GH Update Thursday 7/7/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/7/11


Written by Melissa
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Sam tells Jason that she's fine with the way things are and she doesn't need a piece of paper to prove to her that he loves her. Jason says it's fine if that's how she feels. Sam asks if that is how he feels.

Johnny tells Anthony he agrees that they need to go after Sonny hard but insists he won't hurt women and children. Anthony replies that it's all or nothing. He tells him that's how he built his business and he's not going to watch it fall apart because Johnny's too polite to hit Sonny where he's most vulnerable.

Brenda and Alec are discussing a trip to the park to see a fireworks display when Alexis arrives to speak with Brenda about the custody hearing. Brenda sends Alec into the kitchen so they can talk. Alexis tells Brenda that Jax has put her on the witness list and Brenda informs her that the subpoena has already arrived. Alexis apologizes for not getting there before that. She tells Brenda that she wants her to be prepared to tell the court whether or not she thinks Sonny is a dangerous liability to children.

In front of the mediator, Carly tells Jax that he can drag her children into court and he can twist the truth but he will not get her daughter. The mediator explains that neither one of them should be trying to "get" Josslyn. This is about what is in the best interest of the child. Carly apologizes for losing her temper and explains that she is protective of all her children. She believes that implying Michael is a danger to his sister is not only hurtful but absurd. The mediator explains that she can only go by what's been recorded. Carly tells Jax she is upset with him for not telling Miss Yang that Michael is the loving teenage boy he knows him to be. Suddenly, Sonny comes storming into Jax's office and calls him a miserable dirtbag. Carly tries to stop him but Sonny ignores her. He tells Jax he is going kick his self-righteous ass and leave him begging for mercy. Carly looks stricken and Jax looks pleased.

Jax explains to Miss Yang that Sonny is Carly's ex-husband. Sonny accuses Jax of trying to cause trouble between him and Brenda. He thinks the whole custody fight is designed to turn Brenda against him. Jax tells Sonny that all he asks of any of his witnesses is that they be truthful. Sonny shouts that Jax is causing everyone a lot of pain and he's going to make sure he feels it too. Carly finally gets him to stop and Jax apologizes to Miss Yang for the scene. Sonny asks her who she is and she introduces herself as the court appointed mediator.

Brenda insists that Jax needs to remove her from the witness list. She says the situation is between him and Carly and that Carly is hostile enough toward her as it is. Alexis points out that Carly is hostile toward everyone, especially if you're a woman. Brenda questions why Alexis is even involved in this and Alexis explains that Jax is her friend and she's just trying to guide him towards an agreement. Brenda points out that Alexis, along with every other woman in town, has a child with Sonny. How can she speak about him as a danger? Brenda goes on to say that she's not going to tell a judge that her husband is a danger to children when she has a child there in the house with him. She tells Alexis that she thinks Jax is doing all of this to get back at Sonny.

Anthony tells Johnny that Sonny isn't smart about certain things, such as racking up liabilities like kids and wives. He explains that the Corinthos organization is strong and Sonny is perfectly positioned with Jason as his enforcer and a cop son who can bend the law when it serves him. Johnny says the organization has its holes but Anthony maintains they aren't big enough to take Sonny down. Johnny says they are already making progress. Anthony suggests that he go back to the garage and play with his nuts and bolts. Johnny tells his father he has a code and there are certain people he doesn't mess with. Anthony says codes are for suckers. Anthony tries to use Claudia to sway Johnny's thinking but Johnny points out that Claudia would never have gotten near Sonny if Anthony hadn't pushed her in his direction. Anthony reminds Johnny that he couldn't save Claudia from Sonny. He asks him what he's done to get back at Sonny for Claudia's death. Johnny tells him it won't bring Claudia back. Anthony says it will make them take notice of the Zacchara name. Johnny tells Anthony that he was the first one to use Claudia and he's still using her. He says if he doesn't let her rest in peace he'll bury his ass right next to her. Johnny storms out and Anthony immediately makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other end that it all goes down exactly like they discussed.

