GH Update Monday 8/22/11

General Hospital Update Monday 8/22/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Outside of Luzetta’s Bakery, the pastry chef hits Spinelli in the face. Maxie and Lucky show up on the scene. The chef tells Lucky that Spinelli tried breaking into the bakery. Lucky senses that he has seen the chef somewhere before. The man is adamant that he only makes donuts, then warns Lucky to have Spinelli stay away from the bakery. Once alone, Maxie tells Lucky that Spinelli is getting worse. Lucky wants to get back to the hospital to check in with Siobhan. Lucky walks away and stares at a pill bottle. Lucky’s phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, informing Lucky that Siobhan’s awake.

In Siobhan’s hospital room, Anthony starts pulling on Siobhan’s oxygen tube. Anthony wants to have a chat with Siobhan. Anthony implies that Siobhan won’t survive the night. Anthony closes the window blinds and starts asking questions about Lucky. Anthony says Siobhan overheard his meeting the other night. Anthony produces a knife from his pocket. Siobhan is visibly scared. Anthony wonders why Siobhan doesn’t have any pride. Anthony says Lucky is doing drugs again, then adds that his henchmen helped inject Lucky with oxycodone. Siobhan is stunned by the revelation. Siobhan asks that Anthony not kill Lucky. Anthony says he believes in love, then rambles on about gardening and orchids. Anthony believes Siobhan does not have the willpower to live. Anthony lets slip that he is dealing drugs through the bakery. Anthony asks Siobhan if she told anyone about what she overheard. Siobhan swears no one knows the truth. Anthony thinks Siobhan is a roadblock in Lucky and Elizabeth’s love life. Anthony stuffs some drugs down Siobhan’s throat. Anthony is laughing, joking that Siobhan will be at peace now. Elizabeth stops by Siobhan’s door. Anthony hides in the corner. Liz checks in on Siobhan, then abruptly leaves. Anthony checks Siobhan’s pulse, leaves the hospital room, and dumps the latex gloves in the garbage. Siobhan is woozy and grabs for a pillow.

At the nurses’ station, Elizabeth asks Robin if there’s any word regarding Jason’s condition. Robin tells Liz that there is no news. Robin hands Elizabeth the front page of the Port Charles Herald. Elizabeth can’t believe that Jax is presumed dead. Robin says Jax tried to kidnap Josslyn. Sonny shows up at the hospital and walks toward Robin. Sonny wants an update on Jason. Elizabeth walks away. Robin says Jason has been having seizures. Sonny demands to know more about Jason’s symptoms, but Robin doesn’t want to talk to him. Robin is mad that Sonny brought a gun into her home and that Emma witnessed the shooting. Sonny cringes when Robin brings up Brenda. Robin says Sonny caused emotional damage to Emma. Carly walks off the elevator and sees Sonny. Sonny doesn’t want to argue in front of the hospital staff. Carly starts yelling at Sonny. Carly says Sonny has no compassion for Jason. Robin says that she actually agrees with Carly on this one. Robin walks away from the two. Carly says Sonny probably killed Jax. Sonny reminds Carly that Jax is only missing at this point. Carly wishes Sonny would admit responsibility for his actions. Carly thinks Sonny should have ran after Brenda. Carly tells Sonny that he’s a loser. Sonny is convinced Carly will feel differently once she has time to think things over. Carly says she isn’t listening to Sonny’s excuses anymore. Carly worries that her kids are in danger because of Sonny. Shawn is waiting for Carly near the elevator. Carly makes it clear that Sonny’s mess cannot be fixed. Carly goes on about Sonny’s egotistical ways, then calls him a “monster”. Shawn intervenes and tells Carly that they should leave. Carly reminds Sonny that she’s through with him.

At the harbor warehouse, Skye finds Jax hiding out. Jax tells Skye that Sonny tampered with his plane. Jax knows Sonny wanted him dead but not this way. Skye says the cops believe Jax is dead. Jax goes into detail about the plane crash. Skye is concerned for her friend. Jax is thankful Josslyn is with Carly. Jax begins grabbing at his ribs. Skye wonders if Jax has a plan. Jax asks Skye if she has a gun. Jax wants to leave town and asks Skye for some clothes and cash. Skye informs Jax that she hasn’t been able to access any money from Alcazar’s account. However, Skye reassures Jax that she has reliable resources. Jax asks for Skye’s phone. Skye brings up Carly. Jax doesn’t want Carly to know he survived the plane crash. Jax figures Carly will continue defending Sonny. Skye promises to get Jax out of the country. They hear a noise. Skye instructs Jax to hide behind a crate. Anthony walks down a flight of stairs. Anthony announces to Skye that he took care of some loose ends.

At the hospital, Lucky asks Elizabeth about Siobhan. Elizabeth relays that she and Siobhan had a good chat earlier. Elizabeth promises that Lucky’s wife will survive. Lucky hurries to Siobhan’s room. Lucky opens the door and sees Siobhan’s eyes are closed. Lucky apologizes for taking so long to visit. Lucky doesn’t notice the pillow on the floor. Lucky asks Siobhan to wake up. Elizabeth is listening from the corridor. Lucky feels Siobhan’s forehead and panics when he can’t find a pulse. Lucky yells for Liz, then asks her to get a doctor. Elizabeth is too paralyzed to move.

Spinelli and Maxie are still in the alley. Spinelli is resting his head against a dumpster. Spinelli says to Maxie that he’s trying to focus. Maxie worries that Spinelli will remain the Jackal. Spinelli gets tears in his eyes. Maxie misses her friendship with Spinelli. Spinelli wonders if Maxie is really happy with Matt. Maxie wants to bring Spinelli somewhere. When Maxie and Spinelli arrive at Georgie’s grave, Spinelli still doesn’t remember anything. Maxie reminisces about Georgie.

Sonny walks over to Jason’s hospital room but it’s empty. Robin runs into Sonny. Robin says they are going to do exploratory surgeries on Jason. Sonny wonders if there’s any hope for Jason’s full recovery. Robin begins arguing with Sonny again. Sonny keeps making excuses for his behavior. Robin tells Sonny: “I’ve had enough.” Sonny wants to know if Robin can avoid him. Robin fears that Sonny will self-destruct since he isn’t taking his meds. Robin says Sonny will end up losing all the people that he loves.

Shawn and Carly head over to the docks. Carly and Shawn discuss her confrontation with Sonny. Carly feels better now that she’s gotten things off her chest. Carly says Sonny is all about Sonny. Carly tells Shawn that she senses Jax is still alive. Shawn hands Carly a brown bag full of brownies. Carly remembers how Jax fed her broccoli during her pregnancy. Carly says Jax loves Josslyn very much. Carly wonders where Jax is right now. Carly points out Jax’s boat The Silent Lady. Carly raves about Jax and regrets that things didn’t turn out between them. Shawn jokes that Carly’s impulse control could use a little work. Shawn suggests looking at Jax’s boat.

Sonny goes to the hospital chapel to pray.

At the meeting, Skye and Anthony discuss business. Jax listens from nearby. Skye wants Anthony to transfer the money immediately. Skye has a favor to do and Anthony wants to tag along. Anthony implies that he was just at the hospital taking care of a problem. Anthony and Skye leave. Jax makes a few phone calls. Jax hears a door open above. Jax notices Carly walk into the room.

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