GH Update Wednesday 9/14/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/14/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Skye went to the Haunted Star and wrote Ethan a goodbye note, in which she told him not to worry about her and encouraged him not to put his life on hold waiting for Luke to return. She suggested that there might have been a chance for the two of them under different circumstances. Luke strolled in at that moment. They caught up and Skye told him she'd spent Alcazar's money and had been in town on business, but was leaving now. She asked what Luke had been up to, but his response was vague. Skye gently asked if he'd learned that there were some things you couldn't escape, then revealed that she knew about Jake.

Jason protested when a male orderly arrived to give him a sponge bath. To his relief, Sam walked in and talked the orderly into letting her do it instead.

Sonny ran into Shawn at the hospital and implied that he'd harm him if he didn't stay out of the feud between himself and Carly. Shawn informed Sonny that he would continue to be there for Carly if she came to him.

Anthony returned home to find the place in disarray. He was crestfallen because his orchid had been damaged. He assumed Johnny had accidentally knocked it over while sleeping with someone and cautioned him to be careful of his plant. Johnny allowed him to believe this instead of telling him about the scuffle with Sonny. Johnny confronted Anthony about the drug filled boat Anthony had out in the harbor. Before they could get into it, Dante showed up to question Anthony about his whereabouts that night. Johnny disapproved, but Anthony was eager to talk, and he told Dante that he'd been having bagels with Tracy. Dante asked if Anthony knew Joey Bruzetta; he claimed not to. Johnny interjected that instead Dante questioning his father, he should go arrest his own dad for pistol whipping him and dangling him off the balcony earlier. Johnny told Dante and Anthony that Sonny tried to kill him to get revenge because he blamed him for Kristina's injury. Johnny pointed out the bullet hole in the ceiling and told Dante it was courtesy of Olivia, whom he gave credit for saving his life. “That is some woman” Anthony said in an admiring tone, but Dante ordered him not to talk about his mom. Dante was startled that Olivia was there and said he thought they broke up. “We'll see” Johnny said with a grin. Johnny said Olivia knew Sonny well enough to know he was out of it and probably stopped by to prevent any conflict. Johnny said he was still trying to figure out if she was on time or too late.

Lucky returned home, called someone named Sly and asked him to run a trace on Joey Bruzetta from Luzetta's Bakery, then he removed a gun from a box in his drawer. Lulu announced her presence by walking out of a back room and saying she was worried about him. When Lucky tried to blow her off, by saying he didn't have time to have the same conversation with her again, Lulu showed him the empty pill bottle. Lucky sarcastically told her he took them all and enjoyed every minute, then apologized and said he was on edge. The frustrated and upset Lulu yelled that she wanted to help him, so Lucky admitted that he'd slipped up and taken a few pills, but he'd gotten rid of the rest. He asked Lulu to leave, since he was working, but she refused. A heartfelt conversation followed in which Lucky told Lulu how he'd fallen back into drug use after the drugs had been forced on him because he was trying to dull the pain from Siobhan and Jake's deaths. Lulu wished she'd known the truth sooner, so she could have helped. Lucky told her he was an addict and he lied to her about using because he'd also been lying to himself. Lulu bemoaned Dante's decision to keep quiet about Lucky. She wasn't sure she could forgive him for it.

Michael, Molly and Alexis waited in Kristina's hospital room for her surgery to end. When Michael wondered how Kristina's injury happened, Molly tepidly brought up her theory that it was caused by the car bomb. Michael bristled at the suggestion that this was Sonny's fault. Alexis sent Molly on an errand to the gift shop and gently told Michael that while she knew he loved Sonny, he shouldn't feel obligated to rewrite history to make him an innocent. Michael said that Alexis had done the same thing when she was his lawyer. Alexis shot him a wincing smile and admitted he was right. She said Sonny was different back then though, because he was less impulsive. Sonny walked up to the door and stopped to listen while they talked. Alexis didn't regret falling for Sonny's charms and conceiving Kristina, but if she had to do it over again, she didn't think she'd represent Sonny, because of his dark nature. Michael was adamant that he would never walk away from Sonny.

