GH Update Thursday 9/1/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/1/11

Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy catches Skye with her hands in Edward’s safe at the ELQ office. She was replacing the money she had "borrowed" for the not so dead Jax. Tracy makes calls to Edward's secretary, his cell and, yikes, security trying to find Edward, to tell him she caught Skye "stealing" from his safe. Skye tells Tracy she has plenty of her own money. Tracy tells her she's worth nothing. Sky's reply to that, "No, that would be you, when your dirty little secret comes out."

Patrick catches Anthony, potted plant in hand, entering Jason's hospital room to "pay his respects." "Orchids are a symbol of love" he says, while Patrick's pulling him out of the room. "You remind me of a guard at Pentonville who didn't know how to bend either. I wonder how his widow is fairing..." Patrick tells Anthony that his threats don't scare him. Sonny appears from around the corner as Anthony threatens Patrick with another subtle threat, asking if there's a problem.

Michael's reading something at a cozy little table in the apartment, Abby comes home upset that he wasn't at work. Her initial reaction is that she will lose her job if he stops working there. Michael said she won't lose her job no matter what he decides and expresses he's not happy. Abby looks around the room (sees his packed bags) and asks if he's talking about ELQ or "us"? Michael told her he thought she was breaking up, "over a misunderstanding?" she says.

Carly's at home with divorce decree in hand when Shawn knocks on her door with news about Jax.

Tracy tells Skye her empty threats are tiresome. Skye drops the name Gino Soleito, Jr. and Gina, this  seems to rattle Tracy. Skye continues on and reminds Tracy that she helped herself to their father's fortune. Tracy says there's no proof, Skye tries walking past her with a parting comment "are you willing to bet everything you have on it?." Tracy grabs Skye's arm asking "where is it?" There was a little struggle at the doorway while Skye tried to break free of Tracy's grasp. She wanted to look in Sky's purse to see if there was a disk with proof. In walks Johnny, "don't stop for me, I love a good catfight." As Skye walks away, Tracy makes one last grab for her purse and Johnny tells her he's looking for her.

Kristine goes to see Ethan at the Haunted Star. Busy setting up for heavy hitters, Ethan asks her what she's doing there, she says she stopped in to say hi. Kristina offers to help, he declines.

Back at the hospital, Anthony tries to give Sonny the orchid for Jason. Patrick tells Anthony to leave. Anthony wished a speedy recovery for Jason and walked away talking to his plant. Sonny told Patrick not to get involved where things don't concern him. Steve and Robin walk up announcing that Jason wasn't even in there, it's someone planted to protect Jason. Ha, ha Anthony wanted to give Jason a plant and there was already one in there.

At Carly's place Shawn tells her there's indication that Jax got out of the plane before it crashed. Carly freaks out just a little wondering why, if he's alive, he doesn't let her know, she doesn't want to tell Josslyn that her dad is dead.

Johnny returns Skye's scarves, the ones she tied him to the bed with. Tracy threatens to call security again, goes back into her office. Johnny closes her office doors and asks Skye what she has on his father and tells her he's lethal and will end badly. He wants to know what's going on so he can deal with it. He tells her he can keep Edward safe and walks away saying "the offer won't be on the table or bed for long."

Carly pondering about signing the divorce papers. Shawn set a glass of water on the table and Carly asks if she would sign the divorce papers if Jax walked through the door right now. She's a little annoyed at his skill of asking clarifying questions, "it's not that simple." Carly told Shawn that she and Jax wanted it to be forever, they have a miracle daughter, were so happy and she doesn't know what happened. Shawn called her on that one and told her she does know what happened. She admitted that she wouldn't cut Sonny out of her life. He's out of her life now but Jason will never be, Jax can't handle that. Shawn asks her what she's waiting for (signing the divorce papers).

Outside of Jason's room, Patrick was mad about the decoy in Jason's room. Patrick went off on Sonny about dragging his family in the middle of a mob war. Sonny told Robin to move Jason back into his room and walked away. Patrick continued his rant about the mob as Robin ushered him and Steve into Jason's room.

Back at Abby's apartment, Michael and Abby are discussing / arguing / continuing their misunderstanding... Abby says she doesn't like his father manipulating him. Michael says he's capable and responsible and will not abandon his father. She just doesn't want him to get involved believing he will lose his freedom again and end up in jail doing illegal things. When Michaels asks to table the subject she tells him he sounds just like his dad. Ouch that hurts. Abby reminds Michael that Jax could be dead and Sonny all but admitted that he is responsible for it. Michael continues to defend his dad. Abby made it clear, she just wants Michael to keep his options open about his future. Michael's assumed that she was trying to get him to stay at ELQ so she could keep her job, got him kicked out. Abby's annoyed that Michael didn't get her point and said, "if that's all you took away from this, don't even bother packing, get out!"

