GH Update Tuesday 9/13/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/13/11


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick was in the locker room undressing, when Robin walked in. She wanted to explain her reasoning for pulling him off Kristina's surgery. Maxie entered and after bluntly asking whether they were about to have sex, she told them she wanted to search Matt's locker to see if Sam's ring had accidentally gotten mixed in with his stuff. After Maxie searched and came up empty, Robin and Patrick tried to get her to leave, but she continued to ramble. There were several things on Maxie's mind – she wondered what Matt had wanted to celebrate with her, and she was also consumed by her desire to help Spinelli and find the ring. Maxie felt guilty over losing the ring and believed that Spinelli had been shot because of her. Robin assured her that it wasn't her fault Lisa was crazy, which Maxie accepted. Maxie searched Matt's wallet, hoping to find a clue about the surprise he'd told her about, but she didn't find anything. She left the room to search elsewhere for the ring. Once they were alone, Patrick admitted that Robin had made the right call, because he was too burnt out to do surgery tonight.

Spinelli returned to the alley behind Luzetta's bakery in hopes that it would jog his memory about what happened there. Anthony's henchman and Darryl held Elizabeth at knife-point behind some crates. Liz attempted to get Spinelli's attention, but the goon threatened her with the knife. She was crushed when Spinelli gave up and left the area.

Dante barged into Lucky's and was stunned to find him going through withdrawal. Lucky asked Dante to keep him from going out and scoring more pills. At first Dante was angry, because he assumed Lucky had been lying all along about being shot up by force. Lucky assured him that wasn't the case. Dante wanted to get Lucky some expert help, but Lucky thought he'd run off and buy drugs if he left the house, so Dante tried to take his mind off his ordeal by talking to him about his childhood hobbies. Lucky asked if Dante had worked things out with Lulu. Dante was reluctant to discuss it, but told Lucky she'd moved out.

As Anthony piled food on to Tracy's plate, she tried to deny that she'd associated with mobsters in the past. Anthony pointed out that she'd been Mrs. Gino Soleito. Gino had been a friend of Anthony's until their falling out. Anthony thought Tracy had some admirable traits and informed her that they would be spending a lot of time together in the future. Tracy found the prospect of spending time with Anthony repulsive, but he wasn't fazed about this. He continued to taunt her about stealing the Soleito fortune and about tricking Gino into sleeping with a hooker until Tracy got fed up and kicked him out. Anthony told Tracy he'd see her for dinner tomorrow at the Metro Court. The topic of conversation was to be the money she stole from Gino's estate and funneled into ELQ. Tracy realized that Skye had to be the one who fed this information to Anthony and cursed her. Anthony urged Tracy to be nicer, then brightly said he'd see her tomorrow. Tracy slammed the door behind him.

Lulu searched for Spinelli and ended up at the docks. She had a flashback to holding Dante's hand while they were at the Opera.

At Johnny's apartment, Sonny, who was holding a gun to Johnny's head, ushered him to the ledge of his balcony. Sonny planned to throw Johnny over the balcony in order to prevent him from taking advantage of his children. Johnny and Sonny argued about which of them was responsible for Kristina's injury and Johnny told Sonny he could kill him, but he'd always know it was his fault his daughter was hurt. The horrified Olivia burst in and ordered Sonny to stop. Sonny demanded that she leave unless she wanted to watch Johnny die. Johnny also urged Olivia to stay out of it, then continued to heap blame on Sonny and compare him to his abusive stepfather. Olivia ducked into the house and quickly returned with Johnny's gun. She fired a warning shot, then pointed it at Sonny's back. Sonny pointed out that the force of the shot would push both him and Johnny over the ledge, but Olivia said she was willing to take that chance. Sonny felt justified in killing Johnny because he used Kristina and in his view was responsible for her ailment. Johnny believed Sonny was being hypocritical, because he had no qualms about using his sister Claudia. Olivia felt that Sonny was lashing out at Johnny because he was in pain over Brenda. She tried to convince him that she was trying to protect both him and Johnny.

Maxie called Sam, while she retraced her steps, looking for the ring. While on the docks, Maxie remembered leaving the ring at Luzetta's bakery and dashed off to retrieve it.

Robin wondered why Patrick hadn't told her upfront that he was too tired to do another surgery after having done an eight hour surgery earlier in the day. Patrick said she was his boss and he wanted to show that he could do anything she asked of him. Robin chuckled about his competitive nature and Patrick pointed out that she had a competitive streak too. After some good natured teasing and reminiscing about the ping pong match they played on their first date, Robin and Patrick decided to go take a shower together.

Lulu went to ELQ and told Tracy about her woes with Dante. Tracy was sorry that Dante had kept something from her, but said she wasn't going to give her a pity party because she was married to Luke – the master of lies and deceit. Tracy didn't think Dante was nearly as bad as Luke. Lulu told Tracy about the nameplate Dante had made and said Olivia thought it was lame and advised her to make him wait before agreeing to move in. Tracy called Olivia a fool and said she should have told Lulu to go to Dante and not let him go. Lulu protested that Dante had lied to her, but Tracy said he'd done it to protect her and surely felt bad about keeping things from her. Tracy told Lulu to get over herself; she advised Lulu not to throw away such a stable and decent guy. Lulu maintained that she couldn't be with someone who hid things from her. Tracy lectured that Dante hadn't cheated or committed a crime – he'd protected her brother. She told Lulu that she had an infantile idea of what a relationship was supposed to be about and that she shouldn't expect perfection from Dante.

