GH Update Tuesday 8/30/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/30/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante went to the Metro Court to talk to Olivia. He updated her on Jax – no body had been found, but if it was, Sonny would be charged for tampering with the plane. Olivia was still holding out hope that Jax survived. Dante still wanted Sonny to pay, but didn't want to talk about that. Olivia told Dante she was on his side, no matter what. Dante revealed the real reason for the visit, which was that he wanted relationship advice. Lulu didn't seem to like the birthday gift of a chance to move in with Dante and hadn't given him an answer yet. Olivia acknowledged that Dante's heart was in the right place with the gift, but she felt that he should have given Lulu something that was just for her, like some flowers or jewelry, in addition to the key, since her moving in was a gift to both of them.

Dante opened up and told Olivia that he was keeping a secret for someone that Lulu would want to know. He felt that Lulu was better off being kept in the dark, but Olivia told him that secrets and relationships don't mix and she urged him to be upfront with Lulu.

Lulu went to ELQ to talk to Tracy. She was afraid that Lucky would go back to drugs as a result of all the stress in his life. Lulu asked Tracy what she would have done if she'd known about Luke's issues with alcohol early on. “I did know” Tracy said. Tracy said that while Luke could be very heroic and charismatic, she knew his drinking was out of hand for years, but she kept quiet because she was afraid to lose him. She sighed that she'd lost him anyway when Jake died. Tracy wouldn't change a thing if she had to do it all again, because just before he left, she'd tried and failed to change him. She'd come to believe that in the end, everyone was responsible for their own course in life. She advised Lulu to focus on her own happiness instead of getting caught up in everyone else's problems.

Lucky was at Elizabeth's house, reading a book to Aiden about a couple living happily ever after. Lucky scoffed at the concept, then tossed the book aside. Lucky bemoaned the fact that Aiden didn't have two parents under the same roof and that he'd even lost his chance to provide some semblance of that, now that his stepmother, Siobhan was gone. Lucky picked up his bottle of pills and wondered what kind of lessons he'd be able to teach his son. He feared that he'd already given him the genes that made him more susceptible to addiction. Lucky cuddled and kissed the baby and promised to take protect him, because he couldn't bear to lose anyone else.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam agonized over how he was doing. Sonny walked in and Sam got him up to speed. She told him about the debris from the first accident causing the seizures and that while Jason had survived the surgery, he hadn't woken up yet. The doctors had taken him to do some scans. They got on the subject of the business and Sam told Sonny about Jason calling a meeting from his hospital room and putting things in place in case of his death. Sounding a bit hurt, Sonny said he would have taken care of it, but Sam explained that Jason hadn't been sure of Sonny's mental state at that time. Alexis entered the room and said that made sense, considering that Jax might be dead. Sonny had heard it all before from Robin and Carly and didn't care to be lectured again. Sam made a quick exit to get information on Jason.

Sonny assumed that Alexis was there to tell her he couldn't see Kristina anymore, just like Carly and Brenda had. Alexis said she wasn't either of those women. She'd been down the road of keeping Kristina and Sonny apart and she didn't think that tactic would have a positive outcome, so she wasn't going to stand in the way of their relationship. She sounded hurt and tired of what had been happening. Alexis asked if he knew how close she was to Jax, then she told Sonny that it was time for him to pull himself together, especially since Jason wasn't there to take care of him. Sonny insisted that he could handle things on his own and said he didn't feel bad about stopping a kidnapping. Alexis felt that Sonny had hurt everyone there was to hurt and that if he didn't get some help, he'd hurt himself next. She said Jason had been out of commission 24 hours and in that time, Sonny had done something to cause Jax to go missing, alienated his kids and hurt Robin. Sonny maintained that everything was fine and Alexis wondered what it would take for Sonny to realize he couldn't go on like this.

