GH Update Monday 9/19/11

General Hospital Update Monday 9/19/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is leaving his office when he spots Kate. Kate comments that she is always running into Sonny in Italian restaurants. Sonny is happy to see Kate, but then she slaps him across the face. Sonny wonders why Kate’s mad. Kate says the slap was payback for what Sonny did to Jax. Sonny is hurt by Kate’s words. Kate brings up Brenda, then says Sonny shouldn’t have got involved in Jax and Carly’s custody dispute. Kate says Sonny wanted payback for Brenda. Sonny reminds Kate that Jax isn’t entirely innocent. Kate says it doesn’t matter because Jax is dead now. Sonny demands to know why Kate came to the restaurant. Kate makes a joke about what Sonny’s obit will say. Sonny laughs and offers Kate a glass of wine. Kate is sickened when Sonny defends Carly. Kate knows Carly doesn’t have Sonny’s back. Kate brings up when she got shot at her wedding to Sonny. Kate worries that Sonny’s life is dangerous. Sonny says everyone has their own vices. Kate admits she isn’t very happy to see Sonny. Kate says Olivia asked her to get through to Sonny. Kate believes Sonny is just a scared little boy from Bensonhurst. Kate says the only one who can save Sonny is himself. Sonny doesn’t want to talk anymore. Sonny thinks back to a memory of Deke. Sonny points out Kate ran from Bensonhurst. Kate reminds Sonny that she wanted a better life for herself. Kate worries how Sonny’s behavior will impact his children. Kate says Sonny is becoming just like Deke. Sonny tries to dismiss Kate, but she sits down on a chair. Kate feels Sonny must make changes in order to get better. Sonny’s phone rings. Sonny needs to get to GH because of Kristina’s surgery. Kate is shocked to learn of Krissy’s condition. Sonny says Kristina is in this situation because of him.

At Crimson, Lulu is staring at wedding dresses when Dante drops by. Dante makes some nice comments about the dresses. Lulu asks why Dante is there. Dante says Olivia called him, asked him to stop by Crimson. Lulu apologizes for their latest fight. Dante wonders why Lulu is working at Crimson. Lulu says she’s filling in for Maxie during the wedding preparations. Dante relays that Maxie is really missing. Dante talks about the drug ring. Lulu wonders if she has to worry about her own safety. Dante reassures Lulu that Maxie will be found. Lulu thanks Dante for the update. Lulu can’t believe Sam and Jason are finally getting married. Dante speaks of his thoughts on marriage. Dante tells Lulu that he loves her and vice versa. Dante’s phone rings. It’s Mac. Dante needs to go to the police station. Dante promises to call Lulu with an update on Maxie. Alone, Lulu holds a dress up to her body and looks in the mirror.

Maxie and Elizabeth are trapped in a room near Luzetta’s Bakery. Maxie manages to escape. Anthony’s goon grabs Elizabeth. Anthony is sitting on the patio at the Metro Court waiting for his dinner date. Anthony tells the waiter to do a good job or he won’t get a great tip. Anthony asks the waiter to clean a knife because it is dirty. Anthony’s phone rings. It is Darryl, saying that Maxie got away and Elizabeth is becoming a problem. Anthony makes it clear Darryl should kill Liz. Elizabeth is visibly worried. Back at the Metro Court, Johnny interrupts Anthony’s dinner plans. Johnny wants Anthony to stop meddling in his business. A woman dressed in black walks onto the patio. Johnny laughs when he sees Tracy. Johnny hurries out of the restaurant. Tracy is all business – she asks Anthony to get to the point. Anthony has the waiter pour some champagne for Tracy. Anthony presents Tracy with a gift. Tracy looks horrified when she sees what it is – “a prom corsage”. Tracy is irritated, asks Anthony what he wants. Anthony brings up Tracy’s ex Geno and his accusations regarding the family money she stole to invest in ELQ. Tracy says she is married. Anthony says he and Luke are a lot alike. Tracy laughs at the comparison. Anthony reminds Tracy that Luke is incognito. Tracy refuses to talk about Luke. Anthony snaps his fingers and a song begins to play. Tracy doesn’t want to dance with Anthony, but she has no other choice. Luke is watching from inside the restaurant. Anthony receives a phone call. It’s Johnny, reminding his dad to stay out of his business dealings. Tracy senses someone is watching her, so she turns around. Luke is gone. Anthony relays to Tracy about his phone call with Johnny. Tracy stands up and walks out on Anthony.

