GH Update Tuesday 8/23/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/23/11

Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli felt uncomfortable being in the cemetery and asked Maxie why they were there. She explained that being there made her feel closer to Georgie and that she'd brought him because she hoped Georgie would be able to help him, too. Maxie told Spinelli about how he called her “wise Georgie” and how kind and smart her sister was and asked him if he remembered. Spinelli thought she was trying to use her dead sister to make him fall for her and insisted that it wouldn't work. Maxie chided him for being mean and said she understood if he didn't want her. She said she didn't blame him, because Georgie was better than her in a lot of ways. Maxie said Georgie had been her anchor and sometimes she felt like she would drift away now that she was gone. Maxie knew Spinelli had experienced the same thing and she wanted him to know she'd be there to keep him grounded. Teary eyed, Maxie urged him to reach out. Spinelli was tearing up too and it appeared that Maxie was be getting through to him.

In Siobhan's hospital room, Lucky panicked when he realized she wasn't breathing. He dashed into the hallway and told Steve, who came in and started to do chest compressions. He ordered Elizabeth to get a crash cart, but she was still frozen in place. Steve went to get help and told Elizabeth she needed to get out of there.

Lucky watched the doctors use the crash cart to try and restart Siobhan's heart, until Elizabeth gently lead him out, saying he didn't need to see this. In the hall, Lucky castigated himself for talking Siobhan into staying town and said he cost her her life. Elizabeth told him he wasn't to blame – she was. Lucky maintained that she was innocent and he was at fault. In spite of Elizabeth's attempt to stop him, Lucky returned to the room, in time to see Steve give up and accept that Siobhan was dead. Everyone left to let Lucky have a chance to say a final goodbye.

Elizabeth wondered aloud what happened, since she'd just seen her. Steve was very concerned when he learned that Liz had been the last one to see Siobhan alive, and he demanded to know everything that happened. Elizabeth wondered why everyone, including her own brother was throwing accusations at her. Steve responded that one less person would be doing that, now that Siobhan was dead. “Go to hell” Elizabeth snarled, before storming off. Steve called after her.

At ELQ, Skye stole some money from a safe hidden behind a portrait of Edward. Just after she put the money in her purse, Abby and Michael walked in. once Skye learned that Michael had been out of the country, she told him about Jason and Carly's accident and their condition. Michael and Abby immediately left to go to the hospital. Once they were gone, Skye, who was feeling guilty about stealing from Edward, looked at his picture and promised to pay him back.

Carly went to the warehouse, where Jax was hiding. Carly remembered Jax showing her “The Silent Lady” the boat he named after her. Jax listened as Carly prayed that he was still alive. Shawn came to get her and said the meter was running low and that since they were trespassing, they should probably go. Carly told him that the place used to belong to Sonny and Jason. She took him over to look at Jax's boat, and Jax smiled as he heard her admiring it. Carly noted the damage that the storm had done to the docks and Shawn said “it didn't do quite as much damage as Sonny.” Carly reminisced about the time she got seasick and told Shawn how Jax had taken care of her. Carly felt bad that things had soured between her and Jax and she was afraid they wouldn't get a chance to sit down and work out a plan for Josslyn. Shawn urged her not to give up hope. He said that Jax would be back and that he wouldn't have to be concerned anymore if she meant what she said to Sonny. Jax perked up and listened intently as Shawn asked Carly if she was serious about keeping the kids away from Sonny from now on.

Sonny went to the hospital chapel and had a talk with God. He acknowledged that it had been a long time, then he prayed for Jason's recovery and for all the people that he hurt – Carly, Robin and especially Josslyn. He admitted letting his anger get the best of him. Sonny said he didn't want forgiveness for himself, because he was who he was. He fought back tears as he said his only regret was that he'd hurt his children. Sonny crossed himself and as he left the chapel, he ran into Michael and Abby. Michael asked about Jason and Sonny told him they were running tests, but no one wanted him involved. Confused, Michael said he was going to find out what was going on. Sonny stopped him and said a lot of things happened that he didn't know about. He broke the news about Jax possibly being dead. Stunned, Michael asked how Carly was doing and Sonny explained that she didn't want him around. He asked Abby to give them a second. Abby walked out, but stood by the doorway, while they talked. Sonny told Michael all about Jax's return, taking Josslyn and he hinted that he tampered with the plane in order to stop Jax from leaving. Sonny said that while he didn't think Jax would be able to take off, he did and the plane crashed. He explained that a lot of people blamed him, including Dante and Carly. Michael was on Sonny's side. He felt that Sonny did what had to be done, since Jax was out of control and that he wasn't responsible for the accident. Sonny was surprised and glad that Michael saw things his way. Michael decided to try and talk Carly into coming around. He went over to Abby, who had overheard the whole thing, but she walked away in disgust.

Carly said she hadn't done a good job of protecting her kids in the past, but she was going to do better and if she had to cut Sonny out to keep them safe, she would. She felt bad that she'd let it go on as long as she did. Shawn pointed out that she'd kept Sonny around because he was their father, but Carly said Sonny had made it clear that he wasn't going to change. She struggled with the idea of having to tell Josslyn that Jax was dead. Shawn suggested she wait until they had proof. Carly cried that she didn't know what to do, because she couldn't tell Josslyn that Jax was thinking about her. Shawn refused to let Carly give up hope. Carly said he was right and that she couldn't give up on Jax because he'd never give up on her. She asked Shawn to take her home, because she wanted to hold Josslyn.

