GH Update Monday 8/1/11

General Hospital Update Monday 8/1/11

Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s, Elizabeth leaves a voicemail message for Lucky, asking him to call her back immediately. Liz runs into Matt. Matt inquires about Maxie. Elizabeth says she isn’t Maxie’s secretary, then apologizes for being so snippy. Matt and Elizabeth sit down at a table together. Matt offers to get a muffin for Elizabeth. Elizabeth comments that both Matt and Patrick are charming in their own ways. Matt senses Liz’s jealousy toward Maxie. Matt says Maxie is spending way too much time trying to help Spinelli. Elizabeth and Matt think it’s strange that Spinelli hasn’t returned to his own self. Matt says he hasn’t heard from Maxie since yesterday. Elizabeth figures Maxie is busy with a deadline at Crimson. Matt brings up the fact that Maxie kept quiet about Aiden’s true paternity. Elizabeth admits she’s surprised that Maxie didn’t try to blackmail her into telling Lucky. Nevertheless, Liz warns Matt that Maxie could hurt him. Elizabeth rambles on about when Maxie fed pills to Lucky, then seduced him. Matt is surprised to learn Maxie faked a pregnancy. Matt tries to justify Maxie’s behavior but Elizabeth doesn’t want to hear it. Matt brings up the fact that Liz still likes Lucky. Elizabeth gets defensive and claims she isn’t the “other woman”. Elizabeth hates being compared to Maxie. Liz raves about Lucky’s parenting skills. Matt reminds Elizabeth that Lucky is married to Siobhan now. Matt says Maxie is a good person, has some abandonment issues stemming from childhood. Matt brings up Noah and Patrick’s strained relationship. Matt says he has to go, then offers to pay for the muffin.

In an alley, Lucky’s drug dealer shoots him up with a drug. Lucky awakens to hallucinations. The drug dealer is standing over him. The dealer forces Lucky to swallow a pill. Lucky begins to cough as the man walks away. Lucky has foggy vision. It is clear the drugs are starting to take effect. Lucky sees a woman resembling Maxie but she’s dressed like a prostitute. Maxie is holding a bottle of pills and tells Lucky that he should try some. Lucky is having a hard time keeping his eyes open. Lucky is sweating like a pig, then notices the drug dealer return. Lucky concentrates on his unlaced boot. There are sirens in the distance. Lucky takes off his shoe and when he turns to his right, Jake is riding on a tricycle yelling “Daddy”. Lucky can hear Jason’s voice in his head. Lucky is crying. Lucky sees Siobhan, who throws a bunch of credit cards in the air. Siobhan taunts Lucky, saying he’ll wind up with Elizabeth again.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s office and learns the truth about Jason’s engagement to Sam. Carly worries how the proposal will affect her friendship with Jason. Sam senses that in Carly’s eyes, she isn’t good enough for Jason. Jason asks Carly to respect his decision to wed Sam. The three argue amongst each other. Sam urges Carly to accept Jason’s decision. Carly wants Jason to be happy, but hates the idea of him marrying Sam. Jason wishes Carly would compromise, then reminds her that she gave her blessing when he wed Courtney. Sam figures Carly is mad because she looks at her (Sam) as her replacement. Carly is hurt by Sam’s remark. Jason says he needs to make Sam a priority because of Jake. Jason tells Carly that their friendship needs to have boundaries. Carly won’t accept Jason’s conditions. Carly hates the fact Jason didn’t tell her about the engagement beforehand. Carly realizes she will always come second to Jason. Carly begins to cry, then pleads her case about how she’s a loyal friend. Carly congrats Jason and Sam, then storms out. Carly hurries out the front door of the restaurant, walking past a bench with Franco’s graffiti signature on it. Someone is following Carly. Back inside, Jason asks Sam if she’s okay. Jason hugs Sam.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Siobhan confides in Ethan about her fears concerning Lucky. Both wonder if Lucky is using again. Siobhan says she caught Lucky rifling through her purse. There was no money gone, Siobhan explains, but she didn’t check to see if any pills were missing from the bottle. Ethan wants to see the best in Lucky but agrees the temptation could be too strong. Siobhan regrets how she handled the situation with Lucky. Siobhan wipes off her nose, thankful that it has stopped bleeding. Siobhan says Lucky got her a new debit card. Ethan thinks Lucky can handle the situation, but can’t ignore the fact that he’s in danger. Siobhan fears her probing could have pushed Lucky right into Elizabeth’s arms. After Ethan leaves, Siobhan listens to a message left by Lucky. Siobhan gets teary-eyed when she hears Lucky apologize for his earlier behavior.

Maxie and Spinelli are stuck in the sewer. Maxie wishes someone would come and help them. Spinelli isn’t overly concerned. Maxie yells out for assistance. Spinelli is amused by the situation. Maxie wishes she could find Sam’s ring. Spinelli swears he can’t remember being stuck in the sewer before. Maxie brings up hunting for Georgie’s killer, but it doesn’t ring a bell with Spinelli. Maxie tries to convince Spinelli that he loves her. Spinelli implies that they won’t be found for another week. Maxie grabs the laptop and begs Spinelli to get them out of there. Spinelli says he’ll help if Maxie admits she wants him. Maxie ignores Spinelli, then loses the signal from the laptop. Spinelli keeps talking and suddenly has a déjà vu moment. The gate opens – Maxie and Spinelli are free to leave. Maxie can’t wait to get home and take a shower. Spinelli hears a noise in the background. Maxie notices Sam’s ring under a pile of leaves. Spinelli tells Maxie to hurry up and grab the ring before the water rushes in.

Maxie and Spinelli return to Sonny’s office. Maxie hands a glass of water to Spinelli. Spinelli is focused on the salt shaker. Maxie barges into the office and announces she found Sam’s ring. Maxie refuses to give the ring to Jason until it has been cleaned by the jeweler. However, Maxie wants a favor in return. Jason isn’t happy but agrees to Maxie’s request. Maxie hurries out of the office and finds Spinelli has vanished.

Carly is outside Kelly’s when a man walks up to her.

Lucky continues to have hallucinations in the alley. Lucky is about to lose it when he begins seeing visions of both Siobhan and Elizabeth. Suddenly, the real Elizabeth shows up in the nick of time. Liz escorts Lucky over to a crate to sit down. Elizabeth is alarmed by Lucky’s drug-induced state.

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