GH Update Monday 8/29/11

General Hospital Update Monday 8/29/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the OR, Jason’s brain is starting to bleed. Patrick is worried that Jason’s blood pressure is dropping. Monica’s “spirit” is watching the operation. Patrick tries talking to Jason, tells him to hang in there. A few minutes later, Patrick and Robin urge Jason to pull through.

Monica is morphed back to the Quartermaine mansion. In Monica’s dream, she sees Jason taking drugs. Jason says he is celebrating his chief-of-staff promotion. Jason reminds Monica that success has its consequences. Monica urges Jason to find another solution to stress. Jason brings up AJ’s death, then tells Monica that the Quartermaines have put a lot of pressure on him to excel. Alan walks in and wonders what the dispute is about. Edward and Tracy enter the room and stare at Jason. Monica announces that Jason is doing drugs. Monica defends Jason’s behavior to Tracy. Tracy laughs in response, then applauds Jason for “owning his vices”. Tracy says Jason should get to his party. Jason leaves through the terrace doors. Everyone hears a crash. Later, Edward and Alan talk about Jason’s car crash. Monica worries that Jason won’t survive the accident. Alan is sad. Monica blames Tracy for not being supportive of Jason. Tracy defends herself, claiming that Jason and AJ are responsible for their own decisions. Monica wishes Tracy would have accepted Jason as he is. Monica turns around and Jason is standing behind her. Jason says to let go of him.

Carly’s “spirit” is at Jake’s, watching as Jason and Michael argue over Sonny. Michael yells at Jason and accuses him of ruining his father’s life. Carly swears that Sonny’s downward spiral was not their fault. Carly defends Jason which only further irritates Michael. Michael jokes that he has no family now except for the Quartermaines. Carly says Michael should blame her. Michael replies that Carly only cares about herself. Jason steps in and tells Michael to stop disrespecting his mom. Michael refuses to talk to Carly and Jason anymore. Michael rushes out of the bar. Carly pleads with Jason to follow after her son. Carly hears a loud crash outside. Carly runs out of Jake’s. Next, Carly and Jason are meeting at the bar after Michael’s funeral. Carly believes Michael hated her. Carly is sorrowful about Michael’s death. Jason says Carly was always too loyal to him. Jason implies that he and Carly should stop dating. Carly hates the idea of saying goodbye to Jason. Suddenly, Jason disappears and the current version of himself appears. Jason tells Carly that they will always be only friends.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s “spirit” is at the art studio, where Jason confronts her about not taking birth control. Liz says she has been really busy painting and might have forgotten to take a few pills. Elizabeth shows Jason the new painting she has been working on – a country scene with a barn. Jason changes the subject back to pregnancy. Jason is convinced Elizabeth wants to have his baby. Elizabeth grabs the canvas and puts it on an easel. Jason reminds Liz that they were only having a fling. Elizabeth admits that she has feelings for Jason. Elizabeth doesn’t want to say goodbye to Jason. Jason can’t understand why Elizabeth wants to complicate things by having a baby. Jason wants to bring Elizabeth somewhere. Jason and Liz leave the studio hand in hand. Jason brings Elizabeth to some undisclosed location, possibly a construction site. Elizabeth senses that Jason wants to give her a better art studio. Jason loves his architect job. Elizabeth and Jason talk about being parents. Elizabeth daydreams about painting in Florence. Jason walks up a flight of stairs to move a tarp, then ends up taking a tumble to the ground. Months go by. Jason and Liz return to the art studio. Jason is in a wheelchair. Elizabeth offers to make something to eat for Jason. Jason doesn’t want Liz to be tied down since he is now paralyzed. Jason throws some things around the room. Jason tells Liz that she shouldn’t give up on her dreams to paint. Elizabeth glances at the front door and sees Jason standing there. Jason says he is “not what Elizabeth needs.”

In a Hawaii hut, Sam’s “spirit” notices a man lurking outside with a gun. Sam and Jason are looking at a mask they just salvaged. Jason kisses Sam. Jason hears a noise and grabs his gun. After leaving the hut, Sam is alone. The suspicious man enters through another room and tells Sam to be quiet. Jason returns a minute later and cringes at the sight of the man. The man wants the mask. Jason hands him the piece, then hits him in the face. Jason escorts the man outside. Jason hurries back to Sam’s side and asks if she’s okay. Jason is concerned and suggests having a doctor check out Sam. Jason carries Sam out of the hut. After the doctor’s visit, Jason and Sam return to the hut. Sam asks for her phone. Sam says she wants to take a photo of Jason’s expression because she just learned she is pregnant. Jason is ecstatic by the news. Jason can’t believe he’ll be a father. They share a kiss, then Sam takes a photo with Jason. Sam turns and Jason is standing by the front door of the hut. Jason tells Sam that he wants to be with her.

Back in reality, Carly makes a phone call from Jake’s. Carly rushes out of the bar. Carly returns to the hospital to visit with Michael. Carly hugs Michael, then says she loves him very much. Michael is surprised by Carly’s support.

Elizabeth is painting at the art studio when she receives a call from Matt. Matt relays that there’s a meeting at the hospital. Elizabeth hurries to the hospital lobby to see Matt. Matt says that the drug problem was taken care of. Matt says he isn’t mad at Liz anymore. Matt admits that Patrick was right about operating on Jason.

Sam sits in the dark in Jason’s hospital room. Sam is looking at photos on her cell phone. Sam is clenching her engagement ring chain.

Monica is sitting in the Quartermaine living room, staring at a picture frame of herself and Alan. Monica has tears in her eyes. Monica says she misses Alan. Monica asks Alan to look over Jason. Monica hopes Jason can survive the surgery. Monica clasps the frame to her chest. Monica decides to return to GH. Monica sees Edward and tells him the Q’s house was too quiet. Monica and Edward reminisce about the good old times. Monica and Edward go over the what-ifs if Jason hadn’t suffered a brain injury from the accident years ago.

Jason sees himself in the OR. Jason has flashbacks from his life – Jake’s birth and loving Elizabeth, Carly, Robin, and lastly, Sam.

Sam, Monica, Carly and Elizabeth await to hear about Jason’s diagnosis. Robin tells the four that the fragment was taken out of Jason’s brain. Sam asks if Jason will make it. Robin stays quiet.

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