GH Update Wednesday 8/31/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/31/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis was dismayed to find Carly waiting outside her home. She was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk to her, but Carly insisted that it was important. Carly believed that Sonny had gone too far and told Alexis that things had to change – they had to stop protecting Sonny from the consequences of his actions. Alexis pointed out that Carly was the only one who had been doing that. Alexis thought that Carly was trying to avoid taking responsibility for the part she played in Sonny's actions now that Jax could be dead. Carly said she didn't believe Jax was dead. Alexis agreed and suggested they stop talking now that they were ahead, but Carly pressed on. She wanted Alexis to join her in keeping Sonny away from the kids for good. Alexis refused. She said she'd spent most of Kristina's life trying to keep her from Sonny and it literally blew up in their faces when Kristina used Johnny to get Sonny's attention.

Alexis said Kristina was old enough to make her own decisions in regards to Sonny. Furthermore, Alexis wondered why Carly was suddenly complaining about Sonny going too far, when he had been pushing the limits for years. She pointed out that Carly should have said something when Sonny ruined Jax's life. Carly said by the time she found out what Sonny was doing it was too late, but Alexis believed Carly should have known Sonny was going to do something that was over the top. Alexis said it was a little late for Carly to get indignant over Sonny's actions when she'd condoned them before, just because she was afraid Jax was dead.

Milo guarded Jason's hospital room. Robin walked out after checking on Jason, who was shown asleep and from the arms down. She met Patrick, who was on his way in to check on Jason and told him that someone else could handle the followup care, now that the surgery was over. Robin assigned Patrick another patient who needed his expertise. Patrick was annoyed, because he felt that he should be responsible for Jason's care after he performed such a delicate surgery. He told Robin that she'd feel the same if she were in his shoes, and he started toward the room. Robin pulled rank, grabbed his arm and told him it wasn't up for debate. She said she was finished letting her emotions change the way she did her job. Robin brought up the biopsy Patrick ran on Jason and said it was a mistake for her to give him his way and that she should have listened to Matt instead. Patrick didn't understand why she was speaking so sharply to him. Robin ordered him to stop questioning the way she made decisions. “Yes ma'am” Patrick said, before walking away. Robin told Milo she had to go after Patrick. Just then, Maxie arrived. She'd found Sam's engagement ring, had it cleaned and wanted to put it in Jason's room. Milo refused to let her in and Robin backed him up, since she wasn't family. Maxie persisted and Robin firmly said no. Maxie made a snippy remark about Robin's job making her crabby and walked away.

The frazzled Elizabeth did some paperwork. Matt walked over and said he could tell she was worried, but she should relax because he'd replaced all the missing medication. Matt shared that he'd once lost a patient due to someone tampering with drugs, so Lucky's investigation hit home for him. Liz thought it sounded like an interesting story, and with a smile, Matt said maybe he'd tell her about it some day. Matt got a page, then let Liz know that Siobhan's autopsy had started. Matt returned later and Liz told him he'd put two bottles of hydrocodone in the medicine locker, but she only took one. Matt said there were two bottles missing. They wondered who took the other one. Matt wondered if it was Lucky, but Liz was adamant that it wasn't. Matt found her loyalty admirable and said it was too bad she and Lucky didn't make it. He thought that she still wanted Lucky though. Liz said he'd just lost his wife. Matt said he'd lost his father and son too, so he thought that Lucky would try and hold the people he had left close. Liz said that couldn't she couldn't be with Lucky right now. Matt didn't think they should ever get back together.

At Liz's house, Lulu walked in Lucky asking Dante why it mattered if he was back on drugs. She confronted them both. Dante explained that he was there to get Lucky's permission to tell her the truth. Lucky added that Dante was being respectful of his request to handle things alone. Lulu realized she was right when she thought Lucky was high that night at the hospital and she was angry that he'd made her feel guilty for questioning him. Dante and Lucky told Lulu about Lucky getting shot up against his will and how they had to keep it quiet to protect the case and Lucky's loved ones. Lulu asked Dante if he had proof and he told her that Liz told him. Lulu was put out that Liz knew and was keeping it from her, too. Lucky explained that Liz found him after he was injected with the drugs. Lulu found the story ridiculous and thought Lucky was lying to cover up that he'd slipped. Lucky said that this was why he didn't want her to know. Lucky asked why she could give Luke the benefit of the doubt even after he killed his child, but she couldn't do the same for him.

Michael summoned Kristina to Sonny's office. Kristina was repulsed by seeing him sitting in Sonny's chair as if he were about to take over and refused to talk to him until he got up. Michael did, then he asked her to join him in support of Sonny since he didn't have many other people. Kristina felt that was Sonny's own fault for killing Jax. Michael said there was no body and Jax was no saint. Kristina pointed out that Sonny never left bodies to be found. She also picked up on Michael's use of past tense regarding Jax and told him that he thought Sonny killed him, too. She said she almost felt sorry for Michael. Kristina enjoyed being with Sonny at times, but she thought it was time Michael accepted that Sonny wasn't ever going to change into a regular person.

