GH Update Friday 9/2/11

General Hospital Update Friday 9/2/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Sam's sitting by Jason's hospital bed, talking him into coming back to her, crying, begging him to wake up.

Jackal PI is sitting in an alley next to a big trash dumpster behind Luzetta's Bakery. Maxie walks up expressing her fears of losing him again because he's getting worse. She pleads that Jason needs him.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny walks in on Skye and Ethan after overhearing her ask him to protect Edward from Anthony. He has words of caution for Ethan.

Sonny shows up at Carly's house. She's upset that he showed up after she had told him that she wants nothing to do with him.

At Jason's bedside, Sam continues with her pleads to a comatose Jason. Kristina shows up, Sam tells her the operation was a success. Kristina tells Sam that Jason will wake up just as he was and that they'll have a beautiful wedding as planned. She then started a rant about how she has a connection with Ethan and is upset that he's flirting with Skye. Sam points out that they (Ethan and Skye) have a lot more in common than she and Ethan.

At the casino, Ethan wonders how well Skye and Johnny know each other. Skye continues her flirtation with Ethan. She says that he is like his father, Luke, and that he got the best parts of him, and more (very flirty). The men watch as she walks out.  Johnny states his concern that Skye is going after Anthony to Ethan and warns him to be careful how deep he gets in.

Behind Luzetta's Bakery, Anthony walks up to one of his guys tossing a prescription bottle (filled with pills) up in the air. They talk about the plan to move drugs through Luzetta's Bakery. The guy complains that Jackal PI is digging through the dumpster, shooting his mouth off. Anthony brushes it off saying he's not going to be taken seriously (referring to Spinelli's/Jackal). The plan: delivery trucks will deliver sacks of flour, look for the bags with the star on them, which is the apostrophe in the word Luzetta's.

Meanwhile, Jackal PI and Maxie are still sitting in the alley by the dumpster. Maxie pleads with him to consider being Jason's best man at his wedding, because he could wake up a different person. Maxie tells him she wants him to be him (Jackal PI to be Spinelli). Jackal looks up at the stars and starts naming the constellations, saying the answer's in the stars. Maxie tells him to stop, because he needs to go see Jason.

At Carly's house, she tells Sonny that Morgan's not there and that Sonny is responsible for what happened to Jax. Carly reminds Sonny that thankfully Jax gave Josslyn back, which is the reason she wasn't on the plane with Jax when it crashed. Carly also tosses in that Sonny's the reason her daughter doesn't have a father. When Sonny asks where Morgan is, she replies, "Where you can't get to him, you cold-blooded bastard." Sonny makes a threat that she will see what a cold-blooded bastard he can be if she tries to keep his son away from him. She then informs Sonny that Morgan is at a military academy. Jax had set this up. She also says his visits would be with her supervision and Morgan is enrolled with the last name of Benson (Carly's adoptive parents' last name). Carly goes off about Michael wanting Sonny's approval and how Sonny is using him.

In the hospital waiting area Edward asks Michael how Jason is. After hearing the answer Edward told Michael that his name came up in the board room at ELQ and that he has a good future. Michael expressed that he is grateful for the job, and hopes Abby gets to keep hers, then he quit.

By the docks, Anthony tells his worker to get ready to move a big shipment Friday.

At the casino, Ethan and Johnny continue their conversation about Skye and Anthony. Johnny wants to make sure Ethan understands that Skye could get hurt and wants to prevent her child from becoming motherless. He says his father is out of control and dangerous. Johnny offers Ethan a paying job to help find out what Skye has over Anthony.

Outside of Jason's hospital room, Sam tries to convince Kristina that Ethan doesn't feel the same way for her. Kristina, walks away crying that everything goes back to her dad, Sonny. Just then, Jackal PI walks up to Sam and says he needs to see Morgan (Jason Morgan that is). Sam informs him that Jason's not awake. Jackal pushes past her and enters Jason's room, wondering what happens if Jason doesn't come back.

In the waiting room, Edward's terrified that Michael's going into Sonny's business. Edward says he doesn't want to lose Michael. Michael points out that he's never been a Quartermaine and reminds Edward that it was AJ's drinking that caused Jason to be in the hospital with another surgery so many years later. Michael says that Quartermaine love appears to be conditional.

Back at Carly's house, Sonny continues on with how he did what he had to do and how alike they are, they fight, they survive...

Kristina ends up on the dock holding her neck. She is hyperventilating then passes out.

Carly tells Sonny that he's right about so much, how they are, how she bought into his life. Sonny sees the divorce papers aren't signed by Carly, then pushes her buttons about it. Carly promptly kicks him out.

Behind Luzetta's Bakery, Anthony and his worker discuss getting rid of the paper trail. Johnny walks up asking who the guy is. Anthony explains former inmate who works for him. Johnny warns Anthony of spreading himself too thin.

Jackal PI is at Jason's bedside, babbling about dames and stars, started to cry about Jason being asleep and no goodbye's. He says he will pull him back and he can't let go. He insists, "Can't lose you, Stone Cold."

In the hospital waiting area, Sam tells Edward that Jason is not awake yet. She says she wants her Jason to wake up and she's afraid he won't be the same. In another part of the waiting area, Michael tells Sonny he wants to help.

Carly picks up her divorce papers and folds it up, grabs her glass of wine, puts the papers in a drawer, unsigned.

Sonny tells Michael he doesn't want him to choose sides and told him Carly sent Morgan away. Michael said he will always be on Sonny's side.

Jackal PI is still crying by Jason's bed, trying to fill in the "blank spots." Recalling Dr. Niles pointing a gun at Maximista and shooting him. He appears to be remember parts of being Spinelli and keeps repeating to Jason, "don't go, don't go, don't go."

In the waiting area Michael and Sonny continue their conversation about the Morgan and Carly situation. Sonny says he can only see Morgan when Carly arranges it. He told Michael that Jax picked the military school and that his mother changed his name to Morgan Benson so that the name Corinthos  wouldn't be an issue. Michael placed his hand on Sonny's shoulder and told him he will do anything to help him.

Guess who finds Kristina on the ground. Anthony, that's who.

Jackal PI goes back to the dumpster behind Luzetta's Bakery, pulls some crumbled papers from his pocket and tosses them into the dumpster.

Sam's back at Jason's bedside telling him she's trying to let go of her fears. She talked about Spinelli being so far gone and she's worried. Jason moved his hand and opened his eyes. She kissed his hand, smiled through tears and said, "Hi."

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