GH Update Wednesday 9/7/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/7/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu was at Dante's packing her things, when he called from the hospital. He poured his heart out to her over the answering machine and asked her not to leave because she was everything to him. Lulu listened to his message, but he hung up just as she picked up the phone. Maxie arrived – she was supposed to be helping Lulu pack but she'd gotten held up because she'd been busy planning Sam's wedding. Maxie was also trying to figure out where Spinelli was and had even checked the alley behind the bakery for him, but hadn't found him there. Maxie began to ramble on about love and happiness, and offered to show her Sam's engagement ring but Lulu didn't really want to talk about that. Maxie thought that Lulu just didn't want to be happy, but Lulu felt that Dante lied with such ease that she didn't think she could trust him anymore. Maxie thought that Lulu was breaking up with Dante to keep her mind off of her fears about Luke and Lucky. She believed that Lulu was just going to make up with Dante eventually so she started unpacking Lulu's bag, which annoyed Lulu. They had a tug of war over a dress and it ripped. Maxie apologized and Lulu forgave her because she knew Maxie was just trying to be a good friend. Lulu theorized that Maxie was trying to fix her relationship with Dante to keep her mind off of the situation with Spinelli. Maxie admitted that she'd tried everything she could think of to help Spinelli but nothing seemed to be working. Lulu noticed that Maxie hadn't mentioned Matt and asked if they were having trouble.

Alexis asked Dante if he'd seen Sonny. He hadn't and said he didn't plan to talk to him unless he was arresting him. Alexis understood; she wanted to let Sonny know Kristina was sick but hadn't had any luck reaching him. Dante wasn't sure if that was a good idea since Kristina felt the same way he did about their father. Alexis got where Dante was coming from, but she still wanted him to use his resources to track Sonny down so she could let him know what was going on before he found out from someone else and blew up about it.

Sam stopped by Kristina's hospital room with lots of information on weddings in tow. Sam wanted help picking out things for the wedding, but Kristina could tell Sam was trying to distract her. Kristina wasn't worried about her test results and was focused on being able to go back to school. PCU wasn't Yale, but Kristina liked it there and she wanted to be able to attend classes and meet new people without the stigma of being known as Sonny's daughter or as the person who got hospitalized the first week of school. Sam was sure Patrick would be able to fix Kristina's problem after what he'd done for Jason. Kristina started looking at pictures of wedding dresses and teased Sam by pretending to like an ugly one. Sam pretended to like it too, since she believed that's what Kristina wanted. Kristina laughed and said Sam must be really worried about her if she was willing to agree to wear that. Sam shared that she wasn't concerned about the dress she wore. Jason was fine and that was all that she needed.

Michael visited Jason in his hospital room. They chatted about Jason's recovery and Michael told Jason that he quit ELQ, to Edward's chagrin. Michael figured Edward would end up being happy that he and Jason were alive even if they weren't the upstanding citizens he hoped they'd be. Jason said that when he woke up with no memory, it was like a death for the Quartermaines. Michael said he couldn't be the replacement Jason Quartermaine. Jason didn't mean it that way but he thought it was irresponsible for Michael to throw away the chance Edward gave him. Jason advised Michael to think about his future and the future of his loved ones before making big decisions. He felt that Michael should have considered how quitting might affect Abby's position at ELQ. He brought up his decision to give up Jake and said that while it hurt, he did it because Jake deserved better and he thought Michael deserved better too. Michael was adamant that Sonny needed him to work for him and he refused to let him down.

Skye packed her bags and started out of her hotel room. She was startled to find Anthony in the hallway. He was unhappy to see that she was leaving town. Skye nervously said her work there was done. She felt that she and Anthony had finished their business transaction and it was time for them to part ways, but Anthony was uncomfortable with Skye having dirt on him. Skye attempted to walk past him, but Anthony blocked her path and in a threatening tone asked her what made her think he was going to let her leave. Ethan witnessed this and asked Skye if there was a problem. Anthony claimed to just be chatting with his friend and told Ethan that his father was a fool to let someone of Skye's caliber slip away. Anthony said he'd never make that mistake, then he told Skye he'd be in touch and left. Ethan noted that Anthony was turning up the heat on Skye, but she assured him it was nothing she couldn't handle. She just wanted Ethan to look after Edward while she went to visit her daughter. Ethan wanted details on what was going on between her and Anthony, but Skye felt it was better if he didn't know too much. Ethan took that as a challenge.

