GH Update Wednesday 8/24/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/24/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie was stunned when she learned that Spinelli remembered that she had a heart transplant. He shared that he remembered lots of important details and she encouraged him to tell her about them. Spinelli was dismissive of her efforts and Maxie told him she wouldn't allow him to treat her like a loser. Spinelli told her she wasn't a loser, just a girl with a broken second-hand heart. He got uncomfortable and wanted to leave the cemetery, because the “ghosts” were getting to him. Maxie pressed on and asked if he remembered something about Georgie. Spinelli's face fell and he said he remembered failing her.

At the docks, Dante disagreed with the diver's opinion that they should suspend the search for the night. He was adamant that they had to find evidence. Olivia walked up after overhearing him and asked if he wanted proof that Jax survived or of Sonny's guilt. After the man was gone, Olivia and Dante talked. She'd brought him coffee. Dante said he was just looking for Jax's body, but Olivia wasn't ready to accept that he was dead. Dante vowed that Sonny would pay if he was guilty. Olivia didn't see things in black and white and said that Jax and Dante's father are both complicated people. Dante exploded and said to stop calling Sonny that, since he'd never been a father to him growing up. Olivia said that was her fault, but Dante thought that she made the right choice. He felt that his siblings deserved better, too. Olivia said that Sonny's kids who grew up with him adored him and that he really did put his kids first. Dante disagreed and said he would have left the business or stayed away from them if that were true. Dante believed Sonny was too selfish to do what was right for them. Dante said he'd bent over backwards to keep Sonny out of jail for the sake of his kids, but he now believed putting him behind bars was the only way to stop Sonny from making choices that hurt them.

Tracy was at ELQ, looking at an online article on Gino Soleito's death and an article on ELQ being saved after getting a sudden influx of money. Skye walked in and taunted that it was too late to cover up what she'd done. Tracy suggested she crawl back under her rock, but Skye said she was staying in town to support “Grandfather” since he was going through a difficult time with Jason being in the hospital. Tracy spat that Skye wasn't family, but Skye continued to call Edward “Grandfather” anyway. She told Tracy she envied her because she had the family Skye always wanted. . Skye talked about continually losing the family she thought she had, due to her mother's lies. Tracy spat that she should go back to the Chandlers. She theorized that Tracy felt threatened by her, because while Tracy alienated her relatives, Skye recognized that it was a gift to be loved by a family. Skye said Edward and Alan welcomed her even after they found out that she wasn't a blood relative and that she was more of a Quartermaine than Tracy ever was. Tracy snarled not to compare them.

Outside the hospital chapel, Michael listened as Abby told Sonny that he could prove his love for Michael by letting him go, otherwise, he'd confuse him and inadvertently drag him into his lifestyle. She felt that Michael would make the wrong choices, in an attempt to earn Sonny's respect. Sonny countered that he respected Michael's ability to make his own choices and asked Abby if she didn't think Michael was man enough to run his own life. Michael walked up and said that was a good question.

Abby said that when they were on the island, Michael said he wouldn't just follow in Sonny's footsteps. Sonny interjected to ask how the people at the island treated them, and Michael said they treated them well. Abby scoffed that Michael got a taste of what it was like to be Sonny while he was there. Michael demanded to know why Abby was taking this to Sonny. Abby explained that she felt Sonny was encouraging him to see things his way. Michael maintained that Sonny told him the truth, but Abby pointed out that Michael was accepting Sonny's version of the events without question. Michael told Abby that this was non of her business and that if she had a problem, she needed to talk to him and not Sonny. Abby said she had a right to be worried. Abby said Michael promised to keep his options open, but now that he heard about Jax's plane crash, he was only reacting with blind loyalty and condoning what happened. Sonny defended what happened and said Michael condoned going after what you wanted and protecting your loved ones. Abby said that was exactly what she was doing, too. She told Sonny that he said he didn't want Michael in the mob, but his actions said otherwise. Michael stepped in to defend Sonny, but Sonny told him to let her talk. Abby and Sonny continued to disagree about whether Sonny was leading Michael down the wrong path, or just allowing him to live his own life. Abby thought that Sonny was practically daring Michael to disagree with him and she wondered why Michael couldn't see it. When Michael didn't say anything, Abby walked away. Sonny told Michael he could go after her, but Michael declined, saying there was nothing he could do to change her mind. Sonny said he was sorry she didn't get it, but when push came to shove, people had to know who they could count on.

Anthony was walking down the street with a pastry box, when he quickly dashed around the corner and waited for Johnny, then called him out on following him. Anthony told Johnny he should be spending his time preparing to get the upper hand on Sonny now that he was becoming a pariah. “Like you are?” Johnny asked, with a smirk.