Kristina felt that Sonny compartmentalized his life and pushed his love for his family aside when he wanted to hurt someone. She asked Michael if he really felt like Sonny had no choice but to end up in a life of crime. Michael thought that Sonny had learned to protect himself the only way he knew how after growing up in an abusive household. He wanted to be there for Sonny, since he had no one else. Kristina feared that Michael would be pulled too deeply into the lifestyle. Michael asked if Kristina wanted him to turn his back on Sonny. She said he'd have the right to – he was shot because of Sonny and she'd almost been blown up because of him. Michael didn't think his shooting was Sonny's fault. Kristina asked if she was supposed to shower Sonny with love until he stopped wanting to kill everyone who wronged him. Michael thought it was worth a try but Kristina was adamant that it wouldn't work. She pointed out that Brenda and Carly had tried and failed. Kristina urged Michael to live his own life and stop trying to take care of Sonny, because he was risking getting hurt even worse.

Lucky told Lulu again about being held down and injected. Dante chimed in to back up Lucky's story and he added that Lucky was so paranoid, he hit him. Lulu realized that was how Dante got the cut and she called him out for lying and letting her think Sonny did it. Dante countered that it wasn't technically a lie, but Lulu disagreed. She believed Lucky had manipulated Dante into trusting his version of events. Lucky said Dante was protecting his career. He also didn't think Lulu knew anything about drugs, especially after the way she'd acted with Luke. Lucky said he'd worked hard to stay clean, through all the recent hard times and that truthfully, he could use some drugs right now to deal with Siobhan's death. Lulu thought that was another sign that Lucky had really slipped on his own.

Matt apologized for being blunt and said his thoughts didn't come out right. Liz assured him it was okay. She said even she and Lucky had to admit that they hadn't been able to have a healthy relationship and that's why they weren't together anymore. Matt thought it was nice that Liz had been there for Lucky recently and Liz was grateful that Matt had helped her out. Matt knew Lucky was the underdog in this scenario. He could relate, because he was used to being the underdog in his family. Liz said he had her respect and she was glad to have him as a friend. Just then, Patrick came over and yelled at Matt for pouting like a child. Liz stepped away to let them talk. Patrick assumed Matt had whined to Robin about her objectivity and caused her to go on the warpath. Matt snidely said he didn't go around doing things to get at Patrick all the time. Patrick got a page, but before he left, he made a sarcastic comment to Matt.

Liz returned and told Matt she knew what it was like to have a perfect sibling you could never measure up to. Maxie came over to complain about Robin, too and called her the medical version of Kate. Matt was glad to see her and told her to forget about Robin, because she was under a lot of stress. Matt wanted to take Maxie to lunch because he had something to tell her. Maxie didn't respond to this, but continued to vent about Robin, so Matt gave up on the idea. Robin walked over, looking for Patrick. They told her about him getting paged. Matt told Robin about his run in with Patrick and said they both knew he (Matt) hadn't said anything to her. He asked her what was really going on.

Darryl,the janitor who worked for Anthony listened in as Milo took a phone call from Max. Sonny had done something that Max felt he needed to be called out for. Milo told Max that he or Bernie would have to do it since Jason was in no position to take Sonny to task. Milo urged Max to do something, because they couldn't afford any screw ups right now.

Carly didn't understand why Alexis wasn't reacting to the fact that Jax could be Sonny's latest victim, due to his erratic behavior. Alexis blamed Carly for riling Sonny up then setting him loose on Jax. She told Carly off for never respecting Jax as her husband. Yelling, Carly admitted she was wrong and said that was why she was there asking for her help. Carly asked Alexis to think of what Jax would want. Alexis yelled that Jax wanted to protect Josslyn and he was brave enough to stand up and do something Carly wouldn't. Alexis told Carly she was to blame for what happened and she (Alexis) refused to help Carly assuage her guilt now. “Live with it!” Alexis screamed. Carly accused Alexis of rewriting history and reminded her that Jax paid the mediator to lie and that Alexis walked away from the case for that reason. Alexis regretted that, and she said she was trying to get Jax and Carly to act like adults. Alexis maintained that this was Carly's fault and said all her excuses made her sound just like Sonny.

