GH Update Thursday 6/30/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/30/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Jason goes to the P.I. office and finds "Jackal P.I." searching through the paper for cases. He tells him that he stopped by the hospital and they said he checked himself out. Spinelli tells him he couldn't stand it anymore and Jason reminds him that he's recovering from major surgery. Spinelli tells Jason he had unfinished business to take care of and Jason tells him he should have let Sam take care of that. Spinelli says it isn't Sam's area of expertise. He needed to handle it himself and he wasn't going to put it off because he took a slug in the chest.

Robin and Patrick discuss what happened during Siobhan's surgery. They realize that Matt did everything right. Robin wonders if it could have been an allergic reaction but Patrick tells her that Siobhan was in a car accident six years ago and they put her on blood thinners. There was no sign of complications. They come to the realization that it had to be human error and decide to look at who else was in the OR with Matt. Patrick lists them: Dr. Hayes the anesthesiologist, Cindy . . . and Elizabeth.

Nikolas is sitting on Elizabeth's couch holding Aiden. He tells him how small he was when he was born and how terrified he was. He recalls that the first time Aiden cried was one of the happiest moments of his life. He says that someday his mother will tell him the story about how his name was almost Buzz. His brothers were pretty adamant about that. Nikolas tells Aiden that it doesn't matter what his name is or how often they get to see each other, he will always love him. They all have tears in their eyes as Nikolas hands Aiden over to Lucky.

Sonny asks Brenda if she knew that Jax was going to call him as a witness. Brenda says that Jax is concerned about his daughter's safety because of Sonny and Jason. Sonny wonders why Jax would ask Jason to be Josslyn's godfather if he had a problem with him. He also wonders what he has to do with the situation. He's never even around Josslyn. Brenda points out that he's around Carly every day. Sonny says that he has to be around Carly because she's the mother of his sons. Brenda asks why he has to be around her every day. Maybe that's what Jax has a problem with. Sonny examines the subpoena again and realizes it's not even for him, it's for Brenda. She knew that, didn't she?

Sonny asks Brenda if she is going to testify for Jax. Brenda replies that he asked her and she said no. Sonny wonders what Jax wants Brenda to say. Does he expect her to say that her child isn't safe in Sonny's house? He is upset because he knew Jax would put Brenda in the middle. He thinks Jax is making it more about that than Josslyn. Brenda admits she told him that. He tells her that Jax thinks he will have the upper hand if he puts Brenda on the stand but he's cutting his own throat. Brenda says she told him that too. Sonny tells Brenda all she has to do is get on the stand and say that he isn't a threat and Carly is a good mother. Brenda says she can't do that. Sonny asks if Brenda thinks he is a threat but Brenda tells him she can't say Carly is a good mother. Sonny tells her that Carly has always been a good mother but Brenda believes that Carly uses her children to manipulate the men in her life. Sonny tells Brenda that he understands she and Carly will never be friends but Jax is trying to take her child away. Brenda says Jax just wants Josslyn to live at his house where it is clearly safer. Carly can see her whenever she wants. Sonny says that Carly isn't trying to shut Jax out and he's the one making this a fight. Brenda shouts for him to stop defending Carly. Sonny shouts at her to keep defending Jax and see what happens. She shouts that she told Jax not to call her and he did. What should she do now? She tells Sonny that he needs to support her now and not Carly. She orders him to make his choice.

Jason asks Spinelli to tell him the details of the case he is working on. Spinelli tells him he needs to look at the file and Jason says it's not like him to forget details. Jason thinks this proves the case isn't that important and presses Spinelli to return to the hospital. Spinelli finally admits he didn't leave because of a case. He left because of Maxie. Jason reminds him that Maxie is with Dr. Hunter, the man who saved his life. Spinelli says that doesn't mean he has to hang around and watch him flirt with his doll. Jason asks Spinelli if he is saying he left the hospital because he was jealous. Spinelli wonders how Jason would feel if it was Sam. Jason reminds him he got shot and nearly died. Spinelli says if Maxie wants to play nurse he's game. All she has to do is find him.