Tracy was not moved by Skye's “little orphan routine.” Skye asked if Tracy had even checked on her nephew. Tracy said Jason hadn't been her nephew since A.J. drove drunk with him in the car and hit a tree. Skye felt that Tracy was being callous, but Tracy didn't care what a “parasite” like her thought. Skye said the insult fit Tracy too, since she latched on to Gino after Edward kicked her out. Skye asked if she had been researching Gino earlier, or what she did to him. Tracy and Skye shot barbs at each other over their history with men. Skye said she was woman enough to sleep with the men she screwed over. Tracy shot back that they always left her afterward. Skye got a dig in by asking when she last heard from Luke. That pushed Tracy too far and she told Skye to get out. Asher, an ELQ employee walked in and asked if there was a problem. Skye smiled and said it was practically solved, then she left. Tracy told Asher she had a job for him to take care of, personally. She had something she wanted him to find, then make disappear.

Spinelli knelt down by Georgie's grave and revealed that he felt guilty for not discovering the identity of the text message killer in time to prevent her death. Maxie pointed out that the cops had a whole task force who didn't figure it out in time, either. Spinelli also felt bad that he hadn't realized Georgie had feelings for him. He teared up and said he let her down, but Maxie assured him that he never let anyone down. Spinelli yelled about the stupid box Georgie put her feelings in, which Maxie translated as a computer. Spinelli felt like he'd wasted his life on computers. He said he was just a sap, sitting alone, filling his head with useless junk. Maxie felt he'd done something worthwhile, by learning things, then sharing them with her. “But you were the real world!” Spinelli said to her. Spinelli believed that computers kept him from experiencing the real world and hindered his ability to feel and think. Spinelli said that Georgie wrote things on her computer about him, instead of telling him to his face and now she was gone. Spinelli said he was Jackal PI and should have been able to save Georgie. Maxie told him he was Damian Spinelli, and while he wasn't able to save Georgie, he did save her (Maxie). She reminded him about taking a bullet that was meant for her.

Spinelli tried to downplay it as something Jackal would do, but Maxie corrected him and said it was something Spinelli did. Spinelli felt that his Jackal persona was better, so Maxie told him that Spinelli had a heart and soul, which made people like her, Georgie and Jason love him. She said she wanted him back.

Johnny commented on Anthony's sweet tooth, because he was sure he was up to something. Anthony claimed that he was just trying to support the baker's craft. Anthony handed the box over and told Johnny to check it out. While Johnny opened it, Anthony used his hands as puppets, and talked through them. Speaking in third person through the puppets, Anthony told Johnny that he didn't like it when he followed him, then he walked away, leaving the box of cupcakes with Johnny. Still suspicious, Johnny called someone and told them to tail Anthony.

Michael asked Sonny to excuse Abby, because something had happened on the island. Sonny already knew she'd been mistaken for a hooker and that Michael had gone to the staff. He told Michael he handled it well by standing up for her, even though he was sure Abby wanted him to let it go. Michael said Abby didn't understand. “Abby doesn't understand a lot of things” Sonny replied. He also felt like Abby talked like Michael was a kid sometimes. Michael said Abby just wanted the best for him, and Sonny knew, but he thought he difference in their levels of experience was causing an issue. Sonny felt that she'd overstepped by questioning his love and commitment for Michael. Michael said she wasn't completely wrong, since he wouldn't let him join the business. Sonny pointed out that he'd never asked him to join the business. Michael agreed, but said Abby didn't get that things changed. He felt that now that Jason was out of commission it was time for him to step up and serve his family. Sonny appreciated Michael's interest in helping out but told him there was a limit to what he was going to let him do. Michael was eager to do whatever Sonny needed. Sonny said that first he needed him to go to Jason. Before they could finish talking, Carly walked up. Josslyn had a cold and she was there to get her some medicine. Sonny chimed in that Josslyn was could be sick because Jax had her out in the rain.

Dante wished he could go back in time and turn Sonny in for shooting him. He said he'd never make the mistake of covering for him again even if Olivia wanted him to. Olivia responded that she didn't want him to compromise his beliefs, but she felt that there was more to him than his job. Olivia thought that Dante understood Sonny more than he liked to and it made him angry. She reminded him of how he liked Sonny and felt something in common with him back before he realized he was his father. Dante said Sonny saw him as a useful employee but Olivia told him not to rewrite history. She pointed out that Dante had bonded a bit with Sonny when they traveled to Texas to find Alec. She urged Dante to trust his instincts and realize it wasn't wrong for him to look for the best in Sonny and to hope he was able to rise above his abusive childhood. Dante sighed that she saw the best in everyone, including him. Olivia told Dante he was perfect, but he had to realize that sometimes people did things because they wanted to, not because they had to. The diver returned and told Dante they found something. Dante rushed off to see it and Olivia sighed.

Maxie told Spinelli she was trying to help, which he should take note of, because it didn't happen often. Spinelli was happy with his Jackal PI persona and didn't want to go back to being the guy who helped everyone else but ended up alone. Maxie pulled out some pictures from the non wedding and showed Spinelli how happy he was. Spinelli pointed out that they didn't stay non-married. Maxie said they had a bond that would last forever. Spinelli accused her of wanting him to get his old life back, so he could be waiting by the phone while she stayed with “Patch.” He said he had a thing for Moonlight and she didn't want him and he never realized that Georgie wanted him and that Maxie broke up with him because she got tired of being with a geek. Spinelli asked why he'd want to go back to that life. Maxie said because Jackal PI wasn't real, but what they had was.

