GH Update Thursday 9/8/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/8/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

In Jason's hospital room, Maxie intrudes on Jason and Sam and tells them that she lost/misplaced the ring again. Jason says he will buy another ring. Maxie insists she will find it, she says the ring called Sam's name.

Carly and Shawn run into each other at Kelly's Diner.

In her hospital room, Kristina tells Molly, Michael and Alexis that she has decided to have the surgery. Alexis ushers Molly out of the room leaving Michael with Kristina. Kristina says it was Ethan who convinced her to have the surgery (to remove the bone fragment pressing on her spine).

Skye is looking over her much ransacked living space (I'm guessing it's a hotel room). Unintentionally, Ethan walks in and startles her. Ethan is very upset to see her room like that and warns her that if Anthony sees her as a threat, she's dead. Ethan offers to get her out of that place.

Kristina and Michael talk about Sonny and he tells her he's going to be an enforcer for "coffee beans" working in the "legit" side of the business.

Shawn and Carly are talking at Kelly's, at first standing, to continue their conversation, they take a table together. Shawn is renting the room above the diner. Carly tells Shawn she has a job for him at PCU, teaching.

In Sam's room, Maxie has brought wedding cake samples for Jason and Sam to taste. The cakes are from Luzetta's Bakery, where Anthony intends to move drugs, yikes. They talk about the missing ring; Maxie puts her foot down about Jason getting a new one. Maxie expresses her concern about Spinelli/Jackal PI to Sam and Jason. She feels he is losing touch with reality, then announces that Spinelli will be Jason's best man. Jason and Sam look at each other like "Oh hell no" and that fun background music plays.

At Kelly's Shawn and Carly are discussing the job she got for him. She wants him to check it out. He says he doesn't want favors. Carly complains that he can do nice things for her but she can't for him. She makes fun of his pride and says wants a good reason why he shouldn't take the teaching job. He explains he may not be able to commit. Shawn tells Carly to go visit Jason.

Jason and Sam are clearly shocked that Maxie has decided Spinelli should be Jason's best man. Sam tells Maxie she should have asked first. Maxie points out there is a time crunch and tells them they are obligated to help Spinelli get back to normal. Maxie changed the subject back to wedding talk saying they need to talk about bride's maid's dresses. Sam said K and Molly have picked them out, to which Maxie says they have no fashion sense. Sam says we have enough to think about for one day, bye-bye. Sam gets up and shoos Maxie from the room, leaving Jason on his own.

Liz is looking at Siobhan's records. Matt walks up to and asks her if she's alright. Liz is thinking about how close Jason came to dying. Maxie walks up neurotic from losing Sam's engagement ring. Matt has a picnic planned on the hospital roof. Maxie asks for a rain check so she can go look for Spinelli. She runs off. Matt asks Liz if she wants to go on a picnic.

Kristina and Molly talk about Michael and Abby's relationship. Kristina doesn't like Abby and becomes irritated at Molly for not understanding.

Sam is crying outside Jason's room, Alexis walks up. Sam says she's relieved that Jason will be alright but now she is frustrated about Kristina's medical situation (the bone fragment in her neck). Alexis and Sam hug.

Abby meets Michael at the coffee warehouse. They talk about business at ELQ, she got to sit in on a meeting with the lawyers and found it very exciting. She asks Michael about his first day. He gives her a blind coffee taste test.

Liz and Matt have a picnic on the hospital roof. Liz observes his plan for a special occasion for Maxie and implies that Matt was going to ask Maxie to marry him. He quickly corrects her that it was a celebration on getting published for his research. He was disappointed that he was sharing this news with Liz and not Maxie.

Embracing, Sam and Alexis say they love each other then go into Kristina's room to discuss wedding plans with her sisters. Sam expresses her anxiety about Maxie to Alexis, Kristina and Molly. They go all wedding planner on her asking if flowers and dress fittings have been organized and make a joke in the end because it's already planned out for her. They all hug.

Carly visits Jason in the hospital. She says she was freaking out because she didn't think he would remember her. He asks her what she needs (Carly always needs something). She asks why he assumes this and states that she can get through her life without him, "for a day or two".

Carly makes sarcastic remarks about the wedding still being on and God forbid Sam would postpone it. They gett serious and Carly reminds him that he woke up a different person with the AJ accident and tells him that everyone was scared.

Michael asks for Abby's honest opinion on coffees, she samples 3 flavors and gives a one word review for each coffee. Her simple comments made for good fun and Abby challenges Michael to sample with better descriptions. Michael takes a taste and gives a long dissertation of flavors as a joke.

Liz thanks Matt for the picnic, they discuss Maxie. Matt expresses that Maxie is busy in her world and he is busy with research and she is the perfect girlfriend. But, he wanted to tell Maxie about his research progress, instead he is sharing it with Liz.

Skye and Ethan arrive at the casino. He says she should be safe here for a bit. They are discussing playing the tables with Luke and the old life. Ethan says he'll stick around for a bit but misses those days. He leaves to make arrangements to get Skye out of town and told her she would be safe there. Ethan leaves; Skye hears a noise behind her, turns around to see who it is.

Matt and Liz, enjoying their picnic, are talking about Patrick, his dad and his dad's previous research in the 1970's (lol I remember watching that).

They talk about Lucky. Liz tells Matt that Lucky is strong. Matt gives her a nice compliment telling her that she has such faith in him that it's unbelievable... and that everyone needs a Liz in their lives. Liz's beeper goes off and she has to go, they say a friendly good-bye. Matt, ever the gentleman, stands up when she stands up to leave.

Abby and Michael talk about his job; she asks if it's a mob job. He tells her it's a legit position. Michael told her he signed up for night classes in business management. They kiss.

Carly and Jason talk about back when Jason took over the organization and they were running the business together and back when Michael was shot. Jason tells Carly he gave Michael a job. Carly raises her voice in disapproval. Jason explains it's a job in the warehouse and the best way to keep his eye on Michael. She tells Jason he is the only one who can keep Michael safe.

Sam and Alexis run into each other somewhere in the halls of the hospital. Sensing Sam's anxiety, she asks Sam if she's sure about not wanting to postpone the wedding.

Abby and Michael start kissing and stuff at the warehouse.

Carly and Jason discuss Michael wanting to save Sonny. Jason let Carly know he knows Sonny tampered with Jax plane and asks her why she didn't tell him.

Alexis and Sam walking arm in arm to Kristina's door talking about the wedding.

Liz calls Lucky's phone but does not leave a message. She looks worried.

Matt is alone on the roof top wrapping up the picnic

Anthony walks in to the casino and says to Skye, "Couldn't let you go without saying good-bye now, could I". That was scary.

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