Lucky is stumbling around a dark alley, fighting withdrawal symptoms. Lucky is holding a gun in his hand. Nearby, Spinelli is looking around for clues. Spinelli sees Maxie and a man run up a staircase. Maxie falls. Anthony’s goon (the pastry chef) tells Maxie that she’s in big trouble, then threatens to have Elizabeth killed. Elizabeth and Darryl get into a shouting match. Darryl says he is going to kill Elizabeth like he killed Siobhan. Darryl covers Elizabeth’s mouth. Liz kicks Darryl and runs out of the room. Lucky hears a dog barking in the distance, so he hides behind a dumpster. Lucky sees Elizabeth running toward him. Lucky advises Liz to get down, then shoots Darryl. Nearby, Maxie and the pastry chef struggle. Spinelli shows up, hesitating a second before confronting the man. Maxie can’t believe Spinelli is there. The man continues to hold a knife to Maxie’s throat. Maxie urges Spinelli to leave. The man is amused – he thinks Spinelli is a coward. Spinelli punches the man, but it doesn’t do any good. Spinelli yells out for Maxie to run. The man kicks Spinelli in the stomach. Spinelli passes out, then comes to just as the man is grabbing Maxie again. Spinelli punches the pastry chef. The man falls to the ground. Maxie is shocked to learn Spinelli is himself again. They share a hug. Maxie is crying.

In the alley, Lucky asks Elizabeth if she’s okay. Liz is a bit tense, but happy that her captor is dead. Dante arrives at the scene. Lucky and Elizabeth haven’t seen Maxie, nor do they know the direction she went in. The police show up at the crime scene. Elizabeth says Darryl killed Siobhan. Joey, the pastry chef, is unaccounted for. Lucky wonders if he should have called for backup. Dante says Lucky did the right thing. Both are determined to find out who had Siobhan killed. Dante and Lucky talk about the police report. Lucky gives Dante a bottle of pills to put into evidence. Lucky leaves to look for Maxie. Elizabeth confirms that Lucky saved her life. Nearby, Spinelli is comforting Maxie. Relieved, Spinelli kisses Maxie. Maxie is still in shock that Spinelli is no longer the Jackal. Anthony’s goon stands up and suddenly falls down again. Maxie and Spinelli are confused. Hiding in the shadows, Johnny puts away his gun. Maxie and Spinelli wonder if the man is dead. Maxie complains about breaking the heel of her shoe. Maxie praises Spinelli on his bravery. Spinelli says he found Sam’s ring in the sewer. Relieved, Maxie hugs Spinelli, but the ring ends up flying out of his hand and into the water below.

At the hospital, Carly confronts Patrick about Jason’s whereabouts. Carly believes Jason left the hospital. Patrick reassures Carly that Jason is probably having tests done. Patrick makes a call and learns Jason is having a MRI. Carly is relieved Jason isn’t running around Port Charles. Carly brings up the wedding. Carly doesn’t want Jason to get married on Friday. Patrick senses Carly is jealous. Carly defends that Jason could have a relapse. Carly isn’t on board with Jason’s release scheduled for tomorrow. Carly urges Patrick to stop the release. Carly wonders what would have happened if Jason woke up a different man. Patrick thinks Carly is scared of the unknown. Carly says the Jason she knew years ago was nothing like the Quartermaine’s golden boy. Patrick brings up Robin, which makes Carly cringe. Carly admits she is scared of losing Jason. Patrick says Carly needs to let go of Jason.

Skye calls Edward from the Quartermaine jet. Skye thanks Edward for his help. Luke walks in. Luke says he visited his loved ones but they were unaware of his presence. Luke worries that Ethan got beat up, Lulu is clueless, and Lucky is a mess. Skye inquires about Tracy. Luke says Tracy is doing good. Skye offers Luke a drink, but he passes. Luke is feeling sorry for himself. Skye asks Luke if he’s staying in Port Charles.

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