Michael and Jason started talking about Sonny's behavior. Michael strongly defended Sonny and said that while he hoped Jax was alive, it wasn't Sonny's fault that his plane crashed. Michael felt that Jax was a good guy who made some bad choices and that Sonny was being unfairly vilified. Michael also refused to believe that Sonny was having a breakdown. Jason said that Sonny was the one making bad choices and said he was doing things he never would have if he was thinking clearly. Jason asked Michael if he was really okay with Josslyn losing her father. Michael wasn't, but he pointed out that lots of kids, including him, didn't grow up with their real father. Jason said that while he was loyal to Sonny, this time he was wrong. Michael disagreed and was determined to get a job in the business. He wasn't swayed by Jason saying he didn't want him involved. Jason told Michael he could work at the warehouse. Michael was desperate to be involved in the illegal side of the business, which made Jason wonder if he was still trying to prove he was tough enough to handle things. Michael admitted that this might have something to do with what he'd experienced in prison. Despite working with a therapist, Michael still hadn't recovered. Jason urged him to keep working on learning to handle his anger.

Milo and two other men arrived to talk to Jason. Michael got up to go and surprised Jason by telling him he'd take the job.

Alexis and Sam thought Kristina should bring Taylor to the wedding. Kristina hadn't even talked to him recently and accused them of only liking him because he wasn't like Ethan. Both Alexis and Sam denied this. Patrick walked in with the test results. Alexis wanted him to tell her the news first, but Kristina protested and Patrick pointed out that Kristina was an adult. Patrick explained that Kristina had a bone fragment pressing on her artery that was causing the head-rushes. It would need to be surgically removed in a simple procedure with an incision in her neck, but there was a chance the operation could paralyze her. Alexis wanted to wait for Sonny before they made a decision. Kristina didn't think Sonny had a say in it and she didn't want him there. Patrick left to give them privacy. Kristina wanted to talk to Ethan. Alexis pointed out that Ethan wasn't family but Kristina didn't care because she felt that he was the only one she could speak freely to without fear of disappointing him. Alexis said Kristina could do the same with her. Kristina brought up Alexis's disappointment over her not getting into Yale and Alexis clarified that she was upset with Yale and with herself for getting Kristina's hopes up. Alexis still wanted to call Sonny, but Kristina felt that he'd only find a way to use her sickness as an excuse to hurt someone and she didn't want that on her conscience.

Maxie said she and Matt were fine, but they were just focused on their jobs. Lulu thought that was Maxie's way of explaining that she and Matt never saw each other, but Maxie said she was okay with work being the most important thing in Matt's life, because her career came first too. Maxie thought that her relationship with Matt was more mature than what Lulu was doing and she urged Lulu not to throw away what she and Dante had just because he wasn't damaged enough for her. Dante walked in with a bouquet of flowers. Maxie was pleased that Dante was trying to fix things, although she thought he should try something less old fashioned than flowers. Dante shooed her out the door so he and Lulu could talk. Dante had also made reservations for them at a restaurant, but Lulu wasn't hungry. Dante wanted to work things out and for her to move in. Lulu asked Dante if he'd keep her in the dark about Lucky if he had it to do all over again and to her dismay, Dante confirmed that he would, because he felt he did the right thing by protecting Lucky's case. Dante said as a cop, he had to keep things from her. Lulu countered that this was about her brother, not a case. Dante didn't think it was his secret to tell. Lulu had heard that line of thinking before, about Brenda's secret. She felt that Dante had a pattern of dishonesty and she couldn't trust him, because he didn't trust her. Dante said he'd always been upfront about his feelings for her. He loved her and didn't want to lose her. Dante kissed her, but Lulu pushed him away and said she couldn't do this.

