GH Update Wednesday 9/21/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/21/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante went to see Olivia at the Metro Court for relationship advice. He told Olivia that he planned to propose to Lulu in an attempt to win her back. “My baby's getting married!” Olivia cheered as she pulled Dante into a hug. Dante reminded her that he hadn't even asked Lulu yet, but Olivia was certain she'd say yes as long as Dante did it right. Then she told Dante to practice by proposing to her. He found the suggestion weird and creepy, but he complied when she insisted. Dante stammered through his proposal, in which he told “Lulu” he'd felt that they'd end up together forever since the moment the met at Jake's. He said he found her inspirational and she made him so happy that he'd give anything to spend the rest of his life with her. Olivia sent Dante off to buy a ring and promised to set the stage for a romantic evening while he was gone.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star to talk to Ethan. He tried to convince her to let him hold poker games in the back room, but she didn't think it was a good idea, since the players in the last game he held beat him up. Lulu asked Ethan to help her disappear for awhile; she didn't care where she went as long as people couldn't find her. Ethan asked if this was about Luke, but Lulu said she'd accepted that he didn't want to be found. Ethan wondered if this had something to do with Dante. Lulu said she and Dante didn't have a future, because he lied to her. Ethan responded that people lie, but Lulu didn't think Dante was capable of being fully honest. She'd decided to leave to clear her head.

Carly was at the Metro Court packing up Jax's office. She picked up a picture of the two of them and smiled. Shawn walked in and Carly told him how she'd gained 50% ownership of the hotel after Luke blackmailed Jax. In an embarrassed tone, Carly said she had a pattern of letting people, such as Sonny and Luke do her dirty work. Jax deserved better, she said, so the least she could do was keep up the ruse that Jax was dead. Sonny walked in, but didn't overhear her. Carly snapped at him for following Shawn up there. Sonny asked Shawn to leave, but Carly insisted that he stay. Sonny humbly announced that he'd hit rock bottom. He apologized for everything he did and said while he didn't like it, he accepted her decision to send Morgan out of town. Carly did not buy Sonny's proclamation; she didn't think he really understood the pain he caused, and she accused him of trying to trick her. After Carly ripped into Sonny, she ordered him out, then closed the door behind him.

Kate was at Crimson. While looking at a wedding dress, she was transported back to her wedding day with Sonny. She jumped when she remembered the sound of the gun going off. Maxie called, to request help with Sam's wedding, but Kate was not in a charitable mood, do to Maxie's absence at work. Kate hung up on Maxie before she could tell her what the favor was.

At Sam's, Maxie tried to hide her frazzled nerves as she told Sam that someone had forgotten to send out the wedding invitations. Maxie planned to fix things by having Spinelli email the guests. Monica dropped by, just in time for Maxie to open the boxes containing the wedding rings. Maxie shrieked in horror when she realized the jeweler had inscribed the ring from Jack to Sarah. Monica suggested that Sam give Jason Alan's wedding ring. Monica had been carrying it with her since his death, but she'd realized she didn't need it to feel close to him. Sam was stunned and grateful. She thanked Monica and hugged her.

Jason was now home from the hospital. When he walked downstairs, Spinelli greeted him with a plate of food and a list of things he could do to accessorize his tuxedo. Spinelli showed Jason a bright red cummerbund, but Jason refused to wear it. Edward stopped by; he announced that he thought Sam and Jason were a good match and he believed Lila would approve. Jason wished his grandmother could be there on his wedding day. Edward was sure she'd attend in spirit. Edward presented Jason with Lila's wedding ring and asked him to consider giving it to Sam, then possibly to his children one day. Jason was deeply moved by Edward's gift.

Franco ripped a page off of a calendar, revealing that the date was September 22nd. He opened a briefcase which he said contained things he needed for Jason and Sam's wedding the next day.

