GH Update Tuesday 6/28/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/28/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Jax tells Carly he would be happy to offer Michael and Abby jobs at the hotel. Carly replies that she already did that and they turned her down. Jax reminds her that was before Edward was in the picture. Carly agrees that working for Jax at the hotel would be the perfect solution. Michael would be away from both the Quartermaines and Sonny. There's only one problem. Carly doesn't trust Jax anymore.

Jason realizes he's not being very helpful, but Abby says he's voiced the issues she's struggling with. She wants Michael to have a good life, even if she's not in it. Jason tells her that Michael will tell anyone that will listen that she is the best things that ever happened to him. Abby asks Jason if he loved someone when he was Michael's age. If he did, he can't remember. Abby thinks that proves her point but Jason explains that there were special circumstances. He tells her he does remember the first time he fell in love and she changed his life. Abby points out that they're not together and wonders why. Jason tells her they broke up over Michael.

Lupe tells Dante she appreciates a man who pays first. She tries to lead him upstairs but he tells her he won't need the full treatment. He just wants to talk.

Lulu informs Javier that he needs to tell her where Luke is. He replies that first she needs to show him what she can do. Lulu tells him she's not a hooker and she's not going to sleep with him. Javier laughs. Is that really what she thinks he wants from her?

Lupe tells Dante he can spend his money anyway he wants but if he is having performance issues she can help. Dante assures her he performs just fine. Lupe asks him what's on his mind and Dante replies "The Yankees." She assures him they don't frequent places like that, not even during spring training. Dante tells her that his girlfriend used to wear his Yankees jersey and Lupe replies that his girlfriend isn't here but she is. Dante says he can't do anything because they made promises to each other. Lupe wonders why he isn't at home with her. He tells her it's complicated and asks if she's seen anyone unusual around in the last couple of days. She informs him that he paid for her services, not information. Dante says he'll pay whatever she wants if she talks to him. Lupe informs him that talking too much is dangerous. It could cost a girl her life.

Javier tells Lulu that he needs a cocktail waitress. Lulu informs him she isn't interested in waitressing or doing anything else for him. Why is she wasting his time then? Lulu asks if he even knows where Luke is. Javier explains that Luke comes and goes as he pleases. He doesn't know where he is, but they're working on a lucrative deal so he's certain Luke will return. He tells Lulu if she wants to wait for Luke under his roof she will have to make it worth his time. Lulu says she can wait wherever she wants and have someone keep an eye out for him here. Javier says if she leaves he will warn Luke that she's looking for him. They'll make other arrangements for their deal and Lulu will never find him. Lulu wonders why she should trust him. Javier points out that she came to him. If she doesn't like what he's offering, there's the door.

Lucky goes to see Liz. He asks if she's heard from Nikolas. Liz says she's been calling him all day but he won't come to the phone. Lucky admits he won't take his calls either. Elizabeth tells Lucky she wants to go to Windermere but she wanted to see what he thought first. Lucky tells her he consulted a custody lawyer just in case. Liz reminds him that she has a blood test saying that Lucky is Aiden's father. Lucky points out that Nikolas has two blood tests form separate labs that weren't questioned until Liz came up with this test out of nowhere. Liz wonders if they can get another blood test and have it supervised by the courts. Lucky tells her they can but there is no reason for the court to order one and Nikolas is not going to cooperate.

Jax tells Carly that he loves her kids and has always wanted what's best for them. He thinks it's unfair for her to imply otherwise. Carly tells him she isn't implying it, she's flat out saying she doesn't trust him. He tried to take Josslyn away with no plans to return her. He set it up so Carly would see Brenda holding Josslyn and freak out. Now he is offering Michael a job when he hasn't spoken to him in 2 months and Carly finds that strange. Jax maintains that he's trying to help but Carly thinks he's just trying to look good in family court. Jax says that Edward is manipulative and will make Michael miserable and working for Sonny is out of the question so the hotel is the best alternative. Michael says thanks, but no thanks. If Jax wants to do him a favor he can agree to joint custody of Josslyn.

Jason wonders how much Abby knows about what happened when Michael was a baby. Abby knows that Michael's biological dad was a screw-up and that when Carly fell in love with Sonny he was able to get him away from the Quartermaines and adopt him. Jason tells her that the screw-up was his brother. He explains that A.J. got Carly pregnant when she was with someone else and the two of them conspired to take Michael away from her. He tells her that Carly lied and said he was the father. Abby supposes that his girlfriend didn't like that. Jason says it was complicated but the bottom line is that he lied. Abby asks why he did it. Jason says he thought he was saving Michael. He tells her that A.J. was screwed up because of all the pressure the Quartermaines put on him. He didn't want Michael lying or feeling like he had to please everyone or that he wasn't good enough like A.J. felt. Abby asks why he doesn't stop Michael from going to ELQ. Jason tells her that Michael isn't a kid anymore and he thinks he can handle himself. Maybe he can be what Edward needs him to be but if he can't Jason believes he is strong enough to walk away. Abby says that the way Jason talks about A.J. makes it sound as though he's sorry about what happened. Jason admits that he's sorry for how it ended. Abby wonders if sending Michael back to Edward is Jason's way of saying he's sorry he took him in the first place.

