GH Update Thursday 9/22/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/22/11


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, someone is opening the doors. 

Lucky is home boxing up Siobhan's things. 

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dante is trying to ask Lulu to marry him as she interrupts every sentence he utters. With that he says, "Shut up and marry me." He gets on one knee and asks her to marry him. 

Spinelli and Maxie are walking and talking about the wedding, Franco is watching and listening (very creepy), and he's carrying around and talking to, little robots. 

At Sam's apartment, she's in her wedding dress talking with Jason about wedding rules and how she can't go through with this. This worries him. 

At Johnny's place, he catches his father about to leave. 

At the hospital, Patrick asks Robin why he's off surgical rotation. She says it's to go to the wedding. He says they're not going. 

Jason reassures Sam that he loves her and asks for a dance, he happily obliges. Someone knocks on the door, in case it's Molly, Sam tells Jason to wait there out of sight. She doesn't want Molly to see that Jason has already seen her in the wedding dress. 

Dante is on his knee, holding a small box with a ring in it. He is waiting for an answer from Lulu, she tells him he can get up and he does. Lulu says she's surprised because they were breaking up. Dante says he loves her and wants them to be husband and wife, he asks again for her to marry him. Lulu says she can't. He is obviously upset. She tries to explain that she needs to think about it. She gives him a gentle kiss and walks away. 

Spinelli is at Crimson with Maxie trying to get him to book some musicians for Jason and Sam's wedding. With a time crunch, the wedding being tomorrow, she suggests he hack something but he is hiding something. 

Johnny quizzes Anthony about what he's doing with Tracy; he asks directly what Skye has on him. Anthony does not answer; he walks out of the apartment. Johnny gets on the phone and tells someone to get over here. 

At the nurse's station, Robin explains, to Patrick, why she is going to Jason's wedding. Jason is her friend, he taught her to live again. Patrick tells her that going to his wedding is risking her life. She says she's going and she'll go alone if he doesn't want to go with her. She walks away leaving Patrick clearly upset. 

At her place, Sam goes back to where Jason was waiting while she took care of the person at her door. It was someone that Maxie sent over to pick up the wedding dress. Sam rants about the wedding and all the plans and how she doesn't know what's going on. Jason tells her he loves her and calms her down, he takes her hand and says let's go. 

Jason takes Sam to a Chinese restaurant and asks if they can order, they are told it's too late (they are closing). A man sitting at a table reading looks up at them and says to Jason that he heard them ride up and asks what he's riding. Jason tells him a Harley and they talk bikes. The man introduces himself as Robert Yi and says the restaurant is his families place then asks his grandfather if he will fix a plate. He then offers them a seat with him and says they don't look like they're from around there. They thank Robert and sit with him, explaining that, desperate to get away, they just ended up there. Robert's suspicious and asks if they're running from the law. They quell that and say they are running from their wedding. A lady in the restaurant overhears (possibly Robert's grandmother). 

Lulu arrives to Crimson where Maxie and Spinelli are working on wedding plans for Jason and Sam. Lulu needs advice and tells Maxie that Dante proposed. 

Dante goes over to Lucky's place where he starts out talking about the case they're working on and ends up telling him that he proposed to his sister, Lulu. Lucky asks if he's sure he wants to be a part of his family... 

At Wyndemere, someone wearing dark clothes, is walking around with a flashlight, pulls a sheet off a painting of Laura Spencer. 

At the Chinese restaurant, Robert, Sam and Jason are sitting together. In the background, Robert's grandfather is cleaning up and his grandmother is serving food and tea, they are the only people in there. Sam and Jason are explaining their wedding issues. It's all very cute and fun. The grandmother says something in Chinese and Robert translates that she suggests Lilly's for their wedding flowers because they represent unity, spirit and 100 years of love. The grandfather says they've been married 50 years. Jason and Sam are impressed. They explain that they would rather do without the fancy wedding thing and just get married "right now". Robert responds that he can help them.  

Dante and Lucky continue their conversation about Dante's proposal. Lucky advises him not to hold anything back. 

Lulu and Maxie continue their conversation about Dante's proposal. Maxie advises her not to risk losing him over her fears. She asks Lulu if she loves Dante and if she thinks she can spend the rest of her life with him. Lulu says she does and asks Maxie for help. 

At the Chinese restaurant, Robert offers that he is an ordained minister and can marry them, they just need a license. Jason happens to have one in his pocket. Jason and Sam discuss that this is fate and feels right. The grandmother and grandfather sit watching as Jason tells Robert that they would like to be married. 

In the hospital room of Lisa Niles (at some hospital, not sure where) Anthony, who has power of attorney, discusses possible treatments with a doctor.  

Back at the hospital, Robin tells Patrick she doesn't want to fight about going to Jason's wedding. He says he respects her feelings for Jason but needs her to respect his for Sonny. She says she's not going for Sonny, he states his fear. She says we survived the "Lisa" thing and pleads with him to go with her and make a nice night of things, perhaps a second honeymoon. He agrees to go because it's important to her. 

In Lisa's hospital, Anthony hands a check to the doctor and tells him to "shoot her up."  

At Johnny's apartment, he tells one of his workers that there's no room for error. The man repeats his instructions to offload drugs for Johnny to plant in the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse so he can make an anonymous tip to the cops. The man warns that Sonny will know it's him. 

At the Chinese restaurant Robert's grandparents take Jason and Sam to the back to get married. Robert begins the ceremony in a Chinese traditional way. When he asks if they have rings, the couple both say yes and look at each other surprised to hear that each has a ring for the other. Jason takes out his grandmother's ring, which Lila wore for over 50 years, and told her that Edward gave it to him to give to her. Sam's tears did it for me, so touching and sweet. Sam takes out the ring that Monica gave to her and said "it was your father's." The look on Jason's face was priceless. She said "their love lasted a lifetime and so will ours." With the rings placed on their fingers, Robert concluded the ceremony of marriage between Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." They kissed. It was beautiful. 

At Wyndemere, the finger of the unknown person wrote Laura's name in the dust. 

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie finish their conversation, ending with how Jason and Sam will have a perfect wedding. In the other room, Spinelli does not know what to do with his computer. He says the names of the keys on the keyboard, clearly confused as to what they are for (control, escape, etc.). 

Back at Lucky's place, Dante is going on about how much he loves Lulu. Lucky tells him to have patience and Lulu just needs time. Dante thanks his prospective brother in law for his approval. They switch gears and start talking about Anthony and Jason and Sam's wedding. 

Johnny is walking and talking on his phone, telling the person to keep quiet, that his father knows nothing about it. Anthony overhears this. 

Jason and Sam are finishing their kiss; they thank Robert and his family with a gift of her shoes. Robert's grandmother thanks her for the leopard skin shoes while the newly wed couple can now go forward with their wedding and are finally smiling about it. Sam asks Jason what they will tell Maxie. 

Maxie asks Lulu how soon she needs this (whatever this is). She answers "tomorrow night." 

Dante says to Lucky "It's critical for us to be in place tomorrow night." 

Anthony overhears Johnny on his phone, "It's gotta go down tomorrow night." 

Jason tells Sam, "We can tell everyone tomorrow night." 

Franco climbs up a statue placing his little robots on her; he tells them he'll see them "tomorrow."

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