Michael apologized and wants to work things out. Abby told him he doesn't have to pack every time they argue. Michael told her that's how it was with his parents. Abby said this is her first attempt at a "real" relationship and asked for them both to be truthful. Michael agreed to disagree and that she is important to him. They kissed.

At the casino, Kristina told Ethan she wants to serve drinks for the card game to spend time with him. He tried to discourage her. She gave him a friendship bracelet. He declined the gift. Skye walked in and asked Kristina to leave because she needs to talk to Ethan alone. Kristina was stunned.

Carly asks Shawn why he cares whether she signs the divorce papers or not. Shawn wants to make sure Carly's okay before he leaves town. She assumes it's the job in DC. He told her that job's been filled, she blames herself because he stayed to help her. She compares his concerns to Jason's. Shawn gets a phone call which might change Carly's mind.

In Jason's room, Robin asks Steve why he went behind her back to do the Jason switch and reminds him that she's Acting Chief of Staff. He said the police went to him maybe because she's so close to Jason. Patrick wonders why Mac would let Sonny run around the hospital with free reign. Steve explains the order came from the DA and suspect Anthony's drug ring is stealing drugs from the hospital. Patrick wants to know why Steve is doing this to Robin. Robin to Patrick, "What about what you're doing?"

At Johnny's apartment, Anthony's messing with his orchids. Anthony tells Johnny that Sonny's going to retaliate, Johnny asks why. Anthony says the orchid is specially picked for Jason and explained that Patrick caught him trying to deliver it. The door busts open, it's Sonny with Max and Milo.

Back at Jason's room, Patrick feels resented and casts sarcasm at Robin. She points out, "That's what I'm talking about, sarcastic digs." She says she's trying to give every surgeon an equal opportunity. He says he's trying to support her but she doesn't feel it. Robin complained about how everyone in the hospital is talking about her behind her back, including him and Steve, how tough her job is and how she should have been told that someone other than Jason was in this room. Patrick told her to bring it down a notch.

Ethan told Kristina they could get coffee tomorrow. Kristina said she can handle a blow off and walked out. Skye probed a little about Kristina and him. He said he's a friendly shoulder for Kristina and that she's a sweet kid acting out for attention and he feels sorry for her. Kristina hid behind the wall, listening. Of course she left at the part where Ethan said Sonny threatened him to keep his distance if he wants to keep breathing. As the subject changed, Skye told Ethan she heard about the intervention with Luke. She can relate, being an alcoholic and all. Ethan and Skye had a little flirt session.

At Johnny's place, Anthony offered the orchid back to Sonny for Jason and told his flower "it's never easy starting over." Told him to stop talking to flowers. Anthony goads Sonny and he tells Johnny to do something about his dad or he'll have to do something to both of them. Anthony's little giggle as Sonny and his men walked out, was scary.

Shawn asks Carly when she saw Jax boat last. She explained it was the day the plane went down. The harbor master was who called to tell him the Silent Lady (Jax boat) is gone from the slip. Carly thinks Jax is alive and gets a little hope back and wants to tell her kids. Shawn explains that's not a good idea, Jax will come back when he can. Carly cries she can't let Morgan think Jax is dead. Shawn reminds Carly that Jax loves Morgan and Joss too much to stay away and for him, she has to keep this secret. Carly told Shawn to tell the harbor master that she sold the boat, he agrees. As he walks out, Shawn lays a pen on the divorce papers to encourage her to sign them as he walks out.

Steve reminds Robin they are all on the same team. Robin is defensive, feeling that everyone is judging and keeping secrets. Steve confirms she has a high stress job and leaves the room. Robin says to Patrick "you don't think I can do this job do you, you think you can do a better job, it's all yours, good luck, Chief," and walks out of the room.

Kristina is sitting on the bottom step behind a warehouse (shipping receiving signs), crying. She stands up and gets a funny look on her face then holds the side of her neck. I'm puzzled.

At Johnny's place, Anthony still has the plant meant for Jason. Johnny tells him they need to stay out of Sonny's business and threatens to send him back to Pentonville. Anthony became annoyed and said he knows people who owe him, people who are afraid of him and that keeping peace is crap.

Robin and Patrick heading to the 10th floor elevator, he says he can't do what she does with his oversized ego and it's easy to complain and she's doing a good job, he knows she can do it, he has faith in her. She thanks him and said she needed to hear that. They wrap it up with a hug.

Skye asks Ethan to watch over Edward. He asks why he needs protection. She said he needs to be protected from Anthony. Ha, ha, Johnny walks in at that moment saying "oops."

Anthony, potted orchid in hand, goes to ELQ to see Tracy, and offers it as a gift. As she pushes him out of her office, she goes off on him about having to repeat the fact that she wants nothing more to do with him. Tracy slams her doors in his face. Anthony reveals a mini zip drive. (Could this be the info Skye was referring to?) He says "And yet somehow, I think you will."

Carly is still looking at the divorce papers and answers a knock at her door. It's Sonny. Carly utters "What the hell do you want?"

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