GH Update Friday 9/9/11

General Hospital Update Friday 9/9/11


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

In Jason's hospital room, he and Carly discuss Jax. Carly makes it clear she blames Sonny. Jason tells her it's not good for the kids to see her angry at Sonny. She tells Jason about Morgan being in a military school.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sonny gets off the elevator, Alexis is waiting for him. Alexis tells him to be calm when visiting Kristina.

At a nurse's station, Matt asks Robin who's assigned to Kristina's surgery. Robin tells him Patrick is assigned. Matt says Patrick is in surgery and has been busy since Jason's surgery and will be too fried to do the surgery. Robin assures Matt Patrick has amazing stamina and has done this surgery before. Matt reminds the Chief of Staff, Robin, that one false move and Kristina could be paralyzed. Patrick walks up saying he's done with surgery, has followed up with one of his other cases and is ready for Kristina's surgery.

Alone at the casino, Skye is waiting for Ethan to return. Anthony walks in with his intimidations directed at her.

Ethan walks in on Edward at the Quartermaine mansion. Ethan asks for help to get someone out of the country.

Back at the casino, Anthony continues his threats; Skye tiring of it tells him to just kill her. He continues his antics and says he wants to make a deal; he'll keep going after Tracy and will not touch Edward in exchange for her to keep quiet. Skye asks why she should trust him; he says in exchange for her silence, he'll leave her daughter alone.

Back in Jason's room, Carly continues telling Jason how Jax wanted Morgan safe and arranged for Morgan to attend the military school. Jason tried to reason that it will make Sonny mad. Carly doesn't care. Jason said he doesn't agree with what Sonny did but Jax knew what he was up against. Carly is angry and says that Sonny murdered Jax.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina's medical situation, a piece of bone fragment that needs to be removed from the back of her neck from an old trauma.

Matt and Robin tell Patrick they are concerned about his fatigue and taking another surgery. Patrick says he's the best person for the job and Kristina is his patient. Matt asks him to consider that if Emma was to have this surgery, would he want an exhausted surgeon working on her. Patrick takes Kristina's chart and walks away. Liz overhears the conversation.

I think Lucky's in his bathroom at home. He takes a pill from a bottle and is looking at it.

Somewhere in the hospital Matt is sitting on a comfy looking chair with some papers, Liz sits next to him. They discuss his research project briefly. Matt makes complaints about Patrick and how Robin sides with him. Liz asks if he's seen Maxie, he says no and asks if she's heard from Lucky. She says no but will stop in after work.

Lucky is talking to his pills, saying this is for Jake, one for Cameron, another for Aiden, Siobhan, Liz; taking a pill out for each person he is naming. He throws the named pills down the sink and turns the water on.

Sonny walks in to Kristina's room. Sam takes Molly out so Kristina and Sonny can talk. Once alone, Kristina yells at Sonny about being responsible for Jax and tells him to leave, he says he is her father and isn't going away. Sonny sits on the bed, putting his arm around a crying Kristina. Robin and Patrick walk in and say they are ready to take her to surgery.

In Jason's room, Carly and Jason talk about how it's better for her to tell him what's going on so he can fix things and blames himself in part for all that's happened. Carly said it's her fault that she enabled Sonny and has been stuck in the dysfunction. Carly asks Jason to tell her that Sonny is a good father and has done everything he can to put his kids first and make any necessary sacrifice for them. Jason looks at her then looks away.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward is confirming his understanding of what Ethan wants; helping to get someone out of town. Edward probed for how well Ethan knows this person; it was a sweet exchange of dialogue. Edward goes to the phone and he says he'll make some calls. Then, he says to Ethan to tell Skye to take care of herself, that she's welcome any time. He's a sly old guy and he loves him some Skye.

At the casino, Skye confirms what Anthony said; keep her mouth shut and her loved ones are safe. He tells her, in his creepy way, that if he wanted her dead she would be dead. Anthony went off about Tracy stealing, sitting on her throne, being mean to Skye and said he will do what he has to do. Anthony leaves, Skye is definitely shaken up.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin who he wants in the OR. A fatigued Patrick drops a paper and Robin picks it up. Sonny walks up and tells Patrick to make sure his daughter comes out okay. After telling Sonny that he just saved Jason's life, so he can go on killing people under Sonny's order and will save Sonny's daughters' life even though he terrorized his daughter, Patrick walked away.

In Jason's room Carly and he discuss backing Sunny into a corner and how he will react. Carly says she doesn't trust Sonny. Jason says he will take care of it. Carly says she's changed and can't deal with the danger any more. Jason tells her that he understands. The subject changes briefly and he asks her to be a little more considerate to Sam. In the next moment they're back on the Sonny conversation. Sonny walks in just in time to hear Carly saying she doesn't give a damn about what Sonny wants.

Anthony's goon, who works at the hospital, is mopping the hall outside a room where a nurse just walked out from. He answers his cell phone, just before entering the room for "Authorized Personnel". It's Anthony calling to tell him to get to the bakery now. Liz rounds the corner to see the man enter the room.

Ethan calls Skye to tell her it's all set up and she can slip out of the country under the radar. Skye, acting composed and confident, tells him she spoke with Anthony and everything is as it should be. He tells her to stay at the Star, he's on his way.

Kristina's gone from her room, Molly, Sam and Alexis are in there with Robin. Alexis asks Robin questions about Kristina's procedure, Robyn says she's in the best hands and she'll let them know when surgery is over. Robin walks out. The Davis ladies all reassure each other while Kristina is about to have surgery. Alexis, Molly and Sam group hug.

In Jason's room, Sonny and Carly argue in front of him. Carly storms out. Sonny tells Jason he doesn't want Morgan at that school, Jason tells Sonny he's not thinking clearly. Sonny continues complaining that he's not giving up his kids. Jason reminds Sonny he doesn't need to get Morgan back today and that he's making bad decisions. They talk a little about Kristina's surgery and the day Sonny went to Robin's house with a gun. Jason tells Sonny he needs to think things through. Jason's such a good friend.

Ethan gets to the Haunted Star calling out Skye's name, she was gone.

Outside the room that's authorized for personnel only, Liz sees Anthony's goon leave, he sees her too. Liz calls Lucky, leaves a message saying she knows who's stealing the drugs and will back later.

Lucky is alone fighting his urge to take pills, pacing back and forth, fidgeting and looking at the bottle of pills.

Sam walks in Jason's room and lightly kisses a sleeping Jason, he is awake. They talk about Kristina. Sam wants her to be okay and is worried that Kristina could be paralyzed. Jason assures her that Kristina will pull through because Patrick pulled him through and is her doctor too.

Somewhere in the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that Matt will be operating on Kristina because it's time for him (Patrick) to call it a day and he needs to rest. Patrick puts the chart down and walks away upset.

Back in Kristina's room Molly and Alexis are waiting together. Molly has her computer and is looking up things that could cause a bone chip in Kristina's neck. Alexis thinks it's from beatings taken from Kiefer and Molly thinks it's something Sonny did.

In one if the hospital waiting areas Sonny walks up to Carly, she tells him they have nothing else to talk about. He asks what he has to do to see his son.

Liz is following Anthony's goon to outside of Luzetta's Bakery, the guy goes inside. Liz calls Lucky again; she begins to leave another message which is interrupted when a dark skinned man's hand covers her mouth and takes her away.

At the sink, Lucky is splashing water on his face, talking to himself in the mirror telling himself to "come on cowboy, you're a Spencer, you can't outrun your fate." He tells the mirror "I'm not like you dad, I will never ever be like you." He is struggling with his addiction.

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