Robin tells Patrick that Matt couldn't have asked for a more capable team. The only explanation that makes sense is that someone got distracted. Patrick tells her to just go ahead and say she thinks it was Elizabeth. Robin reminds him that Liz has had a lot on her mind lately; it would make sense if she got distracted. Patrick says she would never put a patient's life in jeopardy. He tells Robin if Elizabeth wasn't ready to go back in the OR she wouldn't have. Robin reminds him that she's trying to move on and put her life back together. Patrick tells her they promised the chief they would be impartial. That means they have to look at everyone in the OR. Just because they know Elizabeth doesn't make it fair to judge her like that. They decide to look at other issues that might have caused a drop in blood pressure. Patrick mentions the regulation of anesthesia and they decide to take a closer look at Dr. Hayes.

Liz is going to take Aiden upstairs for a nap. She urges him to say bye-bye to Nikolas. Nik tells him to be good for his mommy. Liz leaves the room with Aiden and Lucky tells Nikolas he knows how hard this is for him. He wants Nikolas to know how grateful he is. Nikolas says that just because he handed Aiden over to Lucky doesn't mean he doesn't think he's his father.

Lucky is confused. Does Nikolas still believe that he's Aiden's real father? Nik says he doesn't know what to believe anymore. He tells Lucky that Elizabeth isn't exactly honest about the paternity of her children unless it suits her. Lucky tells Nikolas they can have another test done. Nik says there's no need. He's already agreed to bail out of Aiden's life gracefully. Isn't that what Lucky needs? Lucky tells him not to do this just for him. He can see how much it's hurting Nikolas. Nikolas tells Lucky that we all pay a price for our sins. If this is his, so be it. He admits that his first instinct was to take Aiden and run. Lucky asks what changed his mind. Nik tells him he paid a visit to Emily's grave. Even in death she can set him straight. He also tells him that he didn't want to start the Spencer/Cassadine war all over again. After they worked so hard to get past it, it just didn't make sense, especially if it was going to cost him his brother.

Jason tells Spinelli he's not being fair to Maxie by making her worry. Spinelli thinks Maxie will appreciate him even more. How many guys does Jason know that are back on the job days after nearly meeting their maker? Jason doesn't know any. He picks up a copy of Spinelli's book from the desk. Spinelli asks Jason what he has to do to convince him he feels fine. "Catch." Jason says and tosses the book at him. Spinelli misses and tells Jason it must be the meds. He wonders why Jason is so eager to have him off the case. Jason replies that Spinelli is his friend. Isn't he allowed to be concerned? Spinelli thinks there's more to it than that. He reads to Jason from a newspaper article about the recent rash or warehouse fires. The article mentions Sonny and Jason by name. Jason orders Spinelli to show him the paper but Spinelli snatches it away. He tells Jason that he walks the line between cop and criminal but he owes loyalty to neither. He instructs Jason to tell his boy from Bensonhurst to keep his crimes from crossing his path or he'll be hot on his heels.

Brenda tells Sonny that when she first got there she tried her best to be nice to Carly because she is Michael and Morgan's mother but if she is on the stand she will have to tell the judge the truth. Carly is not a good mother and Josslyn would be better off with Jax. Sonny tells her that Carly has her flaws but she has always been a good mother. Brenda says his defense of Carly is beautiful. Sonny tells Brenda that she didn't see Carly when Michael was in the hospital. The doctors said he wouldn't wake up but Carly never stopped fighting for him. He tells her that Carly loves her kids and Jax has no right to take Josslyn away. Brenda tells him Jax has the right to fight for his daughter's safety. Sonny asks if Brenda is saying he's a danger to children. He tells her that is what Jax will expect her to stay on the stand. Brenda asks how she can say that when her child is living in Sonny's house. Sonny points out that he is surrounded by walls and guards and he knows Brenda doesn't like that. Brenda admits that's true, but she loves Sonny so what is she supposed to do? She reminds Sonny that he promised he would keep them safe and that's what she'll say on the stand.