Shawn reminded Carly that she said she depended on the men in her life, and he pointed out that cutting Sonny out for good would mean all the men in her life – Sonny, Jax and Jason wouldn't be there anymore. “You're still here” Carly said with a smile. Shawn said it was his job to be there for her. Carly seemed taken aback that the night they'd shared with him cooking for her and dancing with her was only about a paycheck for him. Shawn wanted to explain, but Carly quickly recovered and said since this was just a job, he could take a break. Shawn left the room.

Sonny went to the hospital and said hello to Robin, who was behind the check in desk. Robin, who used a cool professional tone with him, told him that Kristina was visiting with Alexis and Molly and was in good spirits because of the wedding. Sonny expressed his remorse over the night the gun went off in Robin's house. Robin was exasperated with Sonny's behavior and said he had to stop using his bad childhood as an excuse to inflict pain on other people. She missed the person he used to be, but said she couldn't be friends with him just because he used to be caring in the past. She walked to the elevator and Sonny followed and asked about Jason. Robin said the fact that Sonny didn't know Jason checked out yesterday proved that he was no longer the person he once was.

Kate looked at the rack of wedding dresses and remembered Sonny's proposal, in which he said her love made him want to be a better man. Kate wiped away a tear and answered the phone. She hung up again as soon she heard Maxie on the other end. Maxie called several more times, with Kate continuing to answer and hang up. Kate finally listened long enough for Maxie to explain that she'd gotten Sam's dress by promising to feature it and the wedding in Crimson. Kate agreed to let Maxie come get the dress.

After Edward was gone, Spinelli tried to get Jason to look at other tuxedo accessories, but Jason insisted that Spinelli work on locating the twenty million dollars instead. Spinelli seemed to recoil at the thought of using the computer. Elizabeth stopped by and voiced her concern at Jason checking out of the hospital so early. Jason said he had a lot to take care of. Liz understood; she knew how much Jason loved Sam and knew nothing slowed him down. Liz nervously said she had something she wanted to discuss before the wedding. Spinelli clearly feared that Liz was going to declare her love for Jason and tried to stop her from saying anything. Jason sent him upstairs, then let Liz talk. She'd come to apologize for being so focused on Siobhan while she was driving that she hit Jason and Carly. Liz said she'd been making a lot of mistakes since Jake died and she didn't think she'd ever stop blaming herself for not watching him. Jason didn't hold her responsible for putting him in the hospital and said it was understandable that she'd been having trouble since Jake's death. He also apologized to her for not keeping Port Charles under better control. He felt partially responsible for the men being able to grab her. Liz sighed that following Darryl had been yet another stupid mistake on her part. Jason said she'd done it out of concern for Lucky and said everyone made mistakes. Liz felt like her mistakes caused more pain than other people's seemed to. Jason believed they just had to accept that things happened the way they were supposed to. “And you can only be a hero to one woman at a time” Liz said. She patted Jason's shoulder and left.

Carly went to see Sam and they talked in private. Carly said she'd caused a lot of tension between the two of them and she was going to stop because she knew Jason loved Sam and she wanted him to be happy. Carly wanted happiness too, but wistfully said that after so much heartache, she'd learned that the minute you become happy, there's a chance for the happiness to be taken away.

Sonny, Alexis, Kristina and Molly were having a nice family moment, listening to Molly gush about Sam's love keeping Jason alive when Ethan arrived. Sonny told Ethan to come back another time. Kristina protested and Alexis dragged Sonny out of the room and let Ethan stay. Sonny said he wasn't rude and he didn't see what he'd done wrong by trying to keep Kristina and Ethan's bond from deepening, but Alexis told him now was not the time to keep them apart. Sonny accepted that and seemed willing to do what it took to stay on Kristina's good side. He said this was the first time Kristina hadn't looked at him with hate in her eyes in a long time, and he was desperate for more happy moments with her. He suggested that he let Ethan ride in the limo with them to the wedding. Alexis said there was no way she or any of her girls were getting in a car with him. She then urged Sonny not to try and force things with Kristina, but to accept the good times as they came. Sonny said it was hard, and Alexis told him it was all part of being a parent.

