GH Update Monday 8/8/11

General Hospital Update Monday 8/8/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the nurses' station, Robin and Patrick discuss a patient’s chart. Patrick makes it known that he doesn’t want to do the surgery. Patrick heads for the elevator. Monica shows up and pulls Robin aside. Monica advises Robin to be sympathetic toward Patrick. Monica knows that the chief-of-staff position can be demanding. Monica doesn’t want Robin taking it out on Patrick. Robin says she doesn’t resent Patrick anymore because of his adultery. Monica says Robin should appreciate her marriage. Monica gets sentimental and talks about missing family. Monica hopes the Quartermaine clan will begin coming around again. Robin thanks Monica for the chat.

Out of earshot, Patrick, Steven and Matt talk about Robin’s chief-of-staff role. Matt confides that Maxie ran to help Spinelli with his latest drama. On the elevator, Matt relays to Patrick and Steven that Maxie wants to help her friend. Matt says Spinelli’s alter ego is getting worse. Patrick suggests Matt have Spinelli consult with a psychiatrist. Patrick wants to surprise Robin. Steven and Matt think Patrick has no chance of getting Robin away from GH. Epiphany boards the elevator. The men start laughing but Epiphany isn’t amused. Robin runs into Patrick as he is leaving the elevator. Robin wants to go home. Patrick asks about the surgery but Robin says it has been rescheduled. Steven and Matt watch as Patrick and Robin leave together.

Maxie brings Spinelli to the Crimson offices. Maxie asks Spinelli not to touch anything. Spinelli looks around and implies that the office could be a front for illegal activity. Spinelli asks if the cake on Maxie’s desk came from the suspicious bakery. Lulu shows up and inquires about Lucky’s whereabouts. Spinelli won’t stop looking at Lulu. Lulu is visibly worried about her brother. Lulu tells Maxie that she doesn’t want her getting Lucky hooked on drugs again. Maxie swears she hasn’t heard from Lucky. Lulu informs the two that Lucky has been missing since this morning. Spinelli starts rambling on, calls Maxie “sugarpants”. Maxie and Spinelli continue to argue. Lulu is shocked by Spinelli’s odd behavior. The lights overhead flicker. Spinelli makes it clear that he’s interested in Lulu. Lulu doesn’t know what to say. Lulu feels awkward. Spinelli comments that there’s a glow around Lulu. Lulu is flattered but refuses to say she’ll go out with Spinelli. Maxie grabs Lulu’s arm and they enter Kate’s office. Maxie says Spinelli’s head is screwed up. Lulu senses Maxie is jealous. Lulu reminds Maxie that Spinelli used to have a crush on her. Lulu figures Spinelli is just going through a phase. Spinelli interrupts. Maxie yells at Spinelli for touching some of Crimson’s fashion line. Maxie tells Spinelli that she’s with Matt. Maxie says to Lulu that Spinelli has had run-ins with Anthony. Spinelli chimes in that they should celebrate Lulu’s birthday. Spinelli hands Lulu a small gift. Lulu is speechless. Maxie wants to leave with Spinelli, so she asks Lulu to stay behind and put together some files. The lights flicker again. Lulu says she doesn’t work for Kate anymore. Maxie convinces Lulu to help her out. Before Maxie and Spinelli can leave, the power goes out. Spinelli is happy to be stuck alone with Lulu.

At the Jacks home, Jax is just about to leave with Josslyn but Shawn is at the front door. Jax demands that Shawn get out of his way but he won’t move. Shawn begins to talk to Josslyn which infuriates Jax. Shawn begs Jax to reconsider kidnapping his daughter. Shawn reminds Jax that he’s breaking the law. Jax isn’t impressed. Jax says he’s righting the wrong that Sonny inflicted on his life. Shawn tells Jax that Carly has been reasonable with visitation rights. Jax senses Shawn is threatening him. Shawn says Carly doesn’t hate Jax. Jax is angry at Carly for allowing Michael to get shot. Jax doesn’t agree that his wife is a great mother. Jax wants Josslyn to have a chance at a normal life, then adds that Sonny and Jason are dangerous. Shawn refuses to leave the premises. Jax says Shawn is scaring Josslyn. Shawn is resolute and won’t listen to Jax. Jax asks if Shawn plans on wrestling Josslyn away from him. Jax notices Shawn’s gun and asks if he’ll shoot. They continue to bicker over Josslyn. Jax brings up Shawn’s time in Afghanistan. Shawn thinks back in time and hears gunshots in his head. Jax manages to get by Shawn because he’s lost in thought. A minute later, Shawn snaps out of his daydream and leaves in a hurry, dropping Josslyn’s stuffed animal Rufus on the ground.