She told Spinelli that he was the only person besides Georgie to believe in her and to encourage her to follow her dreams. Spinelli asked what that got him, then as another rhetorical question, he asked if they were going to fall in love if he came back. He felt that it was better to stay Jackal PI, since in his line of work, no one got too attached. Spinelli's voice broke as he said that when you did get attached, you lose people. Overcome by grief, he briefly started talking in his normal voice as he explained that he couldn't lose anyone again. He picked up the Jackal PI voice and said that meant he needed Maxie to stay the hell away from him. “I don't need some ditzy dish holding my hand” he said. Maxie asked him not to call her that and said Spinelli never would. She said she'd stop pushing and he could be Jackal PI if he wanted and they could talk another time. Spinelli said he was a man of action and didn't have time to talk. Maxie agreed and said Georgie would be proud. Maxie promised not to bring Georgie up anymore if he didn't want her to. She then asked him to promise to lay low stay in the alleyway if he wanted to investigate the bakery again. Spinelli blew her off by telling her to go find Patch because he'd be fine. He left the cemetery.

Asher called Anthony and told him that Tracy had him searching the ELQ paperwork for a big spike in funds around ten years ago. Anthony chuckled that she was predictable. Asher wanted to know what was up and was upset he wasn't being kept in the loop, since he was taking all the risks. Anthony ordered him to do as he was told and not ask any questions. After they hung up, Asher turned around to see Tracy standing over him. Tracy hadn't overheard. Asher attempted to get Tracy to give him the specifics on what he was looking for, but she said that was all he needed to know. Asher wanted a bonus for doing this, and Tracy told him he was on her team because he had he qualities that helped build ELQ, intelligence, creativity and motivation. She said if he stuck with her, he'd get a much bigger payoff than a bonus in his weekly paycheck.

Abby bumped into Johnny. He could see that she was upset. She didn't want to talk about it, but he convinced her to and gave her a cupcake, while taking another for himself. Abby tried it and loved it. Johnny said the only other time he'd seen her this worked up was when she auditioned the first time at the club. He said it was obvious that dancing wasn't her first career choice, but he gave her another chance because he knew she was saving up to go back to school and because he enjoyed seeing her dance. Abby thought he meant he just wanted to see her naked, but Johnny said he actually liked the dancing, because it was clear she was passionate about it. Abby said she'd been dancing her whole life. She said it had been a secret passion for her. Johnny understood having a secret passion.

Skye and Anthony met at the warehouse. He was pleased to see she was wearing the bracelet. He took her by the hand and compared the green color reflecting on the stones from her eyes to the jewels of a Celtic crown. Skye asked if he deposited the money. Anthony gave her some paperwork which confirmed that it was in her offshore account and Skye showed him the flash drive which proved that Traci had used Gino Soleito's mob money to fund ELQ. Anthony said he almost felt bad for Tracy, because her days of being able to look down on others was coming to a close. Skye reminded Anthony that he was not to harm Edward or touch his assets at all. Anthony agreed, but didn't sound sincere.

Carly ripped into Sonny for even saying Jax's name. She apologized to Michael for having to hear that, but was stunned when she learned he was on Sonny's side. She couldn't believe Michael was taking Sonny's side when the man who raised him could be dead because of him. Carly thought Sonny had put him up to it. Sonny tried to tell Michael to stay out of it, but Michael defended him anyway. Michael thought that what Sonny had tried to do with Jax was similar to him killing Claudia to protect Carly and Josslyn. Carly vehemently disagreed and said it was different because she and Josslyn had been in physical danger due to Claudia. Sonny thought Michael made a good point, but Carly told him not to compare the two incidents. She vowed that Michael would never be like him if she had a say in it. Michael informed her that she didn't have a say and he told her he wouldn't stand by and allow her to accuse Sonny of something when she didn't even know what happened for sure. Carly accused Michael of hoping they didn't find Jax's body so Sonny wouldn't go to jail. Michael said he wanted Jax to be alive and for Sonny to be free.

Carly asked Michael to consider what it would mean if Jax was dead. She was appalled when Michael said Jax had it coming. Michael said Jax was a threat and Sonny took care of it. Dante walked up after overhearing that and said it sounded like a confession. Carly asked for an update. Dante said they hadn't found a body yet, but the search wasn't over, so Jax could still be in the water. He said the cockpit had also been found and it showed that someone had basically hotwired the plane to get it to fly. Michael and Sonny felt this vindicated Sonny, since it meant that Jax had tampered with his own wiring. They walked away.

Spinelli returned to the cemetery and gingerly put a cupcake on top of Georgie's headstone. He was on the verge of tears.

Alone in her office, Tracy deleted her browser history, so no one would know she'd looked up Gino or the sudden infusion of money into ELQ.

Anthony wanted the flash drive he'd paid for. Skye refused to give it to him until she was certain he understood that Edward was off limits. She told him that while she was finding dirt on Tracy, she found something even worse on him and would use it if he went back on his word. They didn't appear to notice Johnny arrive on the staircase and look down at them talking.

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