GH Update Monday 7/18/11

General Hospital Update Monday 7/18/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jacks home, Carly and Jason wonder why Morgan sent her the ransom e-mail. Jason figures Morgan and Molly want Carly and Jax to reunite. Carly worries what Jax will do if he finds out Josslyn is missing. Carly thinks she should write Morgan a note. Jason fears Morgan could run away with Josslyn. Carly agrees to do nothing for now. They both agree that Morgan, Molly and Josslyn are not safe.

At Jake’s, Steven and Olivia meet to talk. Olivia needs Steve’s honest opinion about something. Olivia vents about Josslyn’s custody case. Olivia speaks of her talk with Sonny. Olivia refuses to get between Jax and Sonny. Olivia mentions to Steven that she saw Grace Yang, the court-appointed mediator, at Sonny’s office, then at Jax’s. Olivia tells Steve about the MetroCourt incident. Olivia knows Jax doesn’t do drugs, but doesn’t want to betray Sonny. Olivia asks Steve if she should tell the police. Steven thanks Olivia for another beer. Olivia defends her friendship with Sonny. Steven thinks Olivia should stay out of the situation. Olivia compliments Steven for being level-headed. They leave the bar together.

At the pizza shack, Morgan and Molly contemplate sending another e-mail message to Carly. Morgan doesn’t like the idea of e-mailing his mom again. Molly starts to panic when Carly hasn’t replied back. Morgan is doubtful that Carly and Jax will get back together. Molly says Carly was jealous of Brenda, so that’s why Jax went through with the custody dispute. Molly proposes having the two sign a reconciliation agreement.

At Sonny’s house, Brenda is on the phone when Sonny walks in. Brenda is acting distant. Sonny asks what’s wrong. Brenda says she is leaving. Brenda is sickened by the fact Jax could have died. Sonny says Brenda doesn’t have any proof of his involvement. Brenda senses her husband is lying to her face. Brenda is adamant Jax doesn’t do drugs. Brenda wishes Sonny would treat her with more respect than his exes. Sonny says Jax might have changed. Brenda believes the only one who’s different is Sonny. Sonny brings up Stone which infuriates Brenda. Brenda hates that Sonny tried to destroy Jax’s life. Brenda yells that Sonny “stands for nothing”. Brenda knows Sonny will keep defending Carly. Brenda and Sonny continue to bicker. Brenda says she will always come second in Sonny’s life. Sonny promises he loves Brenda, but she isn’t convinced. Sonny wants to work things out with Brenda. Brenda thinks Carly is irrational. Sonny asks Brenda to accept his ex-wife because she’s the mother of his sons. Brenda regrets marrying Sonny. Brenda thinks Sonny is a terrible role model for Alec. Brenda makes it clear she’s done with Sonny. Brenda announces she is going to leave.

In Javier’s office, Lulu pulls away from Javier’s kiss. Lulu demands to know Luke’s location. Javier notices Lulu keeps looking at the closet. Javier opens it and Lulu realizes Dante isn’t in there. Unbeknownst to Lulu, Dante is passed out in a chair. Javier grabs Lulu and pushes her against the office door. Lulu begs Javier to release her and reiterates that Luke will come after him. Javier thinks Lulu has brought him a lot of trouble. Javier locks the door, then pushes Lulu on the couch. Lulu manages to stand up, but Javier forces her onto the bed. Lulu glares at Javier. Javier grabs Lulu again and holds a knife to her throat. Lulu is visibly scared. Javier threatens to cut Lulu. In the lobby, Dante wakes up and see Javier’s goon standing over him. Dante rambles on and asks the man to help him. The goon is reluctant to assist Dante, claiming Javier would have him killed. Dante says Javier faces prison time. Dante hurries up to Javier’s office and punches Javier. Lulu tells Dante to stop.