Ethan told Skye a bit about Luke leaving town after Jake's death. Ethan said he had to know what she had on Anthony because Luke would never forgive him if he let something happen to her. Ethan also said he didn't want Lila Rae to lose her mom, since he knew what it was like to lose both of your parents. Skye exclaimed that Ethan was almost as good of a con artist as Luke. She was certain that Johnny had paid him to find out what she had on Anthony, but Ethan swore that wasn't true. Sam called Ethan and told her about Kristina. Ethan immediately decided to go visit Kristina and told Skye she was going with him.

Sam and Alexis spoke outside Kristina's room. Both were in agreement that Kiefer was the cause of the bone fragment in Kristina's neck. Alexis felt bad for encouraging Kristina to date him, but Sam told her not to do that to herself. Alexis was terrified about Patrick's statement that Kristina could be paralyzed.

Kristina quietly wept into her pillow.

Ethan and Skye arrived and Sam warned Ethan not to lead Kristina on, since it would only make her more upset in the end. She also told Skye not to go in, since it would probably upset Kristina to see them together. Ethan went inside and Alexis demanded to know what Skye had done now. Skye glanced over and saw Anthony watching her. She apologized and said this was a bad idea so she was going to go. Skye said she hoped Kristina felt better and she left. Anthony followed her.

Kristina told Ethan that she knew he wasn't interested in her, but she wanted him to answer a question she had as if he was. Kristina wondered if his feelings for her would change if she was in a wheelchair. Ethan was taken aback by her line of questioning but told her that when you loved someone it didn't matter. Kristina told him about her diagnosis. Ethan thought Patrick was good enough that she wouldn't have to worry about the worst case scenario of paralysis. Kristina wondered what Ethan would do in her shoes, and he said he would follow Patrick's advice. Kristina was still scared something would go wrong and Ethan encouraged her to think positive. He charmed her and Kristina laughingly told him to stop being cute because she wasn't supposed to like him. Ethan smiled and apologized. Kristina asked him to promise to dance with her at Sam's wedding even if she was in a wheelchair.

Michael was asking a nurse where Patrick was (he had questions about Kristina) when Skye rushed past, with Anthony close behind. Michael stopped Anthony to warn him to stay away from his family. Skye took the opportunity to scurry into the elevator. Anthony acted like he didn't know why Michael didn't like him, when he'd helped out Abby after all. Michael didn't think framing Abby helped and told Anthony he'd be in trouble if he was still there when Sonny got there, then he walked away.

Skye returned to her room and found it ransacked.

Still at the hospital, Anthony made a phone call which revealed that he'd had someone go through Skye's room looking for the evidence she had on him. He wasn't surprised to hear that the person didn't find anything. Anthony told the person that the planned to deal with the “problem” personally.

Michael and Alexis talked. Neither of them had been able to reach Sonny by phone. Alexis asked Michael to help her talk Kristina into the surgery. They entered Kristina's room where Patrick was waiting. Kristina told them she was having the surgery. Alexis was relieved and asked who or what made her change her mind. Kristina smiled knowingly and said she realized she had a lot to look forward to.

Sam and Jason cuddled in his bed. She asked how he felt about getting married in the hospital, since Kristina might be there on their wedding date. Jason asked if Kristina asked her to postpone it and when Sam said no, Jason said they should stick with their plans. Sam was worried about Kristina and afraid something else would go wrong. She then feared she was tempting fate by saying that. Jason wasn't superstitious, but Sam said she believed in signs. Just then Maxie burst in and told them she lost their engagement ring again.

Dante watched Lulu gather her bags and asked if she was taking the nameplate, but she told him he could keep it. Dante tried to help her carry her things but Lulu said she had them. Lulu walked out and stood outside and shut door. Both Dante and Lulu looked as if they were about to cry.

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