GH Update Friday 8/26/11

General Hospital Update Friday 8/26/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick discussed the surgery Jason needed. It was going to be a difficult procedure and only Patrick had the skills to pull it off successfully. Robin lamented that she wouldn't be able to be involved, due to the open wound on her arm, courtesy of Sonny and because she a good friend of Jason's. Patrick balked at Robin's plan for Matt to assist him.

Matt told Elizabeth that he'd learned that two nurses were around when the drugs went missing. Elizabeth was worried she'd get caught and lose her job, but Matt thought she'd done a good thing by trying to help Lucky and told her not to think that far ahead. Elizabeth felt Siobhan's death was of more importance right now and told Matt that Lucky had agreed to the autopsy. Elizabeth's belief that Siobhan's death might have something to do with the car accident and the fall down the stairs made her feel partially responsible. She wasn't sure Lucky would ever forgive her. Matt encouraged her to work on forgiving herself first. Elizabeth wished she could go back and change a number of things that had happened lately.

Carly raced after Michael, who was on his way to see Jason. She stopped him and they resumed their disagreement about whether or not Sonny was responsible for Jax's plane crash. Carly maintained that Sonny was out of control and said his sudden willingness to let Michael be involved in mob business was evidence of that. Michael on the other hand, believed Sonny was doing the right thing. He also thought that Carly would eventually come around and welcome Sonny into her life again, but Carly insisted that she was finished saving Sonny, because he'd only hurt someone she loved again. Michael was determined to stay loyal to Sonny, since that's what you did for family.

Jason asked Sam if she wanted him to postpone the surgery for a month. He was concerned that he might not survive it and suggested that they could get married or try for a baby first, just in case. Sam cried that Jason could just as easily have another seizure if he waited and die before he could get the surgery. She didn't want to bear the responsibility of making that decision and told Jason he had to make the choice. Jason felt that they needed to make the decision jointly. He was afraid of dying on the table and losing the chance to marry her and have a baby with her. Sam entertained the idea of enjoying themselves in Hawaii instead of getting married on September 23rd. They reminisced about the time they'd spent there in the past, then Sam got choked up and admitted that every time she found him sleeping back then, she'd worried he was dead. Jason knew this was harder for her, because she'd be the one left behind if he didn't make it.

Matt walked over to Robin and Patrick just as his brother was making the argument that Matt was incapable of being in the OR with him without attempting to take over. Matt and Patrick bickered over who had the bigger ego until Robin told them to act like adults and provide logical arguments for and against Matt's presence in the OR. Matt felt that it would be important to have another pair of hands around for such a critical operation. Patrick countered that Matt would be too busy nitpicking his actions to be of a help during the surgery. Elizabeth joined them and agreed with Patrick, saying it would be counterproductive for Matt to be there. Carly and Michael walked over, once they realized the discussion concerned Jason. Matt believed that if he and Patrick worked as a team, the two of them would challenge each other to be at the top of their games. Patrick was confident that the could do it alone, since he'd saved Jason's life before. Matt took a shot at Patrick by saying he'd already killed Jason's son. Robin told Matt he'd gone too far. Sam came out and informed the group that Jason was ready to have the surgery. Monica and Edward arrived seconds later. Matt began to make his pitch to be in the operating room to Jason's family and Sam, by casting aspersions on Patrick's reasons for wanting to handle the surgery alone. Sam went off on him for using Jason's surgery as a pissing contest with his brother. Matt glanced around the group for support and found none. Chastened, Matt apologized and agreed that he shouldn't be in the OR if he'd be a distraction. Matt moved away from the group and slammed his hand against a desk in frustration. Sam wanted Patrick to verify was taking the surgery and excluding Matt because it was best for Jason and not to due to his rivalry with his brother. Patrick affirmed that he never let his emotions get in the way of his work.

Matt got into the elevator. Elizabeth went after him and stood in the doorway while she explained that it wasn't about siding against him. Matt told her it was okay, they were good, just before the elevator doors closed.

After learning that Sam and Jason had made the decision together, Monica assured Sam that they were making the right choice.

Carly made her way into Jason's room. She grudgingly admitted that Sam had the right to help Jason make the decision to have the surgery. Jason was pleased by Carly's effort to be civil and said she must be really scared. Carly really wanted Jason to be okay. She confided that she was going through some things that she couldn't handle alone. Jason correctly guessed that it was about Sonny and said he needed help, but Carly said she couldn't be the person to give it. She let it slip that something was going on with Michael and after some prodding from Jason, she told him that Sonny was going to allow Michael to help out with the business. Jason got very agitated and demanded to speak to Michael so he could straighten him out.

Sam returned and was furious to find Jason embroiled in drama minutes before his surgery, due to Carly's visit. Jason was determined to fix things, but Sam insisted that he put himself first for once. Carly agreed with Sam and said they could handle this later. Before Carly left, Jason gave her some advice for if he didn't make it. He encouraged her to always trust her instincts and to think things through before she reacted. Carly cried as she told Jason that the first moment they met, he was all she could focus on. After she left, Jason told Sam that he'd been the one who questioned Carly. Sam smiled that he always defended her and Jason said she did the same for him. Sam climbed in bed with Jason and he wrapped his arms around her. Sam believed Carly would take Jason back in a heartbeat. Jason assured her that would never happen, because he loved Sam. Sam told Jason she cherished every day they'd had and would have. They exchanged I love yous, then held each other until someone came in to take Jason for surgery.

