GH Update Tuesday 9/6/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/6/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Anthony was at the warehouse on the phone. He checked with the person in charge of the drug shipment, then said he had something else to take care of. The camera panned down and revealed that he was standing over the passed out Kristina. Michael, who happened to be walking by, raced over and demanded to know what Anthony had done. Anthony said he'd only called an ambulance and that he wouldn't involve the children of the mobsters in the war. Michael checked on Kristina and talked to her in a soothing tone while they waited for help.

Lucky went to Matt to find out how to claim Siobhan's body. Matt told him that since Siobhan never changed her will, Lucky wasn't the legal next of kin. Siobhan's sister Megan had arrived and was in the conference room waiting to take Siobhan's body. Lucky went into the conference room and told Megan how sorry she was. In response, she threw a drink in his face and accused him of killing her sister. Lucky wanted to put the animosity aside and come together as Siobhan's family, but Megan didn't consider Lucky family. She didn't think Lucky really knew Siobhan and felt that he only kept her around to use her as a pawn. Lucky protested and said he loved Siobhan and that she stayed with him because she wanted to. Megan told Lucky that while he might not have literally killed Siobhan himself, he might as well have, because he put her in harm's way, then she stormed out of the room.

Elizabeth made Cam his favorite drink – chocolate milk, but he was saddened, because it was Jake's favorite, too. Liz talked to Cam about his brother for a bit, then she taught him how to make a toast. The two of them raised their glasses to Jake. Liz gave him a big hug, then sent him to brush his teeth before bed. She was haunted by the sound of Jake giggling. There was a knock at the door, which Liz thought was the sitter, but it was Dante. Liz told him she was about to leave for work, but Dante said he needed to question her, since she was the last person to see Siobhan alive. Liz knew people suspected she had something to do with Siobhan's death and told Dante to arrest her and get it over with. Dante confirmed that things didn't look good for Elizabeth unless she could think of something more to add to her statement. Liz remembered Siobhan wanting to tell Lucky something she knew about the drug ring. Dante said he'd check into it. Matt arrived as Dante was leaving. Liz filled Matt in on Siobhan's death being ruled a homicide and her being a person of interest. Liz then admitted that she could understand that, since she had wanted Siobhan to go away.

Sam was relieved when Jason woke up, however, he was disoriented, which made her fear that he didn't remember her. She left the room while Patrick checked on him and prayed that he was still “her” Jason. Once Sam was allowed back in, Jason told her he remembered her promising to be there when he woke up. Thrilled, Sam kissed him. Patrick told Sam and Jason that it looked like he'd make a full recovery. Jason was eager to leave the hospital now, but Patrick refused to release him until he'd recovered. Patrick, who was still annoyed about the mob activity around the hospital and in his home, said he'd be glad when Jason was gone, but he wasn't going to let him leave now and undo all of his surgical hard work. Patrick told Jason about the sting operation the FBI set up to get Anthony and about Anthony coming to the hospital to kill him. Sam scolded Patrick about his bad bedside manner. Patrick said he was going to do everything in his power to help Jason get better so he could leave and go get Sonny under control. Sam turned and watched Patrick walk out, then she looked back and was stunned to find Jason climbing out of bed to go try and get things under control. Sam refused to let him leave. Jason was also ready to get his life with Sam back on track and didn't think that could be done from a hospital room. When Sam disagreed, Jason worried that she didn't want to marry him anymore. Sam assured him that she did, but she wanted him to take it slow and not risk his health. Jason vowed to make sure Sam got her September 23rd dream wedding. They hugged and kissed.

Olivia and Steve made out in the hospital locker room. Steve wanted to take it further, but Olivia was afraid someone would walk in. Steve assured her they had about a half hour before anyone would need to use the room. The two disrobed, leaving a trail of clothes to the shower, where they had sex.

