GH Update Tuesday 9/27/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/27/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the church courtyard, Spinelli brought Maxie an orange soda in an attempt to cheer her up. There was something he wanted to tell her, but Maxie interrupted and vented about her failed attempt to throw a dream wedding. She moaned that she didn't even get a good fortune, then showed it to Spinelli. “Love is non-judgmental,” he read. “Try non existent,” Maxie sighed as she pointed out that Matt had left her there, although she didn't blame him for leaving, because things were a disaster. Spinelli thought it was fitting that Jason and Sam had an unconventional wedding, but Maxie thought they only bailed on her because everything went wrong. She knew her reputation would take a hit in the fashion world, but she was certain she could redeem herself with Spinelli's help. Spinelli offered to do whatever she needed. He blanched when she asked him to go on his computer and track the orders she'd placed for the wedding, so she could pinpoint where things went wrong.

Kate was inside the church. She relived getting shot there on her wedding day and was shaken by the memory. Sonny walked in and asked if being there was hard for her. Kate quickly pulled herself together and said the wedding had been a debacle – fortune cookies and funeral flowers. Sonny reminded her that she'd had her fortune told when she was young and said she couldn't erase her past. Kate disagreed. She admitted she'd had a bit of a rough time being at the church tonight and figured Sonny had as well, but she knew he'd brought her there so they could get past it. “I loved you. You know that right?” Sonny asked Kate. Kate knew he did in his own dysfunctional way. She marveled that he was even able to love at all and said it was equally astounding that he never learned. Sonny smiled that she was “good old Connie” caressing and slapping him at the same time. Kate complimented him on his tender behavior with Kristina, but said Kristina was right to think he wouldn't stay that way, because he could never be gentle for long. Sonny didn't think you should ever say never.

Kate said Sonny's life was like a grand sweep of history and that his lifestyle was impossible to share. She began to list the women who he'd tried and failed to share his life with, like Brenda and Carly, then she apologized for being insensitive. Sonny said women had a habit of leaving him, but on the bright side, they usually ended up with better lives. He looked at her in a way that made it clear he was also talking about her. “Maybe. Sometimes” Kate said, with a slight smile. She said that at least this wedding had a better outcome than theirs, because no one got hurt.

Anthony thought that Johnny's plan to plant drugs in Sonny's warehouse meant that he (Anthony) and Johnny were finally on the same team. Johnny informed him that they weren't working together; he was just cleaning up Anthony's mess while getting back at Sonny. Johnny was concerned that Anthony shooting someone would come back to haunt them, but Anthony, believing that he'd killed one of Sonny's henchmen, didn't think anyone would care.

Ethan found Lucky lying face down on the floor, gazing at a couple of pills. There was also an envelope on the floor with “To Lucky – if I should leave you” written on it that was behind some furniture. Lucky told Ethan that at first, he'd taken the pills to get JT to trust him, then he'd had a setback and taken more. Ethan gave him a friendly pat on the back and said that was understandable, since he's suffered so many losses recently. Lucky said he'd wanted to check out of life, not remembering that once the high wore off, the pain returned. Ethan wanted to toss the pills if Lucky wasn't going to take them, but Lucky said it was important for him to know he had the two pills, because if they were gone he'd go and score a lot more. Lucky knew his methods seemed unorthodox, but he said he was a Spencer and he was going to face his demons.

At the coffee warehouse, Michael promised to get Dante help. He picked up Dante's phone and wiped it on his shirt to clean the blood off. Michael couldn't get a signal, so he went to use the other phone. Carly and Abby arrived soon afterward and were stunned by what they saw. Carly checked on Dante and found out he had a weak pulse. Michael protested when Abby tried to go call an ambulance, because he knew the cops would come too, which would be bad for Sonny's business. Carly and Abby were horrified that Michael was worried about the business while his brother was dying. Michael maintained that they could get Dante to GH on their own, but he was outnumbered and Abby called 911.

Olivia and Steve had a nighttime picnic on the hospital rooftop. Olivia had packed all kinds of Southern food hoping it would get Steve in the mood to talk about his time in Memphis. As soon as she brought up the city, Steve kissed her passionately. Olivia called him out on always trying to distract her from the subject. She said she wasn't up for playing games, because they could cost someone their relationship, the way it almost did for Dante. Olivia asked him point blank what happened in Memphis. Steve said he'd lived a normal, uneventful life in Memphis. When Olivia pressed him, he asked why she was pushing this. Olivia told him that sometimes talking about something painful that happened could make it lose its power. Steve said when he looked at her, talking was the last thing he wanted to do. Olivia gave in and they made out again.

