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General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/5/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli lurks outside Sonny's house as Maxie fiddles with his shirt collar. Assuming that something is going on between them, he bursts into the living room and shouts at Sonny to take his hands off his dame.

At the brothel, Dante pretends he is interested in taking Lulu upstairs. Javier informs him that they have many blondes available but this one doesn't sleep with customers. Dante replies that you can't blame a guy for trying then tells Javier he would like to take a look at the other blondes.

Michael is sitting at his desk at ELQ looking bored. Abby walks in and suggests he take a look at the orientation manual. She tells him Edward runs a tight ship but the benefits package is great. Edward enters the room and thanks her. He says it pays in the long run to treat your employees well. He asks how their first day went and says he is pleased that they are diligent, focused and eager to learn. Michael points out that Abby was great but he just sat there. Edward assures him he'll be fine once he gets acclimated. Carly barges into the office and tells Edward she has something to discuss with him. Michael questions how she just "happened" to come to his office to do it.

Kristina is sitting on a bench alone texting Ethan. Anthony walks up and marvels at the fact that Sonny has allowed his daughter to be outside alone. Krissy says she was just headed to the library and Anthony tells her she's a lying piece of jailbait. He reminds her that she ran Claudia off the road before she was even old enough to drive, she almost got Johnny killed when Sonny planted a bomb under his car and then Michael killed Claudia after Sonny drove her insane. He tells her that she and her family have cost him a great deal. He takes a piece of her hair in his hand and asks her what she thinks they should do about that.

Dante explains that he likes girls that are pretty, petite and sweet, but not too sweet. He does appreciate a little bit of fire. Lupe asks him about his girlfriend and Dante says he's decided what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Javier tells Lupe to call a girl named Danielle when she is finished with her current customer. Lulu says she'll do it but Javier reminds her that her job is to serve drinks. Lulu says for the kind of money Dante is throwing around she'll make an exception. Javier tells her that Danielle is exactly what this man is looking for but Lulu insists she needs the money.

Carly tells Michael she's glad she ran into him because she is there to discuss his ELQ stocks. Edward tells Carly that Michael should control those stocks and he is going to transfer ownership and give him a crash course in portfolios. Carly reminds him that technically Michael can't have access to those stocks until he is thirty. Michael tells Carly she's a little early and it's obvious she's checking up on him. Carly admits she's caught. She tells Michael this job is a big step and she wants to make sure it's in the right direction. Edward assures her that both Michael and Abby show great promise. He asks them to tell Carly about their first day. Abby says she figured out the phone system. So far, so good. Michael tells her he counted 2 hawks and 10 seagulls. .. that's all he's got. Carly tells Michael this is clearly not the job for him.

Sonny tells Spinelli he doesn't want to see him in his house or anywhere else until he finds his money. Spinelli informs Sonny that if he loses his cabbage it's not his problem but if he squeezes his tomato? Mucho problemo. Sonny asks Maxie what Spinelli is saying. Maxie tells him she's sorry and Spinelli will be too when he's back to being himself. She grabs Spinelli by the hand and tries to drag him out but Spinelli says he doesn't take orders from her. He then informs Sonny he doesn't take orders from him either, especially when he's hitting on his girl. Maxie informs him that she's not his girl and that she was fixing Sonny's collar. Spinelli tells her a girl like her can make a guy go stupid but he doesn't blame her. Maxie reminds him that she's in a committed relationship with Matt. Spinelli says her lips told him otherwise on more than one occasion but Maxie maintains that he caught her off guard. Spinelli tells her Matt is one thing but getting involved with a lowlife like Sonny is something else. Maxie looks nervous as tries to make sure he heard Spinelli correctly. Did he just call him a lowlife?

Kristina shoves Anthony's arm away and tells him to leave her alone or she'll scream. Anthony assures her he would never grab her off the pier in front of witnesses. He operates with more finesse than that. He tells her that one day she will be walking to class or hurrying to the gym and she'll just vanish. As he's threatening her, Ethan arrives and grabs him by the arm. He orders him to leave Kristina alone but Anthony's not afraid of him. He tells Ethan he's just a wannabe that can't handle the simple work Johnny gives him. Ethan informs him he can still knock him on his ass. Anthony attempts to goad Ethan into hitting him but Ethan holds back. Anthony isn't surprised by his empty threats. What else should he expect from someone who's a drunk just like his father? He asks Ethan how Luke is, and then pretends to remember. Luke killed a four-year-old and left town. No wonder Ethan admires him so much. Kristina yells at Anthony to shut up. She tells him Alexis can have him sent back to prison because she has a ton of connections in the DA's office. Anthony is surprised that "the kitten has claws." He wonders if Sonny has even noticed. Ethan tells Anthony if he approaches Kristina again he won't have to worry about Sonny because he'll kill him.