Jason tells Sam that he loves her and there's no one else. He can't imagine there ever would be. Sam says they should just leave it at that. She doesn't want to pressure him into doing something he doesn't want or make him feel like he has to change for her. Jason thought they agreed to accept each other just the way they are. Sam agrees that they did. People don't need words or grand gestures to show that they love each other. Jason just wants Sam to be happy. He doesn't want her to feel as though something is missing. Sam says she doesn't . . . does he? Jason asks Sam how she feels about marriage.

Jason tells Sam she doesn't have to answer the question because he already knows how she feels. Sam says it won't hurt to answer a simple question. She admits that she's afraid. She thinks of all the marriages in her past that didn't mean anything and she's ashamed. She has a negative view of marriage because she used it in so many cons. She asks Jason if his experience with marriage has been good or bad and he says mostly bad. Sam asks him why they would take the life that they have and risk it.

Ethan finds Kristina on the docks and asks her what the hell she's doing. Krissy says she knew he would show up and Ethan replies that he can't very well let her wander around if Anthony is out to get her. Kristina asks if Ethan is admitting that he cares about her and he tells her that he does . . . as a friend. Kristina wonders why he won't admit that there's something more between them. Ethan shouts that while it's very flattering that she has a crush on him it's not worth either one of them dying over. Kristina says that no one is going to die and Ethan reminds her that's what she thought last summer when she pretended to date Johnny. How did it feel waking up after a car bomb went off? Krissy tells him nothing like is going to happen this time and Ethan wonders if she thinks Anthony is just some harmless old fool that talks a little crazy but isn't any real threat. Kristina reminds him that he ran Anthony off. Ethan says that must have made Kristina feel important so she decided to tempt fate. Was she hanging around hoping Anthony would show up again? Kristina asks Ethan why he's being so harsh. Ethan tells her she is acting like a naive, selfish teenager who is too caught up in her own drama to realize that actual lives are at stake.

Brenda tells Alexis that Jax needs to take her off the witness list. Alexis says that if it makes Brenda feel any better she doesn't think he's up to anything sinister. Brenda disagrees. She realizes that Jax might think she and Alec are in danger at Sonny's and that maybe Josslyn is, too, but she really thinks this might be about something else. Alexis doesn't deny that Jax hates Sonny and would be happy if Brenda left him but he hasn't actually said that to her. Brenda mentions again that Alexis has a child with Sonny. Why doesn't she get on the stand and testify that Sonny is a danger? Alexis points out that it is typically frowned upon for an attorney to testify and Brenda remarks on how convenient that is. Alexis tells Brenda she is trying to do the right thing for everybody and at this point she doesn't even know what that is anymore.

Sonny tells the mediator they are in a private conversation but Jax says he doesn't mind if she stays. Carly says that she does and points out that there has been bad blood between Sonny and Jax for years because of Brenda and it started long before Josslyn was born. Miss Yang says she has seen enough. She tells them their meeting has been very entertaining and enlightening. After she leaves, Carly tells Sonny his timing could have been a little better. Sonny says at least now she doesn't have to worry about impressing the mediator because she knows Jax paid her off. Jax replies that he doesn't have to pay anyone of because the little tantrum Sonny just threw is going to get him his daughter. Carly tells Jax that she hates him and storms out.

Jason tells Sam he understands that she might not want to marry him because of his bad history with women or what he does for a living. Sam says she has no problem with marrying him. Jason tells her that he doesn't want to force her into something she doesn't want but sometimes she holds back when she doesn't need to. Sam insists she isn't holding back. She tells Jason she doesn't want to make him feel guilty or obligate. Jason tells her he doesn't feel that way and he just wants to make sure that they don't let their past experiences hold them back from something they might want.

Ethan asks Kristina if she understands the concept of a hypothetical situation. Kristina tells him that while she might not have gotten in to Yale she does understand a hypothetical. Ethan presents a hypothetical situation in which Anthony had arrived at the docks before he did. Kristina is all alone and Anthony decides to even the score: a daughter for a daughter. Krissy is alone and trapped and struggling against two huge thugs who throw her in a trunk and when that trunk opens, she dies. Kristina tells him that she understands it was stupid but Ethan keeps going on. He tells her to think about Molly, to think about her brothers grieving for her and Alexis blaming herself for not keeping Krissy locked up at night. He tells her Anthony will probably send Sonny a picture of her corpse. Kristina tells him she doesn't want anyone to die; she just wants them to be honest about how they feel about each other. Ethan says he feels she's too young for him and she proves it every time she pulls one of these stunts and ignores the reality of her life. Kristina challenges him to tell her about the reality of her life since she is so young and clueless. Ethan tells her that her father is a powerful and violent man and his enemies are equally violent. They will try to get to Sonny through her. She doesn't live in the same world as her friends because in her world she can easily die. Kristina says she refuses to live her life in fear but Ethan thinks a little fear might be healthy for her. It would definitely be a little healthier for him. Does she truly not understand the impossible situation she has put him in?