Shawn found Molly curled up next to a wall, crying. He'd come to check on her, because he heard about Kristina. Molly shared that she was terrified that Kristina would be paralyzed from the surgery. Shawn urged her to stay positive. Molly was having trouble controlling her emotions. Shawn told her he often felt the same way and he shared a story with her about the time he had a panic attack when he arrived in Seattle after being in Afghanistan. He'd spotted a very smooth rock and had gained inspiration from thinking about the way the small stone had weathered the elements without being destroyed. Shawn decided to refuse to let life wear him down. The stone had become a talisman of sorts to Shawn and he'd hold it to calm himself whenever he got shaky. He gave it to Molly to keep; she was touched and called him her guardian angel, then thanked him and left.

Sam confided in Jason that she felt bad for being happy about their upcoming marriage while Kristina was suffering. She also worried that Kristina's quest to find love would cause her to make the same bad choices Sam made when she was younger. Jason said he'd learned that you couldn't prevent people from making mistakes. Sam didn't think Jason truly felt that way and referenced his constant attempts to do just that when it came to Carly, Sonny, Michael and others. Jason asked if it bothered her and Sam said she'd come to terms with that part of him, especially now that they were getting married. They shared a kiss. “You're getting married?” said the surprised Sonny, as he walked in. Sonny asked why Jason hadn't said anything before and Jason reminded him that he hadn't been around. “Aren't you going to congratulate us?” Sam asked in an icy tone. Sonny wished them well but warned them that a lot of marriages didn't work out. Sam and Jason were both certain that this was right for them. Sam decided to go check on Kristina but before she left, she reminded Jason and Sonny that Jason couldn't get stressed out. Sonny, noting Sam's cool demeanor, asked if she was in a bad mood. Jason said she was just worried about her sister.

Sonny's temper flared as he told Jason about his altercation with Johnny. He was regretful that he hadn't killed him when he had the chance. Sonny told Jason that Johnny had been using Molly and repeated Johnny taunt that he could use Kristina whenever he wanted. Jason asked Sonny to confirm that Johnny actually said that and that it wasn't just what Sonny thought he heard, which Sonny did. Sonny chided Jason for not killing Johnny back when he'd ordered him to. Jason was very concerned that the cops might be coming for Sonny and wanted to call Diane. Sonny didn't think it was necessary. Jason revealed that he'd enlisted someone to look after Sonny didn't think he needed a baby sitter. Shawn walked in and disclosed that he was Sonny's new guard.

Dante brushed aside Johnny's account of his ordeal with Sonny and told him to go file a complaint, because he was there on real business. Dante asked Anthony about his bandaged hand, which Anthony blamed on a pruning accident. Dante pointed out that Anthony had been at General Hospital on August 22, which had been the night Siobhan died. Johnny put a stop to the questioning and pointed Dante toward the door. Dante told Anthony not to leave town and told Johnny they'd have a problem if he as protecting his father. “Back at you” Johnny said, before closing the door. He turned and eyed Anthony with suspicion. Anthony smiled brightly at him.

Lucky urged Lulu not to give up what she had with a good man like Dante, because he (Lucky) screwed up. He didn't want to be responsible for any more painful things. Lulu said that while she'd been mad at Lucky lately, she just wanted to help him. Lucky was grateful but he thought addicts had to work through making their own choices and didn't know if she'd be able to help. Lulu thought that was just an excuse to push her away which was something Luke would do. Lucky wondered if he might be more like Luke than he thought. Lucky apologized for hurting her and told her how much it meant to him that she cared. Lulu and Lucky fought back tears. Lulu offered to make Lucky dinner. Lucky got a phone call from Sly just as someone knocked on the door. Lucky got the phone and Lulu got the door and came face to face with Dante.

Skye told Luke that Edward had told her that he began drinking even more excessively after he killed Jake and refused his family's help. Luke steadfastly denied having a drinking problem and Skye asked why he'd come back if he wasn't going to change. Luke made a cryptic comment about having “business” there. Skye figured out that he was dodging his family and realized that it wasn't a coincidence that he showed up right after she did. Skye mentioned Tracy; Luke didn't think Tracy wanted anything to do with him and he seemed resigned to this. Skye told him Tracy had moved on and when Luke reacted with interest, Skye said she knew it – he'd followed her hoping she'd catch him up on his family.

