GH Update Monday 9/12/11

General Hospital Update Monday 9/12/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny is playing the piano in his apartment. Anthony appears, a grim expression on his face. Anthony comments that Johnny’s music is gloomy. Anthony wishes Johnny would play a Sinatra tune. Johnny makes a joke about Anthony’s orchids. They begin bickering about business. Johnny isn’t happy that his father is going after Sonny. Anthony receives a phone call, then heads out to the terrace. Anthony talks to his goon Darryl. Darryl says there is a problem at the bakery.

Olivia finds Lulu on the pier. It is obvious Lulu has been crying. Olivia senses Lulu and Dante had a terrible fight. Olivia gives Lulu a hug. Olivia wants to know what the problem is. Lulu admits that she and Dante are still working on old issues, then announces that they broke up. Olivia says she gave Dante advice beforehand. Lulu says Dante kept a secret about Lucky. Olivia defends her son, saying he had good intentions when staying mum about Lucky’s secret. Olivia thinks Lulu has too high of expectations when it comes to a relationship. Lulu fears Dante would pick his job over her. Olivia reminds Lulu that Dante is very loyal. Lulu receives a phone call from Maxie, asking her to stop by the Crimson office. Lulu is not looking forward to Kate’s latest drama. Lulu thanks Olivia for the chat. Olivia hopes Lulu will reconsider things with Dante. After Lulu leaves, Johnny shows up looking for his father. Johnny tells Olivia that Anthony wants to take down Sonny and that the Zacchara-Corinthos truce is in jeopardy. Johnny worries that Anthony has been goading Sonny since his release from prison. Johnny is mad that his father keeps undermining him. Olivia says Johnny can’t control Anthony’s behavior. Johnny has an idea to keep Anthony in order. Johnny senses Olivia is having problems with Steve. Olivia refuses to talk to Johnny about her love life. Johnny says Steve is a good guy but wonders if Olivia is happy with the doctor. Olivia wishes Johnny well.

Kate Howard returns to the Crimson offices. Kate is making a business call. Kate is furious to find Maxie nowhere in sight. Kate walks into her own office, then freezes when she sees a man on the floor. Lulu hurries over to the office. Kate demands to know where Maxie is. Lulu says a family emergency came up, so she’s filling in for Maxie. Lulu reminds Kate that she no longer works at Crimson. Kate tells Lulu that she must take care of a “situation” – Spinelli sitting on her office floor. Spinelli remains quiet as Lulu and Kate discuss rescheduling appointments. Kate warns that if Lulu leaves, Maxie will be out of a job. Once alone, Lulu is relieved to find Spinelli is no longer the Jackal. Spinelli seems sad about something. Spinelli remembers bits and pieces about being in the sewer with Maxie. However, his time as the Jackal is a blur. Spinelli can’t believe that he stood up to Anthony. Lulu says the Jackal is a part of Spinelli. Spinelli wonders where Maxie is. Kate returns, furious that Spinelli hasn’t left the premises. Lulu and Kate argue with each other. Spinelli hurries onto the elevator while Lulu calls Frederico. Kate makes a mysterious phone call in her office.

At General Hospital, Carly and Sonny are arguing about Morgan. Sonny is mad that Morgan was sent to military school. Carly makes it clear Sonny will not have access to Morgan. Sonny figures he’ll have to compromise with Carly in some way. Sonny demands to have Morgan return to Port Charles. Carly says Sonny can see Morgan again when he visits for Thanksgiving. Sonny thinks Carly is doing this for payback. Carly argues that Sonny should be focused on Kristina’s recovery. Shawn intervenes and asks Sonny to back off. Sonny rambles on about seeing Morgan. Shawn and Sonny butt heads. Sonny reminds Carly that Shawn allowed Jax to leave with Josslyn. Sonny shakes his head in disbelief and walks toward the elevator. Shawn and Carly head over to the lobby. Shawn gets some decaf coffee for Carly. Shawn says Sonny is a bully. Carly brings up the teaching job at PCU. Shawn plans on talking to Robin about a job at the hospital. Carly’s curiosity is piqued. Carly teases Shawn about wanting a janitorial job. Shawn says he’ll keep Carly informed. Carly talks about Shawn staying at Kelly’s. Shawn says Carly drives him crazy.

