GH Update Friday 9/23/11

General Hospital Update Friday 9/23/11


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Dante puts down the ring box he's holding and walks out of his apartment, pausing to glance back at the ring.

Lulu is in Kate's office at Crimson. Kate, as usual, has a snooty attitude when taking to Lulu. Lulu is helping out because Kate is shorthanded. As Lulu tries to hand Kate a Crimson folder, Kate asks about tagging the changes. Lulu reminds Kate that she is not an employee, Kate threatens dismissal of Maxie. Lulu says she'll get editorial to mark the changes and walks out, taking the folder with her. Sonny enters Kate's office and asks if it's a bad time.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin he is going to Jason's wedding for her.

Anthony is at Lisa Niles' hospital bed, talking to her limp body. He says that she should have been awake by now. He says she's missing the fun, but that she was supposed to be the one making the fun.

At the church where Sam and Jason are to have their wedding ceremony with invited guests, Maxie is straightening Spinelli's tie babbling about the events about to happen. Maxie opens the door to the inside, where vows will be exchanged, and is shocked to see the bride and groom are not there.

Meanwhile, in a hotel room, Jason and Sam are waking up. They don't know what time it is. They both look at their wedding rings and say "we really did it." Once Sam sees the time she says they've overslept and have to go because everyone is waiting. He says they have to wait, then grabs her and kisses her.

Sonny tells Kate he was driving by and saw the light on, she says it's a high-rise. Today is the 3 year anniversary of the date they were getting married and she was shot. Sonny makes brief conversation, trying to be nice, wants her to attend Jason's wedding with him. Kate is bitter, she says he's burning all his bridges, including hers, and dismisses him.

Matt opens a piece mail at the nurses station and shouts "yeah." A nurse in the background smiles. Alexis and the girls, Molly and Kristina stroll by, dressed for Sam's wedding. Kristina thanked him for letting her leave the hospital for her sister's wedding. Molly assured him that they will make sure she takes it easy. Mac gets off the elevator and asks the ladies if they are ready. Another match making set up by the young Davis ladies, who say there is one more surprise.

Sam and Jason are dressed and getting ready to leave. They feel free to be together forever, free of wedding plans. Now a married couple, they can't figure out how to tell people that they already got married. Sam's phone rings, seeing it's Maxie, she hands the phone to Jason. I love the music they play for goofy scenes. Maxie starts her routine wedding babble but not before making sure Sam is safe because it was unusual for Jason to answer her phone. She threatened that they better be at the church in 20 minutes and hangs up. Jason looks at Sam and says it's not going to be easy. Sam says you know what we have to do.

Dante goes to Lucky's place; they make their plans for keeping Port Charles safe from Anthony. They eliminate Jason's wedding because it's too obvious and discuss places they think Anthony will strike. They will take different parts of town; Lucky's taking the east side, Dante the west side and the coffee warehouse.

A man arrives at Johnny's apartment to discuss their plans to plant drugs at Sonny's coffee warehouse.

Carly enters the coffee warehouse with a large gift for Michael. Michael is sitting having a small meal. She hugs her son and tells him that she couldn't go there after he was first shot. Michael says he doesn't want to fight, Carly says she's okay with him working there because it's legitimate. Michael tells Carly that Sonny is upset that Morgan is at military school and he doesn't agree with it but he understands it. She lets him know his brother is safe there and happy. Carly says she's there to go to Jason's wedding with him; Abby walks in with apologies that she's late, she points out that Michael isn't dressed. With that Carly says she'll see them later and starts to walk out, Abby suggests they all go together. Michael excuses himself to go get ready; his tux is in his office. When Michael was out of the room Carly thanks Abby. Abby says she's afraid for him working here too. Carly agrees and tells Abby to go on without her. She says she has a bad feeling being in the warehouse.

At the hospital, with Matt and Mac looking on, the Davis girls present their surprise for Alexis. Kristina stands up, out of the wheelchair. Matt reminds that she will still need a lot of PT. Kristina takes steps to hug her mom.

At the church, Spinelli questions Shawn as a security measure. Shawn has secured the church and assures Spinelli it's all safe and leaves the room. As he and Shawn go their separate ways, the camera goes in close on one of Franco's tiny little robots sitting on a candle.

Spinelli meets up with Maxie, who is rolling up the aisle with a cart holding the covered wedding attire. She unzips the clothing protector of one and declares it's wrong then opens the next one and says it's not Sam's wedding gown.

At Franco's studio, he unzips a wedding dress protector to reveal that he has Sam's wedding gown. He says to it, "I hear you need somewhere to hang for a while."

Ethan picked Dante's apartment lock for Lulu; they enter with a box of stuff. Ethan says he's glad she came to her senses; he grabs a bottle from the box and tells her she should get it on ice.

Dante is looking at a large city map, tracing their plans, Lucky is staring into space. Dante notices this and folds the map, pats him on the shoulder and says he can take care of it and starts to walk out. Lucky says he can do it. Dante's phone rings, it's Lulu asking if they can have dinner at 9, he says 9:30 is better, she's good with that, they hang up. Lucky says he's good to go; Dante assures he can handle it and Lucky needs to sort out his stuff. Dante leaves Lucky home.

