GH Update Thursday 9/15/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/15/11


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Carly enters Shawn's hotel room with goodies, coffee & sandwich. She calls his name, with no answer, she must, of course, snoop. Shawn walks into the room wearing a towel.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam and Jason talk about the wedding. Spinelli walks in announcing "Maximista" is in trouble. Jason says, "Spinelli?" seemingly back to his old jackal of cyberspace self.

Somewhere in the hospital, a girl asks Matt for directions to the cafeteria, Matt obliges with warning to eat at her own risk. The girl heads off to the cafeteria. Patrick walks up and asks Matt about Kristina's surgery. Matt wants to know if he's asking as his colleague or as his brother who second guesses everything he does. Patrick says it's because Kristina is his patient. Matt sarcastically says that it was a rhetorical question and goes into a bit of a rant. In his rant he says something about Kristina and her "fractured vertebrae". Hearing that, Patrick says "What do you mean fractured vertebrae? What the hell did you do?"

With surgery over, Kristina is back in her hospital room, asleep, Johnny comes in, looks at the machines she's hooked up to, shakes his head, he starts to talk to her. As he expresses his guilt, Sonny walks in. He asks Johnny how many times he has to tell him to stay away from her.

Kate is in her office on the phone, she ends the call abruptly. Olivia comes in and demands that Kate fix sonny.

Back in Shawn's hotel room, Carly starts to babble then says she wants to talk to him, he says he'd like to get dressed first. Admiring his manliness, she says she'll turn around (ROFL she turns her back to him). He tells her to wait in the hall. Seeing her embarrassment, Shawn closes the door with a little giggle. Carly talks to him through the door about the job she had planned for him at the university. He opens the door, dressed, and tells her that he already has a job.

In Jason's room, Spinelli rambles about a riddle and the bakery, he's very confused. Sam asks if he remembers being Jackal PI, he tried to explain it as an illusion or delusion and tells them that it was Jason who brought him back, their friendship.

In the middle of the hospital Patrick is asking Matt questions about Kristina's surgery. Patrick is surprised to hear there is a fracture.  Matt is extremely sarcastic answering Patrick's questions and comments. Matt walks away with the notion that Patrick hopes he messed up and Kristina will be paralyzed.

While Sonny and Johnny argue in Kristina's room, she wakes up. Sonny goes over to her and she tells him to leave.

Olivia tries to convince Kate to help Sonny. She's adamant that Kate is the one who can straighten Sonny out because he would do anything for her. Olivia reminds her cousin that she was born Constanza "Connie" Louise Falconeri, not Kate Howard. They debate some historic issues. As the conversation heats up, Kate's office phone rings, she answers the call harshly, promptly fires the woman on the other end (Inga) and hangs up. Olivia tells her what she thinks about what she just witnessed and Kate steers the argument back to the subject of Sonny, seeming to try to convince herself that Sonny doesn't mean anything to her.

Face to face, Kristina blames Sonny for her condition, she's clearly angry at him for threatening Johnny. She threw it in his face that he set up the car bomb, saying that is what put her in this situation. Sonny tells her they will talk about it when they're alone and Johnny is going to leave. Kristina tells him Johnny will stay and he needs to leave (Sonny). Johnny and Sonny banter briefly and Sonny leaves her hospital room.

Shawn told Carly that Jason hired him so he can focus on his wedding. Shawn gets a message that Sonny wants to see him. They leave his room and he walks off, leaving Carly in the hall.

Spinelli is still babbling to Jason and Sam about Maxie, the bakery, an evil doer and having some proof. He asked Sam to turn her back and pulls out the formerly missing engagement ring that Jason bought for Sam (the ring that will replace the nut). They discussed where Spinelli found it, Sam turns around (she doesn't see the ring) and asks if he's sure Maxie and Liz are in trouble. He confirms that is correct. Sam excuses herself to go see Kristina and offers Spinelli to stay and talk to Jason about the wedding. Sam leaves. Jason asks Spinelli to be his best man.

Kristina cries to Johnny about Sonny, Sam walks in. Johnny tells Kristina to call if she needs anything and he leaves.

Anthony is at the hospital, with his self-injured hand wrapped, talking to his hired thug who works there. He tells the guy to blend in. They briefly discuss Nurse Liz and Maxie (who they have hidden away somewhere). Anthony threatens that nothing else better go wrong and walks away. Johnny walks up to his father and asks why he's there. Anthony gives a nutty answer and walks away. Johnny walks up to the hired thug and asks him what he does for his father, the guy says he's off duty and slips into a room. Johnny follows behind.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Patrick approaches Anthony and tells him to leave. Anthony threatens legal action; Patrick concedes, tells him to wait his turn and walks away. Anthony pulls out his cell phone and makes a call and tells the person on the other line that he needs to see "the doctor, today."

