'd seen it once while off the coast of Australia. Jason wondered if they'd be able to see it in Hawaii. Sam thought so, then in an uncertain tone, she asked if they were still going. Jason said of course and wondered why she asked. She pointed out that they'd ridden the bike in the direction opposite the airport. Sam had hoped to experience the Hawaiian sunrise with him in the morning. Jason promised that they would and they kissed and cuddled. Sam suspected Jason hadn't actually been able to see the constellations and he admitted she was right. Sam thought that maybe things were better his way. Jason thought most people would think he lacked imagination. Sam said she knew him better than most people. Jason asked if Sam had gotten everything she wanted and Sam said yes, besides the honeymoon. Jason thought that as time went on, they'd gain other things that they didn't know they wanted and said that would keep things interesting.

Ethan was appeared to be in the same area as Jason and Sam. Johnny called asked if he'd found out what Skye was holding over Anthony. Ethan hadn't, so Johnny ordered him to locate her and find out what it was. Ethan said okay, but he had something to do first. Someone watched Ethan from the shadows.

Anthony walked in and asked who Johnny had been talking to. Johnny gave him the brush off and tried to walk past him, but Anthony blocked his way. Johnny said he had to do damage control now that Anthony had shot Sonny's son, the cop. Anthony felt that he saved Johnny's life, but Johnny thought he would have been fine and he was annoyed that Anthony had complicated his plan to frame Sonny. Anthony said that they were the only ones who knew the truth about Johnny's plan and as long as Johnny was nice to him, it would stay that way.

At the warehouse Carly continued to claim she and Abby discovered Dante. Ronnie didn't buy it. He believed Michael found him and he vowed to figure out why they were covering up the truth. Carly and the others attempted to convince Ronnie that Michael had gotten blood on his shirt, because he'd come to check on them, then tried to help them with Dante. Ronnie suspected that Dante had found something at the warehouse that Michael took and tried to dispose of before the authorities arrived. When Michael denied it, Ronnie said he'd better have a good reason for leaving the scene of the crime. “He does” Shawn said, as he walked in.

Ronnie laughed scornfully when Shawn introduced himself as Jason's employee. Shawn claimed Michael left to call him so he could search the building for the shooter. Ronnie didn't believe Shawn. He told everyone that two convicts who did time with Michael in prison were killed recently. He theorized that Michael had made enemies of them in prison and that Sonny had killed them to protect Michael, then Michael had shot Dante when he uncovered their plot. Shawn told Ronnie they were done and told Carly, Michael and Abby to go ahead and leave. Ronnie wasn't happy, but Shawn said he had no cause to hold them. Ronnie made it clear that he'd be in touch. Carly quietly thanked Shawn and Michael reiterated that there was something out of place at the warehouse. Shawn quietly said okay. Ronnie told Shawn he wasn't free to leave yet.

At the hospital, Sonny entered Dante's room, despite Epiphany's protests and found Steven working on Dante. Sonny asked if he'd be okay and Steve said it was too soon to tell, then made him leave. Sonny left the room and Epiphany made it clear he wasn't to interrupt again. Max arrived and in a broken tone, Sonny asked who did this. Max didn't know. Sonny vowed that the person was a dead man. Sonny wondered why Dante had been at the warehouse. He was surprised when Max said Michael found him. Sonny decided to go to the warehouse later. Max tried to dissuade him and Sonny sharply told him to shut up. Sonny said he had nothing to hide and he was going to go find out why this happened. Sonny didn't want Shawn handling things, because he didn't trust him.

Olivia called Lulu to let her know about Dante, as Kate looked on. Lulu dropped the phone out of shock. She recovered enough to tell Olivia she'd be right there. Lulu glanced at her engagement ring, then rushed out of Dante's apartment.

Alexis stopped by the hospital to see Kristina. She spotted Kate, who was frozen in shock and asked what was wrong. Kate stared blankly at her and said nothing. Olivia walked over and told Alexis about Dante. Olivia tried unsuccessfully to get Kate to snap out of it, then decided to go get her some water, so she could keep herself busy. Alexis talked to Sonny, who was trying to stay positive about Dante's chances.

