GH Update Monday 8/15/11

General Hospital Update Monday 8/15/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Crimson, Spinelli continues to flirt with Lulu during the power outage. Lulu is flattered but Maxie is visibly worried. Maxie says Spinelli has been living his alter ego since waking up from the coma. Lulu thinks Maxie is jealous. Maxie brings up her non-wedding to Spinelli. Spinelli can only remember liking Lulu at one time. Spinelli talks about Jason and Sam’s upcoming nuptials. Maxie blurts out about Lulu working at a whorehouse. Lulu is embarrassed and defends herself by saying she only worked as a waitress there. Spinelli says he isn’t impressed by Maxie’s job. Spinelli says that beauty comes from within, then implies Lulu has a “light” around her. Maxie asks Lulu to put on a dress that Spinelli likes. Lulu fears Spinelli will fall more in love with her. Maxie thinks there is no way Spinelli loves Lulu. Maxie asks Lulu to help her. Spinelli says Lulu looks like “magic in moonlight” in the black-and-white dress. Maxie pipes in that she wore the same dress at a party in SoHo. Spinelli wants to be alone with Lulu. Lulu tells Spinelli that she’s in love with someone else. Spinelli speaks badly of Dante. Lulu brings up Georgie. Spinelli gets a sad look on his face and heads for Kate’s office. Lulu and Maxie wonder why Spinelli is suddenly so withdrawn. Spinelli is laying on Kate’s desk. Lulu suggests that Spinelli see a shrink. Maxie refuses to have Spinelli committed.

Sam speaks to Patrick outside of Jason’s hospital room. Patrick says Jason’s test results showed no mass or sign of cancer, that the image on the MRI was a sign of calcification. Sam asks Patrick if Jason will be okay. Patrick is reluctant to say Jason will make a full recovery since head traumas can take time to heal. Patrick advises Sam to hang onto hope. Sam steps into Jason’s room and sits by his side. Sam tells a sleeping Jason that he has had many visitors. Sam says Jason’s latest accident triggered bad memories for Monica. Sam jokes that she ordered a pink tuxedo for Jason. Sam begs Jason to wake up. Suddenly, Jason squeezes Sam’s hand and blinks his eyes. Patrick checks Jason’s irises. Jason asks Patrick about Carly. In the hallway, Sam instructs Max to stay quiet about Sonny. Max worries that the organization is vulnerable right now. Sam makes it clear that Jason know nothing about the matter. Max knows Jason is the only one who could help Sonny. Alone, Sam and Jason talk about Spinelli. Sam stays mum about Sonny. Max returns to the room and lets slip that Jax took Josslyn. Sam is annoyed with Max. Jason is about to leave his bed when Sam grabs his arm. Sam tells Jason that if he leaves, she’s done with him. Max leaves Sam and Jason alone. Jason wants to find Josslyn, but Sam insists he needs to recuperate. Sam reminds Jason that they talked about Carly and boundaries. Jason apologizes for wanting to help Carly. Jason senses how scared Sam was about his head injuries. Sam admits she doesn’t usually get this emotional. Sam suggests Jason give Carly a call. Sam comments about Jason’s pink tuxedo. Jason cringes at the thought of wearing one.

Dante shows up at Carly’s home to do a follow-up. Carly insists there wasn’t a kidnapping. Carly tells Dante that she and Mercedes had a verbal miscommunication. Dante isn’t buying Carly’s story. Dante announces that there is an APB on Sonny and Jax. Carly is stunned. Dante wants to help Carly and Sonny. Carly believes Jax will be sent to prison. Dante wonders if Sonny will get to Jax before the authorities intervene. Carly is convinced Sonny will get over his anger. Carly says Josslyn is safe now, so she doesn’t want Jax to be punished. Shawn steps in on Carly’s behalf. Dante says Sonny needs to be stopped before he does something drastic. Dante and Carly agree that Sonny’s frame-of-mind is unstable, but Carly wants Dante to let this go. Dante implies that Sonny could kill Jax. Shawn says Carly won’t interfere in Dante’s business. After Dante leaves, Shawn tells Carly that she should be grateful Josslyn is safe and sound. Carly is frustrated because she can’t get an update on Jason’s condition. It sickens Carly that Sam knows what’s going on with Jason and she doesn’t. Carly suggests going to the hospital. Shawn convinces Carly to spend some time with Josslyn. Carly wonders why Shawn is so willing to help her.

Sonny barges into the Drake home. Sonny isn’t surprised to find Jax there. Sonny inquires about Josslyn’s whereabouts. Robin says Shawn brought Josslyn home to Carly. Jax doesn’t want to argue with Sonny. Sonny is resolute that he isn’t done with Jax. Jax feels Sonny doesn’t care one way or another about Josslyn. Jax tells Sonny that he’s mad because Brenda left with him. Sonny hates the idea that Jax used Josslyn as a wedge to get between he and Brenda. Robin defends Jax, which infuriates Sonny even further. Sonny says Jax needs to play hero all the time. Jax accuses Sonny of costing him Josslyn. Jax says the reason Brenda left was because of Sonny’s framing of him (Jax). Sonny tells Jax to shut up. Sonny pulls out a gun and aims it in Jax’s direction. Robin begs Sonny to put down the gun, insisting that Emma is trying to sleep. Jax says Robin convinced him that kidnapping Josslyn was the wrong thing to do. Jax pushes the wrong buttons when he says he “saved” Brenda and Alec from Sonny. Sonny shoots but Robin gets in the way. The bullet grazes Robin’s arm. Emma wakes up and stands in the hallway. Robin asks Jax to leave. Jax storms out, but Sonny won’t move. Patrick returns home and stares at Sonny and Robin. Emma announces “Mommy got shot”. Patrick demands that Sonny leave his house. Patrick looks at Robin’s arm. Patrick continues to badmouth Sonny. Sonny reluctantly walks out. Patrick closes the door, then walks over to the phone. Robin doesn’t want Patrick calling the police. Patrick finishes picking up the glass pieces. Patrick says Jason is okay, but soon switches the subject back to Jax and Sonny. Robin says Emma didn’t witness the entire thing. Patrick says what Sonny did was wrong and worries if his family is in danger. Robin says Sonny isn’t taking his meds.

Sonny returns to his office. Sonny tells Max that Jax doesn’t get a free pass. Sonny wants Jax grabbed before he gets on his jet. Sonny implies that Jax will fall overboard and die. Dante barges in the office. Sonny doesn’t understand why Dante is there. Dante reminds Sonny that he assaulted a police officer when he punched him. Dante compares Sonny to Deke. Two policemen walk into the office. Dante tells Sonny that he’s under arrest.

Carly and Josslyn play with some toys in the Jacks living room. Shawn returns to the room with a new stuffed animal dog for Josslyn. Jax is staring at them through the picture window. A few minutes later, Jax sneaks in the front door. Jax hears Carly talking about the APB. Carly tells Shawn that she’s worried Jax could go to jail. Carly hopes Jax leaves the country before Sonny gets to him. Jax silently leaves the Jacks home. Later, Shawn tells Carly that he needs to get going. Carly thanks Shawn for his help. Carly receives a phone call from Jason. Carly is relieved that Jason is going to be fine. Carly relays that Josslyn is at home now. Carly apologizes for overstepping the boundaries. When Jason doesn’t answer, Carly asks if he’s okay. Unbeknownst to Carly, Jason is passed out on the floor. Sam finds Jason and yells out for a doctor.

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