GH Update Tuesday 9/20/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/20/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn, who was on his way up to his room, found Carly outside Kelly's. She'd gone there for food, not realizing it was closed. Shawn was happy to let her in. Shawn cooked for Carly, while she entertained him with stories about some of her disastrous attempts at cooking.

Maxie was crushed when Spinelli accidentally dropped Sam's engagement ring off the dock. Spinelli felt terrible, but Maxie quickly assured him it wasn't his fault and she heaped praise on him for saving her life. Lucky found them and Joe Bruzetta's dead body. Spinelli said someone had saved their lives by shooting Joe, but Lucky believed the shooter's primary goal was to shut Joe up.

Johnny happened upon JT, who cheerfully greeted him as “Little Z” and said he was waiting for Joe. Johnny informed JT that Joe was dead as a consequence for messing up and leaving witnesses behind. Johnny shoved JT against the wall, pointed a gun at him and pressed him for details on the drug ring. The terrified man told Johnny all about Anthony being the boss, hiding the drugs in the flour and about Rudy Trujillo being a contact for the operation. Johnny praised him for doing a good job and promised that everything would be okay.

Sam was upset when she found Jason outside his hospital room; she assumed he was trying to leave to take care of mob business, which she felt he should let Shawn handle. Jason told her he wasn't leaving; he was practicing walking so he'd be able to walk down the aisle without falling. Sam was touched.

Once Jason was back in bed, Sam shared that she was feeling pressured to have the perfect wedding, because a lot of people were looking forward to it to take their mind off their struggles. Jason reminded her that their wants were the only ones who really mattered when it came to the wedding and he asked what she wanted. Sam just wanted to get married and didn't care about having a perfect fairytale wedding. Jason felt the same way. They kissed.

Kate dropped in to visit Kristina and to bring her some gifts. While Kristina was happy to see her, she was suspicious that Sonny had sent her there to try and convince Kristina that he was a good guy. Kristina told Kate that they both knew he wasn't. Kate said she was there on her own free will and that she didn't think Sonny would ever ask her to do something like that. Kristina apologized, then started looking through her gift bag. There were several exclusive and expensive gifts inside, which Kristina didn't feel comfortable taking, but Kate said they were gifts from clients that she had no use for. Kristina was thrilled when Kate gave her a copy of Crimson that hadn't hit stands yet. Kristina told Kate how much she loved Crimson and how her friend Taylor thought she should be a model. Kate was glad Kristina had people around who believed in her. Kristina said Sonny lacked that now and asked Kate if she still talked to him.

Elizabeth told Dante how Lucky saved her life. Dante was glad Liz was okay, since Lucky had taken a risky shot, but Liz wasn't surprised that Lucky had come through for her again. Mac arrived and asked if there was word on Maxie; he was pleased to hear that Lucky had gone in search of her, because he felt that Lucky was very dedicated to the case.

Sonny went to the hospital to see Kristina. He spotted Matt on his way to her room, slammed him into the wall and threatened to hurt him if Kristina didn't make a full recovery. Matt told Sonny to relax. Patrick flew into action and positioned himself between Sonny and Matt. Sonny accused Matt of screwing up, but Patrick said no one including himself, could have done a better job at the surgery than Matt did. Matt left to go see Kristina. Sonny tried to go see Kristina too, but Patrick shoved him back and refused to let him leave. Patrick ripped into Sonny for causing drama at his home and now at the hospital. Sonny accused Patrick of trying to do damage control for his little brother, but Patrick snarled that Matt had done a great job fixing the damage Sonny caused.

Maxie tried to figure out a way to retrieve the ring, even though Spinelli thought it was a lost cause, she didn't want to give up, because she thought the ring was an important symbol of the love Jason felt for Sam.

Lucky filled Dante in on what happened with Spinelli, Maxie and Joe by phone. Dante relayed the information to Mac, who was relieved to hear that Maxie and Spinelli were fine. Like Lucky, he surmised that the unseen gunman must have been trying to keep Joe Bruzetta quiet. Mac turned to Liz and asked for details on Lucky's case. Liz recounted helping check out Lucky's hunch that drug thefts were coming from inside the hospital, following Darryl after he stole drugs from the hospital and that just before Darryl tried to suffocate her, he mentioned that Siobhan died the same way. Mac assumed that meant Darryl killed Siobhan. Dante added that they'd found retread prescription pills in the flour at Luzetta's Bakery and that they believed Siobhan must have found out about the drug ring. Mac was called away by another policeman and once he was gone, Dante cautioned Liz against being too forthcoming with Mac about her level of involvement in Lucky's investigation.

Lucky had a squad car come to take Spinelli and Maxie to GH. Spinelli picked Maxie up and carried her to the vehicle. Once Lucky was alone, he took a bottle of pills out of Joe's pocket.