Dante went to the Haunted Star and told Lulu that Ethan told him she was thinking of leaving. Dante asked her to come with him before she made a decision. He took her hand and lead her out.

Sonny went to see Olivia. She was hard at work setting things up for Dante and Lulu's dinner. Sonny said he knew they'd had a disagreement (Olivia felt that the incident in which she had to pull a gun on him to save Johnny's life called for a stronger description), but he wanted them to move past it, since they, along with Dante, were family. Olivia told him she was busy and Dante wouldn't want him there. Sonny wanted to know what was going on and Olivia told him Dante was proposing to Lulu and she insisted that Sonny leave before he ruined things for their son. Sonny was surprised to hear the news and said he wouldn't ruin it, but Olivia was sure he'd accidentally do something to mess things up, because he always did. She walked him out and told him if he ever cared about Dante's happiness, he'd leave now.

Alexis, Molly and Maxie went to Sam's house. Sam planned to let her sisters (and mother?) be brides maids. Maxie asked about the maid of honor and Sam said she was trying to choose between Kristina and Molly. Maxie sulked and it was clear she wanted the position. Sam surprised Maxie and asked her to be the maid of honor, and Maxie excitedly accepted. Maxie had already found something blue for Sam and asked Alexis if she'd taken care of old, new and borrowed. Alexis hadn't. Molly saved the day by offering Sam the stone Shawn gave her to fulfill the other categories. The stone was new to Sam, borrowed and also old, since it had been around a long time. Maxie presented Sam with what were supposed to be blue pumps, but to her horror, they were leopard print.

Shawn went to Jason's and told him he'd done a security check on the church and beefed up security at the warehouse. Jason expected Franco to try and do something at the wedding, because it wasn't like him to stay quiet this long.

At Franco's, the man who was lying on the ground playing dead, suddenly sat up and asked if he could go to Port Charles with him. Franco said no, because he was a prop. Franco picked up a brick and calmly used it to bash it into the man's skull in. Franco filmed himself as he talked to all the little electronic toys strewn all over the loft and told them they were attending the upcoming wedding.

Sonny went to Crimson and told Kate he'd been going around apologizing to the people he hurt, but it hadn't been going very well. Sonny credited Kate's suggestion that he take Kristina on a trip for his decision to make amends. Sonny said Kate had helped bring about a good moment between him and Kristina. Sonny told Kate he was sorry for hurting her and for the pain she'd felt on their wedding day. He said she had a way of helping him calm down and that she'd done more for him than he could say. Kate said she couldn't be his savior, because while she lifted him up, he brought her down. Sonny asked for another chance to do better, but Kate refused. When he turned to leave, she relented and said she'd give him five minutes.

Dante brought Lulu to the restaurant and removed her blindfold. Olivia peered in at them from the hallway and smiled. Dante began his speech about how much Lulu meant to him, but she kept interrupting to tell him that while she had feelings for him, the trust was gone. Finally Dante blurted out that he wanted her to marry him.

Kristina told Ethan how easy Kate had been to talk to and said she almost told her about wanting to be a model, but she knew there was no chance of that happening. “Why not?” Ethan said and he playfully tapped her leg. Kristina was thrilled, because she was able to feel it. She also was able to wiggle her toes. She smiled at Ethan and said it looked like he might dance with her at the wedding after all.

Jason went to Sam's home. She told him not to come back to her room, but he did anyway and found her standing on her balcony in her wedding dress. Jason looked at her in awe and told her she looked amazing. Sam became overwhelmed and said she hadn't realized until now how important this was. She said she was grateful no one else was there to see that look on Jason's face. Sam suddenly buried her face in her hands and her eyes filled with tears. “I don't think I can do this,” she said.

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