Jason and Carly are driving. Carly is panicking because Mercedes won’t answer her cell phone. It is pouring rain. Nearby, Elizabeth is behind the wheel of her car. Siobhan accuses Liz of pushing her down the stairs, then passes out. Elizabeth becomes distracted while checking on Siobhan. Carly sees Elizabeth’s headlights and yells for Jason to look out. Jason swerves the vehicle, crashing seconds later. Elizabeth manages to get out of her vehicle and calls out to Siobhan. Liz is horrified to see Jason unconscious in the other vehicle. Elizabeth realizes Jason’s car door is locked. Elizabeth finds a purse and assumes it’s Sam. Liz comes across Carly’s unconscious body laying near the SUV.

At the penthouse, Sam is looking at a map of her and Jason’s honeymoon destination.

Carly comes to and calls out for Jason. Elizabeth hurries to Carly’s side and says she’ll call 911. Carly tells Liz that her cell phone is in the SUV. Elizabeth accesses Carly’s injuries and discovers she has a broken wrist. Elizabeth goes to look for Siobhan after calling for help. It is raining hard. Jason is still passed out behind the wheel. Elizabeth discovers Siobhan’s body near her vehicle. Liz checks Siobhan’s pulse. Siobhan is unconscious. Elizabeth hears an approaching vehicle and flags down the driver. It’s Dante. Dante asks Liz for an update. Elizabeth says Jason and Carly are injured. Dante relays that the cell tower is down. An ambulance can be heard in the distance. Carly starts calling out Josslyn’s name. Carly says she needs to wake up Jason. Dante manages to get to Jason, then cuts off his seat belt. Dante is worried that the storm will cause flash flooding. Elizabeth advises Dante not to move Jason. Elizabeth is alarmed that Jason’s breathing is shallow. Siobhan is still passed out. Dante asks Liz about Lucky. Elizabeth says Siobhan fell before she could find Lucky. Liz tells Dante that he needs to locate Lucky in time.

Robin and Patrick walk into their bedroom. Robin hands Patrick a robe. Robin suggests they have a spa night at home. Patrick jokes that Robin can paint his fingernails. Robin offers to give Patrick a massage. Robin takes off Patrick’s shirt, then kisses him. Patrick is enjoying getting a back massage from Robin. Patrick hints at the fact Robin could start a new career as a masseuse. Robin doesn’t want to talk about work. Robin thinks that she and Patrick should begin scheduling dates for the two of them. Patrick is starving. Both agree that nachos sound great. Robin starts flirting with Patrick. They share a kiss. After eating nachos, Robin begins kissing Patrick. The power goes out and the phone is dead. Patrick makes the decision to go back to the hospital. Robin agrees to keep an eye on Emma.

The paramedics arrive at the accident scene. Elizabeth reassures Dante that she isn’t hurt. Elizabeth wants to get to Lucky. Carly is barely coherent. Carly asks Dante to call Olivia and ask her to come to GH. The hospital staff is alerted to the fact that car accident victims will be arriving shortly. In the hospital lobby, Steven runs into Olivia who is dressed up for the fundraiser. Olivia says Dante called her regarding a car crash. Elizabeth yells for Steve. Siobhan is wheeled in on a stretcher, Jason in tow. Monica can’t believe Jason was in the accident. Carly is brought in on a wheelchair. Carly informs Olivia that Jax is back in town. Elizabeth worries that Siobhan won’t make it.

Monica leaves the OR and makes a call to Sam. Monica informs Sam that Jason is at the hospital following a car accident. Sam is stunned by the news.

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