Someone was at Wyndemere. “Laura” was written in the thick build up of dust on a shelf. The person cleared off the dust with a swipe of his or her hand, then smashed a vase and picked up a large shard of glass. The camera panned to a painting of Laura.

Kate and Sonny walked into the courtyard of the church together. Kate sneered at Maxie's efforts as a wedding planner, and Sonny said Maxie tried. He asked Kate if she remembered when she was just starting out. He told an anecdote about when she was an unsure teen and Kate said she'd come a long way from that point. They ran into Alexis. Sonny asked where Kristina was and was and was dismayed and annoyed at Alexis when she said Ethan took her home. He asked Alexis why she was encouraging that. Alexis said she wasn't. Then she turned to Kate and asked her why she encouraged Kristina to go into fashion. Kate said Kristina approached her and she wanted to be supportive. Alexis thought that Kristina should go into a career that she thought was more worthwhile and she said Kristina had always wanted to go into law before this. Sonny asked if he could say something, but both women said “no” in unison. Kate advised Alexis to let Kristina try it out. She said Kristina was far too kind for the cutthroat world of fashion and it would be better for Alexis to step back and let her figure that out on her own. Alexis snapped that Kate wasn't a mother and wouldn't understand.

Maxie sat by herself, looking at the fortunes about love being non negotiable and non-judgmental. Spinelli returned and Maxie asked him if he'd found out what idiot ruined the wedding. He tried to tell her that he was responsible, but before he could, Kate rushed by looking upset. Maxie cut him off and ran after Kate. Kate went into the bathroom and dried her tears and tried to pull herself together. Maxie knocked on the door and asked Kate to come hear who was at fault for the wedding troubles, but Kate threatened to fire her if she didn't leave her alone.

Abby informed the others that the ambulance was on the way. Michael lamented that the cops would be coming too. Abby asked if he was really more concerned about covering for Sonny than saving Dante. Michael was adamant that Sonny wasn't involved, because he'd never shoot Dante again and even if he did, he'd never shoot him in the same place where he (Michael) got shot. Michael theorized that one of the other mob families decided to make a move to grab for power while the Corinthos organization was distracted by the wedding.

Lulu sat at the Haunted Star waiting for Dante. She played with her engagement ring and said she was stupid for not saying yes when Dante proposed. She grew more and more forlorn and eventually she got up and threw away the food and blew out the candles.

Johnny was furious that Anthony had upset the peaceful atmosphere Johnny had helped create. Anthony said he'd saved Johnny's life, but Johnny pointed out that Anthony had tried to kill him as a child. Anthony thought it was time for Johnny to let that go. “You killed my mother!” Johnny yelled. Anthony was momentarily overcome with sadness for his wife, then he said Johnny had to leave the past in the past. Johnny dropped the subject and said Anthony was being arrogant and reckless. Anthony responded that he'd been in the game a long time and he knew what he was doing. Johnny got a call and told the person to keep him updated. He turned to Anthony and told him he'd really messed up now, because he'd shot Sonny's son, the cop.

Steve and Olivia admired the starry night and talked about the possibility of going camping some day. Olivia wasn't an outdoorsperson but she was willing to try it if it was as fun as their picnic. Steve got paged and gave Olivia a kiss, then went inside.

Alexis started sweating profusely and asked Sonny if he was hot, too. Sonny didn't notice the heat. He told Alexis he didn't appreciate the way she treated Kate. Alexis didn't think Sonny should judge since he brought her to the church where she got shot. Sonny said he didn't force her; Kate wanted to come face her fears. Alexis just wished Kate would stop encouraging Kristina to go into fashion and do something like get her into Yale if she really wanted to help. Sonny thought Kate was just trying to be supportive. Alexis suddenly came up with an idea and said she was going to make a deal with the devil (Sonny). She told him what she wanted off screen. Sonny admitted what she wanted was logical, but it would be very expensive. He also knew things would go badly if “she” ever found out he was involved. Alexis said she never would, because they were the only ones who knew and she'd never tell. Alexis began to dab bottled water on her face and neck and told Sonny that the heat seemed to be coming from the inside. Sonny agreed to do it. Alexis also asked him to apologize to Kate for her, because she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Alexis said she'd been snapping at people lately and didn't know why. Sonny told Alexis she owed him now that he was doing this favor for her. Alexis groaned and she crossed herself, but agreed.