Kate said goodbye to Kristina when Matt came in, but Kristina asked her to stay. Matt checked on Kristina and told her she'd regain movement in her leg when the swelling went down. After he left, Kate resumed their talk and said she'd just seen Sonny recently. Kristina assumed Sonny had spent the whole time defending his actions. Just then, Sonny walked in and Kate said Sonny had told her about a trip he planned to take Kristina on. Sonny told Kristina about a beautiful place near the Island where he felt at peace and close to God. He wanted to share it with her and asked if she'd like to go.

Max visited Jason and updated him on the situation with the drug ring and Liz and Maxie. Max said Shawn had put a lot of pressure on the drug dealers and that he was getting along with everyone except Sonny. Jason knew Sonny didn't like Shawn, but that wasn't his priority right now. Jason told Max that he was going to let Shawn coordinate security at the wedding. Max said okay and left. Jason and Sam discussed wedding security and Jason explained that he wanted to prevent another incident like the one at Sonny's wedding when Sam was hurt. Sam was sure Shawn would do a good job and everything would be okay. Sam and Jason kissed goodbye and she left to go see the caterer.

Johnny took JT to see Rudy Trujillo. He gave JT a gun and when Rudy walked out, Johnny guided JT's hand and forced him to pull the trigger. Rudy was shot, but he also managed to shoot JT before he fell. “You said everything was gonna be alright” JT said in a betrayed tone, as he slumped to the ground. “I lied” Johnny replied, before walking out.

At the hospital, Liz checked in with her grandmother, who was watching her sons and asked her not to tell Cam what happened. Dante took her over to Matt to get checked out, despite Liz's claim that she was fine. Dante left and Matt held Liz's face and looked at a cut on her forehead while he joked around with her. Maxie and Spinelli arrived and Maxie was miffed to see them together and rushed over. Maxie tried to get Matt's attention by lamenting her brush with death and showing him a superficial wound. In a snippy tone, Liz told Maxie to put a band aid on it. To Maxie's chagrin, Matt never gave her his full focus. He looked at Spinelli's banged up hand than on her. He told him it looked like Spinelli had a small fracture and that he'd be back on his computer in no time, which seemed to make Spinelli uncomfortable. Matt turned his attention back to Liz, who needed stitches. When Maxie asked what about her, Matt told her to go home and take a shower to relax. He told Spinelli he'd be back to bandage his hand, then took Liz to get stitched up.

Shawn and Carly shared the meal he cooked, then Carly opened up about the stress she was under. She felt bad that Jax and Morgan were gone and she was struggling with accepting Jason's upcoming marriage to a woman who hated her. Shawn urged Carly to put her troubles aside for awhile and dance with him. He put a song on the jukebox and they slow danced. They shared a moment and stared into each others eyes. Shawn quickly pulled away and left to go back to work.

Mac and Lucky met up outside Luzetta's. JT and Rudy's body's had been discovered and Lucky said that while it looked like they shot each other in a standoff, he felt that there was more to the story. Mac congratulated Lucky on the way he'd dealt with the case and said he was wrong to think Lucky couldn't handle the investigation. Lucky pulled out the bottle of pills he'd found on Joey's body and prepared to confess about his drug use. Before he could come clean, Dante walked up, took the pills and said he'd file them as evidence. After Mac left, Dante advised Lucky to hold off on telling the truth until things cooled down. Dante said that this was all finally over and walked away. “Not for me” Lucky said to himself.

Johnny went to the restaurant where Anthony was. He took his father's food away and began to eat it as he told Anthony that he'd cleaned up his mess and gotten rid of Joey, JT and Rudy Trujillo. Anthony was unfazed by their deaths, but wanted to know what Johnny had planned next. Johnny explained that he'd made it look like someone killed the men to shut them up. Anthony was concerned Johnny was going to pin it on him. Johnny said he should, but wouldn't this time, because there was someone else he wanted to get back at.

Sonny went to Matt and apologized for the way he'd acted earlier. Kate witnessed this conversation and said there might be hope for Sonny after all.

Max returned to Jason's room and confided that he was envious of the future Jason and Sam would have, because he felt that he and Diane would never share something like that. He was hurt because Diane had been avoiding him since she'd finished the book tour. Max felt self conscious about being so forthcoming and changed the subject to work. Jason told him that Shawn was going to be working on the Franco issue. Sam came back, so Max quickly dropped the subject and left.

Maxie and Spinelli arrived and Maxie gushed to Jason and Sam about Spinelli's heroism, then broke the news that the ring was gone again. Spinelli and Maxie both tried to take the blame, then Maxie told Jason he should have just bought another ring. Jason and Sam exchanged exasperated looks and Sam reminded Maxie that she was the one who refused to let Jason buy another ring. Maxie had changed her mind and felt that the ring was just a ring. She promised that the rest of the wedding would go smoothly.

Franco staged a photo shoot, which featured a dead body as a prop. He told his stuffed monkey that he was considering attending Jason's wedding.

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