At the police station, Jax is sitting in handcuffs when he runs into Michael. Jax says Sonny got him into this mess. Jax updates Michael about why he was arrested. Michael can’t believe it. Ronnie walks by and notices Michael and Jax talking. Michael says he came to the station to take care of a parking ticket. Michael tells Jax that he doesn’t have enough money to bail him out. Jax wants Carly to take care of it. Michael doesn’t want to get involved in their disputes. Jax asks Michael to be a messenger only.

Outside of Kelly’s, Ethan and Kristina discuss their upcoming Vegas plans. Ethan says Kristina’s dates don’t work for him. Kristina can’t wait to be alone with Ethan, then implies they should elope. Ethan makes it clear he isn’t getting married in Vegas again. Carly and Jason show up looking for Molly. Ethan says she acted anxious earlier. Carly updates the two about Josslyn’s disappearance. Jason asks Ethan and Kristina to help them find the children. Alone, Kristina and Ethan worry that she can’t get a hold of Molly. Ethan jokes that at least the kids can’t steal a car. Kristina wonders what Jax will think about the matter. Kristina admits she likes Carly. Kristina grabs Ethan’s hand and leads him away from Kelly’s.

Carly and Jason return home. Michael is sitting in the living room. Carly shows Michael the e-mail. Michael relays that Jax is in police custody. Carly and Jason are stunned to hear about the incident at the hotel. Jason and Carly know Sonny was behind this. Carly asks about Jax’s condition. Michael says the drugs have worn off. Carly prays that Jax doesn’t have a clue about Morgan’s stunt.

Morgan and Molly are composing another e-mail when Kristina and Ethan show up at the pizza shack. Kristina tells her sister to pack her bag because they are going back to the Jacks home. Once they arrive, Carly tells Morgan he’s in big trouble. Jason puts Josslyn down for the night. Carly thanks Kristina and Ethan for finding Josslyn. Carly refuses to listen to any of Morgan’s rationalizations. Carly says Josslyn is still recovering from kidney surgery. Morgan apologizes, then Molly pipes in that it was her idea. Carly and Jason remind the kids that Sonny’s enemies could have easily found them. Carly receives a phone call that the judge has a ruling.

At Javier’s office, Dante continues to stand over Javier’s body. Dante demands an apology from Javier. Javier says he is sorry to Lulu. Lulu is crying. Dante is aiming a gun at Javier, then escorts him out of the office. Alone, Lulu tries to compose herself. Dante returns and they hug. Lulu apologizes for being stubborn. Lulu says she loves Dante. Dante makes it clear Javier won’t be free for a long time. Lulu is holding a lighter in her hand. Dante has no idea where Luke is. Lulu rambles on about Luke living in the brothel as a child. Lulu mentions Lucky had the right idea about burning down something, but he was wrong about the place. Lulu says she wants to torch the brothel.

Ethan and Kristina return to Kelly’s. Ethan congratulates Krissy on finding Morgan, Molly, and Josslyn. Michael shows up and says Molly is grounded, that Alexis confiscated her laptop. Kristina thinks it’s funny that she’s not the one in trouble this time. Michael thanks Kristina for finding them. Kristina announces her plans to accompany Ethan to Vegas.

Brenda walks down the staircase with a bag in hand. Sonny is silent as she walks past. Sonny finally stops Brenda and asks her to stay. Sonny believes they can work it out. Brenda cannot forgive the fact that Sonny did this to Jax. Brenda says she doesn’t like Sonny anymore. Sonny wants to know where Brenda is going. Brenda says she isn’t running to Jax, she’s walking away from Sonny. With tears in her eyes, Brenda kisses Sonny goodbye. Sonny looks devastated.

Jax asks Ronnie if the assault story has gone public. Ronnie says the judge requested the information regarding Jax’s arrest, then adds that Judge Cole will make a decision tomorrow. Jax is released on bail.

At the Jacks home, Carly and Jason wonder if Jax will find out the truth about Morgan and Molly’s taking of Josslyn. The doorbell rings repeatedly; Jax barges in. Jax confronts Carly about her involvement in the hotel incident. Carly claims she didn’t have anything to do with it. Jax promises to find out the truth. Carly has tears in her eyes.

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