Steve, Epiphany and some others worked on Dante. Steve said they had to drain the blood from the area or Dante would be in trouble.

Sam asked Jason if he thought she hid her wants from him and Jason replied that she never asked him for anything. Sam said Jason did a pretty good job of not mentioning his needs either. Sam was content; she had the wedding she wanted, the future with Jason, and the stars. Jason joked that he should have gotten her the moon, but Sam said as a captain, all you need are the stars. That reminded Sam of her brother Danny. She felt horrible when she thought about Danny's mother locking him in a basement because she was ashamed that he was mentally challenged. When Evelyn would forget to lock Danny up, he'd go out and count the stars and look at the moon. It made him feel safe. Sam said she felt like that when she was with Jason. Sam was sure Danny would be happy about their marriage and she told Jason that he liked him. After reminiscing, Sam realized they probably missed their flight. She was happy to stay where they were all night, but Jason told her he had a surprise for her. They got on the bike and rode off.

Ronnie told Shawn he knew he'd killed a fellow marine. Shawn was unfazed and calmly asked what that had to do with anything. Ronnie said it called his stability into question Ronnie turned an condescendingly asked another cop if she was okay dealing with the blood. The woman replied that this wasn't her first crime scene. Ronnie theorized that Shawn shot Dante. Shawn replied that he'd been at the wedding when Dante got shot. Ronnie went to do something and asked the cop to watch Shawn. Shawn tried to commiserate with the officer about Ronnie's attitude, then confided that he'd never been in the warehouse before. She asked if he had any theories about what happened. Shawn glanced over and noticed one of the bags Johnny planted, which was leaking a white powder.

Johnny lectured his father for being reckless, but Anthony thought this outcome was even better than the original plan. He thought the cops would find the drugs and assume Sonny shot Dante to keep him from arresting him for dealing. Johnny responded that if Dante lived he could out Anthony, so Anthony told Johnny to make sure Dante didn't survive. Johnny said it wasn't his mess to clean up, but Anthony countered that Johnny was in just as deep as he was. Johnny reminded Anthony that Sonny had an alibi, due to being at the wedding, but Anthony was confident that that could be overcome. Johnny said there was only one thing they could do now. Anthony asked if Johnny was planning to turn him in.

Carly, Abby and Michael arrived at the hospital. Sonny thanked them for calling the ambulance, then he pulled Michael aside. Abby didn't approve but when it was clear that Michael was going with Sonny, she gave up and walked away.

Kate was shaking and freezing cold. Olivia encouraged her to stay strong, but didn't appear to get through to her. Kate suddenly noticed Carly and went over to her. She proceeded to rip into Carly, accusing her of abandoning Sonny, then showing up at the hospital and pretending to care now that his son got shot. Carly was taken aback by the sudden attack. She told Kate she'd been with Dante, keeping pressure on his wound, but this didn't calm Kate. She told Carly off for using Jax and said she was using Sonny again. Carly asked what was wrong with her and said she should be supporting her cousin instead of causing trouble. Kate said Carly was pathetically transparent. Carly thought that applied to Kate and said she suddenly had a death grip on Sonny now that he'd shown her a bit of attention again. Kate snapped that someone had to protect Sonny.

Carly snarled that Kate should leave, since she wasn't a parent and wasn't family. Kate shot back that Carly took Morgan from Sonny to punish him. They started to argue about this until Alexis stepped in and told them this wasn't the place. Lulu walked in and Carly and Olivia updated her on what happened since Dante had been found. Lulu desperately cried that they were going to fix Dante and he was going to be fine. This seemed to affect Kate and she turned and walked away. Lulu tried to understand what Dante was doing at the warehouse when he was supposed to be meeting her for dinner. She and Olivia hugged. Lulu wailed that she had something important to tell Dante, and Olivia assured her she'd get her chance.