Skye enters the Quartermaine living room and sees Edward asleep in his chair. At first, Skye panics, thinking Edward is dead. Skye picks up the newspaper just as Edward awakes. Edward makes a comment about Skye leaving town. Edward says the Q jet is ready for Skye. Edward relays Ethan told him about Skye’s plan to leave Port Charles. Skye implies she doesn’t need the jet after all. Skye raves about Ethan being a great kid. Edward says Skye still likes Luke. Edward is convinced Tracy will eventually get over Luke. Skye has a proposition for Edward. Skye says Edward needs to be prepared for something terrible. Skye comes clean about Tracy’s financial troubles. Skye wants to protect Edward, so she proposes putting ELQ money into a separate account. Skye says Anthony will end up taking all of Tracy’s money. Edward is visibly disappointed in Tracy. Edward wonders if Skye is attracted to Ethan. Edward warns Skye that Anthony Zacchara cannot be trusted. Skye brings up her fling with Lorenzo. Skye tells Edward that she’s using Anthony. Edward hopes Skye returns with Lila Rae. Before leaving Edward tells Skye to be careful. A man is watching Skye from the patio.

Molly goes to Jason’s hospital room and runs into Sam. Sam says Jason is having more tests done. Molly wants to stay hopeful for Kristina. Molly worries how the Sonny situation will impact Kristina’s recovery. Molly spills the beans that Kristina’s bone fracture most likely was caused by the car bombing. Sam isn’t convinced. Molly thinks the fall caused the fracture. Sam points out it could have easily been Kiefer’s physical abuse. Sam begs Molly to keep quiet about her thoughts on the bone fracture. Unbeknownst to them, Sonny is outside in the hallway listening. Sonny hears Molly talk about himself and Ric, and who of the two are worse fathers. Sam thinks Kristina is just like Sonny. Molly thinks Sonny should have done a better job protecting his children.

Anthony arrives at Luzetta’s Bakery to find Elizabeth gagged and bound. Anthony criticizes his goons for getting careless. Anthony slaps Darryl across the face. The pastry chef says Darryl has been taking some of the pills. Anthony makes some threats, then tells the two men that they need to fix the problem (Elizabeth). The chef isn’t certain whether or not Liz saw his face. Anthony appears to be impressed that Elizabeth was grabbed without seeing either the chef or Darryl. However, Anthony is tired of Darryl’s excuses. Anthony leaves Luzetta’s and heads over to the ELQ office. Tracy threatens to call security. Anthony makes a joke. Anthony asks Emilio to bring in dinner for two. Tracy is horrified that Anthony wants to eat supper in her office. Anthony closes Tracy’s laptop. Tracy makes it clear she won’t be eating with Anthony. Anthony asks Tracy not to be mean. Tracy is about to puke when Anthony starts cutting into a piece of tongue. Anthony brings up Tracy’s ex Geno. Tracy is horrified to learn Anthony knows about her stealing money.

Johnny runs into Molly in the hospital lobby. Molly relays to Johnny about Kristina’s surgery, then blurts out her bone fracture was caused by the car bombing. Sonny is eavesdropping nearby. Johnny doesn’t want to run into Sonny, so he gives his cell number to Molly and asks her to call with an update on Krissy. Molly agrees to keep quiet about her chat with Johnny.

Spinelli returns to Luzetta’s Bakery. Elizabeth and Darryl hide behind some crates. Spinelli doesn’t see Liz.

Sonny barges into Johnny’s apartment and throws a vase to the floor. Johnny demands that Sonny leave. Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from Kristina. Johnny taunts Sonny, saying he can sleep with Kristina anytime he wants. Sonny hits Johnny on the head, then forces him out on the terrace where he aims a gun at Johnny.

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