Lulu told Lucky she hadn't gotten the chance to tell him she was sorry about Siobhan. Lucky thanked her and solemnly told her that by the time the drugs he'd been given worked their way out of his system and he was able to comprehend things again, Siobhan was dead. Lulu felt for him, but she thought he owed it to Siobhan to quit the case. She felt that Lucky was taking too much of a risk now that he'd had a taste of the drugs again. Lulu told Dante he was going to have to pull some strings and get Lucky off the case. Dante was surprised she thought he could do that and said it wasn't in his job description to assign and remove people from cases. Lulu was very upset that he'd use that as an excuse. She told Dante that he'd stopped living by his principles and had crossed several lines he swore he wouldn't ever since he found out Sonny was his father. Dante was stunned that she felt that way. Lulu went further and said the change in him had almost killed her brother and it was killing what she and Dante had with each other. Dante asked if she really felt that way about him. Lucky told Dante to give up, because Lulu wouldn't get it. Lucky told them to watch Aiden, because he had to leave. Lulu accused him of leaving his son to get high and he told her to go to hell. Once Lucky got outside, he took some pills.

Kristina told Michael she didn't want to take sides and wanted to focus on her own life. She urged Michael to do the same and focus on his job at ELQ. Michael felt that he was there as a pit stop until he could work for Sonny. Exasperated, Kristina told Michael to go ahead and work in the mob until he realized it was a literal dead end. Michael said it wasn't just about the job. He wanted to protect Sonny from the people who wanted to make him feel weak and helpless. “Like you felt in prison?” Kristina asked.

Robin told Matt that Patrick was just trying to make things all about himself. Robin explained that she had a lot on her plate, managing the hospital, everyone's fragile egos and dealing with the security concerns that came with having Jason as a patient. She left to find Patrick. Matt tried to suggest he and Maxie go to lunch again, but she was preoccupied with her new plan to convince Jason to ask Spinelli to be her best man, in hopes that it would snap him back to reality. Matt wondered what would snap her out of her obsession, but he gave up and said she had her pet projects and he had his. Maxie was glad he was busy, since she was too. As she rushed off, she called over her shoulder that they could meet up later. Matt looked dejected.

Liz was interested in the research project Matt was working on. It was something scientists had been trying to crack since 1976. Lucky arrived, looking for Siobhan's autopsy results. Matt said they weren't back just yet, then he left to let him talk with Liz. Liz asked how Lucky was and he told her about Lulu's lack of faith in him. He figured Matt thought he was using too, so Liz told him how Matt had covered for them by replacing the pills and about the second bottle being missing. Paranoid, Lucky assumed Liz thought he took it. Liz said she didn't say that and told Lucky she told Matt he didn't do it. Lucky apologized. He didn't know if he deserved her support after everything he put her through. Liz said she didn't handle his last addiction well and she'd realized that you couldn't erase your mistakes and that it took work to be happy. Lucky talked about how happy Aiden was and wondered what went wrong along the way as people grew up. Liz got a phone call about the autopsy and then told Lucky that Siobhan didn't die of natural causes.

Alexis and Carly stopped yelling and had a quiet but frank talk. Alexis told Carly that she didn't approve of her marrying Jax, because she didn't think she'd put him before Sonny – her drug of choice. Carly knew Alexis loved Jax. Alexis said that she did and that a marriage of convenience with her would have been better than a love match with Carly, because at least that way Jax wouldn't be missing. Carly said it must be hard for Alexis, never getting over her pretend marriage to Jax or over Sonny. Alexis said she could smirk all she wanted, but it didn't change the fact that she was responsible for what happened to Jax. Carly said it was a mistake to come and turned to leave, but before she could go, Alexis handed her the divorce papers for her and Jax. Since Jax never got to make a last wish, Alexis said she was making one for him – she wanted him to be free of Carly.

Milo realized it was up to him to try and talk Sonny down. He called for a backup guard and left Jason's room unattended. Darryl called Anthony, and said they had a window of opportunity to take out Jason. Anthony said he'd be right there.

Dante told Lulu she could have taken things out on him and not just unloaded on Lucky. Lulu was most furious that Dante thought she was too fragile for the truth. Dante said he didn't think that, he was just worried about Lucky compromising his case. Lulu was dumfounded that Dante thought Lukcy was telling the truth. Dante sighed that he thought they'd established that she wasn't responsible for her family's problems when they were in Greece. Dante wanted her to focus on their life together and reminded her that he wanted her to move in. he apologized for bringing it up right now, but Lulu had decided she didn't want to live with him because he lied to her, then tried to make her feel bad about it. She pointed out that she'd been understanding the last time he lied to her to protect Brenda, but she was finished. Dante wanted to go get some food and talk. Lulu snarled that she couldn't leave because she was stuck watching Lucky's kid while he was out scoring. She then told Dante to go and to make sure he wasn't home when she went there to pick up her stuff. Dante left.

Michael yelled that Kristina didn't know anything about what happened to him in prison or anything about real life. He said she was just a little girl in love with some guy who didn't like her. Kristina insisted that Ethan cared about her, but Michael thought he just felt sorry for her. Michael said he'd take care of their father on his own and told her to forget he asked for her help. He stormed out. Kristina called after him, but suddenly got a pain in her neck.

Anthony, carrying a large plant with him, came to the hospital and eased into Jason's room.

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