After Shawn and Carly left, Skye arrived and she gave Jax the clean clothes and money. Jax thanked her, then let her know he knew she met Anthony. Jax gently said she was drawn to danger, like Carly and urged her to be careful, since it hadn't worked out so well in Carly's case. Skye got defensive and said she was doing it for her daughter, and that Jax of all people should know about doing whatever it took to ensure your child's future.

Skye figured that it wouldn't take long for Edward to notice the missing money. Jax said he'd pay it back, but that Skye could never tell anyone where the money came from. He'd chosen to let everyone continue to believe he was missing. Skye asked what about Josslyn and Jax said he was sure now that Josslyn would be fine. Jax didn't have any regrets for now, but said he could always change his mind. Skye and Jax shared an emotional goodbye, in which she admitted that she regretted that things had never worked out between them, because they always seemed to be in different places in life. “Another place another time” Jax said. They both urged each other to be careful and they hugged.

Maxie told Spinelli that when Georgie died, it was like a piece of her died, too. Maxie felt that she should have done more to keep her safe. Spinelli was certain she'd done all she could, if she'd fought half as hard for Georgie as she had for him the past few weeks. Maxie cried that she hadn't fought for Georgie at all.

Lucky held Siobhan's hand. Steve returned, and Lucky said Siobhan looked like she was sleeping. He told Steve she always hated it when he watched her sleep. Steve gave Lucky his condolences and told him to take his time. Lucky listened to the voice mail Siobhan left him, in which she told him she believed in him and couldn't bear the thought of losing him. He cried that those shouldn't have been the last words she spoke to him. He blamed himself and felt selfish for not letting her leave town. He said he knew they could have something special the day they first met, because of her fiery personality. Lucky felt bad for putting Siobhan in danger and said he should have protected her. He said all he had to offer was a hollow apology. Lucky brought up a family tradition Siobhan found meaning in - an Irish blessing.

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand.” Lucky recited, before crying. He opened a pill bottle, asked Siobhan not to hate him any more than she already did, then he took the pill. The camera panned in to show the message Siobhan left. Lucky laid his head down on the bed next to Siobhan and sobbed.

Steve found Elizabeth and told her he hadn't meant to accuse her and he didn't mean it like that. Steve insisted that he was just upset because the hospital had lost a patient in a way that made no sense. Elizabeth didn't want to hear it, because she felt Steve clearly was thinking she hurt Siobhan, when he said what he did. Steve informed her that he was ordering an autopsy and that afterward, Elizabeth wouldn't owe anyone an explanation.

Carly and Shawn watched the sleeping Josslyn. Carly said she loved watching her sleep, because she seemed so peaceful. Carly shared her renewed hope that Jax survived and that Josslyn would see him again.

Abby and Michael talked about Sonny. Abby said she felt sick to her stomach, because Michael was okay that Sonny killed Jax. Michael maintained that that wasn't what happened. He pointed out that Sonny only tried to stop the plane from taking off. Abby thought that he only did that so he could kill Jax. She told Michael he was in denial. Michael accused Abby of feeling that way because she hated Sonny. She denied it, but Michael said Abby thought Sonny was guilty of every crime he was blamed for, just because he was in the mob. He said that some things fall into a gray area. Abby told Michael that his attitude was irresponsible. “You seem to be using that word a lot to me lately” Michael said, before walking away.

Spinelli tried to get Maxie to dust herself off and move on, instead of living in the past. He told her it sounded like Georgie was a sweetheart. Maxie was upset and exasperated that Spinelli didn't remember Georgie, when she meant so much to him. She yelled that he was supposed to remember things that were important to him. Spinelli urged her to calm down. Maxie turned away, thinking he wanted her to act like a movie character, but Spinelli pointed out that it wouldn't be good for Maxie to get worked up like that, because she had problems with her heart. Maxie spun around, surprised that he'd remembered something.

Sonny found Abby and asked where Michael was. He wanted him to get an update on Jason. Sonny noticed that Abby was upset and asked if she wanted to talk about it. Abby shared that she was upset that Michael was still bending over backwards trying to earn Sonny's respect. Sonny said Michael had his respect. Michael started walking down the hall toward them, but he was out of sight. He heard Abby tell Sonny it was time for him to become worthy of Michael's respect. She told him to stop doing what he knew he was doing, because if he didn't, it would destroy Michael.

Carly shared a private moment with Josslyn. She told her how hard Jax had fought to keep her safe and said now it was her turn. Carly promised not to let Josslyn or Jax down.

Jax walked around the warehouse, then looked out at the docks. He remembered having dinner with Carly on the docks on the night he proposed. Carly asked why he brought her there, when he could have taken her anywhere. Jax said no fancy place meant as much as this place was “home” and that's what she was to him. He took one last look around, then grabbed his duffel bag and left.

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