Skye was in her hotel room. She glanced at a newspaper that said Jax was feared dead, then noticed a small wrapped box. She opened it to find jewelry and a note that said “I'm right outside if you want to thank me.” Skye marched over to the door and flung it open, as she yelled at “Anthony.” “Guess again” said Johnny, with a smile. Skye pretended not to know who he was and Johnny said he knew she was lying, but he introduced himself as the better looking, less crazy Zacchara. Johnny touched Skye's wrist to admire the bracelet Anthony got her. Skye pulled her arm away. Johnny said he'd bought her the matching earrings and that he'd checked up on Anthony to see what he'd been doing. He then produced a tape recorder and played a snippet of the conversation Anthony and Skye had about her finding out something terrible about him. Skye blanched as Johnny grinned. He asked her to tell him what she knew. Skye regained her composure and refused. Johnny called the front desk and ordered wine (and sparkling cider when Skye spat that she was an alcoholic), and chocolate covered strawberries. Skye sarcastically asked if he planned to seduce the information out of her. Johnny suggested they flirt for the sake of flirting.

Olivia suggested that Dante share the secret with her, so she could advise him, but Dante knew Lulu would be even angrier if she found out he was telling other people and not her. Olivia told Dante he had to be a man and be deserving of Lulu's trust. She pointed out that it would be even harder to keep the secret once Lulu was living with him. Dante wasn't sure Lulu would even say yes.

Tracy could tell there was something bothering Lulu and she surmised it was about Dante. Lulu prepared herself to hear Tracy tell her to break up with Dante, but was stunned when Tracy encouraged her to stay with him and focus on their relationship if she really loved him and he made her happy. Lulu had been under the impression that Tracy hated Dante, but Tracy said she hated his father and didn't really know Dante enough to form an opinion either way. She'd just been reminded of some mistakes she made in her past and she didn't want Lulu to go down the same path. Lulu thanked her and as she got ready to leave, she said she thought Luke was missing out on not being there, “but the past was the past.” Tracy, clearly thinking about her troubles, said that the past always seemed to catch up with them.

Sam was sitting in the waiting room, when Kristina walked in with an armload of three ring binders. Sam was worried and rushed over when Kristina almost fell. Kristina blamed it on being a klutz. The binders contained wedding and honeymoon information. Kristina reminded Sam that she had to get everything in place before the September 23rd wedding date. Sam thought that they might have to postpone it.

Lulu went to the Metro Court to see Maxie and ran into Olivia on the way. They started talking about Dante, who'd just left, and Olivia playfully jabbed at Dante's non romantic birthday gift. Lulu didn't mind the gift and knew he was trying to be sweet, but Olivia joked that she should let him sweat for awhile before she agreed to move in. Then, Olivia asked if she was planning to say yes. The gift had taken Lulu by surprise and she wasn't sure what she was going to do. She also didn't think the gift was as bad as Olivia did. She told Olivia that she wasn't big on gifts, but was grateful for anything that was given from the heart and that Dante put his heart into everything. Olivia was proud to hear that and it made her feel that she'd done a good job with him.

Lucky hoped that Aiden would turn out better than he did and learn from his mistakes. He picked up the bottle of pills and wished that he could make the world a better place for Aiden – a place where kids couldn’t get their hands on drugs. Lucky slipped the bottle back into his pocket. Dante arrived and mentioned that he heard Lucky had taken some personal days at work. Lucky mentioned that he was watching Aiden while Liz was at work and Cam was at day camp. Dante asked how Lucky was doing, since he'd been forced into taking drugs. Lucky got uncomfortable and wanted to change the subject, but Dante insisted that they needed to talk about this. He also informed Lucky that he had to tell Lulu what happened. Lucky disagreed. He thought Lulu was only so focused on his well-being because she needed a cause now that Luke was gone. Dante felt that Lulu had valid reasons to be concerned and he didn't want to lie to her by omission now that they were going to take the next step and possibly move in together.

Johnny and Skye bantered and Johnny implied that he wasn't just there for information. He pointed out that she was beautiful and he'd been told he was good looking too. He held a strawberry to her lips and Skye relented, then bit it. She said she wanted him to leave, but when Johnny made it clear that he'd rather stay, they kissed, then paused long enough for Skye to rip his shirt open. They made their way to the bed and made out.

