GH Update Monday 9/26/11

General Hospital Update Monday 9/26/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam’s wedding reception commences outside of the church. Everyone watches (including Franco via a secret camera) as husband and wife share their first dance. Matt grabs Maxie’s hand; Spinelli watches from nearby. Robin and Patrick begin dancing. Franco prances around his loft holding Sam’s stolen wedding dress. Franco stops to look at the pictures of Jason and Sam that are displayed on a bulletin board.

Dante hears a suspicious noise coming from inside Sonny’s coffee warehouse. Johnny hides from view. Anthony appears behind Dante and shoots him. Dante falls to the ground, bleeding from the chest. Dante tries pulling himself up off the floor. Dante tries making a call from his cell phone but his fingers are shaking. Dante crawls around on the warehouse floor, then looks up to see a bright light.

From her hospital bed, Lisa moves her eyes, then her hand jerks. Lisa moves her hand and grips the blanket.

At the reception, Carly glares at Sonny from across the courtyard. Sonny can’t believe his eyes when Kate arrives. Sonny compliments Kate on her beauty. Sonny knows it’s hard for Kate to be at weddings after being shot at the altar. Spinelli makes a toast, rambling on about Jason and Sam’s love. Spinelli thanks the Chinese family for coming through for them, then commends the newlyweds for their unorthodox wedding. Spinelli says Jason and Sam are his “family”. Maxie looks solemn during Spinelli’s speech. Maxie hurries over to the refreshments table. Molly says Maxie should get back with Spinelli. Maxie is adamant that she’s staying with Matt. Maxie opens her fortune cookie – “love is non-traditional”. Maxie looks at Spinelli.

Nearby, Abby and Michael are flirting with each other. Abby isn’t thrilled when she finds her fortune is blank inside. Michael reassures Abby that it isn’t a bad thing – maybe just a “blank slate” for the two of them. Michael reads his fortune – “love lies bleeding”, which makes Abby cringe. Michael talks about his new job at the warehouse. Michael admits he likes his job. Michael suggests going somewhere with Abby. Michael and Abby leave the church and walk over toward Jason and Sam’s limo. Abby doesn’t want to get caught, but Michael says it’s okay. They begin kissing inside the limo.

Johnny returns home to find Anthony waiting for him. Anthony talks about Johnny’s mistake in planting drugs in the Corinthos warehouse. Johnny realizes Anthony was there tonight. Johnny is sickened to think Anthony shot someone. Anthony justifies his actions, saying he saved Johnny’s life. Johnny wants Anthony to stay out of his business. Anthony thinks Johnny is tense. Anthony brings up Lisa Niles. Johnny worries that someone witnessed Anthony at the warehouse. Anthony figures he shot one of Sonny’s guards.

Lulu is at Dante’s loft, preparing a romantic night for the two of them. Lulu cracks open the champagne. It spills all over the floor. Lulu looks at the time – 9:45pm. Lulu sits down at the table. Worried, Lulu calls Ronnie at the station. Lulu explains how Dante is late to return home. Ronnie relays that Dante isn’t working tonight. Lulu is becoming concerned, so she calls Lucky but he doesn’t answer. Lulu stares at the engagement ring, then holds it in her hand.

At the hospital, Steven is talking to someone on the phone. Olivia has a gift bag for Steven and asks an orderly to give it to him. Olivia almost plows right into Epiphany. Epiphany isn’t happy that Olivia is interrupting Steven while he’s working. In fact, Epiphany gives a huge lecture to Olivia about leaving “contraband”. Olivia hurries to the elevator before Steven spots her. Steven opens the bag and sees Olivia has left him a message. Olivia puts together a picnic for two on the hospital roof. Steven arrives a little bit later. Steven is amused that Olivia wants to celebrate. Olivia says she has all the basics that will remind Steven of Memphis. Olivia announces that Dante could be getting engaged to Lulu tonight. Olivia talks about Memphis. Steven is happy that Olivia wants to go to a music festival there with him. Olivia considers calling Dante.