Having been summoned, Shawn walks into Sonny's office. Sonny offers to pay him to get out of his organization and tells him he needs to get another job before he screws up. Sonny begins a rant, insulting him as Carly walks in to defend her new friend.

Back at Kate's office, she and Olivia are far into a hostile argument with one another. There's so much dialogue it's tough to give you a line by line type of description so I'll summarize so you get the basic meaning. It's basically catch up on their childhood history with one another, with Sonny and the unresolved issue of Connie running off to College to be someone, make something of herself, leaving the "old neighborhood" and becoming "Kate Howard". Bottom line is that Olivia believes that Kate can get through Sonny, who is spiraling out of control.

After barging into Sonny's office, hearing him belittle Shawn, Carly rips into Sonny, pointing the finger back at him. Sonny showed his ass, saying it's his organization and he can do as he pleases and he doesn't want Shawn working for him. Shawn thanks Carly for standing up for him but tells her it's between him and Sonny. He turns to Sonny and says Jason hired him and that's who can fire him. Shawn offers to Carly to leave with him, she declines because she wants to talk to Sonny, Shawn leaves the room. Carly threatens Sonny not to mess with Shawn; Sonny in turn asks her if she's sleeping with him.

Sam and Kristina are talking about Sonny. Sam is explains to Kristina that letting go of her anger might make her feel better. Matt walks in wanting to discuss post surgical stuff.

In Jason's room, he and Spinelli discuss the question at hand, will Spinelli be Jason's best man. In a quirky, cool scene, Jason made it clear that Spinelli is his best guy. Spinelli accepts with a hug. Jason lightly patted his friend's back.

In Sonny's office, he and Carly argue about Shawn, the organization, Jason, Jax and Sonny's horrible childhood. Things always seem to go back to that point in his life, where he had to fight for everything. Before storming out, Carly yells at him that she's sick of hearing about it, she tells him to go back there and fix it.

In Kate's office, Olivia, still referring to her cousin as Connie is quickly corrected that her name is no longer Connie, it's Kate. Again they go over their childhood history and Sonny. Kate writes it off as an adolescent fantasy, "saving the bad boy" and it's not worth her life to try. Olivia gives in, she says Connie's gone and all that's left is a cold hard bitch. After a few more lashes at Kate, Olivia walked out, angry.

Jason asks Spinelli to hack the cameras on the waterfront to look for Maxie and Liz and to call Burt to make arrangements for the money transfer. Jason ended the conversation by telling Spinelli how good it is to have him back. Spinelli pauses in the hall, he has a very strange look on his face (I smell a mystery).

In Kristina's room, Matt needs to go over some things regarding Kristina's surgery. He expresses it would be good to have one of her parents present so Sam leaves to try and find Alexis. Kristina questions why Patrick isn't there. Matt informs her that he did the surgery. Kristina is surprised at this information and questions why nobody told her. He told her that Patrick had busy day and it was decided that he would be more effective. Demanding to be treated like an adult, an 18 year old Kristina told him to tell her what he came to tell. While he began giving her information, Patrick was at the door listening, he heard Matt talk about a fracture that didn't show up on x-rays and a procedure that he performed. Patrick interrupted them saying they should wait for her mother, again Kristina asserted that she is an adult. Matt agrees and tries to get Patrick to leave but he wasn't having it, with Kristina's permission, he remains in the room to hear what his brother, Matt, has to say about the surgery he performed on Kristina.

Shawn is in Jason's room, reporting that Maxie and Liz are missing. They discuss getting all their people on looking for the abducted ladies and checking to see if the bakery is a front. Shawn says he doesn't think the ladies are being held in an obvious place. Jason assures him that Spinelli is working on it and can do anything with a computer.

At home, Spinelli is at his computer looking confused.

Anthony is in the hospital room of Lisa Niles. I KNEW IT!

Matt does some sensation testing on Kristina while Patrick observes. Kristina cannot feel on her right foot. She's immediately panicked (and by choice, no family in the room to comfort her).

Sonny's sitting at his desk, possibly pondering Carly's earlier lashing and all the other lashings he's received in the last couple of weeks. Kate has just arrived outside his office, trying to get the courage to open the door. He turns off his desk light, heads to the door, each are on one side of the door, not knowing the other is right there.

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