Olivia and Steve are walking on the docks. Olivia tells Steve that she loves spending time with him but she doesn't want to be an obligation. Steve assures her she's the only bright spot in a truly terrible day. Olivia tells him if it's a bad night for him can tell her. Steve says that he doesn't want her to go home but admits he will be terrible company. Olivia wants him to tell her what's really going on with him. Steve says that he made a mistake that might cost Elizabeth her career. He explains what happened during Siobhan's surgery. Olivia tells him he can't blame himself. Elizabeth is a grown woman and if she felt compromised she should have found herself a sub. Steve maintains that he knew she wasn't able to be objective about her performance. He told her to come back to work too soon and it almost cost a patient her life. This isn't Elizabeth's failure, it's his.

Maxie jumps in front of Spinelli and tells Sonny he didn't mean that. She explains that Spinelli thinks he's Jackal P.I. and it's a temporary condition but quickly realizes that Sonny doesn't care. Sonny orders Spinelli to find his money but Spinelli shouts at him to find it himself. Sonny tells them he is going to call Max. Maxie begs him not to but Spinelli urges him to bring it on. Brenda comes downstairs and asks them to be quiet because Alec is sleeping. Spinelli is shocked that Sonny has a babe like Brenda at home and is still trying to hit on Maxie. Maxie reiterates that she was fixing his collar. Spinelli tries to warn Brenda to keep an eye on Sonny because he was coming on to Maxie. Sonny orders them to leave. Brenda asks what is wrong with Spinelli. Maxie doesn't think she is showing very much compassion considering how good Spinelli was to her when she lived with Jason. Sonny orders them to leave yet again and Maxie finally manages to shove Spinelli out the door. Sonny asks Brenda if she's jealous that he had his hands all over Spinelli's dame. Brenda replies that he wouldn't put his hands on any other dame because he knows better than that. They laugh and start to kiss.

Anthony thinks it's obvious that Ethan is used to Sonny who is all talk and no action. He tells him he doesn't appreciate being threatened by Johnny's lackey and promises him the situation will be addressed. He blows Kristina a kiss and walks away. Krissy runs to Ethan and hugs him. Ethan breaks her hold and informs her that Anthony is a very dangerous man and she needs to stay away from him. Kristina thinks Ethan must have sensed that she was in trouble. She sees it as proof that they have an amazing connection but Ethan tells her he was just walking by. Kristina reminds him he put his life on the line for her. They are more than just friends and she believes someday he will feel safe enough to be honest. Ethan insists he is being honest now. She's a great person but he is too old for her. He's just a passing phase and she'll be over him by the end of summer. Krissy continues to dispute his arguments but Ethan signals a cab and orders Krissy to get in it and go straight home. She agrees but says it won't matter. She'll be on his mind the rest of the night.

Edward tells Carly that Michael is displaying the good judgment he expects in his employees. He's willing to sit back and get the lay of the land instead of just crashing in without thinking things through. Carly tells Michael if he isn't happy at ELQ he needs to trust his gut. There are plenty of jobs out there. Edward makes sure to point out that he won't be able to find a job to accommodate both him and Abby. He would hate to send them out in this job market. Michael agrees with Edward. He says that Abby was amazing but he could have done better. He tells Edward he will do his best not to disappoint him. Edward tells him that's all he'll ever ask. Michael and Abby leave together. Edward tells Carly it was very brave of her to attempt to get Michael to quit right in front of him. Carly tells Edward that Michael knows he is using Abby to manipulate him and he won't put up with it for long. Edward reminds her that he gave Abby a job when no one else in town would even consider it. He goes on to say that he is giving Michael a nice, safe job for the summer and then he will probably stay on at ELQ because he IS a Quartermaine. Carly reminds him that she fought the Quartermaines for Michael when he was a baby and she has no problem doing it again. Edward tells her Michael is old enough to make his own choices. Carly says she doesn't care how old Michael is. She's not going to let Edward take her son. Edward chuckles. What makes her think she has a choice?

Lulu is angry with Dante. First he shows up and her hotel, then he shows up at the brothel and forces her to take him upstairs. Now Javier thinks she's going to sleep with people. What happens the next time someone comes in and offers her double? Dante informs her there won't be a next time. There shouldn't have been a first time. Lulu tells him she can't leave until she finds her dad. Dante reminds her that could be months . . . or never. Lulu tells him that Javier has a deal with Luke. Dante tells her that Javier will say what he thinks she wants to hear because he wants her to stay. He informs her that they are going to cut short their encounter and get the hell out of there. Lulu insists she isn't leaving until she finds a lead of Luke.