Jax asks Michael if he really wants Josslyn to grow up like he did. Michael says the worst thing that happened to him as a kid was the custody fight between Sonny and Carly. He tells Jax he used to have nightmares about going to trial and having to pick one parent over the other. He was always trying to push Sonny and Carly back together so he didn't have to choose which one he wanted to live with. Jax says he is sure Carly hated to do that but she was trying to keep Michael safe which is what he's trying to do for Josslyn. Michael says he'll be hurting Joss a lot more by taking her away from Carly. Jax says when she's old enough he'll explain it but Michael thinks it will be too late. He tells Jax that Josslyn needs Carly now just like Kristina needed Sonny when she was little. Sonny wasn't there for her and Krissy is still paying the price. He asks Jax to be a good dad and give Joss a stable home instead of trying to take her mother away from her. Jax says Carly can see Josslyn whenever she wants but Michael thinks she deserves better than that. She doesn't need to be shuffled around for between parents like he was for years. He points out that Jax is always saying he's so much better than Sonny, but Sonny and Carly worked out a compromise. They put their own issues aside and did what was best for their children. When is Jax going to do that? Jax replies that everything he's doing IS for Josslyn. He storms out and Carly wraps her arms around Michael.

Elizabeth asks Lucky why they can't submit her DNA test to the court. Lucky tells her the test is suspect because she submitted the samples. For all they know, she could have submitted Nikolas's DNA and said it was his. Liz says she would never do that. Lucky knows that but the court doesn't. Liz wonders why she can't just tell the court that Helena tampered with the first two tests. Lucky says she can but there's no proof. Liz can't believe they are going to end up in court over this. Lucky doesn't think it will come to that. Nikolas cares about Aiden and Lucky believes he will do the right thing. He tells Liz he is going to Windermere to talk to Nik.

Lulu asks Javier what kind of deal he and Luke are working on. If he gives her a clue to follow she will go away. He tells her that he explained his terms and if she can't meet them she can leave. Is Luke in the United States? Javier shouts are her to get out. Lulu starts to leave then stops. She tells Javier she won't be moving upstairs. She serves drinks and that's all. She won't be sitting on anyone's lap or flirting with the customers. He tells her she doesn't have to sleep with the customers but she WILL be pleasant. She'll smile and say 'thank you' when they stuff bills in her panties. She'll do what he says, when he says it with no more back talk. He lets her know in no uncertain terms that this is the deal, take it or leave it.

Dante realizes that Lupe can't talk about her clients even if she did know anything. She tells him a lot of people come through there. How about if he asks her for some advice about his girlfriend? He tells Lupe she's been distant lately. Lupe says if this girl is cheating on him she's a fool. Dante thanks her but assures her that's not the problem. He tells her HE would be a fool if her let her go. She's wonderful, which is why he's concerned. He explains that she thinks she can fix all her families problems and gives her a rundown of Lulu's actions form quitting her job to refusing to go to France. Lupe asks if he's sure there isn't another man. Dante is positive. She left for other reasons. He says she might even find what she's looking for but he's worried if she does it will break her heart. He wants to support her and show her he loves her. Javier comes down the stairs and Lupe gets nervous. She excuses herself from the table. Javier whispers that he has a job for her upstairs.

Carly goes to the penthouse and tells Jason she made a mistake. She explains that she doesn't want Michael working for ELQ for the summer and she told him that. She also told him that Edward is biased and if family history comes up he will slant it to make himself look good and Carly look bad. She then tells Jason that Jax offered both Michael and Abby jobs at the hotel. Jason says he can't see Michael working for Jax when he is trying to take Josslyn away. Carly tells him that's what Michael said and she didn't do anything to stop him. Jason says so far he isn't hearing the mistake. Carly explains that if Michael works for Jax, the worst thing that can happen is he uses it in court to prove that he's still a good step-dad. If he goes to work for Edward it will be a disaster! Jason reminds her it's only for two months and Carly tells him that's what Michael keeps saying. She tells him that Michael spending time with Edward is a big deal and that Edward wants to give Michael the world which isn't good for him right now. Jason wants to know if Carly is asking him to talk Michael out of it and she just stares at him. Jason tells her he can't do it. Edward is Michael's great-grandfather and it's not up to them to tell Michael he can't work for him. Carly doesn't understand. Jason used to hate the Quartermaines. He used to say they were poison for Michael. Jason says maybe he was wrong.