Robin told Monica that she advised against her watching the surgery. She encouraged them all to send Jason positive thoughts. Robin on the other hand felt compelled to watch, since she'd ordered the operation.

Michael had questions about Jason's possible outcomes and learned from Patrick that he might wake up with a different personality, or end up in a coma, but they had no way of knowing what would happen. Patrick left to prep for surgery.

Monica and Edward talked about Jason's first personality change. Edward knew Jason was a different person when he flew into a rage and broke Lila's favorite vase. Monica reflected on the way Jason had detached himself from the family after his first accident. She asked Edward if it was wrong for her to wish Jason would regain his original personality and Edward cautioned her to be careful what she wished for. Jason was wheeled out of his room, with Sam at his side and holding his hand. A nurse told Sam she couldn't go any farther. She and Jason shared a tender moment and Sam promised to be there when he woke up. Monica put a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder as they watched Jason be wheeled away.

In the observation room, Robin wondered whether she'd made the right call letting Patrick work alone. She turned on the intercom and listened in on the surgery.

Sam returned to Jason's room and climbed up on the now empty bed and snuggled down into his pillow. She looked at a picture of herself and Jason on her phone, then daydreamed about a new life with Jason. They had gone to Hawaii after getting married and never gone back to Port Charles. In the daydream, they kissed passionately, then Jason carried her over to the bed where they made love. Sam pictured her and Jason's new life, with him being a beach bum and her being a salvage diver. Sam and Jason joked and flirted with each other, then ran off to get supplies to find sunken treasure.

Carly pictured herself at Jimmy's. In her dream, Jason arrived, wearing a suit and tie. He'd had a long day of cleaning up the messes Sonny had left behind, when he disappeared after a nervous breakdown The two of them were in a burgeoning romance. She took his jacket off of him, then they played pool to unwind. Carly and Jason were now running the business Sonny left behind. Jason felt that Sonny had burnt to many bridges to ever return. Carly and Jason discussed their relationship, which had gone from friends with benefits to them being partners in every way. Carly beamed as Jason took her hand.

Monica went home and stared at a picture of herself, Jason, Alan and AJ. She had a fantasy too. It was Christmas time. Jason, a doctor, arrived and greeted her with a big hug. Alan walked in and announced that Jason was the newest Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Edward and Tracy walked in soon after. Edward was thrilled, but Tracy figured Alan had bought the position for Jason. Tracy also noted that Monica had no reason to be proud, since Jason wasn't her biological son. Monica decided to throw Tracy out, but Jason smoothed things over and shut Tracy up with a few cutting comments. Jason announced that he was going to be CoS and keep his private practice as a cosmetic surgeon Edward and Alan bickered about whether this was a good idea, with Alan feeling it was too much for Jason to handle, and Edward countering that just because Alan had failed when he tried to do it didn't mean Jason would, too. Monica hugged Jason and told him how grateful she was that he wasn't the car when AJ had the fatal car crash. Jason promised her she'd never lose him and they hugged.

Each woman imagined themselves observing the alternate time-line unfold.

Sam, Monica and Carly also pictured themselves in the operating room with Jason. Patrick told his team to be careful because a mistake could cost Jason his memory.

Elizabeth also daydreamed about a life with Jason. The two of them lived in a home surrounded by her artwork and his architectural drawings. Elizabeth sat on his lap and they kissed. She and Jason often had to travel out of the country for business. Elizabeth was disappointed he'd be going to Tokyo for six months, but Jason felt that it was necessary for both of them to travel to keep their creative edge. He said that some women thought they could stay creative while having a cookie-cutter life with kids and picket fences, but it wasn't possible. Jason said he wanted to inspire her the way she inspired him. Elizabeth had been working on art that featured Jason partially undressed. He was slightly shy about being on display, but he was willing to do it for her. Liz started to undress him, which lead to them having sex.

In the OR, the doctors ran into a complication and Jason started bleeding and each of the women's fantasies took a dark turn.

In the Hawaiian fantasy, Sam imagined seeing a man sneaking up on them with a gun.

Elizabeth imagined kissing Jason after making love to him. She wanted to paint a picture of their love making one day, but Jason didn't want to become a cliché of the perfect couple. He got up and started looking for his watch. Jason was alarmed and Elizabeth looked guilty when he stumbled across her unopened package of birth control pills. He demanded to know if she was trying to get pregnant.

Carly daydreamed about trying to convince Jason to let her go to a mob meeting with her. Jason didn't want to put her at risk, but Carly didn't think it would be safe for him to go alone. Her fantasy turned sour when Michael burst in and demanded to know what she was doing with “gangster garbage” like Jason.

In Monica's dream, Jason fiddled with a toy train. Monica left to go to Jason's party, while Jason said he'd drive himself. Monica gushed again about how proud she was of Jason, and they hugged. Once she was gone, Jason emptied a baggie of white powder onto of one of the cars of train, then separated out a line with a credit card. Monica returned for her purse and caught him preparing to snort the substance up through a straw.

In the OR Patrick and his team frantically worked to get the bleeding under control before Jason died.

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