GH Update Monday 7/25/11

General Hospital Update Monday 7/25/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Siobhan informs Lucky that Elizabeth is back at work. Lucky is surprised since it’s only been two weeks since the suspension. Lucky wonders if Siobhan is going to refile the malpractice suit. Siobhan hints that she is going to go through with the lawsuit since she’s convinced Liz could hurt someone again. Lucky and Siobhan head into the interrogation room. Lucky asks Siobhan to chill out, then explains how Elizabeth is helping him with a case. Siobhan hates the idea since Lucky is a recovering addict. Siobhan knows Lucky is still grieving Jake’s death. Lucky is adamant that he can handle the investigation. Lucky says he is continuing with his 12-step program. Nevertheless, Siobhan believes Lucky should remove himself from the case. Lucky doesn’t appreciate the fact that Siobhan doesn’t support him on this. Siobhan begins to cry. Siobhan says she’s scared that she’ll lose Lucky to drugs or Elizabeth. Siobhan walks out when Lucky doesn’t answer her.

At the hospital, Steven confronts Elizabeth about being back at work. Steven suggests that his sister take a leave of absence. Elizabeth insists she is fine. Steven fears Liz could make a terrible mistake because she is overwhelmed right now. Elizabeth lets slip that Lucky needs her at GH. Elizabeth relays that Lucky is investigating a drug ring at the hospital. Steven is alarmed by the news. Steven worries that Elizabeth will do anything to latch onto Lucky again. Steven begs his sister to reconsider helping Lucky.

On the docks, Olivia runs into Steven. They share a hug. Steven is in a bad mood. Steven fills Olivia in on Elizabeth’s return to work and helping Lucky with a case. Olivia isn’t surprised that Robin reinstated Liz. Steven is convinced Elizabeth is after Lucky. Olivia agrees that Elizabeth could be distracted at work. Olivia hopes Steven doesn’t blame himself for his sister’s actions.

Near the nurses’ station, Patrick asks Robin to leave work and go on a picnic. Robin loves the idea but refuses to punch out early due to her chief-of-staff duties. Patrick praises Robin on a job well done. Matt is listening from nearby. Patrick continues to rave about Robin’s job performance, then suggests his wife needs a balance in her life. Robin agrees and says she’ll consider the picnic. Robin turns around and sees Matt making a gesture. Robin realizes Patrick was just trying to distract her. Robin isn’t too happy with the set-up. Robin tells Patrick and Matt that they are off rotation for the night. Alone, Patrick tells Matt that he blew it.

At the Cassadine compound, Helena is holding a dagger and threatening Dante’s life. Helena makes it clear that she needs Dante’s complete cooperation. Dante admits he is armed. Helena asks what Dante’s reasons are for employment at the compound. Dante promises he can protect Helena. Helena implies she wants to have sex with Dante. Dante talks about Luke sending him Helena’s way. Dante manages to get the dagger away from Helena. Helena comes clean about knowing Dante and Lulu are an item. Lulu barges through the front door and demands that Helena stay away from her boyfriend. Helena threatens to have Lulu and Dante arrested for trespassing. Lulu asks where Luke is. Helena says Luke doesn’t want to see Lulu. Helena brags how Luke likes her. Lulu continues to question Helena about Luke’s location. Helena insists Luke doesn’t want to be found by his children or Tracy. Helena warns Lulu that men are all the same, and Dante will end up cheating on her. Helena rambles on about Dante straying. Dante interrupts Helena and asks Lulu to leave with him. Lulu demands to know where Luke is. Helena says Luke will be meeting her at the pier to exchange diamonds. Lulu doesn’t want Luke to know she’s there. Helena says Lulu can go in her place. Helena leaves the room. Dante senses trouble. Helena is listening from the other room. Dante asks Lulu to leave after meeting with Luke. Lulu wonders if her dad will show up. Dante kisses Lulu, then walks out of the room. Helena returns and tells Lulu that she made a big mistake coming to the compound.

At the PI office, Maxie is taking phone calls when Spinelli walks in. Maxie refuses to be Maxine, Spinelli’s fake secretary. Spinelli grabs Maxie and plants a kiss on her lips. Spinelli says Johnny bought a suspicious package at the bakery.

At Johnny’s apartment, Anthony is thrilled to get his cupcakes from the bakery. Johnny isn’t too impressed. In fact, Johnny thinks his father has lost his mind. Johnny laughs when Anthony gets some of the frosting on his nose. Maxie shows up at the apartment and barges in. Maxie tells Johnny about Spinelli’s theory concerning the bakery. Anthony walks back in the room and laughs when he sees Maxie. Maxie hides under a table when Spinelli shows up. Johnny is visibly confused. Spinelli says he caught Anthony with drugs. Johnny covers his face in embarrassment. Anthony begins eating a cupcake. Maxie hates the thought of Anthony mocking Spinelli, so she lets Spinelli know she’s there. Maxie and Spinelli leave together.

Elizabeth shows up at the police station and tells Lucky she was reinstated. Lucky says Siobhan already told him. Liz agrees to help Lucky with his case. Elizabeth says she won’t be treating any patients right now. Lucky fears Elizabeth could get killed if she helps him. Elizabeth promises to be careful when gathering proof at the hospital. They share a laugh. Elizabeth agrees to be Lucky’s insider at GH. Lucky speaks of meeting with his old dealer, then how he plans on tracking the pills to the hospital. Elizabeth says she believes in Lucky.

Siobhan summons Ethan to the docks. Siobhan wants Ethan to reason with Lucky. Siobhan talks about the drug ring investigation. Ethan agrees that Lucky shouldn’t be involved with the case. Siobhan is concerned about Lucky; she is worried that her husband could be tempted. Ethan senses Siobhan’s insecurity regarding Elizabeth. Siobhan admits she doesn’t like Liz. Ethan agrees to speak to Lucky.

Steven returns to the hospital. Steven asks Robin to keep Liz suspended, but she won’t change her decision. Steven runs into Matt and Patrick. Steven agrees that giving Robin the chief-of-staff position was a mistake. Patrick reminds the men that they thought it was a great idea to begin with. Patrick has an idea to distract Robin. Later, Patrick escorts Robin to an empty hospital room. Robin is flattered to find a candlelit picnic for two. They share a kiss, but Robin warns that Patrick’s romantic gesture won’t buy his way into the operating room.

Ethan shows up at the docks. Lucky isn’t happy to see him. Ethan pretends to be a dealer, which doesn’t amuse Lucky. Ethan hopes Lucky will change his mind. Ethan explains how Lucky is still grieving, Luke and Lulu are gone, and Siobhan almost died in the Spencer home fire. Lucky thinks the case could be a distraction for Elizabeth. Ethan thinks Lucky is looking for any excuse to take drugs again. Lucky is disappointed that Ethan doesn’t believe in him. Lucky wonders how Ethan found out about his case.

Siobhan returns to GH to confront Elizabeth. Siobhan asks Elizabeth to put aside her feelings and help convince Lucky to change his mind about the case. Liz is standing by Lucky’s decision. Siobhan gets mad because Liz brings up the green-card marriage. Siobhan worries what will happen to Lucky if he starts taking drugs again. Siobhan accuses Elizabeth of wanting Lucky to use so he’ll run to her. Elizabeth is hurt when Siobhan blames her for not noticing Jake was gone the night of his death. Liz says she loves her son. Siobhan realizes she can’t get through to Elizabeth. Alone, Elizabeth is so preoccupied that she drops a pile of patient charts. Elizabeth has tears in her eyes.

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