Carly goes to see Alexis at her house. Alexis tells Carly she can't discuss the case with her but Carly walks in anyway. She tells Alexis that she is there to ask her as a mother to stop Jax and keep him from taking her daughter. Alexis says that she don't think that will happen. Carly says she doesn't know that. She reminds Alexis that she said if they couldn't reach a compromise the court would decide for them. She says that she has been trying but Jax won't budge. Alexis tells Carly she has tried to handle this as fairly as possible but Carly questions whether she is capable of being fair when it comes to her. Alexis replies that it's not about Carly, it's about Josslyn. Carly says not as far as Jax is concerned. She asks Alexis if she is the one that told the mediator Michael is a dangerous criminal. Alexis explains that she had to turn the criminal record over to the mediator but she explained that Michael fulfilled his parole. Carly tells her that the mediator doesn't care because she implied that Michael shouldn't be alone with his sister. How long until that rule applies to her? If Jax tries to keep her from being alone with her daughter will Alexis stop him?

Jax tells Sonny he did more damage to Carly's case in front of the mediator than he could have ever done in court. Sonny tells Jax he should be more afraid but Jax insists he's not afraid of Sonny. Sonny tells Jax he is going to give him one last chance to split custody 50/50 or else. Or else what? Sonny asks Jax if he is willing to find out. Jax says that thanks to Sonny he will have full custody of his daughter by the time this is over. Sonny tells him by the time this is over Jax will be done. Jax asks if that is a threat and Sonny tells him it's a promise. He tells Jax that he is going to lose everything and when he does he will remember this conversation and realize he could have avoided it.

Brenda and Alec get in the limo to head to the fireworks. Just as the door closes, shots ring out and Brenda screams.

Maxie is sitting at Kelly's talking to Spinelli on the phone. She asks him to promise her he will stay away from Anthony Zacchara. Sam arrives and sits down at Maxie's table. Maxie tells Sam she's worried that they might never see Spinelli again and laments the fact that she did this to him. Sam tells Maxie it's not as bad as what she did to her and asks her to explain how she happened to tell Jason that Sam wanted to marry him. Maxie says it needed to be discussed. Sam asks why Maxie would push anyone toward marriage when she's basically allergic to it. Maxie replies that she never said marriage was right for everyone and Sam says it's not right for her and Jason. She tells Maxie that while it may appear Jason has no feelings he's actually a very kind and generous person and now that she has put the idea of marriage in his head he won't shut up about it. Maxie assume this means that she and Jason are getting married and becomes very excited.