Dante tells Lulu that even if she finds Luke she can't drag him home with her. He reminds her of what happened to Lucky and says he doesn't want to see that happen to her. Lulu insists it won't. Dante thinks if Luke comes in and finds Lulu working at the brothel he'll blame himself and drink even more. Lulu doesn't believe that. Dante says that Luke doesn't want to see her dressed like that working for people like that. Lulu replies that she finally understands that her dad IS people like that. Dante insists this is going to end badly but he will protect her no matter what. Lulu says she would be grateful if she didn't want to kill him right now. Dante says he has that effect on women. Lulu tells Dante she knows how awful the brothel is and she doesn't know how her dad and Bobbie survived growing up there. Dante admits he doesn't know either but it's for that reason that he doesn't think it will be good for Luke to find her there. Lulu says that seeing where her father grew up helps her to understand how impressive it is that he managed to start a family and have a semi-normal life. She has so much respect for him now and she can't leave until she talks to him.

Steve explains to Olivia that Elizabeth has been having trouble at work. He tells her he would walk up and find her staring into space or tearing up over nothing. Olivia reminds him it isn't "nothing", Liz is a grieving mother. Steve insists that he should have called her out on it. He should have sent her home. Olivia says he was trying to help his sister. Steve says he should have taken a leave of absence and forced her to get help then, but he shouldn't have made her come back to work where lives depended on it. Olivia thinks he's being too hard on himself. Steve tells her that Elizabeth is in unspeakable pain and he's managed to make it worse. She lost a child and now she may lose her job. Olivia asks how Siobhan is doing and Steve says she's doing well thanks to Matt. Olivia thinks that must count for something but Steve isn't sure what the board will do. He thinks it's irresponsible to give her a slap on the wrist just because no one died.

Edward tells Carly that when she married A.J. he had high hopes for her. He even envisioned her as an executive at ELQ. He goes on to say that he really admires what she has done at the Metro Court. Carly asks him to stop with the compliments. The more he butters her up the worse the bottom line is going to be. Edward explains that the years have not been kind to his family. The Quartermaines have been decimated. He had to bring Michael back. Carly wonders why it had to be Michael. Edward has lots of heirs: Dylan, Ned, the Wards . . . that Jimmy Rae Holt guy. He probably has kids. Edward informs her it's Jimmy Lee Holt and he doesn't have any kids that Edward knows of. He goes on to say that Michael is special. He's strong, he's intelligent and he's gone through experiences that would have broken a lesser man. He tells Carly that Michael will turn out to be the finest of all the Quartermaines. Carly reminds him that his name is Michael Corinthos. Edward informs Carly that he plays golf with several family court judges. He reminds her that she took Michael away from him when he was just about Josslyn's age so he knows how much it hurts. He would hate to put any of them through that. Carly asks him if he's threatening her. Edward informs her that she's already lost Michael but if she's not careful she'll lose Josslyn, too.

Abby and Michael go to Kelly's. Michael teases Abby about bringing work home on her first day. Abby tells him she needs to memorize the names and extensions of everyone in their department. She wants to prove to Edward that she deserves the job even if he did just hire her to get to Michael. Michael doesn't understand. Abby is talented, smart and hardworking yet he gets the junior executive office just because he's a Quartermaine. He tells her he would gladly sit around all summer though if it helps her out. Abby suggests that it wouldn't hurt for him to try to learn something while he's there unless he wants to spend the rest of his life counting seagulls. Ethan comes rushing in and interrupts their conversation. He tells Michael he is desperate and needs his help. Ethan tells Michael that Kristina has gotten it into her head that they are embarking on some big romance. Michael asks Ethan if he can blame her. He didn't send her home when she followed him to the Dominican Republic, he went to her graduation party and he showed up at her house last night. Ethan explains that last night he was just supposed to be helping her plan her year abroad. Michael tells him that's three years away. Maybe if Ethan said no a little more often she wouldn't be so encouraged. Ethan points out that this is his problem: He's handling the situation like an idiot. He tells Michael that he saw Anthony hassling Kristina so he grab him by the arm, spun him around and threatened to kill him. Abby doesn't think Kristina is going to hear that as a no. Michael wants to know what Anthony said to Kristina but Ethan admits he didn't hear the whole thing. He says that Kristina can't think that Ethan will always be around to protect her. He tells Michael that he's too old for her and they're from different worlds. Michael agrees. Ethan asks him to talk to Kristina but Michael says he's never had much luck convincing her to do what he says. Abby suggests that she might be able to help.