Lucky took out his bottle of hydrocodone, but hid it when Dante walked in. Lucky told him about Megan taking Siobhan's remains back to Ireland, which meant there'd be no funeral in Port Charles. He wasn't pleased, but he knew he couldn't stop her. Dante told him what Liz said about Siobhan having information on the drug ring. Lucky figured out that Siobhan had been murdered to keep her quiet and said this meant she'd been killed because of him. Dante hated seeing Lucky in such a dark place. Lucky got defensive and said the hardest thing about being an addict was that your family and friends kept waiting for you to slip into drugs again.. Lucky swore that he was still drug free. Dante thought Lucky should stop tempting fate and quit the case, but Lucky refused to give up now that he knew the case was tied to Siobhan's death. Concerned, Dante said he hoped Lucky had the strength not to turn back to drugs.

Liz wondered aloud if she'd subconsciously switched Siobhan's medication because she didn't like her. Matt found that absurd and warned her not to tell anyone else that she felt that way or else she might end up in jail. Matt confided in Liz that he felt guilty about Siobhan's death too. He'd been going over and over the case, wondering if he missed something, especially something Patrick would have picked up on. Liz told him he was way too hard on himself. Liz said it was funny how she spent so much time hoping Siobhan would go back to Ireland when in the end, it was meant for her to leave Lucky anyway.

Kristina woke up in the hospital surrounded by Alexis, Michael and Patrick. The last thing she remembered was walking around in the warehouse. She didn't know when Anthony got there. Molly called Alexis for an update and Michael took the call. He stepped outside the room and let Molly know Kristina was fine. Anthony walked up and revealed that he'd overheard. He told Michael to let Sonny know he was the one to call the ambulance, which in Anthony's mind made Sonny indebted to him. Michael returned to the room and heard Kristina explain that she'd been clumsy and off balance lately. Michael wondered if it could be tied to the drugs Lisa gave her. Kristina was horrified Michael brought it up and Alexis demanded to know what Michael meant. Michael told Alexis about Lisa tricking Kristina into taking hydrocodone. Alexis was upset Patrick didn't tell her, but he pointed out that Kristina was an adult. Kristina was glad someone finally acknowledged that. Patrick left to run some tests. Kristina told Alexis that she didn't tell her because she didn't want her getting worked up for no reason. Alexis was clearly on edge, but she pretended to be calm for Kristina's sake. She said they'd talk about how it was inappropriate to keep secrets from your mother, once they got home.

Patrick sharply told Anthony to leave the hospital, since Kristina had cleared him. Anthony didn't like Patrick's tone and said to himself that some people needed to learn respect. Anthony pulled out his phone and told someone he wanted to make an appointment to see the doctor. He glared at Patrick. Michael walked out of Kristina's room and watched Anthony.

Olivia reapplied her makeup, while Steven told her he was tired of having to steal moments with her. He suggested they go away for a weekend. Olivia loved the idea and suggested her show her around Memphis, but Steve wanted to go someplace new. Olivia agreed. She blew him a kiss and left.

Michael and Kristina talked once Alexis left the room. Kristina thought it was creepy that Anthony found her, but Michael promised Anthony didn't have enough time to do anything to her while she was passed out. Kristina sarcastically thanked him for telling Alexis about the hydrocodone, but said she forgave him. Michael thought Alexis had been impressively calm about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Alexis was flipping out and demanding that Patrick give her answers about Kristina's health. Alexis didn't care how old she was, she felt that as her mother, she needed to know she was going to be okay. Patrick didn't have any answers and said she'd have to wait and see as he walked away.

Sam told Jason how afraid she, Monica, Edward and the others had been when he went in for his operation. Jason shared that he calmed himself before the surgery by thinking of Sam and Hawaii. Sam handed Jason one of the folders Kristina had made and told him to search through it and find a vacation spot. Jason smiled at her.

Lucky left the conference room and a hospital worker found him and handed him Siobhan's ring. Liz walked up, but she realized he was having a private moment and turned and walked away. Lucky slipped Siobhan's ring partially onto his finger. Hey ducked back into the room and took swallowed some pills.

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