Sonny thought Jason had to be joking, but Jason maintained that Shawn was the right man for the job, because they could use someone who was clearheaded and loyal. Sonny didn't want to interact with Shawn. Shawn responded that Sonny didn't have to like him, but he'd still do his best on the job. Sonny said he didn't have time for this, because his daughter was sick. He left. Jason told Shawn Sonny shouldn't be a problem. Jason was pleased when Shawn assured him that he wouldn't let him be. Jason explained that he'd instructed his men to give Shawn anything he needed. Shawn warned Jason that he still suffered the effects of PTSD, most recently on the night Jax took Josslyn. Jason thought Shawn would be fine, since he was able to work through his episode and get Josslyn back to Carly. Jason warned Shawn that he'd have his hands full with Sonny, the Zaccharas and Carly. Shawn chuckled and said Carly might be the one he couldn't handle.

Alexis told Molly and Sam that she was drawing her strength from them. Sam hated waiting, but was sure Kristina would be out of surgery soon, just like Jason was. The sullen Michael sarcastically said he surprised no one had blamed Sonny for Jason's injury too. Sonny came in, looking for news and Alexis and Molly went to look for an update. Michael asked Sonny why he'd gone after Johnny and explained that he wanted to help. Sonny reminded him that he wasn't allowed to take part in those sort of business dealings. Sam told Michael he was on a good path and he shouldn't screw it up. Sonny promised Michael he had it all under control.

Anthony praised Johnny's deft handling of Dante, but Johnny resumed questioning him about the boat. When Anthony was cagey about it, Johnny grabbed Anthony's bandaged hand and squeezed until Anthony screamed in agony. He was furious that Anthony's drug deal gone bad had brought a cop to his door. Johnny leaned down and sank his teeth into Anthony's hand, eliciting more screams. Anthony said that if he was involved in something, he'd make sure Johnny didn't get caught in the crossfire. Protecting each other and going down in flames together, if necessary was what family did, Anthony said. Johnny made it clear that he had no interest in going down in flames with Anthony. Anthony told Johnny to quit worrying; it was almost over anyway. Johnny vowed that Anthony would pay if he brought any more trouble to his door, then he stormed out.

Lulu told Dante that Lucky told her everything, then she departed to the kitchen to let them talk about the case. Lucky had learned that Joey Bruzetta was fresh out of prison and had been cellmates with one of the Trujillos. Dante said Anthony was hiding something. He asked where Spinelli was; Lucky had no idea and thought Dante had him. Lucky got the pill bottle to take to the station as evidence, he got hit with withdrawal pains and had to stop walking for a second. Lucky wished them luck working things out and left. Dante told Lulu he was going to tell her about Lucky and she said she knew because Lucky vouched for him.

Skye refused to tell Luke anything about the man who Tracy was involved with and said if he wanted to know about his family, he'd have to go talk to them. Luke sighed that it wasn't worth it and suggested he tag along with Skye. Skye informed him that he wasn't invited to use her as a ticket out of his mess. “There's no ticket out, Blaze. I know that now” Luke said, dejected. In a compassionate tone, Skye told him to see his family if he wanted to know what they were doing, but warned him that he might not like what he found.

Sam returned to Jason's room. She was worried because it seemed to her that Kristina's surgery was taking too long. Jason didn't think there was any way to tell how long it should take. Sam feared that Sonny had confessed to Jason that he'd killed Johnny. Jason said Sonny hadn't killed him and that it was in Shawn's hands now, so he was officially off duty. Jason said it felt weird and good, but Sam could make him feel better. He pulled her toward him and they kissed.

Sonny complimented Molly on how she'd decorated Kristina's room. Molly was afraid Kristina wouldn't be able to come back to see it, but Sonny and Michael promised she would. Sonny mentioned that Kristina had been mad at him and Michael said he'd try and talk to her about it. Sonny was grateful that Michael was on his side, since no one else was. Alexis returned with a dark look on her face and said there'd been a complication in the surgery.

Anthony called his henchmen and said that the cops might know the women were missing. He told them to be prepared to get rid of them if they caused too much trouble. Anthony didn't realize Johnny was standing a few feet behind him.

Lulu understood that Dante's job dictated that he keep some things from her in to protect the integrity of the investigation, but it wasn't something she could live with. She wasn't comfortable knowing that he might have to keep her in the dark again about things that affected her and her family. Dante wanted to try and work through it and he told her he loved her. Lulu loved him too and said that's why this hurt so much. She told him to take care of Lucky, since he could help him more than she could. Lulu walked out in tears.

Down on the docks, Luke peered around the corner at Lucky who was holding the pill bottle. As Luke slipped back into the darkness, Lucky got a glimpse of the movement out of the corner of his eye.

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