Ethan tells Kristina they are going to look at the three ways the romance she has concocted doesn't work. Number 1: Sonny's opposition. Kristina tells him that she loves her father but he doesn't control her life. She knows there's danger but she doesn't care. She is not going to be her father's prisoner and she's not going to waste her time trying to make him happy because it can't be done. Ethan wonders if she's even tried but Kristina insists that she can't live up to the image Sonny has in his head of the dutiful daughter. Ethan wonders if he is supposed to be the opposite of the squeaky clean boyfriend Sonny wants for Kristina. Krissy says that he's him, someone she respects, someone who understands her, someone she thought liked her. Ethan says he does like her but not in the way she wants him to. Because her dad doesn't approve? Ethan says it is because her dad would kill him. He wouldn't want any trouble with her or the remaining Spencers so Ethan would just disappear. No one would even question it. He wandered into town; he could have wandered right back out. Kristina wants to know why he defended her on the plane back from the Dominican Republic if that's how he felt. Ethan says he was upset . . . and really hung-over. Krissy doesn't think Ethan is afraid of her father. She thinks he is just a convenient excuse. Ethan goes on to say that he just pissed off the very dangerous Anthony Zacchara on her behalf. He doesn't regret it but Anthony could be putting a hit out on him as they speak. Krissy tells him she'll talk to Johnny but Ethan says he already has and Johnny couldn't make any promises about controlling Anthony. Ethan thinks Anthony is trying to keep Johnny distracted while he works a bigger agenda. Ethan doesn't know the details but he does know the end game. Anthony wants to destroy Sonny piece by piece and hurting or killing Kristina are great ways to accomplish that. Kristina wonders if it would be best for her to leave town, perhaps go to school in California. Ethan says it wouldn't be a bad idea. Kristina asks if Ethan would miss her and that reminds him of point Number 3: Even if Anthony wasn't a threat and Sonny was a mild-mannered accountant he still wouldn't date her because she's too young. When Kristina argues that she is going to be 19, he tells her she is too young emotionally. Despite all she's been through she has still led a sheltered life. Ethan has been on his own since he was 15 and he's seen and done things she can't imagine to survive. He isn't the man for her. He goes on to say that he is interested in someone else. Kristina isn't buying any of it. She thinks Ethan is pushing her away because he thinks he is bad for her but she doesn't believe it's true. Ethan tells her he needs a woman, not a petulant little girl. Kristina says that for someone that prides himself on being a big liar, Ethan sucks at lying to her.

Alexis tells Carly that since she is probably going to get disbarred anyway she might as well sit down. Carly tells Alexis she is afraid of losing her little girl and Alexis says she doesn't think that will happen. She tells Carly it wasn't her idea for Jax to go for sole custody and she keeps trying to get him to share custody. Carly wonders why Jax would want to paint Michael as being a danger to Josslyn. Alexis asks if Carly has considered that this might be a scare tactic to get Carly to give in. Carly tells Alexis this isn't about Josslyn. It's about Jax beating Sonny at all costs. Alexis asks Carly what she wants her to do. Carly says that she knows they're different and they don't get along but she respects Alexis as a mother. She tells her as long as she is Jax's lawyer she is helping him take her little girl away and she's asking her not to do that. Alexis doesn't have to side with her but she's asking her not to side against her. Alexis tells Carly if she resigns Jax will get another lawyer and it will be even more disruptive for her. Carly tells Alexis she has a conscience and begs her to listen to it.

Johnny arrives home and Anthony jumps out from behind the door and yells "Surprise!" He pops open a bottle of champagne and tells Johnny they're celebrating. Johnny asks for the details so he can decide whether to join him in a toast or do damage control. Anthony says Johnny used to take chances and Johnny says he still does when they work out to his advantage. Anthony tells him you don't gain anything by waiting around. He explains that they want the same thing: to bring Sonny down. Anthony wants to make him suffer first, maybe even cry. Johnny asks his father what he did. Anthony tells Johnny a man like Sonny Corinthos needs to have his vulnerabilities pointed out to him and he replies that he gave them a big hard yank so Sonny would notice.

Sonny tries to hand Brenda a drink but she refuses it. She wants to go check on Alec but Sonny says it's not a good idea in the state she's in. Jason arrives and asks how Alec is. Sonny tells him Alec doesn't even know what's going on. He sends Brenda upstairs so he and Jason can talk. He asks Jason what he found and Jason says it is obvious the shooter deliberately fired below the windows. The attack was meant to scare Brenda, not kill her. Sonny says it's clear that someone was sending a message and they know who that is. They have to send a message back.

Maxie tells Sam she will help her find the best wedding dress but Sam says she won't need a dress because she's not getting married. Maxie asks Sam if she said no and Sam tells her she didn't have to say no because Jason left. Maxie thinks it's typical Jason to propose and run. Sam points out that it wasn't a proposal; they just talked about how they feel. She was actually glad he left because it gave her time to clear her head. Maxie tells her love isn't about clear heads. Sam replies that marriage is and while Jason may think he wants to get married right now he is not the marrying kind. Maxie asks where the baby fits into all this. "What BABY?" Sam yells. Maxie wonders if Sam is going to try to get pregnant before she tells Jason she wants to get married. Sam yells at her to stop it. Maxie wishes they would put everyone out of their misery and get married already.