Olivia agrees that Steve screwed up. He was thinking more like a big brother than a chief of staff. She tells him that he should admit this to the board and accept whatever sanctions they hand down but he shouldn't do anything stupid like offer to resign. Steve replies that of course he is going to offer to resign. Olivia tells him he is more than just the chief of staff he is also a very talented surgeon. She happens to know this because he saved her life. Steve says all he did was some basic first aid. Olivia says she finds modesty an admirable trait but what she can't deal with is stupidity and she thinks this is stupid. He made a mistake and he needs to learn from it and move on. Steve says she sounds very sure of herself and Olivia tells him she's very good at giving other people advice. Occasionally she even takes her own. Steve tells her he will try to learn from his mistakes. Despite his protestations, Olivia takes his hand and they head back to her place for some homemade chicken piccante.

Sonny tells Alexis he wants her to resign as Jax's lawyer. Alexis tells him she can't do that. Alexis tells him that Jax is her best friend and besides, if she resigns he'll just get another lawyer and it will be worse for everyone. Sonny wonders what kind of man wants to keep a child from her mother. What if he had done that with Kristina? He tells Alexis that Carly has been through enough. She's trying to be reasonable with Jax but he refuses to compromise. Sonny thinks Jax is trying to hurt Carly because she's divorcing him and he's trying to hurt Brenda because she married Sonny. Sonny says Jax is a vindictive ass and Alexis reminds him he has no right to throw stones at other vindictive asses. She tells him she is trying to get Jax to see the middle ground. Sonny wonders what sort of middle ground involves calling Brenda as a witness. Alexis admits she tried to talk Jax out of it. Sonny replies that Jax didn't listen which proves he doesn't respect her enough as a lawyer. He tells Alexis that Jax is determine to use Josslyn to mess with his marriage to Brenda. Alexis tells him she is trying to make it so it doesn't get to court. Sonny then asks what she is planning to tell Kristina. Is she going to say that Sonny is so dangerous that Carly is going to lose her child over it when they haven't been married in years? Alexis reiterates that she is trying to stop it from going that far but Sonny is adamant that it will because that's how Jax is. He begs her not to let Jax to this and encourages her to drop the case.

Abby suggests that Ethan date someone closer to his own age so Kristina can see that there's no point in pursuing him. Ethan thinks that's a great idea but he's freshly divorced and he hasn't even thought about dating. He tells Abby he would feel bad using a woman to push Kristina away and explains that he's developing a conscience and it's really annoying right now. Michael says he isn't a huge fan of manipulating his sister but she does need to get the hint. Ethan says it would have to be a set-up from start to finish. The woman would have to be in on it. The problem is that he doesn't know where to find someone because he's been out of circulation for so long. Abby tells him she could do it.

Maxie and Spinelli wind up at the docks. Maxie tells Spinelli he needs to stop with his reckless behavior or he is going to get killed. She tells him she is taking him back to the hospital, first to the ER and then to the Psych ward. Spinelli takes her arms and places them around his neck. What is he doing? "Fix my collar, sweetheart." he replies and kisses her. Maxie starts to kiss him back but pulls away. She jumps up and scurries away, telling him she is with Matt and only Matt. She reminds Spinelli that he needs to find Sonny's money and she only agreed to help him because he's lost his mind. She asks Spinelli why he keeps kissing her. Spinelli says that she nearly kissed Sonny which reminded him that she's strayed before. He informs her that it's every man for himself.

Lulu explains that she never understood why it was so hard for Luke to live in a house with people that loved him but now she has some idea. Dante tells her he understands it a little as well. He was talking to Sonny and got the impression that when you're from the gutter there's a part of you that thinks you will always belong there. Lulu wonders why Luke should trust anyone when he's always waiting for the next person to screw him over. Dante tells Lulu she can't fix this. Lulu says she can tell Luke how much she loves him but Dante assures her he already knows that. He tells her the brothel is going to destroy her but Lulu thinks she can leave at any time. Dante thinks she is doing this to punish herself for not being able to save Luke but that's not her job. Luke might not come back for months or even years. Is she prepared to stay there for that length of time? Dante tells her Luke wouldn't want that for her. He tries to make her leave but Lulu insists that she thinks something is going to happen. Dante asks her to promise him that if nothing happens by the end of her shift she will return to Port Charles with him. Lulu tells him she feels like she needs to give it a couple of days but Dante tells her he needs to get back to work and he can't leave her there. He asks her again to promise him she will go back to Port Charles with him if nothing happens by the end of her shift. Lulu sees that Dante is upset so she makes the promise. She hugs him tightly and says she is sorry.