Sam stops by Elizabeth's house at her request. Liz tells her she was cleaning out Jake's room and she has some things left she doesn't know what to do with. Sam wonders why she called her and Liz explains that she thought Jason might like something more than a little motorcycle. Sam tells her that's very generous. Liz realizes she has put Sam in an awkward position and tells her she can leave. She sinks onto the sofa and Sam asks if she is ok. She says she'll leave if Liz wants her to but maybe she should call someone first. Should she call Robin? Liz asks her not to because she doesn't want anyone to worry. She tells Sam she's brought this all on herself. She lied to Jason about Jake's paternity and then when she told him the truth she asked him to keep quiet so she could continue lying. Sam reminds her that was a long time ago and they've all gotten past it. Liz points out that she kept lying and now Nikolas doesn't believe her and she doesn't blame him. Sam wonders what it is that he doesn't believe. Liz tells her that Nikolas isn't Aiden's father, Lucky is.

Lucky goes to Windermere to see Nikolas. Nik asks him how Siobhan is doing and Lucky tells her they moved her out of ICU. He laments the fact that he was so stupid in setting the house on fire. Nik reminds him that he didn't know Siobhan would follow him in. Lucky says he was selfish and only thinking of himself. He feels like that's all he's been doing lately. Nikolas tells him that when people are grieving they do things they wouldn't do otherwise. Lucky thanks Nik for staying with Siobhan at the hospital. He goes on to say that they need to address the situation they are trying so hard not to talk about. Nikolas tells him there's nothing more to say. Lucky says he knows how Nikolas feels right now but he needs to face the fact that he's not Aiden's father. Nikolas says he hates to have to tell him this, but Elizabeth is lying to him, just like she lied about Jake.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he offered to help Liz deal with Jake's death by sending her anywhere in the world but she refused. Lucky says she was getting her life back together. Nik tells him that getting her life back together includes Lucky. He believes that Lucky didn't want Liz to marry Siobhan so she faked the paternity test but when Jake died she changed her mind because it seemed wrong. When she saw Lucky about to take a drink, it gave her the excuse she needed all along. Lucky admits he thought the same thing at first. Nik says that Liz is lying to Lucky and he believes her like he has all his life. He says he is sorry for what Liz is going through, but her pain is not going to cost him his son. Lucky tells him that Helena could have tampered with the earlier tests and asks him to petition the court for another one. Nikolas says it's not fair to keep taking tests until Liz and Lucky get the result they want. He starts to argue with Lucky further but stops and tells him it's exhausting and he can't do it. Lucky reminds Nik that of the pain he went through not knowing who his father was. He knows he doesn't want Aiden to go through that too. Nikolas says that he won't. He tells Lucky if there's nothing else he has work to do. Lucky says there's nothing else. As he starts to leave he tells Nik he knows he'll do the right thing.

Sam brings Liz a glass of water. She asks if Liz is certain there's no one she can call and Liz says she's just having a bad night. She tells Sam that Nikolas doesn't believe her and it's a miracle that Lucky does. Sam tells her that sometimes people lie. She's done it and so has Lucky. Liz says she was just trying to do the right things for everyone. Sam knows what it's like when your lies blow up in your face. Elizabeth regrets not telling the truth but she doesn't know what to do now. Sam tells her to let Lucky and Nikolas figure it out. She shouldn't put pressure on herself. Liz tells Sam she can see why she and Jason are so compatible. They're the least judgmental people she knows. Sam says she has no right to judge anyone, especially Elizabeth. Liz wonders if Sam believes her. Sam says she does and she knows Jason will too.

Jason asks Carly if she could go back and change the fact that she lied about Michael's paternity, would she? Carly wonders why he's asking her that question. Jason asks what she learned from it. Carly says if he expects her to say she was wrong and that Michael would have been better off he shouldn't hold his breath. Jason asks what she learned about making choices for Michael. Carly admits she hates what Michael has been through and most of it is her fault. She goes on to say that she's made a lot of mistakes but turning to Jason wasn't one of them. She knows that Edward will spin the story to say that she and Sonny destroyed A.J. but A.J. destroyed himself. Jason doesn't think that's true. Carly agrees that Edward and Alan helped by comparing him to Jason. She says that Jason knows it's a mess in that house. Why would they want Michael involved in that? Jason points out that A.J. and Alan are gone and Edward is alone. Maybe he's learned from what he did. Carly doesn't want Edward to start comparing Michael to Jason. She's afraid that he'll try to live up to that and fail and hate himself because of it. Jason reminds her that Michael isn't A.J. He isn't Jason. He's his own person and he has to make his own choices. Carly tells him she's heard that a million times. She tells Jason if she didn't love him so much she would hit him for making her do the hardest things in the world for her. She doesn't know how to do nothing. Jason tells her to focus on the custody hearing. Michael will be fine. Carly is worried that Michael might wind up hating her. Jason says she might drive him crazy sometimes but he will never hate her. Carly tells him he better be right about that and they hug.

