GH Update Monday 7/11/11

General Hospital Update Monday 7/11/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin joke about her new role as chief-of-staff. Patrick is visibly bothered that Steven suggested Robin as his replacement. Patrick wants another role other than doing mundane surgeries at the hospital. Patrick believes Robin isn’t the same since filling Steven’s role. Robin thinks it is great to be head of administration. Robin asks Patrick to look at a chart, then hints at the fact that there will be changes to the rotations. Robin says Steven was a great chief but sees room for improvement in the way the hospital is led. Robin wants to give other surgeons a chance at operations. Patrick and Robin continue to bicker. Robin wants to make changes even though Patrick hates the idea. Robin implies that Patrick’s bedside manner needs work. Patrick can’t believe Robin is willing to let others do surgeries that he could have done. Robin thinks Patrick is afraid of competition.

Elizabeth is lurking outside of Siobhan’s hospital room. Liz hears Lucky try to convince Siobhan that she didn’t try to kill her on purpose. Siobhan disagrees, claiming that Elizabeth was deliberate in giving her the wrong drug. Lucky acknowledges Siobhan’s anger but urges her to drop the lawsuit. Lucky asks Siobhan to be mad at him because he set the fire at the Spencer house. Siobhan says the fire was an accident but what Liz did was intentional. Siobhan says Lucky is “naïve” when it comes to Elizabeth. Siobhan speaks of Lucky and Elizabeth’s dysfunctional relationship. Lucky says he has no intentions of being with Liz. Elizabeth hurries toward the lobby. Lucky asks Siobhan to let it go. Siobhan swears she isn’t jealous of Elizabeth. Lucky reiterates the fact that Elizabeth is not capable of attempted murder. Siobhan brings up Aiden. Siobhan wonders if Elizabeth wants Lucky back. Lucky speaks of the malpractice suit, then begs Siobhan to drop it because it would negatively affect the boys. Siobhan starts to cry. Siobhan speaks of her green card marriage to Lucky. Siobhan is convinced Elizabeth is using Lucky. Siobhan believes the paternity test conveniently worked out in Liz’s favor. Siobhan relays to Lucky about her visit with Elizabeth. Lucky says he doesn’t want to defend Elizabeth to Siobhan.

At the custody hearing, Brenda gets flustered when Judge Lloyd Cole asks her about Sonny. Jax, Carly, and Judge Cole are shocked to hear Brenda talk about the incident involving gunshots fired at the limo. Brenda insists she and Alec are fine. Judge Cole is not happy and asks to see the police report. Brenda continues to evade questions. The judge wants to see evidence from last night’s shooting. Brenda admits there is no police report. Judge Cole warns that charges could be filed. Brenda makes it clear Sonny doesn’t pose a threat to Josslyn.

Outside of the custody hearing room, Sonny and Jason talk about Brenda’s testimony. Sonny knows Jax is counting on Brenda to come through for him. Sonny is certain Brenda will stand by her husband. Jason reminds Sonny that no matter the outcome, Josslyn is still in danger. Sonny brings up Jason’s pregnancy concerns for Sam. Sonny knows Carly needs help. Jason admits Jax is being unfair. Sonny feels like Jax wants to win custody but also wants Brenda. Jason knows Brenda would never turn to Jax. Sonny and Jason are relieved that no one knows about last night’s incident.

By the nurses’ station, Elizabeth runs into her brother. Steven implies that it’s a bad idea for Liz to be hanging around the hospital during her suspension. Elizabeth is testy toward Steven, then comes clean about hearing Lucky and Siobhan’s private chat. Elizabeth admits she is bothered by the two’s relationship. Steven says Liz should go home and have some ice cream. Elizabeth leaves the hospital.

Outside the hearing room, Jason asks Brenda how her testimony went. Brenda relays that she told the judge about last night’s incident. Jason is horrified. Brenda worries how her testimony will impact the judge’s ruling.

Sonny begins his testimony. Sonny tells Judge Cole he sees Josslyn infrequently. Sonny raves about Carly’s parenting skills. Judge Cole brings up the fact Carly brought Josslyn to court when Sonny was on trial for murder. Sonny is sickened to hear that Brenda talked about being shot at in the limo. Carly intervenes on Sonny’s behalf when the judge brings up Michael’s shooting. The judge is not impressed by Carly’s outburst. Sonny says Carly loves her daughter. Carly pipes in that Jax knew what he was getting into when they married. Carly asks for shared custody. Carly says she can’t ignore Sonny because they have two kids together. Judge Cole announces he has heard enough and will make a ruling soon.

