GH Update Friday 9/16/11

General Hospital Update Friday 9/16/11


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky, behind Luzetta's Bakery, is on his cell talking to Dante. They discuss Siobhan and what she was trying to tell Lucky before she died, Liz seeing someone at the hospital stealing drugs, Maxie, on the hunt for Sam's missing engagement ring and the pair being abducted. Dante is concerned about Lucky. Lucky assures him that he is fine. The call ends.

Maxie and Liz are in a locked room, hands tied but walking around looking for a way to get out. Maxie assures Liz, Spinelli will rescue them.

Spinelli is home at his desk trying to use his computer; he gets frustrated and shuts it down. Sam walks in and asks him if he's okay. He says he is but something is very wrong. Sam asks about the security cameras and if he needs any help, he basically says he's working on it and will find the abducted ladies. He runs out the door without his computer.

Kate, outside Sonny's office door, answers her cell. On the other side of the door, Sonny was about to open it when his office phone rings, he answers the phone. They each have their conversations, each ending with "I'll take it from here." She walks off.

Lulu walks into the Haunted Star Casino where she finds Ethan on the floor beaten up and the place a mess. He explains it was from one of his cons. Lulu is concerned and says he's going to ruin his life like their dad (Luke). Luke is hiding inside, listening. Ethan continues that he's been told so many times that he is just like Luke and he likes it. Lulu encourages him not to take it as a compliment. They talk about Luke his stories, his drinking, his path and feeling guilty.

Outside of Luzetta's Spinelli comes upon Lucky. Lucky says he's already checked the alley and found nothing. Spinelli sees icing which appears to be deliberately placed on the dumpster. Lucky goes inside to check the bakery, Spinelli tastes the icing. Gross.

In the locked room, where Maxie and Liz are being held captive, they talk to each other with contempt. Maxie talking about Spinelli like he's her boyfriend and Liz pointing out she has Matt who tried to have a picnic with her last week. Maxie is becoming concerned about how much Liz seems to know about Matt. Liz says he tells her a lot of things, Maxie lashes out that Liz is jealous and alone. Someone outside the door knocks and tells them to shut up or they will be shut up.

As Kate arrives to her office, she is on her cell leaving a message for Maxie to be in the office ASAP. Olivia walks in and asks how it went over at Sonny's. Kate says she's on a deadline and has no time for Sonny. Olivia says Kate is scared of falling in love with him again and begins a lecture. Kate goes to a clothing rack and pulls down a wedding gown and says she's given Sonny all she's giving him.

Dante enters Sonny's office saying he doesn't appreciate being summoned. Sonny says he wants to report a crime, and then tells Dante that Johnny torched his warehouse. Dante asks for proof, Sonny tells him that's why he's telling him, so he can find it. Dante asks his father if he doesn't find evidence then "you" will start a mob war, Sonny says he has no choice, that it (the warehouse burning down) was a warning and could get worse. Sonny pleads that his other kids could get hurt. Dante says it will compromise his badge and that he has no interest in being his son if Sonny does engage in a war.

At the casino, Lulu and Ethan talk about Luke and how she bought the Star to get Luke home. Luke is listening to their conversation, he hears Lulu say that Lucky is back on drugs and is comparing the two (Luke and Lucky). Lulu tells Ethan we're all damaged and this is the legacy Luke left behind.

Dante tells Sonny that he's not his father in any way that counts. Sonny reminds him that he didn't know about him. Dante tells Sonny to keep going after Johnny, fine, but leave his mother out of it (the other day Olivia talked Sonny down from killing Johnny by pointing a gun at Sonny).

Kate asks Olivia why she's pushing so hard about Sonny. Olivia tells her Sonny is a ticking time bomb. Once again they rehash their history with each other and Sonny and what Kate has become. Olivia went as far to tell Kate she has a stick up her ass. I loved that line. Kate tells Olivia that she is lucky, she had Sonny's child, Dante and all she got was a wedding dress.

Spinelli is investigating Liz and Maxi's disappearance.

Back in the locked room, the abductees are still at odds. Maxie is trying to get Liz to say what's going on with her and Matt (nothing, just friends); Liz is trying to listen at the door and tells her to be quiet. Maxie continues to talk and tells Liz to stay away from Matt with her history of cheating. Liz throws the facts into Maxie's face that she pretended to be pregnant, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Lucky is inside Luzetta's Bakery looking at bags of flower, he slices through one and tastes it.

Luke is still listening to Lulu and Ethan's conversation. Ethan asks her if she's thinking of selling the place, she says it makes sense. Ethan offers to buy it or manage it for her. They banter that he would pay off inspectors, have a secret poker room and spend most of his money on his hospital bills. Lulu's phone rings, it's Kate saying Maxie has disappeared and she needs Lulu now. With little money coming in, Lulu rushes off to help, Ethan follows her out. Luke walks into the empty room, looking around.

At the bakery, Lucky is on his phone telling Mac that he's been following a lead and found something that could blow the case wide open. He hangs up.

In the locked room, Liz and Maxie talk about possible clues that each of them know about and the men they believe will save them.

Olivia and Kate wrap up their argument in front of Lulu (who got there pretty damn fast).

Sam walks in saying she needs a wedding dress.

Sonny is in his office having a flashback of his visit to Bensonhurst.

Spinelli is behind the bakery, babbling about his clues when he finds something and runs off with it in hand.

Just before a man enters the locked room with a food tray for them, Maxie is still on a rant but Liz tells her there's no time to argue. Maxie goes into a classic, "I'm sick" routine, lying on the ground, moaning and groaning that her side aches. Liz tells the man that Maxie's been in and out of the hospital with this pain and to let her help. Maxie tells him not to let Liz help because she almost killed her last rival in the hospital (she has to get her digs in somehow). Liz (who knows how to counter attack) says "What's your boss gonna do when he walks in and finds her DEAD?" The man unties her hands and tells her to make it fast. Liz makes like she's doing an exam and unties Maxie. She tells the man that Maxie has internal bleeding. When he goes closer to Maxie, she sprays his eyes with something, he falls down and the girls stand there looking at him.

Dante finds his mother in Kate's office and chews her out for getting in the middle of Sonny and Johnny's issue. His mother changes the conversation abruptly to his relationship with Lulu. She yells at him to fight for her and walks out of the room.

At the casino, Luke is walking on top of cards and chips on the floor; he finds a letter from Skye saying good-bye to Ethan and how maybe in another time... He reads it, sets it down and walks out.

The man who Maxie sprayed in the eyes gets up and yells for them to get back here but Maxie and Liz are still in the room. Maxie is whimpering, Liz goes to the man and takes keys off his belt, throws them to Maxie who opens the door and runs out. As Liz gets to the door, the man who originally took her pulls out a gun and tells the other guy to go find Maxie.

Lucky is at the bakery with the "flower" packages bagging them up. His phone rings and is told something about a fire in a warehouse, he tells the caller that he owes him and hangs up.

Spinelli hears a woman scream (it's Maximista) and a man yelling to stop.

Lulu and Sam are at Crimson wrapping up a conversation about the wedding. Sam leaves, Lulu holds a wedding dress up to herself and Dante walks in.

Kate enters Sonny's restaurant, he's standing outside of his office. They look at each other; she makes some comment about a fortune teller missing from this picture (a private joke). He says maybe it's time for them to make their own future. She says not until we get out of the past.

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