Lulu is squeezed into a corset. She tells Lupe no one will believe she's just a cocktail waitress. Lupe tells her she won't be invited upstairs because Javier will see to that. Lulu says he doesn't seem like a protective guy and Lupe informs her he doesn't like to share. Lulu asks what she means by that and Lupe says she must know that Javier wants her all for himself. Javier enters the room and surveys Lulu. He asks Lupe if that's the best she can do then sends her out. He circles Lulu then informs her she can't go out on the floor like that. She has to do one more thing . . . smile.

Downstairs, Dante tells Lupe if he got her in with Javier he'll talk to him but Lupe insists it's nothing like that. Dante asks if he's the owner but Lupe insists she can't tell him anything. Dante apologizes for taking up so much of her time. Lupe says he paid his money and she's been neglecting him. Dante figures she must get a lot of people like him coming through there. Men who are lost with nowhere else to go. Lupe tells him there is one that comes through a couple times a year looking for a good time, throwing his money around, telling stories of his grand adventures. Dante asks if comes there a lot. Is it almost like he belongs there? Lupe confirms that he's comfortable there. She goes on to say that the last time he was there he was in a bad place. He was drinking as if he really had lost all hope. She tells Dante it was about his family. Dante asks if the poor guy has a name.

Sam arrives at the penthouse and yells for Jason. She tells Jason that she has something to tell him and it's uncomfortable so she is just going to say it so she doesn't have to keep trying to figure out how to tell him. She tells him that Liz called her over and explains that she was upset. Jason says he's sorry, that must have been weird for her. Sam tells him that Jake's things were all over the floor and Liz told her to take a bunch of them and then she stopped herself and said she changed her mind. Jason says he thinks Liz should have Jake's things anyway. Sam says she thinks it was just an excuse because Elizabeth wanted to tell her something she couldn't bring herself to tell Jason. Jason is sorting through files and not really paying attention, but he asks Sam what Liz wanted to tell her. Sam tells him that Aiden is Lucky's. She explains that Lucky believes Liz but Nikolas doesn't because she lied about Jake. Sam tells Jason she feels bad for Liz. She thinks Liz is trying to make amends with everyone. Jason asks what Sam told her. Sam says she told Liz to stand still and let Lucky and Nikolas figure it out. If she tries to control everything she will make things worse for herself. Sam says she speaks from experience. When she and Jason fell apart, she had to find her way back to him on her own. Jason asks if she ever wonders why she even bothered. After all the damage they did, why didn't she just stay away? Sam says she tried. She wanted to hate him forever but she knew she couldn't. She tells Jason that when she is with him she can accept herself. Jason says that's because she's perfect. Perfect? Well, except for her cooking.

Lucky arrives back at Liz and she surmises that things didn't go well with Nikolas. Lucky tells her Nik still thinks she's lying. Liz knows it's her fault because she lied about Jake. She tells Lucky she's sorry she tore them apart again. Lucky reminds her that they've all hurt each other in different ways and they've gotten past it. They will get past this, too. Liz wishes Emily was there. She could make Nik understand. Lucky tells Liz that Nikolas knows the truth in his heart. He has to believe that he will find the courage to face it.

Sam pushes Jason on to the sofa. She tells him she is going to ask him a question and she wants him to say the first thing that enters his head. Jason says he isn't going to answer that question. While she says she doesn't want him to edit, if he says they wrong thing her feelings will be hurt. Sam assures him she is not a delicate little flower. Jason keeps rambling and Sam finally stops him and begs him to let her ask her question. She asks him what his first reaction was when she called him from the hospital and told him they were going to run a pregnancy test. Was he sad? Worried? She asks him to be honest. Jason tells her he thought it would be cool. Sam says that's exactly what she wanted to hear. They begin to kiss.

Lupe tells Dante she never reveals the name of a customer. Dante apologizes and asks her to tell him some of her customer's stories. Lupe replies that she's already told him too much. Dante asks her to give him more advice about his girl. He hands her a wad of cash. Lupe tells him if he has to chase after the girl it means he's already lost her. She tells him he can't take away her pain and, just like she can't fix her family, he can't fix her. Dante asks what he is supposed to do then. Lupe tells him to go home. Dante thought she was supposed to be telling him what he wants to hear. Lupe tells Dante that when her troubled customer leaves, she doesn't ask him where he's going or when he'll be back. She doesn't need to hear him make promises he won't keep. She admits that she's known him a long time and she cares about him. It hurts to watch him suffer. But he has to find his own way, just like Dante's girlfriend. Just like we all do. Dante says he'll keep that in mind. Lupe tells him she has other customers. Dante tells her it was nice to meet her. He walks out the front door just as Lulu is coming down the stairs.

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