Kristina encouraged Sam to think positive about Jason, since he was under the care of great doctors like Robin and Patrick. Sam was trying, but she couldn't wrap her head around not spending the rest of her life with Jason. Kristina distracted her with pictures of wedding dresses that she got from her friend. Sam really liked some of them. Kristina rubbed her neck, which concerned Sam. Sam thought she might have hurt it when she stumbled, but Kristina waved it off and said she probably got hurt in yoga. She told Sam she'd just started the class and was trying to get Alexis to go too as a stress reliever. Sam chuckled at the idea of their mother doing yoga and suggested that Kristina try and get her to go tonight, because she'd been talking to Sonny for quite awhile and would probably need to relax after that.

Alexis snapped at Sonny for staring at her. Sonny explained that he was surprised she wasn't more upset. Alexis broke down and cried that she was numb now after living with the things Sonny did for so long. She said he'd hurt everyone she loved and that if Jax was never found, it would be his fault. When Sonny attempted to comfort her, Alexis lost it and started swinging on him and yelling at him for daring to try and console her. Sonny noticed Kristina walk in. Alexis spun around and saw her stunned daughter. Kristina asked what was going on and Alexis said she just lost it for a second. Sonny said everything was fine. Kristina disagreed and spat that Jax was gone. Kristina asked Sonny what he did. When he didn't answer, Kristina said she could figure it out for herself and she accused Sonny of getting rid of Jax. Sonny attempted to defend himself by bringing up Jax's faults, but Kristina didn't want to hear his excuses. She said Sonny hated Jax and wanted him gone, just like he tried to kill Johnny. Kristina said Jax was a part of their family. Near tears, Kristina asked how he could do that to all of them, then she scornfully said it was because he didn't care about anyone but himself. Kristina stormed out.

Skye lead Johnny to believe they were going to play a game. She tied his hands to the headboard and snuggled against his bare chest, then she leapt up and gloated about getting the better of him. Johnny admitted that she wasn't as easy to fool as he'd mistakenly assumed. He asked her to untie him so he could go, but Skye didn't let him off that easy. She put on the earrings he bought her, then told him he was going to have to wait while she ran an errand. Skye joked that he might be hungry, so she popped one of the strawberries in his mouth. Skye grinned and walked out as Johnny spit out the strawberry and unsuccessfully tried to convince her not to leave him like that.

Lulu said she knew she and Dante would be fine living together, since they practically were already, but she wanted to focus on helping Lucky before she worried about herself. Olivia understood, but she still thought that Lulu should take care of herself, too. Lulu knew that, but she wanted to make sure Lucky was okay first.

Skye dashed into the now dark office at ELQ and began to replace the money she'd taken from the safe. She quietly thanked Edward and said Jax thanked him, too. Skye was alarmed when the light flipped on. She turned to see Tracy, who laughed gleefully about catching her.

At the chapel, Sam told God that she thought everyone was letting the wedding preparations get out of control and she knew their ideas weren't what Jason wanted. Sam picked up a binder, then prayed for Jason's full recovery.

Sonny waited for Alexis to go after Kristina. He said she was still a kid, but Alexis believed that Kristina had a right to feel the way she felt. She told Sonny that other people were allowed to act out too and at least Kristina used her words and no one died. Alexis walked out. Elsewhere in the hospital, Kristina stumbled and grabbed onto a wall for support. She looked worried.

Lucky was adamant that telling Lulu the truth would do more harm than good and would only serve to make her obsess over him the way she did over Luke. Dante made it clear that his first priority was Lulu and he refused to do anything that would jeopardize their relationship. Dante also didn't understand why Lucky felt so strongly that Lulu couldn't know, since it wasn't his fault he took drugs and because it wasn't like he was hooked again. Lucky shifted nervously, knowing this wasn't true and touched the pills in his pocket. Dante picked up on Lucky's demeanor and said that they had to do something about this. At first Lucky said he didn't want to get into this because it was his day with Aiden, then he got defensive and asked Dante why he cared if he was using. Dante said they were friends. Lulu walked in and asked Lucky if it was true.

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