Nikolas tells Lucky that when Spencer was born, he was quick to hand him off to the help. He was afraid he would do something wrong so he set him up with a stream of nannies and tutors, dooming him to the same lonely existence he had as a child. He tells Lucky that he made a conscious effort not to do that with Aiden and he realizes that Spencer deserves that too. Lucky asks what Nikolas is going to do. Nikolas says that he's leaving Port Charles for good. There are just too many memories for him there. Liz comes downstairs and asks him where he is planning to go. He tells them he is going to Zurich for now. Liz knows that things are complicated but she wants him to be a part of Aiden's life. Lucky wants the same thing but he understands if that is too much to ask right now. Nikolas tells them that Aiden isn't the only reason he's leaving. He explains that Emily's death had a profound effect on his life. In the years since she died, all he's done is try to find a substitute for her. He has tried to find someone to take him back to that place where he is truly happy but all he managed to do was hurt the people he loves the most. He used to love the fact that he could feel Emily all around him, but now it just reminds him of what he'll never have again. Liz tells him he doesn't know that but Nik is adamant that nothing will ever compare to what he had with Emily. Elizabeth's cell phone rings and she says they need her at the hospital. She asks Nikolas when he's leaving and he tells them the plane is waiting for him. Liz asks when they'll see him again but Nik merely tells her to take care of herself. A tear runs down his face as he hugs her good-bye. Liz grabs her purse and takes a final look back as she walks out the door. Lucky informs Nikolas that he's not saying good-bye.

Maxie arrives at the P.I. office furious with Spinelli. She tells him she would hit him if he didn't already have a hole in his chest. She asks him why he scared the hell out of her by leaving the hospital. She tells him he needs to be taking care of himself and Spinelli suggests that she should take care of him instead. Maxie thinks that's the most logical thing he's said in days. Maxie grabs Spinelli's hand and tries to pull him out the door in order to take him back to the hospital. He spins her around and kisses her. Maxie freaks out. Spinelli wonders what's wrong. Hasn't she ever been kissed by anyone that meant it before? Maxie tells him he should be kissing her like that since they are no longer non-spouses.

Sonny goes to see Jason and tells him that Jax has subpoenaed Brenda in the custody hearing. He tells Jason that ever since Alec arrived, Jax has been using him to prey on Brenda's fears that Sonny's life is too dangerous. It's not enough for Jax to take Carly's daughter away, not he wants to wreck Sonny's marriage. Jason reminds Sonny that he has taken every precaution to make sure they're safe. Sonny says that Jax wants Brenda to say that her son is forced to live in his house and it's not safe. Jason tells him that Jax has his own security around. Sonny says Jax is allowed to have security because he's a good guy. Sonny says that Jax is going to keep telling Brenda that Alec isn't safe until she believes him and she and Sonny fight over it. Sonny believes that this is exactly what Jax wants. His marriage blew up in his face and he won't be happy until Sonny's does too.

Jason brings Sonny a beer. They discuss Sonny's first wedding to Brenda where he left her at the altar. Jason tells Sonny that Brenda was upset that Sonny didn't show, but she was even more upset that he didn't let her decide for herself. Sonny says he knew she couldn't let him go, but Jason reminds him that Brenda doesn't like ANYONE telling her what to do. What makes Sonny think she'll say what Jax wants her to in court? Sonny thinks that Jax is banking on Brenda's hatred of Carly. He thinks Brenda will see Carly and forget to edit herself. Jason tells him they can't stop Brenda from testifying. Sonny knows that but he thinks they can make sure Carly keeps her daughter. Jason tells Sonny if he does anything to Jax it will cause even more problems with Brenda. Sonny tells Jason he promised Carly he would shut Jax down if things started tipping in his favor.

Spinelli tells Maxie they were good once and could be good again. Maxie disagrees. Spinelli tells her the fire might have died down but the embers are still there. Maxie tells him he needs to be in the hospital or at least home in bed. Spinelli thinks that's a great idea and tells her there's plenty of room for two. Maxie orders him to stop hitting on her and Spinelli asks why she's fighting it. Maxie tells him she needs him to fix a computer problem for her. She says someone has hacked into her computer and is downloading all the exclusives they have lined up for the next month and she needs him to fix it. Spinelli informs her that's not his bag and it never will be.