Tracy told Lulu that if you wanted to be in a relationship you had to fight to stay together and forgive even if you didn't want to. Crying, Lulu asked what if she couldn't do that. Using herself as an example, Tracy said if you don't, you end up alone, filling the void with work and possessions that could both be easily taken from you at any moment.

After finding out the truth about Lucky, Dante had come to believe Lulu had been right all along; he was remorseful about inadvertently enabling Lucky's drug use by helping him stay on the case. Lucky let him know it wasn't his fault. When Dante told Lucky he had to tell Lulu he'd been using again, Lucky accepted it and said he'd been wrong to ask Dante to keep his secret in the first place. Lucky listened to the voicemails Liz left and heard the sounds of her being kidnapped. Dante wanted to call it in to the police, but Lucky insisted he'd find her himself. He vowed not to fail her way he'd failed Jake and Siobhan.

Lucky called Liz, but her phone was shown ringing in a dumpster. Lucky and Dante were able to work out some possible places she could be, based on the ambient sounds in the messages and some of the things she said. One of those places was Luzetta's bakery. Lucky recalled someone from Luzetta's being there when he was injected with the drugs. Lucky remembered the L, U and partial letter Siobhan wrote and realized she must have been writing the word Luzetta's before she died. The two of them raced to find Liz.

Maxie entered the alleyway by the bakery, pushed aside her disgust, then climbed in the dumpster and searched for the ring.

Spinelli lay on the ground at the docks, gazing up at the sky, singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. “How I wonder where you are” he repeated, as he tried to regain his memory. He got up when he noticed a Luzetta's Bakery napkin on the ground. Spinelli looked at the logo with an expression of recognition, then held the napkin in the air in triumph.

Sonny vowed that someone had to pay for Kristina's injury. Olivia tried to convince him that he'd lose Kristina forever if he killed Johnny. Sonny asked why she was defending garbage like Johnny and asked if it was because he was good in bed. Olivia told Sonny she was defending him (Sonny) like always, even to their son whom he tried to kill. Sonny didn't feel that was relevant since Olivia hadn't told him Dante was his. Olivia declared that Sonny had done more harm than she and Johnny had. She then said he was a man of his word and reminded him that he'd agreed to a truce, which Johnny had worked overtime to uphold. Johnny announced that those days were over and asked Olivia for his gun. Olivia refused to let Johnny make it worse. Sonny said Johnny would take him out as soon as he got the opportunity, but Johnny said Sonny would already been dead if he wanted to kill him. Olivia urged Sonny to go be with Kristina. Sonny promised Johnny they'd settle this later. Olivia told Sonny he was in serious trouble, but Sonny disagreed. He told Olivia he'd kill Johnny whenever he wanted, then he stormed out.

Olivia was traumatized by the ordeal. She gave Johnny his gun and he thanked her for having his back. Olivia begged Johnny not to escalate things and she encouraged to take the high road and work on creating the stable life he dreamed of having. Johnny didn't think that was possible anymore, due to Sonny. Olivia knew she was making excuses for Sonny, but she said he'd been crushed when Brenda left. Johnny said she was giving Sonny the benefit of the doubt because she had a history with him, but Olivia said she had a history with Johnny too. Olivia thought Johnny deserved happiness and she urged him not to let Sonny pull him back into a life of violence. Johnny had come to believe one couldn't change the path they were destined to take in life. When Olivia asked what Johnny would do if Sonny came after him, Johnny implied he'd do something to make sure Sonny didn’t get that chance.

After Robin and Patrick got dressed, Robin wondered if things would always be this good between them or if Patrick might become less attracted to her as the years went on. Patrick told her he found her more attractive now than he did at their wedding and he was certain he'd continue to find her more irresistible as they aged. The two of them were glad that they were close again and vowed to do whatever it took to stay that way. They exchanged I love yous and kissed. Patrick promised to make Robin dinner once they got home, then pick up where they left off in the shower. Robin asked if he was trying to score with the Chief of Staff or score in general. He didn't respond and Robin turned to see that Patrick had sat down, laid his head on a table and fallen asleep. She smiled.

Anthony called his men over the phone and said he'd abort the drug drop off. He told them to get Elizabeth out of there. Anthony's henchmen exited the alley with Elizabeth just as Maxie was climbing out of the dumpster and they all spotted each other.

Sonny went to the hospital, then called someone and put a hit out on Johnny.

Lulu entered Lucky's now empty house and was dismayed when she saw the empty pill bottles.

Dante and Lucky arrived in the alley where Maxie and Liz had been. Lucky called Liz's phone and heard it ringing from the dumpster. Just then Spinelli arrived, found Sam's engagement ring on the ground and announced that Maxie had been there too. Spinelli, Dante and Lucky exchanged concerned looks.

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