Robin shows up at Elizabeth’s home with a box of Emma’s old toys. They share a laugh about motherhood. Elizabeth wonders why Robin isn’t in the lab right now. Robin says she replaced Steven as the hospital’s chief-of-staff. Elizabeth congrats Robin on the promotion. Robin implies Patrick isn’t happy with her new job. Elizabeth becomes sentimental talking about Lucky. Elizabeth wishes she and Lucky were together. Elizabeth and Robin drink some iced tea. Robin assumes Lucky isn’t in love with Siobhan, so Liz still has a chance. In fact, Robin is convinced Lucky will dump his wife if she goes through with the malpractice suit. Robin brings up Lisa Niles. Elizabeth reminds Robin that she was negligible in the OR. Robin thinks Liz and Lucky will find their way back to each other.

After the hearing, Carly and Jax argue with each other in the hallway. Sonny and Jason discuss the fact Brenda brought up the limo shooting to the judge. Jax storms out of the area. Carly feels her case is beyond ruined. Sonny apologizes for his behavior. Carly knows the mediator hates her. Carly thinks Jax paid the woman off. Carly wishes she would have had a chance to speak at the hearing. Sonny asks Carly when the mediator first showed up. Carly is angry that Grace (the mediator) never took the time to visit her home, nor speak to Michael. The three concur that Grace and Jax are in cahoots. Sonny has an idea about what to do next.

At the nurses’ desk, Lucky tells Patrick that Siobhan is dropping the malpractice suit. Both agree Liz wasn’t ready to go back to work. Lucky is worried about Elizabeth’s fragile state of mind. Lucky is ready to move on with Siobhan. Patrick and Lucky discuss Nikolas’ reaction to not being Aiden’s father. Patrick says Nikolas is a “dedicated” dad. Lucky hopes he and Elizabeth can be on the same page with raising Aiden. Later, Robin runs into Patrick. Patrick is in a giddy mood because Siobhan dropped the suit. Robin isn’t surprised that Lucky convinced Siobhan to change her mind. Patrick wonders if Steven will be reinstated now that the hospital isn’t being sued. Robin is irritated because she still wants Steven’s job. Robin believes Steven is doing a fantastic job working in ER. Patrick fears that Robin’s job could become too demanding. Robin promises to change the surgery scheduling so Patrick gets some challenging operations.

Brenda pays Jax a visit at his office. Brenda wants a update on the custody hearing. Jax says Judge Cole will make a ruling soon. Brenda worries that she and Sonny will have a big fight over her testimony. Jax says he didn’t know about the limo shooting. Brenda fears she will be blamed for telling the truth. Jax tells Brenda that she and Alec are in danger. Jax thanks Brenda for her testimony. Brenda says Carly is volatile but insists Josslyn needs her mom. Jax says he isn’t trying to punish Carly - he only wants to keep Josslyn safe.

Lucky shows up at Elizabeth’s home with the good news about the lawsuit. Liz is visibly relieved Siobhan had a change of heart. Elizabeth thinks it is time she and Lucky heal from Jake’s passing. Lucky admits he is still reeling from the fact he’s Aiden’s father. Lucky makes it clear he and Siobhan are going to remain married. Elizabeth is disappointed but wants Lucky to be happy.

Carly and Jason return to the penthouse. Carly worries what Sonny has up his sleeve. Carly is concerned Sonny will make the situation worse. Carly refuses to lose Josslyn. Jason asks Carly to calm down. Carly thinks Jax will use Brenda to get what he wants, considering he paid off the mediator. Jason begs Carly to not run off with Josslyn. Jason says Carly needs to have faith in Sonny.

Outside the hearing room, Sonny makes a call to Bernie. Grace walks by Sonny and he stops her. Grace has no intentions of speaking to Sonny. Sonny says he knows Jax paid off Grace. The mediator denies the allegations but Sonny talks about the paper trail. Sonny wonders why Grace needed $300,000. Finally, Grace admits the truth. Sonny wants Grace to do exactly what he asks of her.

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