Kate unlocks and opens a closet, looks inside. The camera does not show what it is.

Sonny walks into the church, up the aisle and sees Shawn. He asks what he's done with security and names a specific place to check because it is a perfect spot to line up the altar.

Monica and Edward, Patrick and Robin arrive at the church. Maxie runs up happy that someone is there and asks if they got the email. They don't know anything about it. She explains that the invitations didn't get send out and they sent out emails. Maxie then points the way through the doors for them to find a seat. She asks Spinelli if there was a problem with the emails he was supposed to send out regarding the wedding. Without giving him any time to answer she says never mind. Matt arrives giving compliments on the church and how it looks. She says it's horrible. He says he has news to cheer her up, she says later and waves him off to the go sit down and they can discuss it later.

Mac, Alexis, Kristina and Molly arrive at the church saying they're sorry they're late. Maxie in her usual untactful way says there's a problem with the dresses and needs to talk to Molly and Kristina. Of course this puts Alexis in her usual frenzy, Mac usher's her to their seats.

Sonny's walking around to secure the church. Michael and Abby walk in, Abby says she'll go get seats, Michael stays with his father. They greet each other, Sonny adjusts Michael's tie, and Carly walks in. Shawn asks her if she's okay, she tells him she's not and walks away to find a seat. Maxie runs up to Sonny and Michael asking if they've seen Jason. They have not, she tells them to go find a seat. Maxie walked up to a lady on the phone and asks if she's found any replacement musicians, she says she hasn't. Maxie instructs her to just play something.

Maxie walks up the aisle to announce that the bride and groom are not here yet. Before she could finish the sentence, in bounce Jason and Sam in their classic styles, jeans and t-shirts. All heads turn. Sam and Jason go to the front and thank all in attendance for being there and that there will not be a wedding tonight.

With a little help from Ethan, Dante's apartment is all set for Lulu's romantic plans with Dante. She set up the proposal scene from Dante's favorite opera. Lulu thanks Ethan for his help and support. Ethan brags that he's happy to have a family. Lulu voices how she thinks Luke would react. Ethan says he feels sorry for Luke for running out on their family. He tells Lulu that she deserves love and happiness. Lulu expresses that he's a sweet brother, noticing how late it is, kicks him out so she can get dressed.

At Johnny's apartment, he tucks his gun under his jacket, behind him as Anthony walks in asking if he's going somewhere. He says he is going out and it's not your business where. Anthony says if it's business then it concerns him. Johnny reminds his father that he doesn't include him in his business. Anthony gives Johnny a little speech about how accidents happen, with that, Johnny walks out the door.

Kate abruptly closes the closet she was looking into and locks it.

At the church, Maxie pleads that Jason and Sam have to get married because she went through all the trouble to set it up. Jason stops her and says the reason there won't be a wedding is that they already got married. They show their rings. Maxie expresses how upset she is and walks away. Jason state they are happy, everyone is smiles. Molly said it is the most romantic wedding, Alexis says here, here, as Spinelli relates that where the reception is, Maxie comes back in to interrupt with news that the catering truck overturned and there is no reception.

Dante is at the coffee warehouse where someone is hiding.

Lulu is dressed in a gown, waiting for Dante.

Anthony tucks his gun behind him and leaves Johnny's apartment.

Outside the church, by a statue, Jason and Sam thank their friends and introduce Mr. and Mrs. Yi and Robert as the family who made it possible for them to exchange their vows yesterday. They thank the Yi family for providing the food for their reception today. Everyone is in a congratulatory mood and enjoying the party.

Carly states she left a gift at the warehouse and she's going to get it, Michael offers to go, they decide nobody will go and they stay at the party. Monica and Edward congratulate the happy couple. Spinelli and Maxie are chatting, Matt walks up to tell her his good news, and she ignores him as she notices something across the room goes over to address it.

Robin reminds Jason what she said to him the night she left for Paris, that he would meet someone who is perfect for him. He reminds her that he couldn't love Sam if she hadn't taught him what that means. Patrick and Sam walk up. He compliments the party then he and Robin say good bye. Sam tells Jason that the evening has been perfect.

The camera zooms in on one of Franco's little robots on a statue; it appears to be a camera focused on Jason and Sam enjoying a kiss.

Jason and Sam thank their guests as music plays for them to have their first dance.

Simultaneous action (I love when they do that): The camera switches between Jason and Sam, and Franco, who extends a hand to... Sam's wedding dress, for a dance (while he watches the reception on his monitors). As Spinelli is about to ask Maxie to dance, Matt does. Lulu lights long candles while waiting for Dante, people are dancing at the reception, Dante is at the warehouse with his gun drawn and someone watching him. Jason kisses Sam, Patrick dances with Robin, Lisa Niles moves a finger. Kate arrives at Jason and Sam's reception wearing a beautiful gown, Sonny sees her. Lulu, places wine glasses on the table with the lit candles and looks at the time on her phone (9:25 pm) it's 5 minutes until Dante should be there. Franco is dancing with the wedding dress, Lulu grabs the bottle of champagne, Dante yells stop while pointing his gun and moving toward a room where Johnny is hiding behind the door. Anthony points a gun at Dante's back. Lulu pops the champagne cork as Anthony fires his weapon.

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