Matt meets Robin and Patrick at the nurses' station. Patrick says they wanted to give him the good news in person and Matt assumes Robin is pregnant. They correct him and inform him that they were investigating what happened during Siobhan's surgery. They want to let him know he's in the clear. Matt says that anytime something goes wrong during surgery you assume it's something you did. Patrick tells him he needs to stop assuming things because people believe those rumors. Robin says there could be worse rumors going around than one about her being pregnant. Matt jokingly says that one is definitely not his fault. Patrick tells him he's lucky it wasn't his fault that Siobhan's blood pressure dropped. He could have lost his license. Matt sobers up. He asks what else they are looking at and Patrick tells him they are looking at Dr. Hayes. Robin speculates that she could have been given the wrong medication. She asks Matt if he remembers who gave the injections. Matt says that it was during the lockdown so everyone was working together. He thinks Dr. Hayes gave the first one and then Elizabeth gave the rest. As he says this, Liz walks off the elevator.

Nikolas asks Lucky if he is planning to slash the tires on his jet. Lucky says he was thinking more along the lines of cutting the fuel line so he would land in the Atlantic. Nikolas laughs. He compliments Lucky on his plan and tells him it is "Cassadine-esque." Lucky asks him why he's leaving and Nikolas tells him he's tired of all the drama but Lucky doesn't buy it. They've known each other too long for Nikolas to give him some copout answer. Nikolas is running away. Nik tells Lucky to forget what his reasons are for leaving. Why would Lucky want him to stay after all this? Lucky tells him this is where he's meant to be. He wants Nik in his life and in his children's lives. He's his brother and he loves him. Lucky tells him that's non-negotiable and not just because of blood. Nikolas is one of the only true friends he's ever had. Nik wonders how Lucky can say all those things after everything he's done to him. Lucky says they can all agree that deception is a bad thing, however, Nikolas's affair with Elizabeth never would have happened if she and Lucky had been in a good place. He says that women that are madly in love don't cheat. He goes on to say that what hurt him most was losing her and all of the anger he aimed at Nikolas was just his way of dealing with that. Lucky informs Nikolas that he's not what he thinks he is. He didn't wake up one morning and decide to betray his brother. A lot was broken for all of them. Nikolas is not the villain but Lucky knows that he thinks he is. He tells Nikolas that he's releasing him from that. Nikolas tells Lucky that he thought he loved Elizabeth. He had these grand ideas about a white picket fence and a Labrador retriever and everything that goes along with that. Nikolas tells Lucky he woke up one day and realized it wasn't his dream. It was just another attempt to substitute for something he'll never have again. Nikolas tells Lucky that he doesn't think he's ever done this but he's going to do it now. He says that he's his brother and he needs to listen to him. He instructs Lucky to think about when he's an old man lying on his death bed. In those last moments, what does Lucky think he'll be focused on the most? Nik tells him it won't be a big case that he cracked or a nice vacation that he went on or even the intervention he held for Luke which apparently didn't work. In that final moment, when he reaches out his hand, all that will matter is who is at the other end of it. If Lucky can answer that then he's figured it all out. Tears are streaming down Lucky's face. He tells Nikolas he's going to miss him and Nikolas says he will miss Lucky too. They hug tightly. When they separate, Nik rests his hand on Lucky's cheek. "Another day." he says. As Nikolas is about to walk out the door, Lucky says he has one final question for him. He tells Nik it's been bothering him for the last 15 years or so but he never got around to asking him about it. Nikolas was raised in Greece and Russia and he was never in America until he came to help Lulu, so why is it that he never had an accent? Nikolas laughs. In a fake Russian accent he asks Lucky how he knows he hasn't been using one the whole time. Lucky laughs but as Nikolas closes the door behind him the laughter turns to tears again.