Jason is working on his gun when Carly comes to the door. She tells him she thinks Jax is going to win the custody case and tells him what happened with Sonny at Jax's office. She says it's going to be really hard to convince a judge that Sonny's not dangerous. Jason tells her that Sonny IS dangerous. He's out of control right now.

Alexis shows up at Jax's office. He tells her what happened during the appointment with the mediator and says that he thinks the custody hearing will just be a formality now. Alexis says that if he is so sure he can take Morgan off the witness list so he doesn't have to choose between Jax and Carly and stop implying that Michael is a social outcast that shouldn't be left alone with his sister. Jax tells her this was never meant to hurt the boys but Alexis insists that it does hurt them. She says that it will continue to hurt them until he takes them off the witness list. Jax says that he was hoping Carly would see reason and they wouldn't have to testify. Alexis tells Jax that she loves him but this is becoming too hard on her. She can no longer push for him to have full custody of Josslyn because she doesn't think it's right and she doesn't think it's fair to her or her mother.

Johnny asks Anthony what is wrong with him and Anthony replies that he likes to win. Johnny tells his father he said not to involve women and children. Anthony reminds him that he said not to kill women and children. Johnny thinks it was a stupid move. Anthony thinks it was a strategic move. Johnny says Sonny is probably downstairs right now with a small army. Anthony tells Johnny he needs to keep up on current events. Sonny can't do anything because of the custody fight. If Sonny goes out and gets violent, Carly loses her daughter. Johnny wonders what happens after the custody hearing and Anthony says Sonny will be too busy taking care of Brenda and the meltdown she's having. He tells Johnny if there was ever a time for him to take Sonny down it's now.

Sonny and Brenda come downstairs after putting Alec to bed. Sonny asks Brenda how she's doing and Brenda says she's fine. She asks Sonny if he remembers when those men broke into his apartment and shot up the shower while she was in it. Sonny says he does but it was a long time ago. Brenda remembers it like it was yesterday. Now she had to throw herself on top of her son and hope that she would get shot instead of him. Sonny says that never should have happened and Brenda asks him which time. Sonny tells her both times. He is sorry he put her through this and that she had to be afraid. He tells her that she has to understand that tonight she was never really in any kind of danger.

Jax tells Alexis she should understand the situation because she's a good mother. Alexis says he is pitting her against another one. While she thinks Carly is questionable as a woman, as a mother she's devoted and she fights for her children. Jax says he does too. Alexis points out that he is doing it by using Carly's other children as pawns. Jax says that Josslyn's life is in danger and Alexis replies that she thinks that's an excuse to justify what he's doing. Jax begs her to stick with him for one more day. He tells her he'll fix things with Carly once he has full custody. Alexis tells him he can't fix things that way and he says he can if she helps him. Alexis tells him she can't do it anymore and Jax realizes there is nothing he can do to change her mind. He accepts her resignation and tells her he still loves her. Alexis loves him, too. She tells him she wants this to work out for him and Carly but most of all she wants it to work out for Josslyn.

Jason tells Carly the attack was meant to scare Brenda, nothing more. Carly points out that Brenda didn't know that. She realizes it easily good have been her and Josslyn. She asks Jason if Jax is right. Is Josslyn in danger because of her? Jason tells her there is danger but the pain of losing her mother can't be equaled. Carly glances over at the gun. She tells Jason she knows what he is about to do and asks him not to do anything until after the custody hearing.

Sonny tells Brenda the shooter could have shot her at any time but he didn't. Brenda isn't sure how that is supposed to comfort her. Sonny explains that he wasn't there to kill her but to send him a message. Brenda agrees and says that the message is that they can get to his wife and his kids anytime they want. Sonny tells her there won't be a next time. Brenda says that maybe Jax has been right this whole time. Sonny tells her to forget about Jax for a minute but Brenda wonders how she is supposed to do that when she has to go testify at his hearing tomorrow. Sonny tells her not to say anything about what happened tonight at the hearing and to trust him to take care of the rest. Can she do that? Brenda tells him she is going check on Alec and stomps up the stairs.

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