Alexis announces to the wedding guests that she has a toast to make. Sam is worried what her mother will say. Alexis has something written for the newlyweds but then decides to speak from the heart. Alexis is happy to have reunited with Sam, then goes on about disliking Jason at first. Alexis says her feelings toward Jason have changed, that she is impressed that Jason gave a lugnut ring to Sam. Alexis says that she likes Jason now, that he and Sam are truly in love. Sam is teary-eyed. Sam hurries over to Alexis and gives her a hug. Jason thanks Alexis for the kind words. They share a hug. Alexis begins having a panic attack so she walks over near Mac. Nearby, Sonny urges Kate to open a cookie. Kate reminisces about Bensonhurst. Kate is horrified about her fortune – “love wears a familiar face”. Sonny thinks it is fate. Kate isn’t amused. Kate wants to leave but Sonny begs her to stay.

At the reception, Robin and Patrick share a dance together. Robin’s fortune is “love never dies”. Patrick and Robin share a kiss. Carly thanks Shawn for a good party. Shawn is confused. Carly jokes that because of his security skills, no one ended up shot or killed. Shawn laughs in response. Nearby, Kristina is putting on lipstick. Ethan walks by and says hello. Kristina thanks Molly for her help. Kristina is thrilled by her fortune – “love will stand you up”. Molly figures it means Ethan is only a transition guy in Kristina’s life. However, Kristina disagrees, believing that Ethan will be the one who helps her get out of the wheelchair. Alexis overhears Kristina tell Molly that she wants to talk to Kate Howard about a job in fashion. Alexis interrupts and inquires about law school. Kristina says it’s time to make her own decisions, then adds Ethan will support her no matter what.

Jason and Sam open their fortune cookies. Sam’s fortune – “love is in the eye of the child”, whereas Jason’s is “love comes in threes”. Both wonder if this means a baby is in their future. At the same time, Franco is opening a cookie at his loft. His fortune – “love is inconceivable” surprises Franco. Franco takes a pen and scratches out the “in” to make it “love is conceivable”. Franco blows out a candle.

Maxie is frustrated that every cookie she opens refers to her previous relationship with Spinelli. Matt thinks Maxie is overexaggerating. Matt talks about commitment. Maxie becomes irritated by Matt, so she turns to leave. Maxie almost runs right into Spinelli. Nearby, Alexis opens her fortune – “love is behind you”. Thinking love is in her past, she throws her fortune in the air, then almost walks into Mac. Alexis makes some garbled comment about “not being ready for love”, then hurries out of the courtyard. Jason and Sam are kissing. Robin comments to Patrick that Jason and Sam finally found happiness. Patrick wants to leave so he can be alone with his wife. Patrick and Robin share a passionate kiss.

Away from the guests, Shawn opens his cookie. Shawn’s fortune – “love can be right around the corner”. Unbeknownst to Shawn, Carly is reading the same fortune. Shawn walks by Carly but doesn’t notice her standing there. Kristina speaks to Kate about a fashion career. Alexis is horrified. Kate says Krissy should think about it some more. Carly asks Michael and Abby for a ride to the warehouse to pick up Jason and Sam’s wedding gift. Michael doesn’t want to, but Abby says he should. Nearby, Monica reads her fortune – “love lives on” and Edward’s – “love is an L word”. Monica and Edward both agree that Jason and Sam’s love will prevail. A few minutes later, Jason and Sam thank the wedding guests, then Maxie throws rice as they leave for their Hawaiian honeymoon.

Sam and Jason approach his motorcycle. They can’t believe they finally got married. Jason tells Sam that he loves her and vice versa. Unbeknownst to the couple, Franco is wondering what to give them as a wedding gift. Franco takes down the bulletin board and spray paints a message on the wall.

Michael returns to the warehouse and finds Dante unconscious on the floor.

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