When they see Elizabeth, Matt and Patrick scurry off. Robin apologizes for calling Liz back in when she has so much going on but Liz tells her that Nikolas has decided not to challenge the paternity suit. Robin thinks it's great that they didn't have to go through a custody battle and put Aiden between them. Robin asks how Nikolas is dealing with it and Liz says he's devastated. He's been Aiden's father for a year and now he has to learn to let go. Robin asks Liz if she is going to let Nikolas see Aiden and Liz says she would if he were staying in Port Charles. Robin is shocked to hear that he's leaving. Liz tells Robin she knows they've been close and apologizes for being the one to tell her the news. Liz informs her that Nikolas was saying good-bye when she was paged. Robin says she wouldn't have called her back if it wasn't important. She explains that they are doing an investigation into why Siobhan's blood pressure dropped and they are questioning the whole OR team.

Nikolas is at the airport with Spencer. He puts Spencer's backpack on and asks him if he is ready to go on a big adventure. Spencer says yes and Nikolas gives him a big hug. He tells Spencer he loves him then takes his hand and leads him to the plane. As they head off, Helena suddenly appears and watches them board the plane.

Maxie goes to the penthouse to tell Jason that Spinelli left the hospital and is shocked to find out he already knows. She asks why he didn't drag Spinelli back to the hospital and Jason tells her it didn't make sense since he would just check himself out again. Maxie tells Jason she knows he's desensitized to death because he's seen it so many times but she's not and seeing Spinelli almost bleed to death was the scariest thing she's ever experienced in her life. Maxie tells Jason she can't have Spinelli die and he has to do something. Jason says he tried but Spinelli told him to stay away. He tells her that he said he walks the line between cops and criminals. .. whatever that means.

Sonny is on the phone arguing with Bernie. He wants to know why he is just hearing about the missing money. He tells Bernie he is going to call Spinelli directly. Sonny calls Spinelli and tells him to come over. Spinelli says it's not every day he gets invited to a mob boss's mansion and wants to know what it's about. Sonny tells him he doesn't have time for joke's and again orders him to come over. Spinelli tells Sonny his services don't come cheap. He charges by the hour plus travel and expenses. Sonny informs Spinelli that if he has to send someone over to get him he'll regret it. Spinelli glances at his desk where a gun lies waiting to be loaded.

Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli would never turn him in and he has to know what Sonny would do to him if Spinelli ever ratted him out. Jason reminds her it's not Spinelli they're dealing with. Maxie says Matt thinks this is Spinelli's way of dealing with almost dying and she asks Jason to give him some cases to keep him busy while he works through his delusion. What kind of cases? Maxie doesn't care. Jason can put a cat in a tree as long as there's no gun fight for Spinelli to get involved in. Jason stares at Maxie. She wants him to put a cat in a tree? "What? You can find an unlimited supply of guns but you don't know where to get a cat?" Maxie says she doesn't care what he does as long as he keeps Jackal P.I. busy and Spinelli from getting killed. Is that so much to ask?

Spinelli arrives at Sonny's. He compliments his house and says that crime must pay. Sonny says he doesn't have time for jokes and asks where his money is. Spinelli takes Sonny's freshly poured drink out of his hand and sits down. Sonny says that Jason may put up with his funny ways of speaking but this is his house and Spinelli is messing with his money. Spinelli tells Sonny they'll get to Sonny's money after they talk about his. He tells Sonny it's going to cost him. Sonny tells Spinelli it will cost HIM.

Matt approaches Liz at the nurses' station and asks her if Robin and Patrick have talked to her about the review. Liz says she's been going over the post-op notes and nothing he did caused Siobhan's pressure to drop. Matt says he's already been cleared and they've also ruled out an allergic reaction. He informs her that Siobhan's pressure dropped because he was given the wrong medication. Liz says it isn't like Dr. Hayes to make a mistake like that. Matt tells her that he didn't. She did.

Lucky arrives back at Liz's house and finds Helena sitting on the couch with Aiden. Helena says she would have expected much more from Luke Spencer's son. She tells Lucky she's very disappointed in him.

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