Michael paced the warehouse, because he could sense that something had been moved around since he'd been there before the wedding. Once he heard the sirens, he went over to Dante and Carly, then took his jacket – which Carly was using to apply pressure to the wound. He then called Max and said they had a problem.

Lucky sat up and he and Ethan talked about the Spencer demons. Ethan said it was odd that Lulu didn't suffer from any of them. Lucky wasn't so sure, but Ethan didn't think her “daddy issues” counted. Ethan told Lucky that Lulu was going to accept Dante's proposal tonight at dinner. Lucky wondered if Dante would be late. The two of them were supposed to check out Sonny's businesses together, but Dante had gone alone because Lucky wasn't up to it. Lucky talked about his mom and said she knew Jake had been killed, but she was in the dark about Luke being the driver, the fire, or the intervention. She'd been making progress and they were afraid all that bad news would cause a setback. Lucky said it was a miracle that she was even functioning after being catatonic for years. It had been hard on Luke to see her like that, so he'd stopped visiting, but Lucky didn't think Laura was cognizant enough to notice. Lucky said it had been a nightmare, so they'd become very protective of her. Ethan chuckled at the Spencer way of protecting people by telling lies. Lucky said that was probably why Lulu was so upset at Dante for keeping things from her. She felt like she was being “managed.” Lucky felt that while he and Ethan were like Luke, Lulu was like Laura and he thought Lulu feared that she'd end up in a catatonic state like Laura one day. Lucky told Ethan about the painting of Laura at Wyndemere and said it resembled Lulu.

After Dante was taken to the hospital, Shawn arrived and greeted Michael, who was outside the warehouse. Michael was taken aback when Shawn explained that Max sent him. Michael filled Shawn in on what happened. Shawn said he'd take care of it, but Michael demanded to know what happened to security. Shawn said since the warehouse was legitimate, they'd been sent to guard another area. Michael countered that something must have been going on for Dante to have been there.

Michael told Shawn that something was off about the warehouse, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Shawn advised Michael not to think too hard about it. He thought Michael's mind might sort things out while he focused on other stuff and told him to go see Dante. Michael felt compelled to go back to the warehouse instead, but Shawn said it would look suspicious if he wasn't at the hospital with his family. Michael wasn't sure Shawn was trustworthy, so Shawn said he should trust him because Jason did. Shawn said he had to go figure out what was going on before the cops did.

Olivia joined Steve in the hospital. She brought up Dante's proposal, which was sure it had gone wonderfully and she told Steve that Dante was definitely engaged by now. At that moment, Dante was brought in on a stretcher. Horrified, Olivia ran to him and told him his mother was there. Steve blocked Olivia's attempt to go with Dante. He promised to keep her updated. Olivia begged Steve not to let him die.

Ethan hovered over Lucky, who was looking at the pills again and asked if he was sure he wanted him to leave. Lucky appreciated his concern but said he had to fight this battle alone, so Ethan left.

Maxie told Spinelli that her decision to go after Kate had made things even worse. Spinelli urged her to be optimistic, but Maxie felt like the universe had more disasters planned for her. When Maxie resumed her rant on the people who dropped the ball on the wedding preparations Spinelli admitted it was him. “The Jackal has become non-functional. Cyberly speaking” he told the confused Maxie.

Sonny asked Kate if she was alright and said she looked shaky earlier. Kate claimed to be fine. Sonny asked if she wanted a ride home, but Kate thought that was a bad idea. Sonny said he was just trying to be practical, since they were next door neighbors. “We both know a lot can happen between your gate and mind” Kate said in a matter of fact tone. Sonny smiled slightly, then he got a phone call. Kate took notice when she heard him ask Olivia what was wrong. Olivia told Sonny that Dante had gotten shot at his warehouse.

The person at Wyndemere used the broken glass to slash the painting of Laura on the throat.

Lucky got off the floor and left Dante a voice mail saying he was going to join him at work. He got a call from someone and told them he'd be right there, then he dashed out.

Inside the warehouse, Abby and Carly kept up the ruse that they found Dante and that Michael had never been there. Michael suddenly walked inside. Ronnie noticed his bloody shirt and called them out for lying.

Sonny and Kate went to the hospital. Olivia tried to stop Sonny from going into Dante's room, saying he had to let the doctors work. She relented when Sonny said he just wanted to see his son.

Lulu returned to Dante's loft. She got a phone call and, thinking it was Dante, she said “It's about time. Where the hell are you?” She was alarmed when the crying Olivia responded that she had some bad news about Dante.

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