Javier asks Lupe what she and Dante were talking about but Lupe tells him it was nothing important. He wants to know why Dante is so interested in Lulu and Lupe tells him he just likes blondes. As Dante and Lulu are coming down the stairs, Javier's phone rings and he has a brief conversation with Luke which Lupe overhears. Javier tells Dante he went over his time and that will cost double. He informs him that if he comes back and is told a girl is off limits he needs to let it go. He shouldn't offer her double after Javier has already told her no. Dante assures him Lulu was well worth it.

Maxie asks Spinelli to let her take him to the hospital so Matt can make sure he didn't pull any stitches. Spinelli suggests they go home and she check for herself. He tries to kiss her again but she runs away. She tells him she really is in a committed relationship with Matt and she is trying to stay faithful because she doesn't want to hurt anyone else the way she hurt Spinelli. She goes on to say that the man in front of her doesn't really exist. He's a figment of Spinelli's imagination. The real Spinelli is a sweet, sensitive computer genius. Anthony comes around the corner and Maxie tries to force Spinelli to hide but he pulls away and walks right up to Anthony. He informs him that they need to settle a couple of things man to man.

Michael suggests he talk to Kristina again. Maybe she will listen this time. Abby says Ethan is the perfect guy to crush on because she makes both parents crazy. Ethan says if she pushes Sonny any further things will get ugly for him. Michael tells her that Sonny put a bomb under Johnny's car when he thought Kristina was sleeping with him. He might not do that again but who knows? Ethan asks Michael if he thinks car bombs hurt much. Michael thinks it's crazy for Ethan to risk his life because Kristina won't give up on him. Ethan says the simplest thing would be to leave town but for once in his life he wants to stay put. Michael asks Abby how this plan would work IF they decide to do it. Abby says she would pretend to cheat on Michael with Ethan and let Kristina catch them.

Sonny and Brenda are about to enjoy a bottle of champagne on the deck when Carly comes barging in. Brenda informs her that this is her home and she would like her to leave.

Abby points out that Kristina already thinks the worst of her so she's certain Krissy won't have a problem believing that she's cheating on Michael. Michael says he hates being lied to and manipulated and he would feel like a hypocrite doing the same to his sister. Abby suggests they find something else but Michael knows Kristina won't give up on this and Sonny will never accept her and Ethan as a couple. Ethan says he shouldn't. Kristina is way too young for him and he has lived way too rough. He just doesn't want to see Kristina get hurt. Abby tells Ethan it's his call just as Kristina walks in. She explains that she came in to pick up dinner because Alexis is working late. Ethan says he should have been long gone but he never gets to see Abby. He tells Michael that he was one of her best customers at Vaughan's and informs him that she gives the best private dances. Kristina is aghast.

Spinelli tells Anthony that he's aware he's looking to reclaim his turf and instructs him not to cross the path of Jackal P.I. Maxie tells Anthony to ignore him as he was recently shot. Anthony realizes that Spinelli is Sonny and Jason's computer expert. "He's crazier than I ever was." Anthony proclaims and wonders where that leaves Sonny and Jason. Spinelli says they're on their own like every man. He tells Anthony if he has a beef with them he can settle it or not but don't cross his path. Spinelli informs Anthony that Jackal P.I. doesn't take sides but if he did it wouldn't be with him. Anthony grabs Spinelli by his tie and spins him around. He pushes him against a wall and then slaps him in the face with his tie. He encourages Spinelli to come after him any time. He will look forward to killing him in self defense. Maxie shouts that she is calling 911 and Anthony storms off. Maxie tells Spinelli this has to stop but Spinelli insists this comes with the territory. He informs her that Jackal P.I. now has a score to settle.

Carly tells Sonny that Jax has called Michael and Morgan to testify at the custody hearing. Sonny asks Brenda if she knew about this. Of course she didn't. Sonny asks how Morgan is doing and Carly admits she hasn't told him yet but she knows he will be devastated after what happened at Michael's trial. Sonny says Jax isn't going to get away with this and Brenda wonders what he means by that. As he storms into the house he tells her that means her good buddy is a son of a bitch.

Lulu manages to pry herself out of the clutches of an Asian business that has been holding her in his lap. She walks over to the bar and Javier informs her that she needs to pick up the pace. Lulu tells him her shift is over and she's leaving. Javier grabs her by the arm. He tells her she was late and she'll leave when he tells her she's finished. He tells her she better be there when he gets back and walks off. Lulu asks Lupe to distract Javier while she sneaks out. Lupe informs Lulu that she can still get what she came for. She tells her that Luke called and the deal is still on. Lulu assumes this means Luke might come back soon.

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