Sonny told Michael he did the right thing by calling Max. Michael shared that someone had moved things around in the warehouse. Sonny told Michael not to worry because Max was investigating. Michael told Sonny how Shawn had stepped up and gotten the cops to back off. Still suspicious, Sonny said Shawn probably had other reasons for wanting to be on this case. Michael and Sonny rejoined the group just as Steve exited Dante's room.

Alexis found Kate on the hospital roof and asked if she was okay. Kate said she didn't deal with weddings and blood well. She felt terrible making a scene earlier and said that she'd done it because she was afraid to deal with the possibility that her cousin's son might die. Alexis said she went crazy when her family was hurt, so she understood. Kate opened up and said she'd been surprised by how she froze when she first heard about Dante. She fought back tears and explained that she'd been separated from her family for so long she didn't know the proper way to react in a crisis. Alexis assured her there was no wrong way to react. Kate reluctantly admitted that Carly was right; she had no right to be there, because Carly and Alexis were connected to Dante and Sonny through their kids, but she wasn't connected to either of them. Alexis said she was still family, since she was Olivia's cousin. Kate said she was of no use to Olivia, because she fell apart, instead of being there for her. She regretted coming to the hospital and to the wedding.

Kate had misgivings about attending the wedding from the beginning, but she'd pushed her fears aside because she thought Sonny needed her and she had the “crazy idea” that she'd be able to help him. Kate said it wasn't Sonny, the man she wanted to help, but the boy that he'd been. She'd come to realize she couldn't fix Sonny. Alexis chuckled that a lot of women tried to fix him; her included. Kate felt bad for making things about her, while Sonny's son was in critical condition. She sighed that it was probably a good thing she didn't have kids, because she wasn't maternal and was too ambitious. She believed she'd be a terrible mother. Alexis felt the same way until she had kids. Kate thought Alexis was great with her kids. Alexis replied that motherhood was wonderful and horrible, but she loved it. All she really wanted was for her children to be safe, healthy and good people. Kate apologized for encouraging Kristina to go into fashion. Alexis said not to worry about it; she didn't think Kristina would pursue it anyway. Alexis decided to go back inside, but Kate chose to remain on the roof because she thought the best thing she could do for Sonny right now was stay away.

At Jackal PI, Maxie urged the reluctant Spinelli to use the computer. Spinelli gave it a try, but when it didn't work, he suggested that obsessing over his problem was just making things worse. Maxie suggested he meditate. Spinelli decided to give it a go and climbed up on the desk.. As he began to try and clear his mind, Ronnie burst in and ordered him to hand over all the surveillance footage from the coffee warehouse.

Ethan went to Wyndemere and let himself in. he called out to see if anyone was there, then lit some candles and had a look around. Ethan stumbled upon the painting of Laura with the slash across the throat. He knelt down and looked at the glass on the floor, when someone rushed him and hit him over the head.

Steve told everyone that they'd operate on Dante once they got the bleeding under control. Sonny asked if there was anything he could do and Epiphany said Dante needed blood. Sonny piped up that they were the same blood type, so she took him so he could donate. Olivia and Lulu wanted to see Dante, but when Steve said he could only allow one person, Olivia stepped aside and allowed Lulu to go.

Lulu went to Dante's room and cried when she saw him. Struggling to speak, Dante weakly told her he was home. Lulu held his hand and urged him to rest. She sobbed that he was supposed to meet her at 9:30 and she was going to tell him something. Dante smiled and said he was there, now.

Shawn sneaked over and dabbed at the powder with his finger, then tasted it. He overheard the cops saying that they were going to start the investigation by searching the coffee warehouse for evidence.

Kate undid her up-do and let her hair fall to her shoulders. She looked out over the city and silently wept.

Sonny returned and found that everyone except Olivia was gone. She explained that they'd all gone to donate blood too. He asked how she was and she said she didn't have the option of falling apart. She cried that this was supposed to be such a special night for Dante and Lulu. Sonny promised to find out who did this. Johnny startled Sonny by walking up behind him.

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